Orban targets theaters, prompting protest against censorship – The Boston Globe

Several thousand people gathered in central Budapest on Monday to protest the planned measures, according to the Index.hu news website. Speakers at the demonstration included the capitals recently-elected opposition mayor.

I was an actor already in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, when the communist regime ruled, Judit Pogany said in a video post by famous actors and directors. I never thought that after 30 years of democracy Id start feeling the way I did back then.

Orban has mostly won turf wars to extend his influence over education, scientific research, and parts of the legal system. Hes now fighting a European Union probe over the erosion of the rule-of-law during his nearly decade in power.

The latest battle over culture comes after Orban suffered a setback in Octobers municipal election, when his party won overall but lost control of four out of the five largest cities, including Budapest.

Following the ballot, he moved to squeeze the opposition mayors control over the capitals budget and submitted a draft law that seeks to broaden the role of the Constitutional Court, which is stacked with his appointees.

His lawmakers are also expected to back a proposals to restrict the rights of independent lawmakers, including his most outspoken critics. All the measures are expected to win approval, given the ruling Fidesz partys supermajority in the legislature.

As the EU has largely failed to derail Orbans centralization of power over the past 10 years, its unlikely that will change, according to Eurasia, a political-risk consultancy.

Ultimately, Orbans willingness to negotiate with the EU, partially backtracking on some issues while constantly moving forward with smaller steps seems to have worked for him, Naz Masraff, director for Europe at Eurasia, said in a research note. He will likely continue to use this winning formula.

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Orban targets theaters, prompting protest against censorship - The Boston Globe

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