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waay 31 is a proud sponsor of the women honoring women event. i learned more about one of the five honorees, jody singer and her journey to where she is today. singer is the first woman director of nasa's marshall space flight center. jody singer is a native of north alabama. she graduated from hartselle high school received a degree from the university of alabma in industrial engineering. she told me at an early age she developed a love for science. it was her mother encouraged her to continue on that path. 15:49:42:05 when i told her i was interested in engineering, she encouraged me to shadow me a manager at her work. he told me about engineering and management asked me some of my interest and he encouraged me to go into industrial engineering. i went to ua and that's what i studied and it was great advice. after college singer worked at general motors for a year. "at that time, nasa was not hiring. i put in an application for nasa and when i got the call from nasa, they asked me if i would like to work for nasa. i chose to come work for nasa and to be back in north alabama. it's been the best decision i've ever made." singer is now in her 25 year at nasa and is currently the director of the marshall space flight center. as marshall's director, singer leads one of nasa's largest field installations, with almost 6,000 civil service and contractor employees and an annual budget of approximately $2.8 billion. 15:37:41:14 i also played a part in the fly out of the shuttle, the successful fly out. i've worked on international space station and the development of the space launch system, which would be the next heavy lift vehicle taking humans and their systems to deep space by 2024. today, i am the 14th senate director at marshall space flight center and very proud to say, the first woman. singer says throught her career she has faced many opsticals. she had to learn to believe in herself... 15:41:17:07 i had to accept that i was going to be different and that my leadership style was going to be different. as a result of having great mentors, they also helped me understand myself. as a result of it, i grew my own leadership style and developed my own recipe. as a result of it, i was able to be more able and more confident as a leader and to be a better leader and to also be able to empower more people. based on that feedback i've gotten, it helped me to develop some of those skills that i needed. one of them being communication and presentation skills. she says throughout her career, mentors played a huge role in her development and success. 15:39:43:11 the women made a huge difference in my life. they looked at it a little different. they learned how to balance life and work--being a mom and being a leader and helping me see that there's many ways in which you could be a leader and how you can have it all. but you have to be willing to balance it and take care of yourself. if you can't take care of yourself, it's hard to take care of your people and it is very hard to take care of your family she offers this advice to other women with big dreams. 15:44:18:16 i would say, number one, believe in yourself. number two, make sure that you surround yourself with the right people and that you have the support you need. don't do job all by yourself. it's all a team. take the chances. there are opportunities out there. you just have to be

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