AskBio acquires BrainVectis to expand its gene therapy portfolio –

Asklepios BioPharmaceutical, Inc. (AskBio), a prominent U.S.-based clinical-stage AAV gene therapy firm, has recently announced that it has acquired BrainVectis, a Paris-based gene therapy firm renowned for its work in neurodegenerative disorders, especially on therapies that regenerate brain cholesterol metabolism for patients suffering from Huntington's disease along with other disorders.

For the record, BrainVectis was initiated by Nathalie Cartier-Lacave, M.D., and has support and funding from Sorbonne University, the French Alternative Energies, and INSERM. Currently, Dr. Cartier-Lacave of Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and her team are concentrating on developing gene therapies that increase the CYP46A1 enzymes expression in the brain.

Evidently, this enzyme is associated with numerous disorders where brain cholesterol metabolism dysfunction is concerned in the neurodegenerations pathology.

Sources cite that AskBio would leverage BrainVectis synthetic and capsid promotor design platforms and its capacity to advance the development of this platform and manufacturing solutions along with other BrainVectis projects.

Speaking on the move, Sheila Mikhail, CEO and Co-Founder, AskBio, said that the companys acquisition of BrainVectis provides it with a remarkable opportunity to work jointly while transforming patients lives.

Huntington's disease is one of the diseases that is irreversible and devastating and presently has no effective treatments. However, BrainVectis in-depth world-leading knowledge of neurodegenerative diseases including Huntingtons disease could allow AskBio to expand its portfolio for these diseases as well.

Prior to this news, AskBio had made headlines when it revealed that it has appointed Don Haut, Ph.D., as its new Chief Business Officer to handle business development execution and strategy.

Reportedly, Dr. Haut has over two decades of healthcare experience and was previously serving to Histogenics Inc. and Sherlock Biosciences as their Chief Business Officer.

Commenting on which, Mikhail said that Don would be a key addition to the company as he holds a wealth of business and strategy development experience within the medical technology and biotechnology fields. His expertise would help the company to effectively advance its existing platforms.

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AskBio acquires BrainVectis to expand its gene therapy portfolio -

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