Trump tells faith leaders to let the country ‘get healed’ before holding in-person services – CNN

Trump was asked by a reporter during the White House press briefing what his message was to pastors refusing to follow federal social distancing guidelines by holding services in person. In some cases, these services are expected to take place despite outright bans of such congregations.

"I know there are some pastors and ministers and others that want to get together. And I have great respect for them. Two of them I know. But I would say first, heal -- I'm a Christian -- heal our country," Trump said. "Let's get healed before we do this and there's time to do that. We'll do it for, hopefully, the rest of our lives."

The President also said he would be watching Pastor Robert Jeffress' service online this Easter Sunday.

How much power Trump has to "reopen" the economy remains limited. The federal government only issued recommendations on social distancing and business closures, and it will be up to individual governors to reverse the mandatory orders.

CNN's Kevin Liptak contributed to this report.

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Trump tells faith leaders to let the country 'get healed' before holding in-person services - CNN

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