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MACOMB COUNTY, Mich., Oct. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --Consumers and businesses require due diligence to ensure they are opting for effective disinfection methods for dangerous viruses and bacteria. Many approaches are less effective than claimed and provide a false sense of security to people in environments that can be germ-ridden including schools, elder care facilities, offices, etc.

To achieve effective protection against surface and airborne germs, engineer, former auto executive and founder of Integrated Operations, Nick Jaksa, has introduced a new line of disinfection equipment that uses ultra-fine misting technology to provide complete coverage towards the elimination of deadly viruses and bacteria.

Current methods of disinfection, including sprays and UVC light, are only effective on areas that are directly touched by the spray or exposed to the light. These methods provide temporary spot elimination of germs, and surfaces may remain contaminated due to inadequate coverage of hard to reach places or insufficient exposure time it takes to cover all surfaces. Integrated Operations' Viral Defense systems utilize a fine mist of nano-particles, allowing the mist to disperse and cover an entire area touching all surfaces. The same misting technology can safely deactivate viruses on people using walk-through booths.

A simple analogy: when one compares fog to rain, both will carry moisture; however, only the fog will reach and surround all places due to the minute water particles while the larger raindrops cannot due to their size and weight. The smaller the particles in the fog or mist, the more effectively they will disperse and reach all surfaces before gravity pulls them down. The fine nano-sized particles in the Viral Defense misting system disperses in seconds to eliminate germs in environments or on people.

Viral Defense technology offers several disinfectant solutions that are chosen based on where and how it is being used. Other common disinfectant solutions that are salt-based are highly corrosive and should be used with care, especially around electronics, particularly in medical/dental treatment rooms, and in offices with computers and other sensitive equipment. One of the Viral Defense disinfectant solutions utilizes a colloidal silver base which is naturally anti-viral, anti-bacterial and non-corrosive. There is an added benefit to using colloidal silver: not only will it deactivate viruses and kills bacteria, the nano-silver solution will provide 24 hours of protection!

"The most comprehensive disinfection ensures that we are not carrying germs on our person nor transporting them on our things, and that they are not present in the environments we enter. Combined with mask wearing and hand washing, it's a highly effective means of protection against bacteria and deadly viruses," says Jaksa.

The breakthrough Viral Defense misting technology is being utilized in walk- through misting booths for full body disinfection, and in mobile systems that thoroughly disinfect surfaces, including rooms, hallways, vehicles, etc. The entire process takes seconds, and the amount of solution needed costs pennies. This is an excellent option for medical/dental treatment rooms, schools, assisted living facilities, retail stores, theatres, restaurants, sporting and entertainment events and other venues that should disinfect on a regular basis.

Through Jaksa's work overseas, he discovered a similar disinfection system in Vietnam, a country that is about one-third the size of the U.S. and has fewer than 1200 cases of Covid-19 with 35 deaths. Jaksa and his team of engineering and medical experts are focused on keeping people and places safe from germs."This is not the first epidemic we have faced nor will it be the last. Our goal is to make technology available that can combat harmful germs today and in the future," concludes Jaksa.

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How Integrated Operations is Using a Breakthrough Misting Technology to Stop the Spread of Deadly Viruses and Bacteria - Iosco County News Herald

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