Ivanka Trump blasted over India intervention as POTUS set to leave White House – Daily Express

The First Daughter praised the countries alliance in promoting global security, stability, and economic prosperity.In a tweet published on Monday, Ms Trump said: Fond memories from the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in India with Prime Minister@narendramodi!

As the world continues to battle COVID-19, our countries strong friendship in promoting global security, stability, and economic prosperity is more important than ever.

Ms Trump also shared some pictures of her alongside Indias Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

However, the message did not go down well with some of her followers, some of whom accused her of pulling cons.

One Twitter used said: Ivanka has so many memories visiting countries in an official capacity while seeing to Trump family business.

Trumps are always working angles and pulling cons. Its in their DNA.

Another person added: Id swear you're living in a parallel universe.

You're talking about prosperity when food lines are longer than they've ever been, unemployment off the charts, people being evicted.

Im amazed at how out of touch you are.

But other followers took to Instagram, where she posted the same images, to praise the First Daughter.

One person wrote: "No doubt you have unconditional love towards India and you're the best."

Another Instagram user added: "I love what you have done for the Trump administration.

The msm has not reported any of your accomplishments but we the patriots are aware of what you have done for America and other countries. Kudos to you Ivanka."

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Recently Ms Trump received criticism over a tweet in which she said she was deeply thankful for our President and my father this holiday season!

But the tweet, which gathered over 145,000 likes, received replies from outraged followers who claimed Mr Trump was incompetent when it came to handling the pandemic and hence why the country had soaring coronavirus figures.

Others simply called on President Trump to concede the election to President-elect Joe Biden.

One person said: While others are missing their Dads this holiday season because of your Fathers incompetence in a pandemic.

Yes you should be grateful hes alive and he was one of the very fortunate to get excellent health care. Just keep rubbing peoples noses in it we wont forget.

Another person added: Then tell him to let the country move on. How about showing some class and dignity for once.

He should call Joe Biden, concede the truth - that Biden won, and tell Biden he will support the transition now that his legal efforts to overturn the election have failed.

Mr Trump is yet to concede the US 2020 election despite Mr Biden being projected as the next President to take office.

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Ivanka Trump blasted over India intervention as POTUS set to leave White House - Daily Express

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