Twitter accused of ‘censorship’ after banning Wings Over Scotland accounts – The National

WINGS Over Scotlands Stuart Campbell has accused Twitter of censorship after two of his accounts were banned.

The social media platform has taken action against the pro-independence bloggers @RevStu and @SealandGazette profiles for "evading a permanent suspension".

It comes a month after Campbell's Twitter account for a new pro-Yes party, @WingsPartyScot, was banned as soon as it was created.

The blogger hit back at Twitter over the latest action, saying that his @RevStu account predates @WingsScotland by years and was in constant use.

He commented: "The allegation that these accounts have been used to evade a permanent suspension are obviously ridiculous and false.

The @RevStu account preceded the @WingsScotland one by years and has been in constant use since its creation, and the @SealandGazette one was only used during a technical hitch with the @RevStu one which was subsequently resolved.

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The blogger added: "Twitter has still never given any explanation of how the Wings account broke any of its rules, because it did not.

These actions are quite simply direct censorship and interference in the political affairs of a country by an unaccountable, unelected foreign corporation, and even people who hate Wings Over Scotland should be extremely alarmed by."

Twitter confirmed the @RevStu and @SealandGazette accounts had been permanently suspended for violating our platform manipulation and spam policy.

The website added that the @WingPartyScot profile was suspended because it was linked to an account that had been suspended for violations of our hateful conduct policy.

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Twitter accused of 'censorship' after banning Wings Over Scotland accounts - The National

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