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TWENTY-FIVE YEARS LATER, the commemorative platinum-record plaque awarded for "Jock Jams, Volume 1" still hangs inside the New Jersey recording studio of KayGee from Naughty By Nature. It doesn't occupy the same prestigious wall space as the group's other hit records or even the large custom portrait of former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison, but after all this time, Jock Jams remains nearly impossible to ignore -- no matter how hard we all might try. "Not to toot my own horn," says KayGee, while locating Naughty's "Hip Hop Hooray" (Track 11) on the original compilation of stadium anthems. "But I don't think I've ever been at a sporting event and not heard our Jock Jams song."

He's not the only one. Released on July 25, 1995, the collection opened with Michael Buffer's now ubiquitous "Let's Get Ready To Rumble" boxing howl and was overstuffed with an infectious, borderline-obnoxious mix of arena earworms such as "Get Ready for This," "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" and "YMCA." And while many sports and music fans are familiar with the carrot-colored CD case covered in airborne cheerleaders, or the seminal collection of stadium anthems once described as an "orgy of chantable hooks" and "adrenaline-fueled schmaltz," few know the actual creation story behind the project, the vision of the two women executives who made it all possible, or the stories behind the songs that have been echoing inside arenas and our collective sports brains for decades.

And so to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original Jock Jams release, ESPN tracked down the key executives and artists and asked them to retell inspirations behind the greatest -- and strangest -- compilation of sports anthems in music history.

After gigs as a model and go-go dancer in her hometown of Chicago, Monica Lynch moved to New York, where she answered a want ad in The Village Voice in 1981 to become the first employee of the fledgling Tommy Boy record label. Four years later, after developing De La Soul, Digital Underground, Queen Latifah and others, earning her the title "The High Priestess of Hip-hop," in 1985 Lynch became president of Tommy Boy, which earned her access to the company's luxury box at Madison Square Garden. And it was in that luxury box, watching -- and listening to -- the Knicks and Rangers, that the idea for Jock Jams was born.

Inspired by childhood nostalgia for her hometown Chicago Blackhawks, and encouraged by Ray Castoldi, MSG's director of music and hybrid organist/DJ, Lynch set out to create the ultimate compilation of sports anthems -- a collection that would expand the genre beyond old-timey organ music and yacht rock. "It was a very simple idea, but sometimes those are the best," Lynch says. She already had the anthem part figured out. What Lynch and Tommy Boy needed was a business partner that could help with the sports side.

Monica Lynch, former president of Tommy Boy Records: Culturally, [ESPN and Tommy Boy were] very different operations. An independent record company in the mid-'90s, we were doing our own thing, running fast and loose, and didn't have to answer to anyone. Sharyn was just kind of bemused by us.

Sharyn Taymor, former director of ESPN Enterprises: In the 1990s, the ESPN brand was starting to be everywhere. ESPN2 had just started and there was talk of ESPN News and Classic, and we wanted to start licensing the ESPN brand to products and services. It was like the wild, wild west. We worked on dot-com, The Magazine, video games, fantasy sports, merchandise and music. We didn't even have to seek out that many opportunities; you just had to sit back and see what people brought to us. I remember having a fantasy football meeting with the NFL. I had no idea what I was talking about. It hadn't existed until then. To give you an idea of what it was like, the products and services we worked on are now entire divisions within the company.

And ESPN was kind of straight-laced and Tommy Boy Records was not. We weren't into being provocative at all, and Tommy Boy was totally the opposite. [But] it was an area that made sense for us because we hadn't done anything in that genre and music and sports are so closely tied together.

Lynch: My uncle was in charge of the ticket office at Chicago Stadium, so as a kid I got to go to a lot of Blackhawk games and sit in the front row right behind the goalie. I had the biggest crush on Keith Magnuson because he was the bad boy of that team and he was always spitting his teeth out on the ice, which I just thought was the sexiest thing ever. My uncle arranged for Bobby Hull to introduce us after a game. And when Bobby said, 'She's your biggest fan, Keith, and she wants to give you a great big kiss,' I was so mortified I turned around and punched Hull right in the stomach. I guess that's where this all started. I just loved hockey, the sights, the sounds, the energy; it was so violent and visceral.

KayGee, Naughty by Nature, "Hip Hop Hooray" (Track 11): A lot of musicians call themselves sports guys, and a lot of sports guys call themselves musicians. So there's a community between us, a natural connection that's embedded in all of us. When we first came out, one of our favorite teams was the Fab Five. We [KayGee and fellow group members Treach and Vin Rock] all started wearing baggy shorts on stage, and when we played in Michigan, they came to our show and I became lifelong friends with those guys.

Freedom Williams, singer, C+C Music Factory, "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" (Track 10): Sports is nothing but a dance. It's rhythm, right? Baseball is a slow dance. Football is a violent dance. Basketball is a quick dance. When you hit a ground ball to the shortstop and the shortstop hits the second baseman and the second baseman throws it to first, that's poetry, that's a dance they're doing.

Taymor: The first [sport-compilation project Tommy Boy did] was "Jock Rock," and it was all about rock and established sports anthems, you know, Queen, "We Will Rock You," that kind of stuff. It came out in 1994 and charted No. 79 on Billboard, and we knew we had something terrific. There was a record label called K-Tel, and they did compilations for many years, and we just kind of took their place. Tommy Boy was more of a hip-hop, rap and dance label, though, and they wanted to go more in that direction. That's where Jock Jams came from. We wanted to be the influencers of this kind of sports music instead of being influenced by it.

Castoldi: Hip-hop as a pop music form, that idea was still pretty new. My first bosses at MSG told me "Ray, we're not running a nightclub up there. These hip-hop records -- are they really the kind of music our audience is gonna groove to?" And the answer was: Of course! Absolutely! "Jock Rock" was almost entirely oldies. With Jock Jams, it was all about: Let's talk about the new stuff.

Did you know?On top of his MSG organist gig, Ray Castoldi also worked as a DJ under the name Frequency X alongside Joe Turri and Nicolai Vorkapich. He performed at the Limelight nightclubs and was signed by Radikal Records, which distributed the first import of 2 Unlimited's "Get Ready for This" (Track 2).

With the project approved, it was now up to Taymor and Patrick Edmonds, from Tommy Boy -- with an assist from Castoldi -- to curate the collection.

Taymor: Castoldi had a lot of influence on that list because he knew what songs were already being played at sporting events. Patrick would then give me a CD with 30 to 40 tracks on it and then we'd try to figure out what to put on the album. That was the really fun part. I'd listen to them in the office, at home, in the car, and go back to him and say, "OK, how about this group?" Or "I don't like this one." There was a lot of back and forth -- a lot.

Castoldi: One of the only debates we had was: Do we put KC and the Sunshine Band "Get Down Tonight" or the Village People's "YMCA" on Volume 1? I mean, they're both classics. But "YMCA" had the dance, so that's gonna win. KC ended up on Volume 2. Rock tracks like "Welcome to the Jungle" were hard to get, those bands just wouldn't do the licensing. I remember later on we wanted "Song 2" by Blur and they were like "Uh, no, we don't want to be on a sports-oriented record." More power to them. And now, it's weird, it's almost hard to hear that song anywhere else but in an arena.

Taymor: Monica and I had to work at always finding the right balance, and there was a lot of tugging and pulling from each side, whether it was a song, or a lyric, or the artwork or the commercials. That was always the issue: They wanted to go in that direction, and I was very, very paranoid and protective of the brand. There were just a bunch of things we had to say no to. I don't think a project like this would happen now. Now, things are just out there and blatant. Back then, it was all innuendo and double entendres, it could mean this or it could mean that.

Jay "Ski" McGowan, Quad City DJ's member and 69 Boyz producer: We just decided, Hey, if anyone from ESPN asks about 69 Boyz, just say the guys were all born in 1969 and "Tootsee Roll" (Track 5) is a candy and a fun dance and just leave it at that. A little bit more, we would have been in trouble with ESPN, but we stayed right there on that line. ... Yes [laughing], I do expect you to believe that! That's our story, and we're sticking to it. [Editor's note: McGowan and the 69 Boyz were not all born in 1969.]

Lynch: I love the 69 Boyz, that's the perfect answer. I guess a song like K7's "Come Baby Come" (Track 7) had a naughty tone to it. I suppose it's the double entendres that matter. But it was already a popular record, so it was the kind of thing, in a meeting at ESPN, you could say, "But I sing that song to my 2-year-old." And if the feeling was that "it's mom-friendly," it would be OK.

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Taymor: Tommy Boy once brought us a Coolio song, and I kind of read too much into it and pushed back. It was "one-two-three-four, get your woman on the floor..." I told them what I thought he was saying, and they all said, "That's not what it means!" So we put that song on Jock Jams 2.

Lynch: The throughline in the selection of the songs was these were all hits or were all about to be hits. We looked for high-energy records that had crossed over and were either being played or just starting to get played in sports arenas. Some of these records, like "YMCA," were already chestnuts in the stadiums, and with some of our artists, like K7, we wanted to use Jock Jams to usher a song like "Come Baby Come" into anthem status.

Did you know?When contacted by ESPN, a rep for the Village People's original lead singer Victor Willis, 69, responded: "What is Jock Jams?"

Castoldi: The lineup is all killer and no filler, like they used to say on the radio. Because it was the first one, there was so much low-hanging fruit that you could just pick the best of the best, the songs that we'd all consider late-game go-to songs, big anthemic songs that you want to play at key moments of a game. And these are all there on Jock Jams 1. You gotta remember, there was no iTunes, no YouTube, no internet, no Shazam, so part of the reason why this was so successful is Jock Jams put all of this stuff in one place for you. Otherwise, at the time, you would have had to go out and buy, like, 20 CDs to collect all these songs.

As the lineup began to take shape, Taymor still found herself facing a challenge.

Taymor: The challenge was how do we put an ESPN spin on it? How do we brand it with ESPN? That's when we came up with the idea of what we called interstitials, little sports-related sound bites you'd hear between songs.

Castoldi: The goal from the beginning was to make it an immersive sports experience, like you were actually at the game. I recorded my little "The Old Ballgame" organ riff (Track 19) at the Garden or maybe just in my apartment. We recorded cheerleaders, hot dog vendors at Yankee Stadium, marching bands, as well as personalities like Michael Buffer. I mean, how many people got married that year with Michael Buffer and 2 Unlimited kicking off their reception?

Lynch: That was not an inexpensive undertaking to get Michael Buffer and "Let's get ready to rumble" on the first Jock Jams. I don't remember what the number was, but I remember a gulp when I saw the number. He didn't come cheap. We decided to do it, and in hindsight I'm really glad that we did. He was "the" guy, the voice of sports, the voice of god. Having that as the opening was absolutely perfect. When you hear "Let's get ready to rumblllllle" within the first few seconds, everybody knew what this was.

Did you know?Buffer tried out "Man your battle stations!" and "Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts!" before settling on LGRTR, which was inspired by Muhammad Ali. Buffer trademarked the phrase in 1992, and it was estimated to be worth $400 million as of 2009.

The backstory of Jock Jams doesn't end, though, in New York City and Bristol, Connecticut -- where ESPN is located. The stories behind the songs are as compelling as the tunes themselves -- and reveal much about the music industry, and the culture, 25 years ago.

Rob Base, vocals, songwriter, "It Takes Two" (Track 8 | LISTEN):

We had to be in the studio that same night [in early 1988], so me and E-Z Rock went over to a friend's house, and we were just going through a bunch of different albums and he found a beat he liked and I found this Lyn Collins record I liked. That's where the "woo, yeah" comes from. We just blended them together, and that's how we came up with the song. It was quick. In that era of hip-hop, we were all digging through crates of old records trying to find beats and samples no one had used before, so that was the key -- if you found something that was hot, that no one had used, you pretty much had something, for sure. It worked out really well for us waiting to the last second. We had no idea what we were going to do in the studio that night, but the music just came together. I had the rap part already written, and it just all fit perfectly.

I was met with heavy resistance at the time about all the "woo, yeah"s, and I had to really fight for that. At the time Public Enemy had a record that had a siren that rode all the way through. That made that record stand out so much, and I was thinking to myself, If I leave the "woo, yeah" in the whole record, that's gonna make this record stand out too. They wanted to take it out at the beginning of the verses and bring it back in at the end. I put my foot down with management: It gotta stay. And I won.

Did you know?Rodney Bryce, aka DJ E-Z Rock, who became friends with Base in the fourth grade in Harlem, died in 2014 from complications of diabetes. ... Rolling Stone christened the repeating "woo, yeah" the "single greatest use of a looped drum break in rap history -- the hip-hop equivalent of the guitar solo in 'Stairway to Heaven.'" (Track 8).

Ian Dench, songwriter, guitarist, "Unbelievable" by EMF, (Track 15 | LISTEN):

When the record deal with my first band [Curse] came to nothing, there I was back in Gloucester, England, living in a little bedsit. My mum had a nice piano, and so I used to ride my bike over there and write songs. She was distraught. If my own son gets into Oxford and then gives it all up to play in a rock 'n' roll band, I would burst into tears as well. Anyway, I was riding my bike through the park, thinking about all these songs I was working on about my ex-girlfriend who dumped me. I was always looking for words and ways to say what I was feeling, and that's why "unbelievable" was such a great word because it had that double meaning to it where you're amazing but perhaps there's something underhand to you as well. I was on the bike trying to think of a way to say it, and that's when it just popped into my head -- "The things, you say; Your purple prose just gives you away; The things, you say" -- followed by that phrase and that stop: "bawm, badada-da-dat-dadadaa ... You're unbelievable." My place was not too far, five minutes away, so I just kept riding and humming it in my head, round and round, got back to my bedsit, pulled out my guitar and cassette, and there it was.

I do have to give a shoutout to Andrew Dice Clay [too] because that "Ohhh" is a wonderful sample and it's quite a funny story. Def Jam released his record -- It was really terribly misogynistic, wasn't it? -- and before our record came out, we kept trying to get ahold of Rick Rubin to clear the sample. But he never got back to us. Well, we were in L.A. for meetings before the release of the record, and we went into The Rainbow Bar & Grill on Sunset, which was quite the big heavy-metal hangout at the time, and there was [Def Jam co-founder] Rick Rubin. So I just went up to him and said, "Sorry to interrupt, big fan; we just made a record, and we're trying to clear this sample." And he said, "No problem, fax it to me in the morning." Sure enough, we faxed it to him, and he cleared it. I mean, talk about the stars aligning on a record.

Did you know?In 2009 Dench earned two Grammy nominations for collaborations with Beyonce ("Once in a Lifetime" and "I Am... Sasha Fierce."). ... A few years ago, he got a message from a student in Wales who said his teacher was claiming she was the inspiration for "Unbelievable." Dench did some checking and wrote back to the student "Yes, yes, that's absolutely true." (Track 15).

McGowan, Quad City DJ's, producer on "Tootsee Roll" (Track 5 | LISTEN):

We had just come off the road, back in Jacksonville, and I was with my son, who was 5, and we were in a Cracker Barrel -- or, in the store next to the restaurant walking around. I mean, we've all been in a Cracker Barrel with our kids, and they aren't as super excited about the meal as they are about running through that store. Well, I come across this thing, this piggy bank that was a long roll, painted like a Tootsie Roll and I thought, "This is cool, I'll get this for my son and have him start saving some coins." As I'm walking through Cracker Barrel, my son in one hand, the Tootsie Roll bank in the other, it just hit me: This would make a perfect concept for a record, a dance that's a play on the candy.

We always wanted to create the party and the club feel on record, so that's why we'd add those whistles and all that background crowd noise; we wanted them to be a signature. We came from the skate-rink era and they had whistles, and we'd grab our friends and say, "Hey, we're doing crowd vocals" and put everybody in the vocal booth, pitch down an octave or two, and mix it together and add effects, and before you knew it, it sounds like a party in there. And that's why our records worked so well on Jock Jams and in stadiums because it almost felt like, with all the crowd noise already on our records, all people in the stands had to do was just join in.

Did you know?Quad City DJ's was nominated for a Grammy for "Space Jam" off the 1996 "Space Jam" movie soundtrack, and McGowan now works as "Jay the EnterTrainer," speaking on leadership and innovation. ... The original Tootsie Roll bank is still at his son's grandmother's house.

Martha Wash, singer, "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)," (Track 10 | LISTEN):

I was in a studio in New York, and one of the producers, who had worked with Mariah Carey, was on the phone explaining what he wanted me to sing, and I said to him, "That key is really high for me." I remember on The Weather Girls' "Big Girls Don't Cry" album there was a song with a really high obbligato part at the beginning, and so we put the microphone on the floor and I bent over to sing on top of the microphone. We all laughed about it, how no one would have believed it, but that's how I got that note out of me. With "Everybody Dance Now," to get the power of those three words, I had to really, really almost scream it out. So I was in the booth reaching my hands up to the ceiling to try and see about getting those notes out correctly and in the right key without it sounding crazy.

People love that screaming part, OK? Yeah, it's hard to sing live. Can you do the same thing you were doing 30 years ago? OK then.

Did you know?In 2017 a Canadian man singing "Gonna Make You Sweat" in his car was issued a $118 ticket by police for "screaming in a public place."

Wash, singer, "Strike It Up," (Track 4 | LISTEN):

Believe it or not, that was never one of my favorite songs. What makes it so interesting is the music on that song. I won't say it's necessarily my vocals; it's more so the music for that particular song. When you put that together with an athletic situation and a game and you hear that bass line come in and it goes into that baump baump baump ba ba, the audience gets into that because it's a sports chant.

Did you know?Although Wash's thunderous, distinctive voice was easily recognizable from her No. 1 dance hit "It's Raining Men" with The Weather Girls and a dozen other No. 1 dance songs, she was not properly credited for her vocals in the original versions of "Gonna Make You Sweat" and "Strike It Up." In the age of Milli Vanilli, C+C Music Factory and Black Box attempted to cast slimmer, younger women to lip sync Wash's vocals.Says Wash: "I had just checked into a hotel, had the TV on, channel surfing, and I landed on this station that was playing the video for 'Gonna Make You Sweat,' and I'm seeing this thin, thin woman lip-syncing to my vocals, and I'm like, 'What is going on?' I was not happy about that." The ensuing legal battle inspired federal legislation mandating proper vocal credit on all published music. "Lots of people know the voice, know the songs, they dance to those songs and sing every word to those songs, but they don't know my name," she adds. "It's not fun. They know Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Lizzo. My goodness I've been doing this for 40 years and I've had a hit in every decade since the '80s, and John Q. Public still doesn't know my name."

Jean-Paul De Coster, producer, songwriter, "Get Ready for This" (Track 2 | LISTEN) and "Twilight Zone" (Track 18 | LISTEN):

In 1983 I was still in school, teaching mechanics and electricity, and I was wanting to quit to follow my passion. I knew Patrick [De Meyer] from Technotronic (Track 17: "Pump Up the Jam") for ages because I was coming into his record store in Antwerp [in Belgium] and asking him, "Can you explain to me how a record store works?" And he says. "How do you know?" And I said "How do I know what?" He was selling the record store because he was so busy with his own music and record company, and so I said, "OK, I'll jump in and have a coffee." And I bought his shop.

In 1987 we had the first Belgium music wave, which was inspired by New Wave, and they called it New Beat and they played records and slowed them down from 45 rpm to 33 rpm, with bpm 100 to 105, very dark and mellow and moody, like a fashion scene. When New Beat was over, I saw in my record shop and in the clubs when I was DJing that people were going crazy on this new Belgium House Sounds that had evolved from New Beat. I said to [Belgium DJ] Phil Wilde -- he is the computer wizard and studio guy -- "Something's happening with this sound, we need to make a record." And he said, "Fine, come in."

So on a Wednesday, I took a day off from my record shop. He would play riffs, and I would say, "No, no, play it more like this." We wanted more energetic, more pumping, and so we were twisting sounds together, layered and mixed. It was very important that we made sounds that were different from the rest. An early review called it an energetic, powerful, crispy sound.

KayGee, Naughty By Nature, "Hip Hop Hooray" (Track 11 | LISTEN):

We were on tour and Tommy Boy was putting pressure on us to hurry up and finish our second album. After the success of "O.P.P.," it was like, you guys need to keep it going. I had made a bunch of beats. But on our tour bus, Treach was just blasting that one beat over and over. It's the Isley Brothers, it's just playing on 45. Their song is slow, and I just sped it up real fast and that gave it a different sound and a new feel. That's the process of a producer: We chop stuff up, speed it up, slow it down, filter it, do a lot of things to it, because when you mess around with it, it turns into something different.

So we're on the tour bus, with Treach writing, and the whole concept of the chorus, they did that in parties back in New York when a good record would come on, they'd say "Heeey, hooo," like to say, "That's my joint." Treach remembered that, and he was like, "It would be dope to use that heeey, hooo they do in the clubs, but I'm gonna call it Hip Hop Hooray-Hooo and I'm gonna talk about the love of hip-hop and how we advanced as hip-hop artists."

We wrote the whole thing on the tour bus and we recorded it, and Tommy Boy didn't even know about that song. We performed it at KMEL [Bay Area] Summer Jam. It was packed; there must have been 25,000 people out there, and the very first time it was introduced, Treach and Vin put their hands up in the air and the whole crowd, I mean everybody, started waving side to side with the beat. We started in talent shows, getting the crowd involved to win those talent shows. It was so spontaneous the way the crowd followed along. So we knew not only did we have a song that connects we have a visual that connects with our audience too. The program director called Tommy Boy and said "Naughty performed a song last night, and if I don't have a copy of it on my desk Monday morning, I'm playing the live version." So Monica was calling me, yelling at me, "What song are they talking about?!"

Did you know?As a mental exercise while recovering from COVID-19, actress Rita Wilson posted an Instagram video of her near-perfect rendition of "Hip Hop Hooray," which she memorized while preparing for a 2019 movie role. After the video got 2 million views, Wilson teamed up with KayGee and Naughty for a remix to benefit MusiCares Covid-19 Relief Fund. "It's incredible," KayGee says. "She did better than I would have done trying to sing Treach's lyrics like that."

"Jock Jams, Volume 1" went platinum in just over a year and peaked at No. 30 on the charts. By expanding the definition of stadium anthems to include Eurodance, Latin music, pop, hip-hop and rap, Lynch and Taymor had ensured that Jock Jams would have an impact at the cash register and across the culture. (Despite all of Taymor's precautions, Jock Jams 1 was not completely controversy-free. The 20th and final track on the original compilation, "Rock and Roll Part 2," is by Gary Glitter, who, in 2015, was sentenced to 16 years in prison after being convicted of sexually abusing three young girls.)

"Jock Jams, Volume 2" was released in 1996, and thanks to the "Macarena" by Los Del Rio, it managed to crack the top 10 -- an extraordinary feat for a compilation album. But the series truly hit its Jock Jam peak with Volume 3, which included an "It's Awesome, Baby!" intro by Dick Vitale, "official" Jock Jams Cheerleader chants, a rendition of "The Chicken Dance" by Castoldi and a brain-searing sound salad called the "Jock Jam Mega Mix," featured in a classic series of infamous commercials that fused a public-access cable milieu with the low-key approach of a carpet liquidator.

The final Jock Jams was released in 2001, just as Napster, the online music-sharing (and piracy) service hit its peak. All told, the series sold more than 4 million copies and -- for better or worse -- helped pave the way for modern-day bands such as Fall Out Boy to integrate their songs into sports culture. "There is nothing like your song being played in a stadium; you get this whole different kind of shiver," FOB's Pete Wentz told ESPN in 2014. "Integrating your music into the texture of a larger experience, like a sporting event, is important. 'Empire State of Mind' and Jay-Z and the Yankees are a thing. Forever. The music and the experience become interwoven. That's powerful."

Castoldi: I ran into Naughty a few years ago at the Garden, and I was like, "You guys remember Jock Jams?" And they were all like, "Uh, yeah, we made some money off that one." Today recording artists are looking for any avenue, any outlet, to get their music out into the world and get it heard. And I think sports was on the leading edge of that, as an alternative outlet for artists to break new music and promote their material.

Lynch: Jock Jams had this enormous audience of women. It started getting used as a soundtrack for exercising and aerobics and cheerleading dance routines. At the time, we had no idea it was going to take on this whole other audience. The high school girls and the female component of the audience, we did not anticipate that part of the audience was going to explode that way.

Taymor: I would go to the Tower Records [near] Union Square -- this was not a not once-or-twice thing, I did it all the time -- and I would take all the Jock Jams and move them to the front of the stack so they would be more visible. We used to get Billboard magazine delivered to the office, and the first thing I'd do was go to the page with all the listings and see where we were that week. I used to rip out the page and tape it to the door of my office, and it was so much fun watching them climb the charts each week.

De Coster: Jock Jams introduced a lot of different music cultures to a big audience. In those days, in the 1990s, it was all rock music, Nirvana, Guns N' Roses, and we were struggling and fighting to have our records on the radio. So compilations like Jock Jams were very important to us because it introduced us to an audience we never could reach.

Freedom Williams: The first time I ever realized the song was gonna be big, I was walking down the block and everyone was jamming to it on the JumboTron on 42nd [Times Square]. They were playing the song -- "Jump to the rhythm, jump-jump" -- while NBA players were dunking and jumping to it. That's when I knew it was gonna be a big record.

KayGee: Before the COVID situation, I had to drive and pick up my daughter at Purdue, and on that ride we took her car, so she's the DJ, she's controlling everything, and I'm hearing a few of my records come on. That's pretty cool, and she's like, "Come on, Dad, you know you want to sing along."

McGowan: Jock Jams gave us more life. We played on the field in Philadelphia, at the top of the fifth inning in Game 3 of the World Series. That was mind-blowing. We played "Space Jams" as the intro for Zach LaVine when he won the NBA Slam Dunk contest. I just read in a book about Tiger Woods that after he won his first Masters at 21, he rode off down Magnolia Lane with the SUV windows down blasting "C'mon N Ride It (The Trainz)."

Base: I played some baseball growing up, a little third base, shortstop, outfield, and I always wanted to be a baseball player, but that didn't happen. I'm a big Yankees fan. I remember sitting at home watching my Yankees and they got a double play and they started playing "It Takes Two," and I jumped out of my seat and I started running around trying to call everyone I could, but they were all calling me at the same time going, "Yo, the Yankees just played your song!" I thought it would be a big record in the tri-state area. Once sports started playing this song, I was like, "That's it, this is a mega-song. Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson and Rob Base?" Yeah, yeah, I like that.

Did you know?The NFL used "It Takes Two" in its 100-year celebration commercial during Super Bowl LIII, where a pickup football game breaks out in the middle of an anniversary banquet. And as for Base's commonly misheard "can't stand sex"? In the song, what he actually says he can't stand is "sess." "Don't smoke buddha, can't stand sess." It's a reference to sinsemilla, a strain of marijuana. "A lot of people have been singing that wrong for the last 30 years," Base says. Although it's frowned upon by die-hard fans in New York, Base roots for both the Giants and the Jets. "People get on me for that, but I've been like that forever," he says. In his defense, these days, for NFL fans in New York who want to watch a normal amount of success, it takes two (franchises). "It takes two? Oh, right, I'm gonna use that, thanks," Base says.

De Coster: [During the] Winter Olympics in Russia, they used one of our songs in the closing ceremonies. That was goose bumps. DJ Steve Aoki remixed it at Tomorrowland, and the whole festival went bananas. My daughter is 24, and she had her birthday party in the garden and I told her I would DJ for her. But I am an old guy, and in the beginning it felt very uncomfortable. Then I started playing some '90s music and they all knew all those records. So now when my daughter has a party, her friends want to know: Is your dad playing? It's all hip again. Very strange.

Lynch: At Tommy Boy, I always called Jock Jams "the love that dare not speak its name." It was funny because for a period of time, we were a label that had distinguished itself in hip-hop, and Jock Jams was like this big mainstream pop project, this juggernaut that was a huge record that didn't really have street cred. For years after, you'd say Jock Jams and people would laugh and say, "Oh, my mom loved Jock Jams." And then, funny enough, just a few years ago, for some reason, people were like, "Oh, Jock Jams was so cool." I think it was just one of those things that was so uncool it became hip.

Taymor: The Jock Jams franchise eventually went away because record labels got wise to it and said, "Why don't we take our own music and put out our own albums?" And those were the compilations called "Now That's What I Call Music!" But the first Jock Jams, you go to a game now and 75 to 80 percent of the songs you hear are from that era still. And those aren't going away. I still go to Madison Square Garden and brag, absolutely.

KayGee: We didn't understand the significance of being a part of Jock Jams at first, but as time went on, we got it. Our ultimate goal, we wanted to be able to rock sports arenas and rock stadiums, and that's what Jock Jams represented.

McGowan: You catch me riding in my truck, you'll catch me listening to those Jock Jam records. I could ride and listen to Jock Jams to this day, start to finish, from Track 1 to the end, because I genuinely still love that vibe. And I think a lot of people still do.

Dench: We've all grown up together, I suppose, haven't we? I've never been super sporty, so it has been wonderful to contribute to sports in some way, without ever having to actually break a sweat.

Excerpt from:

From 'Hip Hop Hooray' to 'YMCA,' the untold stories of Jock Jams, 25 years later - ESPN Philippines

Felix The Reaper on iOS review – "Lots of love, not enough game" – Pocket Gamer

Decapitated deer heads, star-crossed lovers, and super sick beats - these seemingly random elements may look completely out of place with each other, but thats exactly where the appeal of Felix the Reaper comes in. If somebody had pitched me the idea of a game where you dance around killing people on the quest to be with your one true love, Id have slammed my fist on the conference table, exclaimed a vehement Yes, and shoved what little money I had left in whichever direction I had to in order to make that game a reality.

Turns out that the higher-ups at publisher Daedalic Entertainment and developer Kong Orange were way ahead of me from the very beginning.

Yes, Felix the Reaper is all about you dancing through grids in a 3D puzzle platform in order to make the predetermined deaths of mortals a reality, often in a hilariously dark and twisted fashion (imagine accidentally decapitating your brother with an arrow because you thought he was a deer). As Felix, the agent of death working for the Ministry of Death, you have to get from Point A to Point B essentially, making sure to stick to the shadows and avoid the sun - not because youre a vampire, but because its just spookier to off people when youre not in broad daylight.

To do this, you have to manipulate a sundial that shifts the grids where you can move around, so you really have to knock around the ol noggin to figure out how to succeed in your assignments without stepping into the light.

The game was initially released on PC and on consoles during the latter part of 2019. To be honest, I had never heard of Felix the Reaper before all this, but the advantage of me living under a rock all this time is that when I started playing, everything was a surprise for me. I reveled in the quick and quirky introduction about the world of the game and who you play as, and no, I wouldnt mind having Sir Patrick Stewart feed me instructions on how to do my job all day.

Im not normally a fan of puzzle games, and the only ones I really enjoyed were Sid & Al's Incredible Toons by Sierra On-Line back in 1993 and Scribblenauts on the Nintendo DS in 2009. But the thing that really got me tapping and grooving with Felix was the story. Im a self-confessed sucker for tragic love stories, and if this ones going to take the form of a woman who works for the Ministry of Life and a man whos essentially the Grim Reaper, then Im totally and completely on board.

More than the actual gameplay, I found myself browsing through all of the descriptions and entertaining tidbits in the game. There were backstories to every mortal target, and tongue-in-cheek little details that most players will likely miss. For instance, during the tutorial, you end up offing the wrong victim, and you get a company memo that tells you to report immediately to the Department of Unexistence of Non-Existing Events with a note that says, This didnt happen!

The problem is that its only very briefly shown until you have to move on to the actual game. I like those little things, but sadly, they werent enough to really make me enjoy the game to its fullest.

Heres the downside to all this. The game doesnt hold your hand, and while Im all for discovering things on your own, it probably wasnt the smartest choice for the developers to make here. I spent an unholy amount of time during the first few missions of the first victim alone, trying to figure out how to get to a shadowed part of the grid, only to find out that I could actually move certain things that were in the way to get to where I wanted to go.

It was also a bit frustrating to target the specific grids while dragging-and-dropping. Because I needed to zoom out and see the lay of the land most of the time, the boxes always end up too small for my finger to drag-and-drop onto. Its also a shame that I constantly had to zoom out to check my path, when a zoomed-in view would have been lovelier - the art is stunning, and missing out on all that jazz (not to mention Felixs sick dance moves) is just too bad.

I love a good challenge as much as the next person, but whenever I finally got through a round, it just didnt feel as satisfying as I thought it would. You get a score card and some checkmarks for certain criteria, which, quite frankly, are too difficult to achieve. It can be pretty frustrating (especially for someone whos more spatially challenged as me), and while I really wanted to keep going, I had to stop and take a break because my head was literally hurting.

Oddly enough, the moment I stopped, I had this sudden urge to immediately go back to the game. I guess thats the great conundrum of puzzle challenges, isnt it?

Overall, I have mixed feelings about Felix the Reaper. Levels get bigger but end up becoming repetitive. I puff up my chest in self-pride with each round I clear, and end up with more debilitating self-doubt when the next stage starts. While I absolutely devoured the concept and storyline and wanted to see what happened next, I also couldnt bring myself to just keep going.

I really want Felix to beat all odds and be with the love of his life. I mean, that look alone that he gives at the end of every round is enough to break my heart into a million pieces. He kind of does this little glance and takes one last look at his surroundings in hopes of spotting the girl of his dreams, then heaves this huge, dejected sigh of disappointment before he hops onto the elevator and leaves. Its an ingenious idea, but if this were a short film instead of a game, I probably would have enjoyed myself way more.

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Felix The Reaper on iOS review - "Lots of love, not enough game" - Pocket Gamer

Kim Zolciak-Biermann Bares Her Butt in the Tiniest Thong Bikini – Bravo

What would the summer season be without a sighting of Kim Zolciak-Biermann and her stunning clan in a series of barely-there swimsuits?Not only has the Don't Be Tardy mom already graced us with sexy shots of her new swimcollection, but she's also serving us a few cheeky numbers fresh from hervacation.

The Biermann ladies have spent the last few days lounging poolside and posing inbeach-adjacent locales in a slew of bold swimwear styles. Naturally,Ariana, Brielle, and Kim brought along a healthy amount of Salty K Swimwear looks to rock all vacation long. And though every member of the Biermann fam is fully capable of turning heads, Kim just shared a sun-kissed photo that stopped us in our tracks.

On July 16, Kim posted a bum-baring pic in which she tookin the sights and providedone of her own. "Good morning everyone! Give it your all today Dont half ass anything," she hilariously wrote in the caption of a photo that flaunts almost all of her curves.

In the shot, Kim sporteda skimpy swimsuit set of her own design. Soluckily, you can grab a Salty K Seasalt Top ($95) and Salty K Seasalt Bottom ($95) yourself fab physique not included.

Bravos Style & Living is your window to the fabulous lifestyles of Bravolebrities. Be the first to know about all the best fashion and beauty looks, the breathtaking homes Bravo stars live in, everything theyre eating and drinking, and so much more. Sign up to become a Bravo Insider and get exclusive extras.

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Kim Zolciak-Biermann Bares Her Butt in the Tiniest Thong Bikini - Bravo

Comprehensive report on Internet Banking Market with Top Key players like CGI, Financial Network services, Corillian, COR Financial Solutions, I-flex…

Internet banking enables customers of a financial institution, such as retail bank, credit union, building society, or virtual bank to carry financial transactions on a secure network employed by the institution. Moreover, increase in use of mobile phones is also likely to boost the growth of the market in the estimated forecast period. In addition, increase in adoption of technology is also likely to boost the growth of the market.

The global Internet Banking market is expected to expand at a CAGR of +11% over the forecast period 2020-2026.

Internet Banking Market Report defines and briefs readers about its products, applications, and specifications. The research lists key companies operating in the global market and also highlights the key changing trends adopted by the companies to maintain their dominance. By using SWOT analysis and Porters five force analysis tools, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of key companies are all mentioned in the report. All leading players in this global market are profiled with details such as product types, business overview, sales, manufacturing base, competitors, applications, and specifications.

Top Key Vendors in Market:

CGI, Financial Network services, Corillian, COR Financial Solutions, I-flex Solutions, Canopus Software Laboratory, First Source Bank, and Rockall Technologies

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The Internet Banking market comprises in-depth assessment of this sector. This statistical report also provides a detailed study of the demand and supply chain in the global sector. The competitive landscape has been elaborated by describing the various aspects of the leading industries such as shares, profit margin, and competition at the domestic and global level.

Different global regions such as North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and India have been analyzed on the basis of the manufacturing base, productivity, and profit margin. This Internet Banking market research report has been scrutinized on the basis of different practical oriented case studies from various industry experts and policymakers. It uses numerous graphical presentation techniques such as tables, charts, graphs, pictures and flowchart for easy and better understanding to the readers.

Different internal and external factors such as, Internet Banking Market have been elaborated which are responsible for driving or restraining the progress of the companies. To discover the global opportunities different methodologies have been included to increase customers rapidly.

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Table of Content:

Global Internet Banking Market Research Report 2020-2026

Chapter 1: Industry Overview

Chapter 2: Internet Banking Market International and China Market Analysis

Chapter 3: Environment Analysis of Internet Banking.

Chapter 4: Analysis of Revenue by Classifications

Chapter 5: Analysis of Revenue by Regions and Applications

Chapter 6: Analysis of Internet Banking Market Revenue Market Status.

Chapter 7: Analysis of Internet Banking Industry Key Manufacturers

Chapter 8: Sales Price and Gross Margin Analysis

Chapter 9: Marketing Trader or Distributor Analysis of Internet Banking.

Chapter 10: Development Trend of Internet Banking Market 2020-2026.

Chapter 11: Industry Chain Suppliers of Internet Banking with Contact Information.

Chapter 12: New Project Investment Feasibility Analysis of Market.

Chapter 13: Conclusion of the Internet Banking Market Industry 2025 Market Research Report.

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The company helps clients build business policies and grow in that market area. A2Z Market Research is not only interested in industry reports dealing with telecommunications, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, financial services, energy, technology, real estate, logistics, F & B, media, etc. but also your company data, country profiles, trends, information and analysis on the s

ector of your interest.

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Comprehensive report on Internet Banking Market with Top Key players like CGI, Financial Network services, Corillian, COR Financial Solutions, I-flex...

Rasheeda Frost Switches Up Her Look And Fans Are Here For It Check Out Her Outfits And Hairdos – Celebrity Insider

Rasheeda Frost shared some new pics in which she is flaunting some pretty cool outfits from Pressed Boutique. She is also flaunting various wigs, and fans simply adore her new looks.

Check out the recent photos that she shared on her social media account below.

Good morning! Felt like platinum so here it goes!! What we gonna call her?? @diamonddynastyvirginhair, Rasheeda captioned her post.

Someone said: Rasheeda. The girl who marries the man she put it on him lol, and another follower posted this message: Im a big fan, my sister! U rock all ur hair so Bossy and Beautiful.

A commenter wrote: Wow that looks really nice on you my god beautiful. Yero aka the internet, and someone else said: Hope u n ur family r all well keep safe love u.

One other follower posted this message: When youre that beautiful, it doesnt matter what your hair looks like lol, but yes, that Platinum is so beautiful. I wanted this color but my beautician couldnt get me more than 2 notches past blonde. Ugh.

A follower said: Where can I get these dresses I will wear all three, and someone else responded that the dresses are from the Pressed Boutique.

A fan gushed over Rasheeda and said: She looks fabulous in everything she wears, and someone else posted this: Love you with the platinum blonde, both dresses are cute.

Someone else wrote: Hard decision, I love the blue and yellow. But damn the pink and yellow looks cute as well, and a fan said: Both the colors nice and they look comfortable.

Not too long ago, Rasheeda Frost showed off a new look and her fans are right here for this. The Boss Lady was sporting a short bob and a new hair color.

Fans made sure to jump in the comments and praise Rasheeda.


In other news, Rasheeda shocked her fans with this videoin which shes addressing the fasting that shes doing for 30 days.

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Rasheeda Frost Switches Up Her Look And Fans Are Here For It Check Out Her Outfits And Hairdos - Celebrity Insider

Exploring Trinity Site legends (some are true!) on 75th anniversary – Las Cruces Sun-News


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Trinity Site is a National Historic Landmark just 96 miles northeast of Las Cruces. At 5:30 a.m. Mountain War Time, the worlds first atomic bomb was detonated there on Monday, July 16, 1945. The explosion was equal to 44 million pounds of TNT and thrust us into the Nuclear Age in the blink of an eye.

Trinity is on the north end of White Sands Missile Range which normally opens the site to the public twice a year, the first Saturdays of April and October. I worked my first Trinity open house in 1977 and have been continuously associated with it for 43 years. I have coordinated the open houses, conducted many VIP tours, designed the signs at the site and currently act as a subject matter expect now that Im retired from the missile range. Some people think Ive been to Trinity Site more than any other human being.

Community: LCPS and FYI summer meal programs begin May 27

In talking to visitors, I hear many myths and legends some are true and some are not. For instance, the military police providing security did indeed play polo at base camp.

First Lieutenant Howard Bush was the head of security at the site. His police unit patrolled Los Alamos on horseback before being assigned to Trinity. When they moved south in December 1944, they took their horses, assuming they would patrol with them.

The horses turned out to be totally impractical given the distances the men needed to cover each day. A jeep or truck was much more useful.

Bush, always interested in providing recreational opportunities for his men, managed to get polo equipment shipped to New Mexico. They had horses so polo made some sort of sense. However, none of them had ever played and the soft, sandy ground was no good for the standard wooden balls and mallets. But, being clever folks, the men improvised. They substituted brooms for the mallets and used a volleyball in place of the three-inch regulation ball.

Soldiers play polo at Trinity Sites base camp. They are using cut off brooms and a volleyball instead of the standard equipment.(Photo: Jim Eckles collection)

In 2000, Polo: Players Edition Magazine got wind of the story and requested information from the missile range. The March 2001 issue came out with a full-page story about the players. The only problem was the lead sentence that said, About 40 miles outside of San Antonio, Texas, the U.S. Army had a top secret site It was another fine example of One of our 50 is missing.

For the test, Bush, as head of security was at the South 10,000-yard bunker where the bomb was triggered the control bunker. This is where Dr. Robert Oppenheimer watched from. Bush elected to be outside the bunker for the test. In his report, he said he was looking away from Ground Zero and was crouched down with his arms over his head. Like many others, he reported the incredible intense white light during the first moments of the explosion. Depending on cloud conditions, the skies over southern New Mexico were lit up for over a hundred miles. Bush said the light was so bright, he touched his eyelids with his finger to make sure his eyes were closed.

Business: WSMR partnership restores Trinity Site ranch house

On the other hand, some stories are so absurd they never gain any traction. A few years ago a seller on eBay was peddling a nice old color postcard of the dunes at White Sands National Monument. In the description, the seller claimed the sand was bleached white by the explosion at Trinity Site. Since the park existed before 1945, that one made no sense at all.

Sometimes, even knowledgeable people accept a story with a nod of the head because it appeals to their common sense. For decades everyone, including the folks at Los Alamos, offered the explanation that the glass on the Trinity Site crater, dubbed Trinitite, was formed by the explosions fireball bouncing off the ground and melting the surface. When you hear that temperatures in the fireball reached thousands of degrees Fahrenheit, it seems like a reasonable explanation. In the missile range Public Affairs Office, we called it the crme brulee effect.

This is what 100 tons of TNT looks like stacked on top of a 20-foot wooden platform. This pile, located to the south of Ground Zero, was exploded on May 7, 1945. The test served as a dress rehearsal for the actual explosion and a way to calibrate instruments designed to measure blast effects. Note that the atomic explosion was 220 times stronger than the TNT blast.(Photo: Los Alamos National Labs)

In 2003, Los Alamos scientists Robb Hermes and Bill Strickfaden nuked that myth. As part of their Trinitite analysis they determined the fireball was not in the vicinity of the crater surface long enough to create glass approaching a half-inch thick.

The two decided they needed a different mechanism to account for the glass on the ground. It didnt take long for them to see that the 100-foot steel tower and a great deal of sand on the crater floor were sucked up into the fireball that was a 14,000-degree blast furnace. In such conditions, the material would have turned to a gas, soon to condense back to a liquid form.

More: Photographer documents Trinity Site for Nobel Peace Center

In other words, the fireball was filled with a mist of liquid steel and rock, all mixing together. The rest of the story is just raindrop physics. As droplets bumped into each other in the cloud, they got bigger and heavier. Just like rain, this liquid dropped to the ground to form pools of melted glass that grew and intermingled. However, some of the tiny drops hardened enough to keep their shape when they hit the ground which explains the spheres found on site. The theory nicely explains how glass ended up on fence posts and rocks.

Hermes and Strickfaden published an article about their findings in the Fall 2005 issue of Nuclear Weapons Journal. As part of the their work, the researchers confirmed the green color of Trinitite is from iron, both from the steel tower and the sand. Also, pieces of rare red Trinitite were examined at Los Alamos and the red color is from copper, probably the large coaxial cables coming off the north side of the 100-foot tower.

The photos of Trinite beads and bars are identical except for the source of light. On the left, the pieces are illuminated by light from above and on the right the same set up is lit with light shining up through the glass. The photo on the right emphasizes the glassy nature of Trinitite. For reference, the beads are only about two millimeters across.(Photo: Bill Strickfaden)

One myth has disappeared simply because of the changes in technology. Before digital cameras, we used to sometimes hear from visitors fearing the residual radiation at Trinity Site would fog the film in their cameras. We proved that was false by putting a roll of film next to a bag of Trinitite for a day and then developing the film. There was no effect.

It is true that Ground Zero is still radioactive. The level is very low, only about 10 times higher than the background levels in Las Cruces. In fact, it is roughly the same per hour as a flight in a jet airliner at 35,000 feet. The bottom line is that a visit during one of the open houses exposes a visitor to less radiation than a flight from Albuquerque to New York City.

After the Trinity test, all efforts shifted to the Pacific and preparing bombs to use against Japan. On Aug. 6, a uranium-fueled bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and on Aug. 9, another plutonium-fueled bomb, identical to the Trinity bomb, was exploded over Nagasaki. The war suddenly ended when Japan announced its surrender on Aug. 15, just under a month after the Trinity Site test.

Jim Ecklesis a member of the White Sands Missile Range Hall of Fame and is the author of "Trinity: The History Of An Atomic Bomb National Historic Landmark."

Read or Share this story: https://www.lcsun-news.com/story/news/local/new-mexico/2020/07/13/trinity-site-new-mexico-tour-75th-anniversary/5384961002/

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Exploring Trinity Site legends (some are true!) on 75th anniversary - Las Cruces Sun-News

US Digital Banking Market Trends, Companies, Driver, Segmentation, Forecast to 2025 – Owned

Digital Banking Market Research Report Cover Covid-19 Outbreak:

Brand Essence Market Research has developed a concise study on the Digital Banking market to depict valuable insights related to significant market trends driving the industry. The report features analysis based on key opportunities and challenges confronted by market leaders while highlighting their competitive setting and corporate strategies for the estimated timeline.

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TheMajorPlayersCovered in this Report:ACI Worldwide (U.S.), Microsoft Corporation (U.S.), Fiserv, Inc. (U.S.), Tata Consultancy Services (India), Cor Financial Solutions Ltd. (UK), Oracle Corporation (U.S.), Temenos Group AG (Switzerland), Rockall Technologies (Ireland), EdgeVerve Systems Limited (India), Capital Banking Solutions (U.S.) & More.

Reports include the following segmentation: By Product Type:, Retail Digital Banking, SME Digital Banking, Corporate Digital Banking, By Solution Type:, Payments, Processing Services, Customer and Channel Management, Risk Management, Others, By Region, North America, U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Rest of Europe, Asia-Pacific, China, South Korea, India, Japan, Rest of Asia-Pacific, LAMEA, Latin America, Middle East, Africa

Results of the recent scientific undertakings towards the development of new Digital Banking products have been studied. Nevertheless, the factors affecting the leading industry players to adopt synthetic sourcing of the market products have also been studied in this statistical surveying report. The conclusions provided in this report are of great value for the leading industry players. Every organization partaking in the global production of the Digital Banking market products have been mentioned in this report, in order to study the insights on cost-effective manufacturing methods, competitive landscape, and new avenues for applications.

Global Digital BankingMarket: Regional SegmentationFor further clarification, analysts have also segmented the market on the basis of geography. This type of segmentation allows the readers to understand the volatile political scenario in varying geographies and their impact on the global Digital Bankingmarket. On the basis of geography, the global market for Digital Bankinghas been segmented into:

North America(United States, Canada, and Mexico)Europe(Germany, France, UK, Russia, and Italy)Asia-Pacific(China, Japan, Korea, India, and Southeast Asia)South America(Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, etc.)Middle East and Africa(Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Nigeria, and South Africa)

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Report Methodology:

The information enclosed in this report is based upon both primary and secondary research methodologies.

Primary research methodology includes the interaction with service providers, suppliers, and industry professionals. Secondary research methodology includes a meticulous search of pertinent publications like company annual reports, financial reports, and exclusive databases.

Table of Content:

Market Overview: The report begins with this section where product overview and highlights of product and application segments of the Global Digital Banking Market are provided. Highlights of the segmentation study include price, revenue, sales, sales growth rate, and market share by product.

Competition by Company: Here, the competition in the Worldwide Global Digital Banking Market is analyzed, By price, revenue, sales, and market share by company, market rate, competitive situations Landscape, and latest trends, merger, expansion, acquisition, and market shares of top companies.

Company Profiles and Sales Data: As the name suggests, this section gives the sales data of key players of the Global Digital Banking Market as well as some useful information on their business. It talks about the gross margin, price, revenue, products, and their specifications, type, applications, competitors, manufacturing base, and the main business of key players operating in the Global Digital Banking Market.

Market Status and Outlook by Region: In this section, the report discusses about gross margin, sales, revenue, production, market share, CAGR, and market size by region. Here, the Global Digital Banking Market is deeply analyzed on the basis of regions and countries such as North America, Europe, China, India, Japan, and the MEA.

Application or End User: This section of the research study shows how different end-user/application segments contribute to the Global Digital Banking Market.

Market Forecast: Here, the report offers a complete forecast of the Global Digital Banking Market by product, application, and region. It also offers global sales and revenue forecast for all years of the forecast period.

Research Findings and Conclusion: This is one of the last sections of the report where the findings of the analysts and the conclusion of the research study are provided.

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We publish market research reports & business insights produced by highly qualified and experienced industry analysts. Our research reports are available in a wide range of industry verticals including aviation, food & beverage, healthcare, ICT, Construction, Chemicals and lot more. Brand Essence Market Research report will be best fit for senior executives, business development managers, marketing managers, consultants, CEOs, CIOs, COOs, and Directors, governments, agencies, organizations and Ph.D. Students.

Top Trending Reports:






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US Digital Banking Market Trends, Companies, Driver, Segmentation, Forecast to 2025 - Owned

Remember the Strange Way the Eagles Played Their First Gig? – Taste of Country

The Eagles weren't even a separate group when they played their first gig together on July 12, 1971. The musicians who would go on to dominate popular music in the '70s and '80s performed together publicly for the first time in public as a backing group for superstar Linda Ronstadt and at a pretty unexpected venue.

Don Henley, GlennFrey, Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner were all veterans of various groups in Southern California's burgeoning country-rock scene in the early '70s when they were picked to back Ronstadt in a new band in fact, that's why they were selected.

Henley had performed as a drummer in a group called Shiloh, which Kenny Rogersfirst discovered in Dallas and brought to Los Angeles to record, while Frey had worked in a duo called Longbranch Pennywhistle with J.D. Souther. Meisner had played in Rick Nelson's Stone Canyon Band, and Leadon had performed with the Flying Burrito Brothers prior to playing with Ronstadt, who hand-selected them to form a group of country-rock "all-stars" to back her on her Silk Purse Tour in 1971.

The new group made its debut backing Ronstadt during a performance at Disneyland on July 12, 1971, but the chemistry between the band members was so undeniably special that Henley and Frey soon approached Ronstadt to inform her of their intention to split off and form a new band of their own with those musicians, leaving her to once again hire an entirely new group.

Though the lineup was short-lived behind Ronstadt the Disneyland show was, in fact, their only show with her the sound of them playing together with her was immortalized on her self-titled third studio album, released in 1972. All four original Eagles appear on various tracks of that album, but they would waste no time making a mark of their own.

The Eagles released their self-titled debut album on June 1, 1972, and they were successful straight out of the gate, scoring hits with "Take It Easy" (which Frey co-wrote with his friend and then-neighbor, Jackson Browne), "Witchy Woman" and "Peaceful, Easy Feeling." The Eagles reached No. 22 on Billboard's US Pop Albums chart and was certified Platinum after selling more than a million copies, setting the band on a course to become one of the most successful in rock music history.

See Inside Glenn Frey's Sprawling California Mansion:

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Remember the Strange Way the Eagles Played Their First Gig? - Taste of Country

The Brave New World of Peacock Looks a Lot Like TVs Past – PRIMETIMER

Peacock Original A Brave New World (center) will live alongside classics from the NBCUniversal library, including Saturday Night Live and The Office, which hops over from Netflix in 2021.

The official launch of Peacock today marks the fourth high-profile streaming service to debut in nine months. Disney+ had a fantastic launch, and the July 3 debut of Hamilton has kept its momentum going strong. Less fantastic was Apple TV+, which has had a few nice shows but seems to mostly be a vanity line for celebrity fluff. Somewhere in between these two is HBO Max, which has the advantage of HBO but has also created a lot of brand confusion, since it has a ton of content that isnt HBO at all.

Peacocks launch wont be perfect, either. For one thing, as I write this, it hasnt worked out a deal to be carried on either Roku or Amazon, which between them serve 80 million U.S. households. (Neither has HBO Max.) There's also some potential for confusion because Peacock has decided to offer three tiers free, premium with ads, and premium without ads. Peacock Premium with ads is $4.99/month, without ads $9.99/month except if youre a Comcast customer, in which case ad-supported Peacock Premium is free. Got that? If not, my colleague Josh Zyber has more in his Peacock primer.

I honestly doubt cost is going to be much of a barrier to entry. With the great cord-cutting transition now in full swing, streamers like Peacock which is owned by Comcast NBCUniversal are going to make it worth your while to check out what they have and hope its enticing enough to keep you from cancelling your free trial. To that end, Peacock Premium has been making some aggressive deals in recent weeks to beef up its library. A bunch of ViacomCBS content was licensed, meaning that Peacock will be the first major streamer to carry Yellowstone, the one essential TV dramathat until now wasonly on cable. And just last week Peacock announced it will be giving a sports-starved world 1,500 hours of Premier League football matches this season. Its not the Olympics, but its not Korean baseball either.

Thats in addition to the 20,000 hours already on Peacock Premiums shelf: The Office (which arrives on the service in January 2021), the non-blackface episodes of 30 Rock, all the Law & Orders, all the Kardashians, Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers three hours before they air on NBC, quality blockbuster films like E.T., The Fast and the Furious, The Godfather trilogy, Jurassic Park, and much more.

Last but certainly least, it will have a slate of Peacock Originals, starting with Brave New World, a limited series that begins today. Lets be clear nobody buys a streaming service for the originals. Even after the sensational debut of The Mandalorian, I read comments online like, After the seasons over, Im cancelling. Hamilton, which I look forward to enjoying with my grandkids this weekend, is three hours long. People need more than one or two reasons, preferably several hundred, to keep a streaming service because its way too easy not to.

Peacock doesnt have a killer show like Mandalorian or Hamilton but it does have many distinct yet complementary television brands. They may pale next to Disney+ with its Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Pixar holdings, but Peacocks catalog is nothing to sneeze at. This helps their brand proposition, especially at $4.99 a month. Lets say that while catching up with all the NBC, USA, SyFy, Bravo, and E! shows you never got around to watching, you get hooked on Yellowstone and then you also wind up enjoying Brave New World or the Battlestar Galactica reboot or the Psych 2 movie or even the new comedy from Tina Fey. Add it all up and its a pretty good deal. You might even miss it if it werent there. Thats Peacocks bet, anyway.

Brave New World is a reimagining of Aldous Huxleys classic dystopian novel, and is pretty clearly aimed at the Syfy slice of Peacocks audience. Huxley wrote the book in the 1930s in part as a satire on utopian novels that were popular back then. Books like Edward Bellamys Looking Backward and H.G. Wells Men Like Gods were the Big Pharma fantasy ads of their day, celebrating the role of technology in making everyone healthy and harmonious while downplaying minor side effects like the complete loss of personality, individual freedom, and critical thought.

In the New London of the future, a bureaucrat named Bernard Marx (Harry Lloyd) and an attractive worker bee named Lenina Crowne (Jessica Brown Findlay) decide to hook up in Brave New World this is an event on par with choosing a new flavor of jam and they decide to fly off to the Savage Lands, aka New Mexico, for kicks. Things go sideways there, and Bernard and Lenina are rescued by a free spirit named John (Alden Ehrenreich), who follows them back to utopia. There, John cant believe what hes seeing a rigidly hierarchical society enforced by genetic engineering and mellowed out by mood pills called soma that people pop whenever theyre feeling, well, feelings.

I havent watched all nine episodes, but what Ive seen is pretty true to the novel, with some nudity and F-bombs dropped in to remind you that this isnt basic cable. The ending is different, but its not a jarring, Plot Against America kind of different. With its small cast and heavy reliance on CGI, Brave New World has the look and feel of a modestly-priced Syfy miniseries. It will appeal strongly to some but not to most.

The sheer size and scope of its library tells me that Peacock is aspiring to be more than an Apple TV+ or a CBS All Access (whose future is a bit cloudier now that ViacomCBS has sold Yellowstone and other shows to its rival). And yet, I dont see Peacock trying to grow into the next Netflix or even Disney+. This feels more like the next Hulu an on-demand TV rerun service with some originals and some movies. After all, NBC was one of the original investors in Hulu before Disney took over. Streaming may be the brave new world of TV, but theres still a lot of old-school TV worth watching, and Peacock is betting its worth five bucks a month to you.

Aaron Barnharthas written about television since 1994, including 15 years as TV critic for theKansas City Star.

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How to catch a glimpse of the comet NEOWISE dazzling the skies right now – The Verge

For any early birds who have ventured outside in the US this week, you may have seen a tiny yet spectacular sight in the pre-dawn sky. A comet with a bright, opulent tail has been gracing the skies in the wee morning hours before sunrise, and its been giving photographers quite the show for the last week.

The comet is known as Comet C/2020 F3 NEOWISE or just NEOWISE for short. Scientists just discovered the rock on March 27th. It gets its name from the NASA mission that discovered it, also called NEOWISE, for Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer. The mission consists of a spacecraft in orbit around Earth thats tasked with cataloging as many asteroids near Earth as possible especially any that might be potentially hazardous to our planet. But when the team behind the NEOWISE mission spotted this object, they knew they had found something special.

In the discovery images, it immediately was obvious that something was up, Amy Mainzer, the principal investigator for NEOWISE at the University of Arizona, tells The Verge. Instead of [appearing] as a point-like dot, it looked distinctly fuzzy. And thats a good sign that this is a comet as opposed to an asteroid.

The difference between an asteroid and a comet mainly comes down to ice. Asteroids are typically pretty rocky in nature. While they may have some ice trapped inside of them, they look more or less like big chunks of dry rock. Comets, on the other hand, are often a mixture of rock and all sorts of ices including water, carbon dioxide, ammonia, and more. These ices are pretty well mixed throughout a comet, and its this material that gives comets their trademark fuzzy tails. The Sun heats up the ice, turning it into gas that envelopes the comet.

Thats whats happening with NEOWISE right now. On July 3rd, NEOWISE came closer to the Sun than the orbit of Mercury, and that flyby caused much of the icy material to cook, erupting as gas and dust. NEOWISE is a pretty sizable comet, too, measuring about 3 miles (or 5 kilometers) across, which is why we can get this great view of it from Earth. You take something thats a really big hunk of ice and rock all mixed together, and you park it very close to the Sun, its gonna set off some fireworks, says Mainzer. Not enough to destroy it, we dont think, but enough to really make the surface sizzle and throw off a lot of material.

NEOWISE doesnt pose any threat to our planet. In fact, this is really the only chance any of us are going to get to see this comet with our own eyes. The path that NEOWISE takes around the Sun takes nearly 7,000 years to complete. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime event. Once in our lifetimes and our great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandkids lifetimes, jokes Mainzer.

For much of last week, NEOWISE has been showing up just above the northeastern horizon, about an hour or so before sunrise in the Northern Hemisphere. People have been able to spot it best with binoculars, though some claim to be able to see it with the naked eye. And many astrophotographers have captured stunning images of the comet in all its gassy glory just before the Sun comes out, including the astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

Around July 11th, though, the comet will start to appear in the evening just after sunset. Itll be in the northwestern sky, below the Big Dipper constellation (or Ursa Major). Mainzer expects the comet to be visible for at least another week, maybe even longer. But it all depends on how the comet behaves. Comets are very funny, fickle creatures, and it really depends on what this comet decides to do or what it does in reaction to this close passage by the Sun, says Mainzer. If were really lucky, its going to stay nice and active, and it should stay very bright for us.

But this wont last forever. NEOWISE is cruising steadily away from the Sun, and eventually, itll disappear from view, never to be seen by our generation again. The bright tail will drop away as the comet gets farther away from our Solar Systems heat source. The comets outer layers will start to settle down again, and it will go back into the cold dark space that it came from, says Mainzer.

Since this is such a fleeting moment, Mainzer really encourages everyone to try to catch a glimpse of this tiny piece of our Solar System, especially given what comets represent. These space rocks have been around since the Solar System first formed 4.6 billion years ago, so they carry with them the ancient history of our cosmic neighborhood. And experiencing a little awe about the origins of our cosmic neighborhood may be a nice respite from the hardship that the world is facing right now with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Comets are a way for us to get in touch with that history and understand where we came from a little bit, says Mainzer. And even though this moment in time is difficult, it connects us to the bigger universe.

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How to catch a glimpse of the comet NEOWISE dazzling the skies right now - The Verge

The CW’s Lost Boys show will ‘keep the essence’ of the movie, says series songwriter G Tom Mac – SYFY WIRE

While there's no lack of interest in the project, The CW's Lost Boys show is having trouble leaving the coffin. Last summer, the network scrapped the initial pilot, dropping most of the castin the process. Creator Rob Thomas (iZombie) set out to rewrite the script alongsideHeather Mitchell (Scandal), withMarcos Siega (The Following) set to direct. Branden Cook (Industry),Lincoln Younes (Grand Hotel), andRuby Cruz (Castle Rock)all boarded the cast back in February.

Exclusively speaking with SYFY WIRE, musician G Tom Mac confirmsthat the axedpilot episode was filmed last spring before the reshoot order was handed down. Things were getting back on track this year until the pandemic hit and drove the series into a deep, undead sleep.

"Its stuck in limbo, even though they agreed to all the new script writing and all of that," Mactells us."Its hard to know; its a day-by-day thing for all these shows,when you can go back in [and shoot]. They were starting to go back, it looked like they could go back into production, and [everything shut down]."

G Tom Mac (akaGerard McMahon)performed and co-wrote "Cry Little Sister" for the 1987 movie andwas tapped towrite and arrange songs for the small-screen adaptation.

"They were adamant, obviously, about my theme song because you cant have the show without that," he says."With this, Ive certainly pulled together a very modernized version of 'People Are Strange'and then just creating contemporary, but cutting edge stuff that is appropriate for the show. And there are gonna be other artists [on the soundtrack] as well."

To be clear, Macisn't scoring the project, although he does know that there are "a couple people in line" for the job.

He goes on to praise theshow's commitment to representation, stating, "cast-wise, its more diversified in coordination with the times, as it should be. Its a little bit more female-driven in its way."

On that front, Mac touches on how the vampire-hunting Frog brothers (originally played by Corey Feldman andJamison Newlander) have been turned into theFrog sisters. He describes them as "really cool" and having "a very girl power factor going on with them." With that said, he's not sure how change-ups to the source material will register with passionate die-hards of the movie.

"Im sure its gonna be torn down by the hardcore fans; theres just no way that this show can win," Mac adds. "But it wasn't designed for the hardcore fans. It was basically trying to keep the essence of what the film projected ...Its a reimaginingand its an adaptation of the film because all the characters are in place."

Set in modern day, the show follows two brothers who move to a seaside town in North Carolina with their single mother. Once there, they learn that the place is teeming withvampires.Branden Cook is set to play the older brother Garrett (inspired by Jason Patric's David);Lincoln Younes takes up the post of Benjamin, the charismatic lead vampire (based on Kiefer Sutherland's David); andRuby Cruz isElsie, a half-vampire, who finds a connection with Garrett (an ode to Jami Gertz's Star).

There's no question that it's a contemporary translation ofJoel Schumacher's vision, but there was allegedly some talk of deviating from the formula.

"Robs original script,or storyline, was that it would go through decades of the vampires," Mac reveals."Going through the 60s, 70s, 80s and every season would have a different decade that they would travel through. The CW didnt think that was a good idea, so that got passed on. I thought [the idea] was kind of cool, actually it couldve worked."

With most live-actionproductions still on hold amid the pandemic, there's no telling when The Lost Boys will get to shoot its fresh pilot. But like we said earlier, the interest is there. Even CW head honcho Mark Pedowitz wants to see it realized, going so far as to describe the show as a"passion of mine" in March.

"Ive been on board with this thing for about threeyears now, almost four years. [They've been]trying to get it up and running. Its had many obstacles, including the pandemic now," Mac concludes."I hope it bloody well comes out soon before Im gone."

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The CW's Lost Boys show will 'keep the essence' of the movie, says series songwriter G Tom Mac - SYFY WIRE

Re-opening federal death chamber: Victim opposition, pandemic threaten first execution in 17 years – USA TODAY

Attorney General William Barr has ordered the release of vulnerable inmates from three federal prisons. Buzz60

Fifteen years after Daniel Lewis Lee was sentenced to die for his role in the brutal slaying of an Arkansas family, a letter arrived at the Justice Department from a surprising source.

G. Thomas Eisele, the federal judge who presided over the case, conceded that he had often questioned his work during the combined trial, lamenting that Lees co-defendant, Chevie Kehoe, wasmore culpable yet was spared by the jury and sentenced to life in prison.

I frequently have second-guessed my own decisions in this case and wondered what, if anything,I could have done differently that might have resulted in a more rational outcome, Eisele, then 91 and retired, wrote in 2014. I have no doubt that all involved did the best they could at the time with the knowledge that they had. Still, the end result leaves me with the firm conviction that justice was not served in this particular case, solely with regard to the sentence of death imposed on Daniel Lewis Lee.

Death penalty: Supreme Court clears way for federal executions to resume

Daniel Lewis Lee waits for his arraignment hearing in the Pope County Detention Center Oct. 31, 1997, in Russellville, Ark.(Photo: Dan Pierce, AP)

The years of unease have not been solely Eisele's burden, despite his deaththreeyears ago. Dan Stripling, the lead prosecutor in the case, also has written about the arbitrary nature of the sentences returned against Lee and Kehoe, whose victims included an 8-year-old girl.

The loudest voices, however, belong to the victims closest family members, who dont doubt Lees involvement, but maintain that it would be unfair"to execute the 47-year-old once-avowed white supremacist while the undisputed ringleader servesa life sentence.

This is wrong," said Earlene Peterson, whose daughter,granddaughter and son-in-law were murdered. We feel Mr. Lees execution would dishonor the memory of my daughter, Nancy Ann, and my granddaughter, Sarah Elizabeth.

Barring a reprieve, Lee wouldbe the first person executed by the federal government in nearly a generation. His execution is scheduled forJuly 13 in Terre Haute, Indiana.

While the effective moratorium of 17 years has mostlycentered on disputes involving the drugs used to carry out lethal injection, Lees case the first of three scheduled in quick succession next week highlights a decades-long national struggleover the application of the ultimate punishment.

Battle for authority: DOJ says it has authority to carry out federal executions regardless of state rules

The execution room at the U.S. Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Ind., is shown in this undated file photo.(Photo: Federal Bureau of Prisons/AP)

The timing of Lees execution also has become particularly fraught for many involved, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the country, particularly the federal prison system, where nearly 100 inmates and one staffer have died. At the federal prison complex in Terre Haute,where the federal execution chamber is located, one inmate has died and four others are infected, according prison system records.

On Tuesday, Peterson, 81, and two other family members went to court seeking at least a delay of executionuntil the virusthreat eases.Peterson and the other relatives plan to witness the execution even though they oppose it.

"They can't make it safe," said Peterson, whose doctor has advised her not to attend because of her age and underlying heart and lung conditions. "This now totally unfair."

Coronavirus risk:Death row inmate seeks execution delay, says coronavirus endangers Buddhist priest

Lee's attorney, Ruth Friedman, said Tuesday that the health risk could also prevent her from guiding her client through what could be his last moments alive.

"I don't know whether I can go there or not," Friedman said. "It's shocking that we are talking about doing this in the middle of a pandemic."

With few exceptions, state executions have largely ground to a halt since the first surge of the coronavirus earlier this year. Texas' death chamber, the busiest in the nation, has been dark since Feb. 6, though that could change if Wednesday's scheduled execution goes forward as planned.

Last month, the Supreme Court cleared the way for the federal governmentto resumeexecutions. The last federal inmate to be executedwas in2003, whenLouis Jones, a Gulf War veteran,was put to death for themurder ofanother soldier.

Attorney General William Barrannounced last yearthat the federal government would resume executions using the single drug pentobarbital. Thedrug is used in many but not all states.

Coronavirus outbreak: Hundreds of infectedinmateschallenging officials

Attorney General William Barr is sworn in before giving his opening statement before the House Judiciary Committee hearing about special counsel Robert Muellers report and his handling of the investigation.(Photo: Jack Gruber, USAT)

The justices denied a challenge from Lee and three other convicted murderers, who argued that federal executions must adhere to the specific protocols used by the states where each manwas sentenced, including the method of execution.

Fourteen states, led by Arizona, had sided with the Justice Department, tellingthe high court that pentobarbital "is a fast-acting barbiturate that can reliably induce and maintain a coma-like state that renders a person insensate to pain."

The American people, acting through Congress and presidents of both political parties, have long instructed that defendants convicted of the most heinous crimes should be subject to a sentence of death,Barr said last month. The four murderers whose executions are scheduled...have received full and fair proceedings under our Constitution and laws."

Bureau of Prisons: Feds reassign warden at Louisiana prison hit hard by coronavirus

At the time of the Barr's statement, Peterson and other victims' family members had publicly expressed their opposition to Lee's execution, yet the attorney general referred to the government's obligation to the family as a central reason for proceeding.

"We owe it to the victims of these horrific crimes, and to the families left behind, to carry forward the sentence imposed by our justice system," Barr said then.

Within days of Barr's statement, Peterson, who describes herself as a "Trump supporter,"appealed again to the administration to remove Lee from death row and assign him a life sentence.

"Please take our familys feelings into consideration and grant clemency to Mr. Lee," Peterson said. "Thank you and God Bless You.

There is no disputeover the heinous nature of the crimes that resulted in the deaths of William Mueller, his wife, Nancy, and her daughter, Sarah.

The family, according to court records, was targeted as part of 1996 robbery in which the pairsought to help fund the creation of a white supremacist community in the Pacific Northwest.

Plastic bags were placed over the victims' heads and secured with tape, while their hands and feet were bound. Their bodies were then dumped in a bayouafter being weigheddown with rocks. Kehoe, described by federal authorities as the more articulate of the two, was sentenced first and escaped the death penalty. Lee, who had lost his left eye in a bar fight, cut a more menacing appearance in court with a swastika tattoo on his neck.

FILE--Chevie Kehoe is taken from a police car after being extradited from Utah to Wilmington, Ohio, Thursday, July 17, 1997. Kehoe and two other men were indicted Friday, Dec. 12, 1997, by a federal grand jury in Little Rock, Ark., on charges they plotted to overthrow the government by killing public officials and police. (AP Photo/Tom Uhlman, File) ORG XMIT: LR102(Photo: TOM UHLMAN, Associated Press)

"Kehoe was unquestionably the leader of the organization and plotter of the (Mueller) murders," the lead prosecutor, Stripling, said in a 2014 letter to then-Attorney General Eric Holder, expressing his concern for Lee's death sentence. "Lee's role was that of the 'Aryan Hit Man.' Evidence presented at trialestablished that Lee killed the two adults but was unable to execute the little girl. ThisKehoe did after insulting Lee for his weakness."

When anArkansas federal court jury returned with a life sentence for Kehoe, Stripling said, prosecutors sought to withdraw their intent to seek death for Lee.

"The decision to seek DOJ approval to withdraw the capital designation in Lee's case was not lightly made," Stripling wrote. "I do not feel that capital punishment is inherently wrong or that death rows are teeming with innocent people. However, I find very disturbing the randomness with which defendants are charged, convicted, and sentenced in capital cases. This case perfectly illustrates this unexplainable randomness. Itis this unpreventable disparity in outcomes that convinced me that the Lee capitaldesignation should have been de-certified."

Eisele, the presiding judge, also believed that Lee's fate had been settled when Kehoe was sentenced to life in prison.

"It was surprising tolearn that this was not the case and that formal permission to withdraw the death penalty as toLee had to be received from Washington, D.C.," Eisele wrote in a separate letter to Holder. "It was even more surprising to learn thatpermission was being denied, in direct conflict with the recommendation of the local UnitedStates Attorney and her assistants in Little Rock, all of them very capable prosecutors."

Friedman, Lee's attorney, said the letters from the prosecutor and the judge are extraordinary.

(FILES) In this file handout mugshot obtained courtesy of the Spokane Police Department on December 6, 2019, shows an undated booking photo of Danny Lee in Spokane, Washington. (Photo by Handout / Spokane Police Department / AFP) / RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE(Photo: Spokane Police Department/AFP)

"This case is flabbergasting in many ways," Friedman said. "To have the judge and lead prosecutor in the case come the same conclusion and for the familywho was there every day at the trial to agree that's problematic.

"And they (the government) want to go forward in the midst of a pandemic who is this for?"

Although the Supreme Court shut down a challenge last week, Friedman said attorneys are pursuing other options, including unresolved issuesrelated to the lethal injection protocol.

In Arkansas, meanwhile, Peterson said the loss, the prosecution, the sentencing dispute and thewaiting has taken its toll.

Peterson said a nun who had been ministering to Lee during his time on death row had reached out to indicate that he had "turned his life around." Peterson said there has been no contact, however, with Lee directly.

"It's been a lot," Peterson said, emphasizing that her opposition to the Lee's death sentence should not be misinterpreted.

"He (Lee) is guilty," Peterson. "He does need to pay for what he did."

More: Coronavirus was Paul Manafort's ticket home. Many other old, ill, nonviolent inmates are still in prison

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Re-opening federal death chamber: Victim opposition, pandemic threaten first execution in 17 years - USA TODAY

HBO | World Day of the Rock: 7 movies and series, remember that the rock is alive more than ever | A Star … – Code List

Who has not sung Love Me Do by the Beatles for the top of your lungs, or not enthusiastic, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen? This without leaving to a side the legacy of Elvis Presley, the strong riffs of Metallica, and the rebellion of Guns N Roses life would not be the same without a good dose of rock and roll.

For this reason, to celebrate the World day of Rock, which is celebrated on the 13th of July since 1985, HBO has a selection of movies and series that will honor the music. Then, some of the titles available on HBO GO remember that the rock is more alive than ever.

Can you imagine waking up one day and realize that the world does not remember the songs The Beatles? This is what happens to Jack Malik, a frustrated musician who decides to switch to the songs of the famous group such as yours. It is also in this film, directed by Danny Boyle, begins a musical journey nostalgic with the problems of the legendary grouping of Liverpool.

In the eighties, Conor lives in the centre of Dublin, where new expressions of music are the flower of the skin such as the frustration of a teenager. Their behavior and problems at home because of transferred from a private school to a public one, where, without thinking, create a rock band with the sole purpose of Raphina, the girl he falls in love at first sight, we pay attention and agree to star in his music video.

The sixties, in the united States, the first love and the best songs of the Beatles to make safety pin to ribbon to enjoy the World day of Rock. All the characters of this musical, starring Evan Rachel Wood and Jim Sturgess, will make a tribute band of the most important rock and roll of all time. What begins as research, ends on a musical journey full of nostalgia and experimentation.

Lady Gaga is synonymous with musical talent that is reflected in this film which earned him an Oscar for Best Original Song, in which he has shared the stage with Bradley Cooper, forming one of the pairs most beloved stories of recent years in cinema. Gaga is put in the role of an Ally, a young singer, and Cooper Jackson, Maine, a recognized artist in decline, that must face the challenges of hunger, alcohol, and ambition as his career reaches its maximum.

The day Chris Izzy Cole is a technique of photocopiers, but at night it turns into a big fan and the lead singer of a rock tribute band to Steel Dragon, the band of choice and one of the most recognized in the scene. The film, starring Mark Wahlberg, it is inspired by the life of Tim The Ripper Owen, the lead singer of Judas Priest that went from being the biggest fan of your favorite band to become one of the singers in the most legendary of all time.

Bruce Springsteen and his large repertoire of music inspired by the film, perfect for viewing on the World day of Rock. The young Javed discovers the music of Springsteen, who changes his life completely and gives you the momentum needed to address some of the parents ultraconservatives and of a society that does not fit you. With the song Dancing in the Dark, The River and Blinded by the Light in the background, the film is a journey of cultural self-knowledge and, above all, a tribute to Springsteen.

Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese are an explosive mixture with the best result: Vinyl. The series features the struggle of Richies Window, which, at the height of punk and rock and roll, tries to keep afloat his record label. In 10 chapters, this production is a perfect window to understanding how it moves in this sector.

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HBO | World Day of the Rock: 7 movies and series, remember that the rock is alive more than ever | A Star ... - Code List

Grooveyards self-titled album impresses – The Daily Star

While 'genre-free' bands have existed for quite a while, it is Grooveyard-- a project by Ashifur Rahman Chowdhury, Zunayed Sabbir Ahmed and Dewan Anamul Hasan that truly solidified its merit in the context of this country. The band put out their self-titled album recently, with adoration from band music fans. The seven tracks exhibit seven different flavours, which is a rare feat for an album made by just three people. "We love to mesh different genres", says Ashifur, who was the vocalist of rock band Black at one point, "If you listen to Losing Control, it starts off with a reggae vibe and transitions into more traditional rock. All our musical inspirations growing up has an effect in our sound." Songs like Raining Sun, Edge of the World, Lifeline and Reach out are all proof of just how far the indie music industry has progressed. "Our songs are in English because as lofty as it sounds, we want international reach. We want to travel the world and play music together," says the vocalist. Ashifur emphasised the need to support local acts, for them to grow out of their moulds and reach their true potential. "Bands like Dads in the Park, Eida and Attic are doing exceptionally well, and I am all but sure that this entire scene will be elevated and reach the international audience," he adds. The songs are available in all the major streaming sites, including Spotify and GAAN app. They can also be listened to on Grooveyard's official YouTube channel.

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Grooveyards self-titled album impresses - The Daily Star

Color Star Technology Announces the Addition of Renowned Musician Larry Carlton to its Color World Online Education Platform – Salamanca Press

NEW YORK, July 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Color Star Technology Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq CM: HHT) (the "Company," "Color Star," "we" or "HHT") is pleased to announce that Color China Entertainment Limited ("Color China"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Color Star, has just signed a cooperation agreement with a renowned American musician, Larry Carlton. Larry Carlton will take on the role of a Star Teacher on the "Color World" online education platform, created by Color Star.

Larry Carlton, a guitar master in the music industry, was born in Southern California in March 1948. He is a master of American jazz, blues, pop and rock genres on the guitar and has participated in more than 500 music albums, winning the Grammy Award 4 times. Additionally, he is widely acclaimed as one of the most outstanding guitarists in the jazz scene in the second half of the 20th century. In 1981, Larry Carlton won his first Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance for his work on "Theme From Hill Street Blues." He then began working with numerous world-class entertainers, including the legendary blues master B.B King, Jazz Rock Super Group Steely Dan, Hollywood's Sammy Davis Jr. and even Michael Jackson. Overall, Larry Carlton's voracious appetite for music has earned him 19 Grammy nominations and 4 Grammy Awards, a Star of the Rock Hall of Fame in Hollywood, the Titan of Tone award and many others, as well as widespread recognition amongst fellow world class entertainers. His influence can be found in a plethora of genres in today's music scene, with jazz, blues, pop and rock all bearing the mark of Larry Carlton.

Color Star CEO, Sean Liu, said that "in the future, we will cooperate with more top artists and producers in Asia, including music, film, television, animation, dance and other industries. We believe that Color World has the potential to bring richer content to our students."

Color Star plans to continue growing its list of Star Teachers, who will bring their various expertise in music, film, sports, animation, television, presentations, dance, art and other entertainment industries to the Color World platform. Color Star believes that these top celebrities and professionals can pass their precious experiences on to pupils on our platform, helping to instill the desire for knowledge in their hearts.

About Color Star Technology Co., Ltd.

Color Star Technology, is a holding company whose primary business is offering both online and offline innovative education services. Its business operations are conducted through its wholly-owned subsidiaries Color China Entertainment Ltd. and CACM Group NY, Inc. The Company also anticipates providing an after-school tutoring program in New York via its joint venture entity Baytao LLC, and providing online music education via a platform branded "Color World."

Forward-Looking Statements

Certain statements made herein are "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the "safe harbor" provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements may be identified by the use of words such as "anticipate", "believe", "expect", "estimate", "plan", "outlook", and "project" and other similar expressions that predict or indicate future events or trends or that are not statements of historical matters. Such forward-looking statements include the business plans, objectives, expectations and intentions of the parties following the completion of the acquisition, and HHT's estimated and future results of operations, business strategies, competitive position, industry environment and potential growth opportunities. These forward-looking statements reflect the current analysis of existing information and are subject to various risks and uncertainties. As a result, caution must be exercised in relying on forward-looking statements. Due to known and unknown risks, our actual results may differ materially from our expectations or projections. All forward-looking statements attributable to the Company or persons acting on its behalf are expressly qualified in their entirety by these factors. Other than as required under the securities laws, the Company does not assume a duty to update these forward-looking statements. The following factors, among others, could cause actual results to differ materially from those described in these forward-looking statements: there is uncertainty about the spread of the COVID-19 virus and the impact it will have on HHT's operations, the demand for the HHT's products and services, global supply chains and economic activity in general. These and other risks and uncertainties are detailed in the other public filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC") by HHT. Additional information concerning these and other factors that may impact our expectations and projections will be found in our periodic filings with the SEC, including our Annual Report on Form 20-F for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2019. HHT's SEC filings are available publicly on the SEC's website at http://www.sec.gov. HHT disclaims any obligation to update the forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

Color Star Technology Co., Ltd.Contact: Investor RelationsFinancialBuzzIRinfo@FinancialBuzzIR.comTele: +1-877-601-1879

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Color Star Technology Announces the Addition of Renowned Musician Larry Carlton to its Color World Online Education Platform - Salamanca Press

Shop local swimwear, whatever your style | Hot Summer Guide | Halifax, Nova Scotia – The Coast Halifax

The hunt for the perfect suit meets its match with Simone Prisenberg's splurge-worthy swimwear. As owner and operator of Martinique Swim, Prisenberg's cute suits are available at several stores or directly from martiniqueswim.com. Head to the showroom in Cow Bay (by appointment only) for a personalized fitting and consultation, or pick one up at Biscuit General Store (1661 Argyle Street) or Pro Skates (6451 Quinpool Road).

If you want swimwear that's printed, Thief & Bandit (1673 Barrington Street, Suite 200) is the brand for you. Whether you're a stargazer who's into an out-of-this-world pattern or you're channeling Carole Baskin with a cheetah-print bikini, Thief & Bandit's swimwear will make you the life of the pool party. Find them at thiefandbandit.com.

Sueno Swimwear owner Joanne Tranter grew up surrounded by beaches in South Wales, travelling to California and Mexico as she learned to surf, and began making her own bikinis before settling in Black Point. Tranter launched her business in 2012 and since then has been creating bold prints and asymmetrical patterns, available on her Etsy shop or at suenoclothing.com.

Local designers Ana & Zac have partnered with Sueno for a new collection that's minimalist and basic in all the right ways. Check it out at anaandzac.ca/collections/sueno.

Sisters Omeda and Anna launched label Meda Swim in 2015. Its style selection skews simple, but the basic suits are flattering on all body types and are named after different Canadian towns. Their swimsuit models are all friends, mothers, and women they know in real life. Shop at medaswim.com.

Agricola Street shop Sattva Boutique (2453 Agricola Street) stocks swimwear from size-inclusive brand Mimi & August, based out of Montreal. Grab a few of the high-quality Canadian-made suits in store, or check out the full collection online at mimiandaugust.com.

If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind swimsuit, Girl on the Moon's got you. You can literally make your own with patterns from crochet guru Girl On The Moon, AKA Alison Durning. After learning how to make bags and baskets, Durning was hooked on crochet, and began her Etsy business in 2015. Find her on Instagram @girlonthemooncrochet.

Silken Lingerie store in Sunnyside Mall (1595 Bedford Highway) is for people looking for a bit more care in their swimwear-buying experience. Owner Morva Castellani and her staff will help you with a free bra fitting to find the perfect size, and they even offer a specialty selection of D+ cup size swimwear and mastectomy swimwear. silkenlingerie.ca/

If you've had no luck with the usual suspects, try thrifting your next swimsuit. Check out Fat Chance Vintage, Me + You Thrift, or The Bounty Hfx on Instagram to find a pre-loved suit you can rock all summer. Bonus: The Bounty also has a selection of items available at Lost & Found (2383 Agricola Street).

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Shop local swimwear, whatever your style | Hot Summer Guide | Halifax, Nova Scotia - The Coast Halifax

Darren Wright of Howth Puts Famous Pata Negra On to Boil in the Round Ireland Yacht Race – Afloat

The Round Ireland Yacht Race is Ireland's classic offshore yacht race starts from Wicklow Sailing Club (WSC) and is organised jointly with the Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC) and the Royal Irish Yacht Club (RIYC). This page details the very latest updates from the 2008race onwards including the race schedule, yacht entries and the all-important race updates from around the 704-mile course. Keep up to date with the Round Ireland Yacht Race here on this one handy reference page.

Following Government restrictions over COVID-19, a decision on the whetheror not the 2020 race can be held was made on April 9 2020 to reschedule the race toSaturday, August 22nd.

Because of COVID-19, the race had to have a virtual launch party at the Royal Irish Yacht Club for its 21st edition.

In spite of the setbacks, however, a record entry is in prospect for 2020 with 41 boats entered with 23 weeks to go to the race start. The race is also going big onsize and variety to make good on a pre-race prediction that the fleet could reach 60. An Irish offshore selection trial also looks set to be a component part of the 2020 race.

The rescheduling of the race to a news date emphasises the race's national significance, according to Afloat here

704 nautical miles, 810 miles or 1304 kilometres.

3171 kilometres is the estimate of Ireland's coastline by the Ordnance Survey of Ireland.

SSE Renewables are the sponsors of the 2020 Round Ireland Race.

Wicklow SailingClub in association with the Royal Ocean Racing Club in London and The Royal Irish Yacht Club in Dublin.

Off Wicklow Harbour on Saturday, August 22nd 2020.

Monohulls 1300 hrs and Multihulls 13.10 hrs.

Leave Ireland and all its islands (excluding Rockall) to starboard.

It depends on the boat. The elapsed record time for the race is under 40 hours but most boats take five or six days to complete the course.

The Race Tracker is here

The idea of a race around Ireland began in 1975 with a double-handed race starting and finishing in Bangor organised by Ballyholme Yacht Club with stopovers in Crosshaven and Killybegs. That race only had four entries. In 1980 Michael Jones put forward the idea of a non-stop race and was held in that year from Wicklow Sailing Club. Sixteen pioneers entered that race with Brian Coads Raasay of Melfort returning home after six days at sea to win the inaugural race.Read the first Round Ireland Yacht Race 1980 Sailing Instructions here

Skipper Kenny Rumball of the J109 yacht 'Jedi' faced that very problem in the 2018 race. How he dealt with it led to a RORC Award. He describes in detail the MOB recovery procedure he used here

The Round Ireland race record of 38 h 37 min 7 s is held by MOD-70 trimaran Musandam-Oman Sail and was set in June 2016.

George Davids Rambler 88 (USA) holds the fastest monohull race time of two days two hours 24 minutes and 9 seconds set in the 2016 race.

William Power's 45ft Olivia undertook a round Ireland cruise in September 1860. Full details of this first circuit are here

Richard Hayes completed his solo epic round Ireland voyage in September 2018 in a 14-foot Laser dinghy. The voyage had seen him log a total of 1,324 sea miles (2,452 kilometres) in 54 sailing days. in 1961, the Belfast Lough Waverly Durward crewed byKevin and Colm MacLaverty and Mick Clarke went around Ireland in three-and-a-half weeks becoming the smallest keelboat ever to go round. While neither of these achievements occurred as part of the race they are part of Round Ireland sailing history.Full story on these circumnavigationshere.

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Darren Wright of Howth Puts Famous Pata Negra On to Boil in the Round Ireland Yacht Race - Afloat

Brexit fishing battle: Britain and Ireland ‘to clash over ownership of tiny rock’ – Express.co.uk

The latest round of Brexit trade talks between the UK and EU finished a day early this week, with significant differences still remaining between the two sides. A statement from the UK's chief negotiator David Frost confirmed he is still committed to coming to a principle agreement for a future trade deal this month. This round of talks was the first to be held face-to-face since March, which, according to Mr Frost, injected extra depth and flexibility to our discussions".

However, negotiations are still at a standstill in several key areas.

Sticking points between the two sides include the so-called "level-playing field" to ensure businesses on one side don't have an unfair advantage over the other fishing rules and the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

As tensions are set to rise in the incoming weeks, unearthed reports shed light on what could be another tortuous Brexit battle.

The Irish border is one prominent area but another is Rockall a rock with a colourful history of claim and counterclaim involving the UK.

Rockall is situated in a remote part of the North Atlantic and is about 160 nautical miles west of the Scottish islands of St. Kilda and 230 nautical miles to the north-west of Donegal.

The uninhabited rock is 25 metres wide and 17 metres high and is actually the remnants of an extinct volcano.

The tiny islet has been the source of an ownership dispute involving the UK, Ireland, Denmark and Iceland.

The dispute has not been so much about the ownership of the rock but the potential for oil and gas reserves in the surrounding seabeds and the lucrative fishing grounds.

JUST IN:Macron's Achilles' heel: Party insider could topple French President

Rockall fishing is reportedly a multi-million-pound industry with a large supply of haddock, monkfish, and squid.

According to a recent report by IrishCentral, last year, Scottish authorities claimed that Rockall was a UK territory and attempted to prevent Irish fishermen from coming within the 12-mile international limit.

The Irish government, on the other hand, contended that the island was not subject to an international boundary as it was simply a large, uninhabitable rock in the middle of the ocean.

Irish claims are backed up by the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (Unclos) 1982.

The law states that rocks which cannot sustain human habitation or economic life of their own shall have no exclusive economic zone or continental shelf.

DON'T MISS:Brexit domino effect: Four countries tipped to follow UK out of EU[ANALYSIS]Starmer's furious swipe at McCluskey over 'Corbyn-hater' MP attack[REVEALED]Sturgeon beaten to the punch? Brexit 'could spark Welsh independence'[INSIGHT]

Consequently, Irish boats have fished in the area for well over 30 years.

The Scottish Government, in turn, claimed that it has never been legal for other nations to fish within 12 miles of the islet.

The UK first claimed ownership of Rockall in 1955, but Ireland, Iceland, and Denmark have long challenged that ownership.

Irish Deputy Prime Minister Simon Coveney took a firm stance on the issue in June last year and said that Ireland had never recognised British claims to the island.

He said: "We have never recognised UK sovereignty over Rockall and accordingly, we have not recognised a territorial sea around it either. We have tried to work positively with the Scottish authorities and to deal with sensitive issues that flow from it in a spirit of kinship and collaboration."

Scotland's Fisheries Minister Fergus Ewing told BBC Scotland at the time: "This is a routine enforcement matter to ensure that illegal activity within the UK's territorial waters, namely within a radius of 12 miles of the islet of Rockall, ceases.

"We have been engaging with the Irish government for a considerable length of time because we would prefer that this matter is resolved by discussion and negotiation amicably, and that remains the case."

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Brexit fishing battle: Britain and Ireland 'to clash over ownership of tiny rock' - Express.co.uk

Pride-inspired accessories you can rock all year round – Hindustan Times

Pride-inspired accessories you can rock all year round - fashion and trends - Hindustan Times "; forYoudata += ""; forYoudata += ""; forYoudata += ""; count++; if (i === 7) { return false; } }); forYouApiResponse=forYoudata; $(forutxt).html('Recommended for you'); $(foruContent).html(forYoudata); } } }); } else if(forYouApiResponse!=''){ $(forutxt).html('Recommended for you'); $(foruContent).html(forYouApiResponse); } } function getUserData(){ $.ajax({ url:"https://www.hindustantimes.com/newsletter/get-active-subscription?usertoken="+user_token, type:"GET", dataType:"json", success: function(res){ if(res.length>0) { $("[id^=loggedin]").each(function(){ $(this).hide(); }); } } }); } function postUserData(payLoad, elm){ var msgelm=$(elm).parents(".subscribe-update").nextAll("#thankumsg"); $.ajax({ url:"https://www.hindustantimes.com/newsletter/subscribe", type:"POST", data:payLoad, contentType: "application/json", dataType: "json", success: function(res){ if(res.success===true){ $(msgelm).show(); 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Follow this link:

Pride-inspired accessories you can rock all year round - Hindustan Times

The All-American Glory of Yacht Rock – National Review

Kenny Loggins performs in Las Vegas, Nev., in 2002. (Ethan Miller/Reuters)Saluting the mellow sound that signals all is right with the world.

They say jazz is Americas musical signature: As Ken Burns wrote, the genius of America is improvisation, our unique experiment a profound intersection of freedom and creativity. . . . Nowhere is this more apparent than in jazz the only art form created by Americans, an enduring and indelible expression of our genius and promise.

Stirring words. Jazz is inventive, vibrant, and complex. Everything about it is great, except the way it sounds. Listening to jazz is like trying to chase down a housefly. Theres a reason why only French tourists pretend to like it. To quote a more honest writer, John OFarrell: Music is a journey. Jazz is getting lost.

Americas truly sublime musical innovation is Yacht Rock. Savor the wit of that oxymoron: How hard can you rock if youre on a yacht? The boat itself rocks like a baby, not like Led Zeppelin. So Yacht Rock is gentle, but it cant be sad. There is no moping on a yacht. If you want to be glum and wear black, get off the boat and go find a jazz club. Not that anyone would ever invite you on their yacht in the first place.

The essence of a Yacht Rock song (my Spotify playlist is here) is that you can picture it being blasted on the deck of a yar and saucy watercraft circa 1981. Girls in cut-off shorts and bikini tops toss their arms in the air and say, Whoo! while the owner and host a guy named Brad or Chad or Gary, who struck it rich with, say, a string of Camaro dealerships and is himself a sort of Camaro in human form high-fives the guests, bites his lower lip, and moves a little off the beat, occasionally interjecting, Awesome, man! Brad or Chad or Gary drinks only the classy beers such as Lowenbrau or Michelob and has a cooler stocked with colorful wine coolers for the girls. Only his one very special lady will be present later when he opens up a perfectly chilled bottle of Aste Spumante. His captains chair is made of rich Corinthian leather.

Yacht Rock isnt what youd call real rock, angry rock, rock with a point or an attitude or a message or even a smirk, because Brad or Chad or Gary is just here to have a good time (and here is on earth). There is no edge to Yacht Rock any more than there is an edge to the round, rolling sea. However, Yacht Rock is not Loser Rock or Wimp Rock. It may be smooth, but it isnt limp. When the Yacht Rock is blasting out of the JVC boom box, the sun is shining, the girls are swaying, the waves are rolling, and all is well. Any song about lost love or thwarted longing or the girl that got away is inadmissible unless it reminds Brad or Chad or Gary about that time he almost met Cheryl Tiegs in Puerto Vallarta, and hell tell you about this incident at length.

The line between Yacht Rock and Wimp Rock is, alas, being eroded daily by the programmers of Sirius XM, whose Yacht Rock station is Channel 105 at the moment, and also available on the app if you happen not to be driving much these days. Siriuss Yacht Rock station is a sort of National Archives of Yacht Rock, one of Americas greatest innovations since the development of the backyard bug zapper. But thanks to some programmers inability to grasp that no one wants to listen to ow-my-broken-heart songs on a yacht, Channel 105 Rock is programmatically almost indistinguishable from Channel 17, the Wimp Rock station dubbed the Bridge. Bridge over whiny waters, that is. The Bridge is nothing but moany-groany lovey-dovey songs by the likes of Air Supply and Bread and America, and I love it inordinately. But Im not playing anything as embarrassingly low-T as Baby Im-a Want You on a yacht, unless I want to invite mutiny.

Yacht Rock has to have a pulse; its got to make you feel like youre scything through the waves while youre enjoying a classy snack like cottage cheese on melba toast. Its got soul, but not real soul, just the blue-eyed kind. You cant play Marvin Gaye on a yacht because Marvin Gaye was a genius. The Eagles are not Yacht Rock: Theyre too great. Same for The Police and The Rolling Stones. (Most Europeans are automatically disqualified anyway; a European on a yacht conjures up an image of a 200-foot monster docking in Nice and skippered by a man named Baron von Ruprecht of Wienerwald. Who can party down in a white dinner jacket while holding a snifter of brandy?)

Yacht Rock is the unchallenging, mood-brightening background music of the ordinary Chad who struck it rich enough to get a starter yacht, albeit not rich enough to compete with Baron von Ruprecht, who had a 200-year head start. America is the land where anyone might get rich enough to own a yacht, and so Yacht Rock is a celebration of America. It makes you lift your foam beer-can insulator to the cerulean skies and bawl out, Meet you all the way or Yah mo B there.

Yacht rock has its own Lennon and McCartney, except they are named Loggins and McDonald. I know what youre going to say, but Ive done the research and it turns out that Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald are not the same guy. McDonald offered a foretaste of the smooth-it-down Eighties on the Doobie Brothers Takin It to the Streets (1976). This was the first hit single ever sung by McDonald, and was there ever a more adorable track about urban unrest? If you blasted that over loudspeakers in the midst of an actual riot, the looting and smashing would stop immediately, and everyone would beg you to stop ruining the mood. As McDonalds profile was rising, Loggins came by like the guy in the Mr. Microphone commercial: Hey good lookin, Ill be back to pick you up later! Soon the pair were collaborating on What a Fool Believes, (1979), which despite being about a loser is just bouncy enough to qualify as Yacht Rock rather than loser rock. Loggins and McDonald combined again for This Is It (1979), a spectacularly non-specific paean to get-er-done Americanism on the cover of which Loggins is depicted holding what appears to be a magical glowing orb obviously the mystical power cell of Yacht Rock. With Im Alright, the following year, Loggins crafted a tune that was not only the perfect Yacht-Rock track, complete with misspelled title, but inspired the perfect Yacht-Rock conversation: Did anyone see Caddyshack?

The summer of Caddyshack 1980 was Yacht Rocks annus mirabilis. Along came a third natural master of styrofoam wave-coasting: Christopher Cross. Released at the tail end of 1979, his eponymous rookie album became the lodestar of Yacht Rock, containing both of the quintessential examples of the form. Not only did Cross come up with Ride Like the Wind, which actually sounds like the internal soundtrack playing in Brad/Chad/Garys mind as he rips across the water (and features McDonalds epic backup vocal), but at the same time gave us Sailing, a song without which no one ever would have thought up the term Yacht Rock. Sadly, Cross would later become a casualty of Wimp Rock with Arthurs Theme (The Best That You Can Do) and Think of Laura.

Yacht Rocks subtle distinctions sometimes elude even dedicated students of the form. For instance, Fleetwood Macs You Make Lovin Fun (Fun! Lovin!) is Yacht Rock. Fleetwood Macs Go Your Own Way (cutting, bitter) is not. Rockn Me (Steve Miller Band) is Yacht Rock. Rock the Casbah (The Clash) is not; its too good.

References to actually being on a boat definitely add Yacht-Rock cachet, because no one will ever accuse you of being too obvious on a boat; if anything, use of irony on the water will earn you nasty looks and maybe an order to clean out the bottom of the cooler. But Rock the Boat (Hues Corporation) is not Yacht Rock, its disco. Its a dance song. On a yacht, you dont dance, you dance around. Big difference. Dancing requires skill, or at least rhythm. Dancing around you can manage even if youre a Camaro in human form. Cool Change, with its serene lyrics about sailing on the cool and bright clear water, is Yacht-Rock splendor despite being an import, from Australias Little River Band. Australia, though, is the most American of all overseas countries big, confident, friendly, and party-minded. Australia is Americas honorary little brother. Love Will Find A Way is pure yachty bliss, not only because of the gentle, undemanding optimism of the song, not only because of the not-too-fast-buddy tempo, but because the band that performed it was Pablo Cruise. Pablo Cruise! They might as well have called themselves Boaty McBoatface.

Yacht Rock lyrics are not allowed to be profound, equivocal, or thoughtful. Paul Simon and Carole King are not Yacht Rock. Acceptable Yacht-Rock sentiments include:

While you see a chance, take it.

Ride into the danger zone.

Were still havin fun, and youre still the one.

Believe it or not, Im walkin on air!

You make-a-my dreams come true.

And if your yacht hasnt come in yet? Not to worry; all of these songs make the ideal soundtrack for backyard barbecuing, which is basically yacht-rocking on land. The ideal accessories are a badminton set, a Weber grill, a Coleman cooler. Get out the Bluetooth speaker, bring it into the yard, and revel in Americas glorious Yacht-Rock inheritance.

Excerpt from:

The All-American Glory of Yacht Rock - National Review