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We like coming here for a casual night out, and it’s nice enough for a relaxed date night, but we can also bring the kids without feeling out of place. Went last week and had the chicken wild rice soup and Bavarian pretzel to start- both were amazing. Stromboli was good. Pittsburgh salad was very good as well, steak came out very rare (asked for medium) but they were kind enough to bring a whole other salad with steak cooked medium for us. Kids meals were standard. We also got wings which seemed almost breaded, like fried chicken, rather than buffalo wings that we’re used to. Very crispy but missed that true wing flavor. Love the beer list, wines also decent.

A great place for drinks and food and to relax from your day. Definitely a place for family and friends anytime just fine and get together staff there are nice and friendly

I have a mixed review. My brother and I visited yesterday and I had both a good and bad experience. The service was great, one bar tender was a guy who obviously lifts weights [don’t remember names] and the young woman that has purple hair. Both wonderful! The problem was that some of my songs on the jukebox were being mysteriously skipped. I said “Why are my songs being skipped”. A guy next to me said management [owner?] is skipping them. I don’t think it was patrons as I saw no way in the app to skip someone else’s song. I said to the guy next to me “If this happens again I’m going to rip them a new one” and he said “Please don’t that’s my aunt”, at least that’s what I thought I heard. The food was great, the beer the service, BUT if management is messing with song selections I find that to be some serious BS.

Good service and good food. Was extremely loud inside with the music during dinner time so had to be asked to be moved outside to be able to even hear each other speak. We got beer and appetizers and everything was delicious! Will definitely go again!

Been here twice now and the best things here are the atmosphere and beer selection.The atmosphere is divy….Very good for people watching. Had Wings my first visit, they were OK, but nothing special…Second visit I was excited to try the JB Burger…with Bacon and a fried egg…and was very disappointed…the burger itself was packed way to tight, like a hockey puck…and cooked thru, even tho I asked for medium…It was very dry and bland. The poor thing never had a chance, it was packed so tight i’m sure I could have thrown it to my buddy like a frisbee…A hand formed patty should be on the brink of falling apart in your hands, not like you could use it as a coaster. The egg may have saved it, but it came on top of the cheese, which is a very thick slab that won’t allow any yolk to penetrate…rookie mistake, I should have flipped the burger upside down and put the egg on the beef…but the real disappointment was the bacon…I pulled it off and tossed it, seemed like it didn’t even hit the grill. Very soft and chewy, not the crunchy and flavorful texture I want on a burger. I’m not sure who would want that on a burger, it was really gross! Parking lot makes life easy, just tell them you want crispy bacon and you should be OK.

Pet friendly!Extensive craft beer selection, outdoor patio where you can bring your dog, and a menu that at least tries to think outside the box. And that counts for something!Let’s talk about the dogs for a moment – this can either be a pro or a con. If dogs frighten you, then take heed – you may run in to some here. Now, most people won’t even be aware that you’re ALLOWED to bring your dog and sit on the patio, but in summer months, don’t be surprised to see at least one or two canines on the deck. Locals know about the pet-friendly nature of this establishment, and they take full advantage of it.The food gets an “A” for effort – there are some dishes on the menu that you just won’t find in many other Berks County establishments. And in that regard, I like where their head’s at. But at the same time, if you’re going leave your comfort zone, you’d better know what you’re doing. Take, for example, the lobster roll. A New England mainstay, this iconic sandwich is often imitated, never duplicated. Hell, even McDonald’s has even rolled out their take this summer (’s a lobster roll on the menu here, and it’s an abomination. The roll itself was a limp, soggy mess, but what should have been the star – ya know, the lobster – was a chalky, flavorless mess. Is there imitation lobster? I know there’s imitation crab (“krab”), but at least the texture is somewhat similar. Perhaps humanity hasn’t perfected imitation lobster just yet. Or maybe this was actual lobster but aged entirely too long (hint: aging lobster isn’t a thing). Lobster meat should be a sumptuous delight. The lobster here has scarred me for life.Ok, that’s it for the negativity. Some standouts? The beer selection. This place earns every right to have “taproom” in its name. Craft beer enthusiasts will be in for a treat.I also like their unique take on classic dishes. Take the pierogi appetizer for example. No, it’s not a dozen pathetically sized frozen pierogies thrown on a plate with a side of sour cream. Try to imagine a giant potato pancake, folded in half, topped with sauteed peppers, melty cheese, and smothered in jalapeno ranch and fresh chunky salsa. Pierogies, meet the south west.Really pleasurable experience overall. The chefs can sometimes be a little overambitious for their own good, but I do appreciate their attempt to spruce up timeless classics.

I go most Mondays for wing night, they have excellent wings although they are always inconsistent in how much sauce used on them, sometimes they are almost dry and others they are drenched. If they found that perfect medium they would be excellent. Every employee I’ve met has been very nice and the bartender is 10/10

We enjoyed our time at the Liberty Taproom. They have an extensive list of craft beers so for those who love their craft beers this is the place to be. Their food is better than most here in Berks County. We had the Crab Pretzel, Poke Tuna and Cheese Steak. Out of the 3, I would recommend the Crab Pretzel because it is some different that you don’t see at other restaurants. It is LOADED with real crab meat. I think it pairs pretty well with a dark beer. 🙂

The bartenders were nice but the clientele….THATS….what sets this place apart. My first time there.. a group of guys bought me two shots( and no its not what you think) I’m noticeably gay but everyone at the bar was welcoming, friendly …down to earthI will certainly be back.. (the DJ was killing it) and I will recommend to my peeps,coworkers,etc..I love that it is close to home.Two thumbs up for liberty!!!

So many delicious options. Some of my favorites are the tuna dishes and the hamburger. It is a great place for both lunch and dinner. Not only is the food good, but they have a wide selection of beers.

A great place to eat any time of the day or week! We come here often, mostly for the wings and beer, but recently strayed and tried their burgers, and we were both impressed to say the least. Their burgers are big and juicy, with plenty of various toppings to choose from like shoestring onions, blue cheese and maple bacon jam (maple bacon jam!). Way better than some of the chain burger places like Red Robin. Rotating beer selection is top notch, with approx 40 beers on tap, always something new, plus their large beer room for take out. Live music on the weekends, nice outdoor patio area, and plenty of TVs to watch all your local sports. A favorite, highly recommended. Usually gets busy on the weekends and many week nights, so call ahead for reservations.

Monday is all you can eat wings night for $13. Combine that with their good selection of reasonably priced craft beers and you’ve got yourself a fun night. The bartenders are knowledgeable, attentive and friendly. The one down side with wing night is they started me off with a serving of 10 (you can mix and match) but later in the night they cut the serving down to 4. Kind of sucks if you want to sample the flavors. The bacon Sriracha was killer IMO.

I discovered Liberty Tap Room in the last year or so and have been back many times since. I have always had a positive experience. I always ask the bartenders or waitstaff what IPA is popular at the moment and I’ve always been happy with their recommendations. My glass is never empty, and the waitstaff are friendly and efficient. I think the wings are fried…but they are tasty. Try the boom boom sauce! I love the Liberty sandwich which I think is grilled guyere cheese and short rib…and anything else on the menu I have tried has been delicious. I like the atmosphere at the bar…a very casual, local favorite. If you haven’t been there, try it. If you love beer, they have quite a selection.

They got a new chef a few months ago and what an improvement!!I had a pizza and it was delicious!! Despite having fried chicken and bacon on it, it was not at all greasy. The crust was cooked perfectly. I also had the giant pierogi which was awesome and my boyfriend’s chicken cheese steak was excellent as well (fresh cut fries!). The beer selection is one of the best around. Prices are reasonable and they fill growlers too. We have been here a lot more frequently thanks to the new chef! Great food and great beer.

I grew up in the Reading area and was in town for a high school class reunion. Before I even suggested that we do a pre-reunion gathering here, a few people had already recommended this place for craft beer lovers like myself.So we had our little gathering here out on the patio and I returned to check out the inside on July 4th. The beer selection is amazing. The taps change a bit so make sure you have the current menu. They have a wide variety of beer on tap in every style imaginable. In addition they have a bottle room which you can select from various bottles to drink on-site or to take home. If you can’t find a beer that interests you here, you are too picky. The food is really good here. On my first visit here, I had the blackened fish tacos which were spicy. Just wish that maybe the fish could have been cut up. But the sauce and the toppings were great and provided a cool contrast to the spiciness of the fish. It also came with a salad that was beautifully presented. The next visit I had their wings which I got a whiff of from the gentleman sitting next to me. The hot sauce isn’t very hot to me…maybe for Berks County standards it is but I’ve had hotter so I asked for the XXX Hot on the side. That was worth it. Good flavor in a rather chunky sauce.Inside they have 3 TV’s each on either side of the bar and there are TV’s scattered throughout the restaurant. The restaurant does seem a little dark. They also had an acoustic musician playing on Friday night. Outside, they have a really nice patio with its own bar and beer taps.Service was good here whether it was on the patio or inside.If you are into craft beer, this is definitely a place to check out.

Great food, great service, great atmosphere. We actually tried this place due to Yelp and it was well worth the trip from ourside of town.The wings are excellant, they make PJ Wantabees look and taiste worse then we all know they do lol . They won’t be giving Liberty Taverns wings away at the wing bowl because they don’t have to lol, they are too good to have to give away for free and they don’t need the publicity ! We can not find one thing on the menu that is not excellant ! The beer was somewhat a surprise as less then cold but we like our beer extra cold so perhaps it was just us. This is definitly the best place to watch sports, eat great food, drink beer withen the Lancaster, Reading, Pottstown area !

Great spot. Loved the original liberty in Allentown so was very excited to move to the area and find this one here! It’s like a bigger and better version! Good food great beer selection!! Job well done!

Please try their Dirty Bird pizza! Otherwise the menu is stacked, you won’t leave lacking anything in the savory department.

Great idea: 32 brews on tap with a focus on craft beer! What could possibly go wrong?Nice building and a nice setup and vibe going on inside. Rectangular bar surrounding all those taps allows for plenty of seats at the bar.We only wheeled by because I love craft beer AND I heard there was a chicken wing special.On the beer side: out of 32 taps, two were colored water (Miller Lite or similar) and virtually all the others were heavy dark beers a result of the previous days “Annual Dark Beer Day” and were only available at a high price in a sippy-cup-size “goblet.” C’mon guys, Dark Beer Day was YESTERDAY: normal beer drinkers might want something a little lighter. Note that the only non-dark beer was served in a 12 oz glass: a little small given that it was not particularly strong (“Hop Hands”)…looks like a beer only smaller. Looks like only the dishwater gets a full-size pint. It’s beer guys: put it in a beer glass.The chicken wing special on Mondays is “AYCE,” which is an acronym for All You Can Eat (should have been obvious but I’d never seen it before). Turns out that deal is not shareable, so we just ordered a dozen between two of us. The wings were a huge disappointment. Dry like they’d been pre-cooked & reheated. We asked for “regular buffalo syle” – there idea of which is a heavly-vinagered pepper sauce with no detectable Red Hot or butter flavor. Maybe they’re better when they’re not “AYCE?”Only one of the three bartenders was good at his job. One of the others walked around looking at the floor instead of the customers and the other was bumbling and focused on conversation with regulars.I love places like this and most of the places I’ve been to are well-run and do a great job which is why we drove out of our way to come here. I hate to leave a poor review, but we had a mediocre experience and that falls on them, not me.

Lewis the bartender short hair and a mustache. Caucasian. My wife on a quiet night on the patio. No service so she walks in. Wife -“hi I’m sitting on the patio” Bartender- “And”. W- ” I’d like to order some drinks”. BT- “and”. W- “uhhhh a martini”. BT- “and”. Service at its piss poor bottom end. Music so loud inside she had to yell “keep the tab open” while we sit outside and it sounds like a club inside. Gave 2 stars for this visit cause historically we have had good service indicative of their good reviews. NOT today. Went to speak to a manager and of course none on duty. Order our last drink Tito and cranberry and it tasted like water. This bartender with this description worked behind the bar at 12:30 Am May 25, 2016. We got here May 24th around 11 pm. Sad. it’s all about customer service and respect to the ladies

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