Trump Is Dooming His Presidency and Other Weekend Reads – Foreign Policy

U.S. President Donald Trumps inability to effectively combat the coronavirus could ultimately doom his bid for reelection.

Meanwhile, a new round of constitutional changes implemented in Russia could see President Vladimir Putin remain at the helm for almost two more decades.

And Japan and South Korea are reeling due to the effects of the coronavirus, but they still find time to point fingers at each other.

Here are Foreign Policys top weekend reads.

As the coronavirus takes hold in the United States and the economy faces recession, Trumps credibility is further eroded, Foreign Policys Michael Hirsh writes.

As the coronavirus spreads, a dangerous trend has followed: Government leaders and other officials are intentionally obfuscating data, suppressing information, and misinforming citizens about the outbreak, Suzanne Nossel writes.

Russias political future became a little bit clearer when a series of choreographed moves in the countrys parliament set the stage for Putin to stay in his role for another 16 years, Foreign Policys Reid Standish writes.

Japan and South Korea have both been hit hard by the coronavirus, but they have shown that when times get tough, they will still prioritize the most important thing: blaming each other, William Sposato writes.

The ideas and practices that guided Christians through countless plagues across millennia still have relevance today, Lyman Stone writes.

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Trump Is Dooming His Presidency and Other Weekend Reads - Foreign Policy

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