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Since 1971, weve had one mission Training Champions for Christ. That is, and always will be, the core of Liberty University. But as we are increasingly in the public eye of a culture that understands Christianity less and less, it is important that we clearly define what we mean by Champion for Christ.

It is an advocate. A defender. Someone who champions living like Christ displays gratitude, humility, integrity, joy, love, service, and unity. At Liberty, a champion is a Christ-centered man or woman with the values, knowledge, and skills essential for impacting tomorrows world.

Here, all of our courses are taught from a biblical perspective because we dont just train skilled professionals we train exceptional professionals who want to make a difference. We believe this focus on ethics sets our students apart from their peers in fact, many employers seek out our students because of their reputation for trustworthiness. Students from any faith background are welcome to study with us, and many find the experience personally enriching.

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Homepage – Liberty University Online

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