Joe Rogans Spotify move condemned by fans over right-wing censorship claims – The Independent

Joe Rogans arrival on Spotify has sparked a backlash among fans, after episodes featuring controversial right-wing guests appeared unavailable on the platform.

However, fans have claimed that a number of past episodes have not been added to Spotify, many of which feature appearances from far-right figures including Milo Yiannopoulos and Alex Jones.

One Rogan fan tweeted that Spotify 86d the Alex Jones episodes, plus more controversial guests in the early hours of 1 September, leading to many other right-wing fans claiming that episodes had been censored.

The apparent missing episodes have led many of Rogans fans to demand answers, with some threatening to abandon the show altogether.

Joe is dead to me if he doesnt address this, wrote one Reddit commentator. This goes against his we need to talk to everybody shtick. Im not interested in listening to curated podcasts by his employer.

Another added: Joe sold out. Its coming to us as a surprise, but this had to be part of the plan. He can talk the talk as a free speech advocate all he wants, but when push came to shove, he took the money and agreed to be censored. Pretty disappointed, but whatever.

As part of Rogans Spotify deal, the radio personality will produce podcasts and accompanying videos for the platform.

Towards the end of 2020, his show will be made exclusive to Spotify, meaning that listeners will no longer be able to tune in on platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Stitcher. Rogans YouTube channel will remain intact, albeit will no longer publish full episodes of his programme.

In a statement in May, Rogan said: It will be the exact show. Im not going to be an employee of Spotify, were going to be working with the same crew, doing the exact same show. The only difference will be it will now be available on the largest audio platform in the world. Nothing else will change.

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Joe Rogans Spotify move condemned by fans over right-wing censorship claims - The Independent

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