What Is The Difference Between Posthumanism And Transhumanism?

A lot of people use the terms posthuman and transhuman interchangeably. To some extent, its reasonably okay to excuse them because these are both fairly new terms.

Posthumanism is traversing the current human condition to eliminate the things that are considered human nature. In other words, a post human state is where humans and genius machines are completely integrated so that its difficult to discern whats human. According to posthuman transcribers, the post human project will change the current perspective of everything considered human, as information patterns that are limiting the potential of humans will all be unlocked. The focus of Posthumanism is therefore on function as opposed to form.

Transhumanism, on the other hand, refers to physically transforming humans with any new technology, including bioengineering, digital technology, genetic engineering and others, to enhance their abilities; for example, making them more intelligent, stronger, immortal, and so on. In a conventional way, transhumanism can be classified as a sub-class of posthumanism. Transumanists are already using certain implants to modify their bodies for enhanced senses or brain power, so the focus is now on using prosthetics and other accessories or modifications as opposed to compensating for human abilities.

The major difference between the two is that Posthumanism puts a lot of emphasis on systems and their components, while transhumanism fully focuses on changing the form and abilities of the present human body. Another difference is that posthumans place importance on information and system theories (cybernetics) and their main relationship is with digital technology, while this is not the same for transhumans.

Posthumanism is a term that has been derived from the term post-human which represents death of a human subject. But what makes human is the qualities in the subjects. So with information these qualities can be modified for a posthuman body. Transhumanism, on the other hand, looks at life from the perspective of using the technology available to produce a super human being, a human of the future, a transhuman.

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What Is The Difference Between Posthumanism And Transhumanism?

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