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Patricia forgot her censorship as the spirit of the explorer rose in her.

The Duc wondered what a censorship would let pass if there were one.

No: she had heard too much of it; it made you almost wish for a Censorship of the Press.

The newsletters, of course, might be under the censorship of Rome and Naples.

The discovery of a new spot on the sun is evidently a case for the censorship.

I call the censorship chaotic because of the chaos in its administration.

He got the impression that she put off all censorship from either her feeling or her expression.

A few voices, however, were raised in favour of a censorship.

I wish to claim no censorship over the style and diction of your letters.

How absurd, how inadequate this all is we see from the existence of the Censorship on Drama.

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Censorship Synonyms, Censorship Antonyms | Thesaurus.com

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