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According to the camp of former VP and now presidential candidate Joe Biden, Pres. Donald Trumps personal attorney, Rudy Giulianishouldnt be allowed to appear in television interviews, or be covered by any major news networks.

Bidens top campaign advisers recently wrote an email to news executives demanding them not to give airtime to Giulianiin any media channel after the former NYC mayor, in several talk shows, repeatedly called for investigations on the Bidens for what he said were apparently corrupt dealings with Ukraine and China, while Biden was vice president.

The Daily Beast, which first reported the existence of the said request letter, said it was sent to CBS News, Fox News, NBC News, and CNN arguing that it is editorially irresponsible to book the presidents personal lawyer to appear in their shows.

We are writing today with grave concern that you continue to book Rudy Giuliani on your air to spread false, debunked conspiracy theories on behalf of Donald Trump,Bidens campaign team wrote.

While you often fact check his statements in real time during your discussions, that is no longer enough. By giving him your air time, you are allowing him to introduce increasingly unhinged, unfounded and desperate lies into the national conversation, the letter reportedly drafted by top aides Kate Bedingfield and Anita Dunn, said.

We write to demand that in service to the facts, you no longer book Rudy Giuliani, a surrogate for Donald Trump who has demonstrated that he will knowingly and willingly lie in order to advance his own narrative, it added, noting that Giuliani is not a public official, and holds no public office that would entitle him to opine on the nations airwaves.

Heres a copy of Team Bidens demand letter calling for censorship on Giuliani:

I didnt know that the emboldened Biden campaign team is that powerful now that they are actually demanding for censorship.

For those not closely watching the news, the former New York City mayor has been making the rounds on television shows defending Donald Trump from the Ukraine controversy that has resulted to the Democrat led House launching a formal impeachment inquiry against the President. Giulianihas also blasted the liberal lawmakers for not investigating evidence of Bidens possible corruption that he claims has been hiding in plain sight for months.

Your obligation is to provide the American people with an informed, fact-based and responsible coverage and debate of critical issues, the letter from Bidens team further read.

While you have been aggressive in pushing back on him in real time, it is well known that the dedicated liar always has the advantage, pushing out outlandish falsehoods and disinformation in the knowledge that it is hard for the corrections to catch up, the letter further said.

Responding to the demand of Bidens camp, Trumps 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale tweeted:

Can we request the removal of Democrats on TV that push hoaxes? Wait, but then who would do the interviews?

Giuliani has insisted he didnt work with anybody to get dirt on Joe Biden, saying that whatever information he has about the corruption allegations against the Biden was handed by the Ukrainians.

The basis of Democrats impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump is a phone call he made with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, where he suggested that Ukraines new leader look into Bidens claims about the firing of prosecutor Viktor Shokin. On the same call, Trump separately sought Ukraines help in investigating foreign interference in the 2016 elections.

Zelensky has already stated there was no pressure from Trump during the conversation to investigate anything.

Back to Biden; his move to pressure Ukraine was on record. Biden has acknowledged> on camera that when he was vice president, he successfully pressured Ukraine to fire prosecutor Shokin, who was investigating the natural gas firm Burisma Holdings where son Hunter Biden had a high position on the board.

Critics of Biden have argued that Hunter gets paid tens of thousands of dollars, despite having limited relevant experience to the industry. The vice president, was also on record threatening to withhold $1 billion in critical US aid to Ukraine if Shokin was not fired.

Heres Giulianis response:

From the moment you read The New York Times article in 2015 and you saw that Biden got away with having his son pulling down millions from the crookedest oligarch in Russia, you knew this was going to happen. I prosecuted corruption, Democrats and Republicans. I can smell this.

They are silencing me because I showed up with an affidavit and an accuser who is willing to stand up and point the finger at Joe Biden and say youre a crook. And I have the proof and I have the documents and Ive got the witness will say the corroboration because there are more witnesses where he came from and they are not going to escape this,Giuliani said.

Its scandal after scandal covered up by a compliant crooked press, the former New York mayor, added.

From threatening to withhold a critical aid to Ukraine if the prosecutor investigating them is not fired, now, Biden is coming after Giulianiso the former mayor will be silenced.

Looks like Biden is in the habit of demanding the removal of those who are investigating him.

But then again, even if he got exposed, that doesnt mean there will be consequences. At least not with Democrats in Congress.

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Joe Biden wants to censor Rudy Giuliani - Whats on Politics - Politics

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