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Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Google may deny it, but its becoming obvious to many that conservatives are facing censorship. Now, though,the conservative Media Research Center(MRC) has announced a new alliance thats going to fight the Big Tech companies over this censoring of conservative speech, websites and people, all the way up to the president, who recently saw even his input knocked off the web.

If they can do it to the president of the United States, they can do it to anyone. And in fact, thats exactly whats happening, said MRCs Brent Bozell.

This new effort, Free Speech America, will track and report this censoring on its website Across the top of that websites opening page is a video that features many snippets of famous Americans talking about this trend.

Both Donald & Donald Jr. have been Targeted

It includes Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz saying, Mother Teresa is now deemed hate speech. Is this hate speech?

If youre religious, if youre pro-life, if youre pro-Second Amendment, you watch your metrics and you watch them get destroyed, says Donald Trump Jr. in the same video, speaking of how the tech giants will strip conservatives viewership and make their sites harder to find.

Even the president of the United States has been targeted, Bozell says in the video. And if he isnt safe online, how can you be?

Working All the Levers of Power

The new alliance will work in the halls of power for change with lawmakers like Tennessee Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn, who has also been censored by Big Tech social media for a pro-life ad her last senatorial campaign released.

She said of these companies,We are no longer giving them the benefit of the doubt; what we are doing is holding them to account.

Who do the social media giants hit the worst?

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Theyre Definitely Not Pro Pro-Life

Abortion is Ground Zero for the Far Left, and the Right to Life movement has no home in Silicon Valley, Bozell stated. The pro-life movement couldnt advertise the Right to Life March.

That march happens to be the worlds largest annual demonstration.

One voice just censored in recent days by Facebook said his groups $4 million ad campaign to keep womens sports free of transgendered men, had been censored, and not because its ads werent factual.

Even if Youre Factual, You May be Censored for Missing Context

American Principles Projects Jon Schweppe said of those at Facebook,They had been removing ads for being fact-checked to false or mostly false. A new rating that they created was missing contextwhatever that means.

These social media juggernauts also actively use their power to aid the Left-wing. One critic Dr. Robert Epstein -- pointed to what Facebooks Mark Zuckerberg might well deliver for Joe Biden on Election Day: An additional 450,000 votes that day just by sending out Go Vote reminders just to people who lean Left.

Maybe Take em to Court?

Attorney Kelly Shackelford of First Liberty Institute sees one effort on the part of the new alliance might be possibly steering victims to come down hard on these tech giants with crushing lawsuits.All it takes is an Attorney General in a number of these states, said Shackelford. And there are fines per incident per citizen. And so, this could be a huge way to really get them under control.

Speaking of the social media giants efforts to squelch the Right, Bozell warned, When you have this kind of censorship, you really are threatening the democratic process in this country.

And thats why we need conservative individuals and organizations to reach out to us and let us know when theyve encountered problems with tech companies, said MRC Vice PresidentDan Gainor, wholl be working with

Bozell asserted the censorship is so widespread it will take years, maybe decades to wage this war with the tech giants.

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