European regulators accept FibroGen’s anemia drug for review; Passage Bio’s lead gene therapy gets more love from the FDA – Endpoints News

When a field that depends on scientific benchwork suddenly moves online, what happens to collaborations and the innovation supply chain? We are seeing the answer to this question play out in real time during the Covid-19 crisis. Across the United States and abroad, measures to safeguard against this serious disease have created an unplanned, massive test for remote work in biotechnology.

Scientific companies face a unique challenge during the shutdown: continuing their research. Lab-based work requires in-person, human attention, as many experiments are complex and require specialized expertise. These projects are often achieved through research collaborations between organizations, requiring meetings to share data, shared work environments, and deep discussions. And their results are priceless these collaborations have the potential to generate therapies that save or improve millions of lives in the future. This is why biotechnology companies have been deemed an essential industry and continue to operate in some form during the shutdown.

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European regulators accept FibroGen's anemia drug for review; Passage Bio's lead gene therapy gets more love from the FDA - Endpoints News

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