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Sarepta Therapeutics Inc. andDyno Therapeutics Inc., have announced an agreement to develop next-generation Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) vectors for muscle diseases, using Dynos CapsidMap platform. Dynos proprietary CapsidMap platform opens up new ways to identify novel capsids the cell-targeting protein shell of viral vectors that could offer improved muscle targeting and immune-evading properties, in addition to advantages in packaging and manufacturing.Our agreement with Dyno provides us with another valuable tool to develop next-generation capsids for gene therapies to treat rare diseases, saidDoug Ingram, Sareptas president and CEO. By leveraging Dynos AI platform and Sareptas deep expertise in gene therapy development, our goal is to advance next-generation treatments with improved muscle-targeting capabilities.Under the terms of the agreement, Dyno will be responsible for the design and discovery of novel AAV capsids with improved functional properties for gene therapy and Sarepta will be responsible for conducting preclinical, clinical and commercialization activities for gene therapy product candidates using the novel capsids. If successful, Dyno could receive over$40 millionin upfront, option and license payments during the research phase of the collaboration. Additionally, if Sarepta develops and commercializes multiple candidates for multiple muscle diseases, Dyno will be eligible for additional significant future milestone payments. Dyno will also receive royalties on worldwide net sales of any commercial products developed through the collaboration.This agreement is a major step forward in our plan to realize the potential of Dynos AI platform for gene therapies to improve patient health. We are excited to work with Sarepta to create gene therapies with improved properties to address a range of muscle-related diseases, stated Dynos CEO and co-founderEric D. Kelsic, Ph.D. The success of the gene therapies developed through this collaboration with Sarepta will rely on AI-powered vectors that allow gene therapies to be safely and precisely targeted to the muscle tissue.

By designing capsids that confer improved functional properties to Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV)vectors, Dynos proprietary CapsidMap platform overcomes the limitations of todays gene therapies on the market and in development. CapsidMap uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology for the design of novel capsids, the cell-targeting protein shell of viral vectors. The CapsidMap platform applies DNA library synthesis and next-generation DNA sequencing to measureinvivogene delivery properties in high throughput. At the core of CapsidMap are advanced search algorithms leveraging machine learning and Dynos massive quantities of experimental data, that together build a comprehensive map of sequence space and thereby accelerate the discovery and optimization of synthetic AAV capsids.

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Sarepta And Dyno Therapeutics Will Develop Next-Gen Gene Therapy Vectors - Contract Pharma

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