Jordanian Food: 25 of the Best Dishes You Should Eat

Theres a quotein Jordan and theMiddle East that says something along the lines of:

Even when youre full, you can still alwayseat40 more bites of food.

And I believeits not nearly as shallow as justeating until you arestuffed, and then eating some more. But its rather a clear reflection on the importance of generosity and hospitality and thesignificanceof foodin the Jordanian culture (but lets not get too deep here it is about eating a lot of food too)!

In this food guide, Im going to share with you 25 deliciousJordanian foods that youve got to try.

Jordan, dueto its geographical location in the Levant, has culinary influences from North Africa, the Middle East, Persia, and the Mediterranean. So while technically ful medames might be originally from Egypt, it is alsoextremely common and popular locally in Jordan as well.

So I just want to warn you this list of Jordanian food, might not be every dish that originates or was discovered in Jordan, but its a list of food that youll find commonly throughout Jordan.

Bread, rice, lamb, olives and olive oil, zaatar, yoghurt, tahini, garlic, onions, pickles, sage and mint, are just a few of the distinct tastes and ingredients youll experience eating in Jordan.

If youre a food lover, this is a list of food youve got to try when youre in Jordan.

Ok, lets get started.

When I was traveling in Egypt a few years ago, some Egyptian friends of mine mentioned that some of the best falafel in the Middle East was in Jordan. And I had no reason not to believe them, but had no idea when I would ever have the chance to eat Jordanian falafel for myself. So I was more than a little thrilled to have my first taste of falafel in Jordan.

Falafel, a combination of ground chickpeas, mixed with a variety of spices, then deep fried into mini patty like shapes, is one of the most common street food snacks or light meals in Jordan. They can be eaten on their own like veggie nuggets, eaten with bread, or stuffed into sandwiches. The falafel in Jordan was indeed the best Ive ever had, light and fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside, with an aroma of cumin, garlic, and parsley.

Where: Try the amazing falafel sandwich in Amman at Falafel Al-Quds; Address: Al-Rainbow Street, Amman; Open 10 am 9:30 pm daily.Or get a plate at Hashem Restaurant downtown.

Before going to Jordan I always thought of baba ghanoush when I thought of a Middle Eastern roasted eggplant dip and I loved it. But when I was in Jordan, I discovered that while baba ghanoush is available, by far the more common roasted eggplant dip available is moutabel, which is similar to baba ghanoush, but quite different. One of the main ingredient differences is that moutabel uses yoghurt in its recipe. You can read more about the differences in this well researched post.

Ive always loved eggplant in all its forms, especially when its roasted over fire, to give it a wonderfully smoky taste and a smooth and creamy consistency. For moutabel, theroasted and peeled eggplant is combined with yoghurt, tahini, garlic and lemon juice.

Where: Hashem Restaurant serves an excellent bowl of moutabel. Address:Complex No 4, Prince Mohammad St 4, Amman; Open hours: 24 hours

Hummus is possibly themost well known Levantine and Middle Easternfood around the world.Ive always enjoyed hummus, but I never grew up eating hummus or eating it on a continual basis until visiting Jordan. And I Jordan I ate hummus at least 2 3 times per day. When I left Jordan I had hummus withdrawals. I was almost scared about where my next helping of hummus would come from.

The hummus in Jordan was fantastic, and despite containing just about the same ingredient make-up at every restaurant you order it from, its amazing how each version tasted just slightly different the amount of lemon juice, and ratio of garbanzo beans to tahini, the texture, and also, very importantly, the olive oil.

Where: Just aboutevery Jordan food restaurant

I had eaten plenty of hummus before ever visiting Jordan (granted some of the best hummus I ever tried was in Jordan), but I had never even heard of fattet hummus before going to Jordan. Fattet hummus is the combination of bread, which has been soaked in broth to make it completely dissolvable, mixed with hummus, tahini, and lemon juice. Most of the versions of fattet hummus I had in Jordan included regular white bread in the recipe, but you can also make it with pita type of bread.

Fattet hummus is a complete twist on regular hummus. While it has that similar garbanzo bean taste, with a hint of lemon juice and olive oil, the texture is totally different it kind of feels like whipped hummus. Its fluffy and airy like whipped cream, not nearly as dense or thick as regular hummus.

Where: In Amman, try the fattet hummus at Al Osrah Restaurant. Located in the Abdoun neighborhood of Amman; Open hours: about10 am 11 pm daily

Labneh, which is also known as strained yoghurt, is a very thick, creamy yoghurt, thats served at just about every breakfast table in Jordan. Its not typically eaten like a bowl of yoghurt because its so rich, but instead its used as a spread for bread, or a dip for vegetables. The taste is sour and creamy, but usually not salty, very similar to sour cream.

Labneh can beserved in a bowl plain, or drizzled witholive oil, or combined with different herbs or leaves to give it more flavor. I particularly enjoyed some versions of labneh that included local herbs. Im not sure of the name of the herb, but there was one I tried that had a mild horseradish taste, which went very well with the sour creamy labneh.

Where: If you visit Amman,Shams El Balad Cafe serves delicious labneh with seasonal herbs. Address:69 MuAth Bin Jabal Street, Amman; Open hours: 8 am 10 pm daily.

One of the other common dishes I ate frequently in Jordan was galayet bandora, also known just as galayet. This dish includes tomatoes which are stewed until soft and pureed, with a few seasonings like garlic, olive oil, and salt. The tartness and sweetness of the tomatoes is what really shines, and it tastes great scooped up with bread ore eaten with rice.

While I was at Wadi Rum I also had a type of galayet with meat, so it was chunky tomato sauce with cubes of beef, eaten with rice. It was really good, like a Jordanian tasting spaghetti sauce with cubes of meat and rice.

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Warak enab, or stuffed grape leaves, and kousa mahshi, which are stuffed zucchini, can sometimes be served together, and they are another fantastic addition to Jordanian cuisine. Versions of this dish are commonly eaten throughout the Middle East and Mediterranean.

Both the grape leaves and the zucchini are stuffed with a combination of rice and ground meat, onions, and light seasonings, then wrapped up, and slow cooked. When I was in Jordan I had warak enab a number of times as a mezze dish, usually served cold and with a sour taste from pickled grape leaves. But the best version I had was a home-made meal, where both the grape leaf rolls and stuffed zucchini were cooked with lamb ribs and fat. The rolls were melt-in-your-mouth soft, and had soaked up all the lamb juices.

Where: I had this dish home-cooked, but youll find it at most Jordanian sit down restaurants. Sufra Restaurant might be a good choice. Address:Al Rainbow Street 26, Amman; Open hours: 1 pm 11:30 pm.

Another Levantine dish,often a starter or salad, tabbouleh is a mixture of finely minced parsley, tomatoes, garlic, and bulgar wheat, all dressed in lemon juice, salt, and olive oil. As I learned in Jordan, tabbouleh is not typically scooped up with bread like hummus or moutabel, but its typically eaten plain with a spoon.

For myself, tabbouleh is one of my personal mezze favorites. I love the freshness and crispness of the parsley, the garlicky taste, and the contrast of sour lemon juice and saltiness.

Where: Youll find tabbouleh all over Jordan and at restaurants in Amman, but one of my favorite versions was at Rakwet Arab Cafe, because it was extra garlicky tasting. Address:Al Daraghmeh Commercial Complex, Al Baouniyah St 4, Amman.

Similar in dressing taste to tabbouleh, but with a different vegetable make-up, Jordanian, or Arabic salad, usually includes finely diced up cucumber, tomatoes, and bell peppers, dressed in lemon juice and lots of olive oil.

Arabic salad makes an excellent refreshing starter dish, or I also particularly enjoyed it with main dishes like maqluba (rice and meat) and with grilled dishes like shish kebabs to give the meal a nice balance. Fattoush is another common salad you can eat in Jordan.

Where: Nearly every restaurant in Jordan

When I visited Egypt, ful medames on the streets of Cairo was my go-to street food I enjoyed ful immensely. And while ful medames might be originally from Egypt, this dish of mashed fava beans and olive oil, is also widely available and commonly eaten throughout Jordan. Youll find ful at most restaurants that serve hummus and falafel.

My favorite way to eat ful is sprinkled with some powdered cumin and chili powder, drizzled in olive oil, and scooped up with either bites of bread or with wedges of onion. The fava beans taste very similar to Mexican refried beans. When I was in Jordan I loved eating ful medames for breakfast, along with some hummus and fresh raw vegetables.

Where:Al Osrah Restaurantin the Abdoun neighborhood of Amman; Open hours: about10 am 11 pm daily.

Commonly served as a mezze dish, along with dishes like hummus and moutabel, chicken livers is another fantastic Jordanian dish to complement your meal. The chicken livers are typically sauted in olive oil with just a few simple seasonings like garlic, parsley, and salt, and then sprinkled with some lemon juice.

Liver is not everyones favorite part of the chicken, but I would say that youve got to give them a chance. When I was a kid, I wasnt a huge fan of chicken liver, but I kept trying them, and today, chicken liver is something I love and crave. The plates of chicken liver I had in Jordan were delicious, light on the seasoning but nice and creamy liver. A piece of bread, with a liver, and some hummus, is an wonderfulcombination bite.

Where: Along with fattet hummus, I also enjoyed the chicken liver atAl Osrah Restaurantin Abdoun; Open hours: about10 am 11 pm daily.

Sometimes called Arabic pizza, and spelled in all sorts of different letter combinations (manakish, manaeesh), manakish is essentially a round of dough, topped with zaatar (an herb thyme spice mixture), olive oil, and can then optionally include toppings like white cheese (halloumi), eggs, or ground meat. Its then baked in a brick oven.

When manakish is hot and fresh, right out of the oven, its incredibly delicious the crusty bread with a fluffy inside, and that wonderful herb taste. I liked manakish especially just plain with zaatar, and I also really enjoyed the version with white cheese (halloumi cheese).

Where: The best manakish I had in Amman, was down one of the side streets from Paris Circle, on Niqola Ghanma Street, at a small hole in the wall family run bakery.

One of the most popular Jordanian street food snacks, especially common in the morning, is a kaek bread sandwich. The bread, which is in the shape of a mini personal loaf, is topped in a crust of sesame seeds, and can be filled with Happy Cow like triangles of cheese, hard baked eggs, zaatar, and chili sauce. Its simple, tasty, and very common.

Kaek sandwiches taste the best when they are piping hot when the bread is cooked fresh. If you visit Amman, theres a legendary bakery, known as Salaheddin Bakery ( ), which is not only one of the oldest bakeries in Amman, but it serves one of the best sesame bread sandwiches in the city. Grab a fresh loaf, add all the toppings your self, and take a bite of one of the most incredible loaves of kaek in Jordan.

Where:Salaheddin Bakeryis located at the cross road ofKing Al-Husseim Street and Umayah Bin Abd Shams Street.

A typical everydayJordanian food is mujadara, a mixture of rice, lentils, and a seasoning that includes cumin. Its something that nearly everyone knows the recipe forhow to cook it at home, and its commonly eaten as a dish thats quick and easy. Its also a favorite main dish for vegetarians in Jordan as well, as its filling and tastes delicious.

What I really liked about the Jordanian style of mujadara is that the raw rice was cooked with the raw lentils altogether (rather than being cooked separately), so the flavors all melted and blended together. Additionally, deep fried caramelized onions and fried fragrant pine nuts sprinkled on top, are the two ingredients that take mujadara to the next level.

Where: This is often a home-cooked meal because its such a simple recipe.

A meat lovers favorite from Europe to the Middle East, shawarma is common in Jordan and youll find restaurants that serve lamb, beef, and chicken versions. The signature method of cooking shawarma layers of thin meat stacked on a sword like spit and revolving either vertically or horizontally over a source of heat is part of what gives the meat its unique taste. When the outer layer of meat is cooked, its shaved off with a sharp knife, and usually wrapped in bread with either garlic sauce or tahini and a few pickled vegetables.

Being the meat lover I am, shawarma is something I can never pass up. Theres an entire shawarma street in Amman, where youll find a number of different types of shawarma.

Where: My two favorite shawarmas were the shawarma from Shawarma Reem (heres a good article about them in the New York Times) andShawarma Bashka,for their chicken shawarma cooked on a horizontal spit.

If you didnt know that arayes was grilled, you might actually think its deep fried, because its so crispy. At least thats what happened when I tried it for the first time. Arayes, which translates directly to the bride, is essentially two layers of pita bread, filled in the middle with minced lamb, onions, parsley, and with a fragrant allspice seasoning.

The quesadilla shaped arayes is then brushed with olive oil and grilled over hot charcoal so that it turns golden brown and crispy on the outside. The combination of that roasted olive oil bread and the oil of the minced lamb seeping into the bread, makes it irresistible.

Where: Arayes is commonly available at Jordanian food restaurants that serve grilled meat like shish kebabs or as a Jordanian street food.

As much as I love vegetables and seafood, and as much as I loved eating hummus three times a day in Jordan, Im a huge fan of meat, and the good news is, Jordanian food contains lots of meat, especially lamb. I should also quickly mention that someof the dishes mentioned on this list are vegetarian, but definitely not shish kebabs.

Popular across the Middle East and the Levantine, shish kebabs in Jordan are typically made from minced lamb, which is mixed with parsley and lots of salt, then molded onto big sword like skewers, and grilled over hot charcoal. The saltiness of the meat, and the ratio of meat to fat, ensures the maximum of grilled flavor gets packedinto the kebabs.

Where: Tawaheen Al Hawa, along with mansaf, serves Jordanian bbq; Address: Wasfi al-Tal Road, Jubilee Gardens, Amman; Open hours: 6 am 2 am daily.

Kind of similar to shish kebabs, just in a completely different form, kofta bi tahini is a dish that includes a bottom base layerof minced kebab (or kofta) meat, flattened out into a patty, topped with thin slices of potato, doused in a thick tahini sauce, and then baked.

The meat on the bottom is like a base of sausage, that wonderful parsley flavored minced meat. If I didnt know the white thick sauce all over kofta bi tahini was tahini, I might think it was some kind of milk based cream white gravy, because it was so rich and creamy. But instead it had a slightly nutty taste, and it wasnt nearly as heavy as a dairy based sauce.

Where: In Amman, Sufra Restaurant serves an excellent version ofKofta Bi Tahini. Address:Al Rainbow St 26, Amman 11181; Open hours: 1 pm 11:30 pm daily.

Musakhan is a Jordanian and Palestinian dish of slices of bread, chicken, heaps of onions, fragrant spices like allspice and cinnamon, and lots of olive oil. The ingredients are stewed together until the onion, chicken, olives, and bread are fall apart tender and the spices have blended and harmonized. While the spices have a sweet tinge to them, the actual dish is not sweet.

What I couldnt get over while trying musakhan for the first time were the onions. They were fall apart tender, they dissolved upon taking a bite, and they were just filled with olive oil and that wonderful sweet dry spice mixture.

Where:I triedthis dish for the first time at a hotel, and didnt have a chance to try a better version at a restaurant though I would have loved to. Do you have any recommendations?

Kibbeh are little deep fried nuggets of minced meat, onions, and spices, wrapped in a crust of bulgar wheat, and deep fried until golden crispy on the outside. The dish is commonly eaten on its own, or as a mezze dish or snack, along with a variety of different dishes like hummus or moutabel.

But for kibbeh bi laban, after the kibbeh are done being prepared, they are then cooked in a yoghurt sauce, which not only transforms their taste and texture, but also turns them more into a main dish as opposed to a snack. I enjoyed kibbeh while I was in Jordan in all its forms, both plain, and cooked with laban yoghurt sauce.

I also loved raw kibbeh, known as kibbeh nayeh.

Where: Youll findkibbeh bi laban at most sit down, higher end, Jordanian restaurants in Amman. I know you can get it at Sufra Restaurant.Address:Al Rainbow St 26, Amman 11181; Open hours: 1 pm 11:30 pm.

Theres oneJordanian food thatis without question one of the most beloved dishes in the Kingdom a dish that has known to bring people together in harmony and has even been at the center of resolving conflict. That dish is none other than Jordanian mansaf, widely considered to be the national dish of Jordan. After trying it, I can verify and agree with theJordanian love for mansaf, its absolutely an amazing dish, and something so unique it was unlike any dish I had ever eaten.

There are three main components to mansaf: rice, lamb, and jameed. Thejameed, which is a hard dried out and fermented goats milk yoghurt, is re-hydrated into a gravy, and used to pour over the rice and lamb. The rice and lamb are fantastic, but mansaf really shines because of the jameed, which has a sour and salty taste, and an undeniable goat flavor. When you eat a ball of mansaf, you can literally taste the land of Jordan in your bite its amazing.

Where: I enjoyed the mansaf from Tawa Al Hawa Restaurant in Amman.Address: Wasfi al-Tal Road, Jubilee Gardens, Amman; Open hours: 6 am 2 am daily.

Along with mansaf, maqluba was another one of my personal favorite Jordanian dishes I ate during my trip. Literally translated at upside down, maqluba includes meat or chicken on the bottom, rice, and spices, all cooked together in one pot. Once the dish is ready, the pot is flipped over onto a big plate or communal tray, so the rice stays onthe bottom, and the meat or chicken is left on the top. Maqluba can be garnished with parsley, fried pine nuts or other types of nuts, and slices of lemon.

The rice, since its cooked with meat or chicken, takes on a lovely broth flavor kind of like chicken rice (if you eat chicken maqluba), and the meat or chicken becomes fall apart tender from the long cooking process. In Jordan, I hada home cooked meal of maqluba at the village. I really enjoyed eating it together with Arabic salad, the freshness of the cucumber and tomatoes really complemented the rice and chicken.

Where: I had maqluba as a home-cooked meal, but youll find it at many sit down Jordanian restaurants.

Similar to a Polynesian underground meat roast, the Jordanian Bedouin version of an underground oven is known as zarb. A mix of meat like lamb and chicken, rice, onions and carrots, are placed in asquare hole in the ground, which is filled with flaming hot coals. The hole is then covered with a few layers of blankets to hold in the heat and finally sand is covered over the oven.

After a few hours, the meat and rice are all smoked, steamed, and grilled, all at the same time. The result is meat thats fall apart tender. I had zarb for dinner while visiting the incredible Wadi Rum desert. Just like a few other dishes, it was served on a giant communal tray, rice at the bottom, a shoulderof lamb and all the vegetables on top. The lamb was so succulent it was unbelievable.

Where: Zarb is traditionally a Bedouin dish, eaten in the desert of Jordan. One of the popular places to eat zarb is at Wadi Rum, and I had it at Captains Desert Camp.

While Im personally not a huge desserts or sweets eater, I tasted quite a few Jordanian sweets. A huge variety of Arabic, Levantine, and Mediterranean dessertsare a big part of the cuisine in Jordan, and there are huge shops dedicated to just serving desserts.

One of the manycommon and widely available Arabic desserts in Jordan is hareeseh, a sweet made with semolina, coconut, cream, sugar, yoghurt, and almonds, all baked until golden brown. Hareeseh is prepared in bar form, kind of like the size and density of a brownie (although nothing like it in taste). Its a very sweet dessert, and has a slight floral taste to go with the grainy texture of the semolina.

Where:Salaheddin Bakeryhas a sweets shop where youll find hareeseh. Located at the cross road ofKing Al-Husseim Street and Umayah Bin Abd Shams Street. If you visit As-Salt, check out the famousAnabtawi Sweets.

Of all the Jordanian sweets I tried, kanafeh was one of my favorites because it was so unique and included an interesting combination of ingredients and textures. This dessert is popular throughout the Levant, especially known in Palestine and Jordan.

Cheese is the most noticeable of ingredients in kanafeh, which is paired with either noodles or semolina, drenched in a sticky rose scented syrup, and topped with a pinch of ground pistachios. The cheese on the bottom tastes similar to mozzarella, while the top crust iscrunchy and gooey.

Where: When youre in Amman, visiting Habibah Sweets for their kanafeh is nearly a right of passage. Address:Marwan Madi Complex, Al Hazar St 2, Amman; Open hours: major business hours.

Finally, this is not part of the 25 Jordanian food guide list, but I couldnt end this list without mentioning Turkishcoffee and mint tea. These two beverages, which I enjoyed countless cups of each during my trip to Jordan, made my visiteven more enjoyable.

Turkishcoffee, which is served thick and muddy, is spiced with cardamom and youll find it at restaurants, street food stalls, and gas stations. Theres also Arabic coffee, but Turkish style coffee seems more common, and I liked it better because its stronger. Mint tea, which is often just black tea poured into a cup with a few fresh mint leaves in the bottom, is a typical after meal drink.

When youre leaning back in your chair, massagingyour stomach full of rice, lamb, and jameed, sipping on a cup of mint tea is hard to beat.

Lastly, here are a few more of the things I really loved about eating in Jordan:

Bread is very important in Jordanian cuisine and youll be served bread with just about anything you eat or order in Jordan. Its commonly used to scoop up the different dips, and eaten as one of the main filler carbohydrates in the Jordanian diet. The fresh bread in Jordan is delicious, especially right out of the oven.

What I also liked though, is that in addition to bread youll be served lots of raw vegetables, which you can also use to scoop up dips, in place of eating so much bread.

Jordanian food is as diverse and varied as its culture, history, and landscapes.

Due to its central geographical location, within the Levant, but surrounded by North Africa, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean, the food youll enjoyis a fascinating mix of cultures and civilizations.

When youre in Jordan you can enjoy platters of fresh bread, spiced rice, and hunks of fall apart tender lamb, but at the same time you can enjoy deliciously refreshing dishes like Arabic salad, tabbouleh, and restaurants that will serve you all you can eat raw vegetables, and creamy plates of hummus.

Food is such an integral part of Jordanian culture, and when you start eating, youre almost certain to meet and mingle with some of the most hospitable and friendly people youve ever met.

RELATED: You might be interested in my Amman travel guide Get informationon where I stayed, things I did, and safety information.

Leave a comment below, Id love to hear from you!

Disclosure: I was invited to visit Jordan by the Jordan Tourism Board. However, I chose to write this article about the food I ate, and all thoughts and opinions in this food guide are my own.

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Jordanian Food: 25 of the Best Dishes You Should Eat

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Rocky Jordan : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming …

Episodes of the old-time radio detective series "A Man Named Jordan" and "Rocky Jordan", which were based in some part on the film "Casablanca".

He's...not an actor, really. He just reads his lines. He's terrible in films, but on radio he seems to sink even further. I'll bet he's reading his script for the first time as they were broadcast. Luckily there aren't that many Raft episodes.

About a year ago I started to run out of OTR shows that I like to listen to, mostly crime ,detectives,thrilles ect.Eventually I came across this one that I had previously listened to but rejected, and after the series moved to Cairo I really started to enjoy it, the two lead actors ,Jack Moyles & Jay Novello were great together, now sadly it's come to an end.Just one point does anyone know if there is a site that lists newly discovered episodes of OTR shows?

Old Time Radio Program Logs and reviewson this web site:http://www.old-time.com/otrlogs2/index.html

just look forROCKY JORDAN (1948-1955) (PDF)This broadcast log incorporates much information from recently discovered scripts and other network documentation.

Everyone loves a film noir tough-guy-hero. I listen to a lot of talk radio and audio books, ... this is my all-time favorite. Love the fight scenes. The music and special effects are terrific. Even the old DelMonte tomato ads are great. You gotta try it out! This is much better than tv.

A very unique show that even upon overlapping listens wont stop me from listening all the way through again,still able to glean great entertainment value on the second listen. The writing is very good and surprisingly PC ,with a lot of respect and consideration to the folk of this part of the world. I really like the interaction that develops between Rocky and Captain Sam Sabaaya of the Cairo police. Lottsa inside jokes and character development really bring this one home to the theatre of my mind.

A very enjoyable series.

I have listened to all the Jordan episodes, most more than once. They are my favorite OTR, hands down. This show is the best of the best.(I also recommend Richard Daimond, Pat Novak, and Phillip Marlowe For those new to the genre.)I was surprised to learn that Bogart himself made a similar show called Bold Venture. Both radio shows are reminiscent of the film Casablanca. In Bold Venture, Bogart is a hotel owner in pre-revolution Havana who owns a charter boat, romances Lauren Bacall, and much adventure ensues. So far I have heard the first ten episodes or so, and they do not approach the stellar quality of Rocky Jordan, though other reviewers note the later episodes were top notch.

I like listening to Jack Moyles as Rocky Jordan. The music fits the series really well. The sound effects are good along with the story line. I really enjoy spending the evening listening to the shows. They are exciting and have good plot twists. The setting of Cairo makes for good entertainment. I can picture the heat, sand and all the trouble Rocky gets into caused by himself or someone else.

Series is a take-off of Casablanca. Rick there is Rocky here. American Cafe there is The Tamborine here. Rocky sounds a bit like boggie, too. Great series set in Cairo. Each week Rocky and his ward Backsheesh Boy solve murder and intrigue. yes, there is homoerotic subtxt. One running gag is that at the end when Rocky is about to kiss a girl, Backsheesh Boy willstumble or trip and start to cry and Rocky will turn from teh girl to tend his "ward".

I'm an old time radio aficianada, but nothing in my opinion even comes close to Rocky Jordan. The character of Rocky - most ably voiced by actor Jack Moyles - is a combination of Sam Spade, Dick Tracy and Rick Blaine from the movie Casablanca. He's hard-boiled, intelligent, and crafty and he doesn't mind taking a few hard knocks if it means solving the mystery - but the most enjoyable exchanges are with Captain Sam Sabaaya (Jay Novello) of the Cairo police. Rocky is the best, no doubt about it!

I've really enjoyed listening to these programs. I enjoy mysteries but sometimes get tired of the private detective genre. This series is fun because Rocky Jordan runs a bar in Cairo and just ends up in mysterious events and intrigue. I'm not an expert, but I think these shows were very well done and extremely entertaining.

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Emergency: Dial 9-1-1

Questions? Please call801-256-2000 or submitthe form.

(excluding all state and federal holidays)

Police Chief Ken Wallentine

Through CrashDocs.org, residents can obtain a copy of their DI-9 form (state accident report) online. The fee is $10 which is the same as coming into the station.

Councilmember Chris McConnehey(District 1)

Councilmember Melissa Worthen(District 2)

Councilmember Zach Jacob(District 3)

Councilmember David Pack (District 4)

CouncilmemberChad Lamb (At Large)

Councilmember Kayleen Whitelock (At Large)

Councilmember Kelvin Green (At Large)

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City of West Jordan | Police Department

Clifford Jordan | Discography | Discogs

Albums Cliff Jordan* Cliff Craft (Album) 14 versions Blue Note US 1957 Sell This Version 14 versions Cliff Jordan* & John Gilmore Cliff Jordan* & John Gilmore - Blowing In From Chicago (Album) 22 versions Blue Note US 1957 Sell This Version 22 versions Cliff Jordan* Cliff Jordan (Album) 10 versions Blue Note US 1957 Sell This Version 10 versions Paul Chambers Quintet With Donald Byrd, Cliff Jordan*, Tommy Flanagan, Elvin Jones Paul Chambers Quintet With Donald Byrd, Cliff Jordan*, Tommy Flanagan, Elvin Jones - Paul Chambers Quintet (Album) 12 versions Blue Note US 1958 Sell This Version 12 versions John Jenkins (2) / Clifford Jordan / Bobby Timmons John Jenkins (2) / Clifford Jordan / Bobby Timmons - Jenkins, Jordan And Timmons (Album) 8 versions New Jazz US 1960 Sell This Version 8 versions Clifford Jordan Starting Time (Album) 6 versions JAZZLAND, JAZZLAND US 1961 Sell This Version 6 versions Clifford Jordan And Sonny Red Clifford Jordan And Sonny Red - A Story Tale (Album) 7 versions Jazzland, Jazzland US 1961 Sell This Version 7 versions L-71863 Prince Lasha / Sonny Simmons / Clifford Jordan / Don Cherry Prince Lasha / Sonny Simmons / Clifford Jordan / Don Cherry - It Is Revealed (LP, Album, Ltd) Zounds (2) L-71863 US 1963 Sell This Version Clifford Jordan These Are My Roots - Clifford Jordan Plays Leadbelly (Album) 12 versions Atlantic US 1965 Sell This Version 12 versions Sonny Simmons, Clifford Jordan, Prince Lasha, The Bossa Tres* Sonny Simmons, Clifford Jordan, Prince Lasha, The Bossa Tres* - Jazz Tempo, Latin Accents! (Album) 10 versions Audio Fidelity US 1965 Sell This Version 10 versions Clifford Jordan Soul Fountain (Album) 9 versions Vortex Records (2) US 1970 Sell This Version 9 versions Clifford Jordan Clifford Jordan In The World (Album) 7 versions Strata-East Japan 1972 Sell This Version 7 versions The Cedar Walton Trio* Special Guest Star Clifford Jordan The Cedar Walton Trio* Special Guest Star Clifford Jordan - A Night At Boomers, Vol. 1 (Album) 4 versions Muse Records US 1973 Sell This Version 4 versions The Cedar Walton Trio* Special Guest Star Clifford Jordan The Cedar Walton Trio* Special Guest Star Clifford Jordan - A Night At Boomers, Vol. 2 (Album) 5 versions Muse Records US 1974 Sell This Version 5 versions MR 5022 The Cedar Walton Trio* Special Guest Star Clifford Jordan The Cedar Walton Trio* Special Guest Star Clifford Jordan - A Night At Boomers, Vol. 2 (LP, Album) Muse Records MR 5022 US 1974 Sell This Version Clifford Jordan Night Of The Mark VII (Album) 4 versions Muse Records US 1976 Sell This Version 4 versions Clifford Jordan Remembering Me-Me 2 versions Muse Records US 1977 Sell This Version 2 versions Clifford Jordan Hello, Hank Jones (Album) 2 versions Eastworld Japan 1978 Sell This Version 2 versions Clifford Jordan Inward Fire (Album) 2 versions Muse Records US 1978 Sell This Version 2 versions Clifford Jordan The Adventurer (Album) 3 versions Muse Records US 1980 Sell This Version 3 versions 28MJ 3137 Mal Waldron, Clifford Jordan, Cecil McBee, Dannie Richmond Mal Waldron, Clifford Jordan, Cecil McBee, Dannie Richmond - What It Is (LP, Album, Promo) Enja Records 28MJ 3137 Japan 1981 Sell This Version RJE-PJ 001 Rutgers University Livingston College Jazz Ensemble With Clifford Jordan And Arrangements By Paul Jeffrey Rutgers University Livingston College Jazz Ensemble With Clifford Jordan And Arrangements By Paul Jeffrey - Music Of The Masters - Past And Present (LP) R.J.E./P.J. Records RJE-PJ 001 US 1981 Sell This Version BH 7014 Clifford Jordan, Von Freeman, Cy Touff, Norman Simmons, Victor Sproles & Wilbur Campbell Clifford Jordan, Von Freeman, Cy Touff, Norman Simmons, Victor Sproles & Wilbur Campbell - Hyde Park After Dark (LP) Bee Hive Records BH 7014 US 1983 Sell This Version Slide Hampton Quintet Featuring Clifford Jordan Slide Hampton Quintet Featuring Clifford Jordan - Roots (Album) 2 versions Criss Cross Jazz Netherlands 1985 Sell This Version 2 versions RS 1013 "Philly" Joe Jones, James Long (5), Clifford Jordan "Philly" Joe Jones, James Long (5), Clifford Jordan - 'The Rotterdam Session' (LP, Album) Audio Daddio RS 1013 Netherlands 1985 Sell This Version

Excerpt from:

Clifford Jordan | Discography | Discogs

‘The Last Dance’ proves why Michael Jordan is the only athlete who could ever be loved as a hero and villain – CBS Sports

The greatest trick Michael Jordan ever pulled was becoming a villain right in front of our eyes -- and looking like a hero while doing it.

That's the essence of what has to be acknowledged as the most enjoyable and enlightening Jordan interview excerpt we've seen so far from "The Last Dance," which is now eight episodes deep into its 10-episode run.

On Sunday night, millions saw the clip that's going to birth two or three more everlasting M.J. memes.

The Gary Payton reaction clip.

Near the end of Episode 8, director Jason Hehir once more pulls a move that has served this documentary-as-cultural-event so well. Hehir hands Jordan a tablet for him to watch interview subjects speak about him, in the present day, with Jordan getting the benefit of being afforded a last word on whomever it is he's provided to roast or rebel against.

I am here to tell you that Michael Jordan reacting to Gary Payton talking about Michael Jordan is as pure a look into the mind of M.J. as you'll ever get of the man -- at least away from his greatness and killer instinct so often laid bare on the basketball court.

Payton is one of the best defenders in NBA history. He was as good of a trashtalker as Jordan could claim to be, and in fact Payton did a great job guarding and harassing 23 in the '96 Finals. Payton was the Defensive Player of the Year in 1995-96, and he helped Seattle sidestep infamy by dodging a presumed sweep at the hands of the 72-win Bulls. Loaded up alongside Shawn Kemp, Payton and the Sonics worked to a respectable six-game defeat. Like more than 100 other interview subjects, Payton agreed to have a chat, to reminisce on his team getting worked by Chicago. He could have said a few platitudes, offered up a nice quip of a quote and been done with it.

But that's not the Glove's style.

And so it had to come to this. On Sunday night, Jordan took off the cape, donned a proverbial villain's mask and ended Payton. There is no coming back from this. Whichever reporters wind up tracking down Payton for a follow-up, well, that will be forgotten about almost immediately anyway. This video is what makes Jordan, and this documentary, so irresistible.

You've got Payton being so damn sure of himself, saying things would have been different if he guarded Jordan from the outset. Jordan can't wait for this. The cackling. The big eyes, the raised brow. Jordan busts a gut again when Payton says, "It was a difference with beating him down a little bit." Then, a beat to take it all in.

"The Glove," Jordan says.

Oh, it almost sounds reverential for just a second there. The Glove. One of his contemporaries during the golden years of the NBA.

"I had no problem with the Glove."

As smooth as it is savage in delivery. Like Jordan forgot about this man for two decades before needing to be handed a tablet to remind him of who he played against in June of 1996. Jordan in fact averaged 27.3 points on 41.5 percent shooting against Seattle. It was indisputably his worst Finals; it's the only time he failed to average north of 30 points and shot worse than 45 percent. Payton does have a case.

But the Bulls won the series in six and Jordan was the MVP. That's all anyone remembers or cares about. The 1995-96 Bulls culminated the most dominant wire-to-wire season in NBA history by winning a championship in Jordan's first full season back in the league. That's the legacy, and it's really what sets the table for the 1997-98 doc to even happen anyway.

But that clip is so telling. Of Jordan, but also of us. It's compelling as hell. Jordan comes off looking like some sort of unhinged supervillain -- and we like him even more because of it. He's laughing at roadkill 24 years in his rearview. With the hand-back of a tablet, Gary Payton and SuperSonics are disposed of. It is affable arrogance, and there isn't another athlete alive today who can pull it off.

Watch it again; you know you want to. Jordan looks more villainesque than at any other point during Episodes 7 and 8, which is notable because Sunday night was supposed to be the night we had to reckon with Jordan's abusive behavior to teammates. These two episodes were to be what made us feel uncomfortable about all the praise from the prior six. These were supposed to be the two episodes that humanized -- and villainized -- the greatest basketball player in history.

Instead, the documentary continued to blast Jordan's legend and likability beyond the stratosphere. Buzzed-about behind-the-scenes footage of Jordan picking fights with (or just plain picking on) teammates were practically muted compared to legends of his alleged abusive behavior.

We predictably saw him rag on Scott Burrell and yes, we got firsthand accounts from both Jordan and Steve Kerr recalling when Jordan took a closed right fist directly into Kerr's eye socket. But even that long-established anecdote was wrapped with a bow on the doc with Kerr proclaiming it was "the best thing I ever did" to further his career and push the Bulls closer together in the infancy of that historic 1995-96 season.

Sunday night brought into focus the murder of Jordan's father, James, and how that set into motion his earth-stopping retirement in the fall of 1993. We learned two things from Jordan in Episode 7: that when the Bulls won the '93 title, his dad was the only one who really knew he was planning on retiring, and that the final conversation James and Michael Jordan ever had included a father telling his son to chase his dream of playing baseball.

James Jordan was next to Michael after the Bulls' championship-winning nights in 1991, 1992 and 1993. He's in the photos, soaked in celebration, sitting or standing beside his son in celebration.

This was juxtaposed against Jordan's beloved villainy, which was laid out in his sociopathic motivations. Inventing grudges or actions that pushed him to new levels of vengefulness. But the devil of it all is that Jordan balances this by showing how human and fragile he can be. He cares so much, his joy for killing his competition so genuine, that emotion is a finality for every ending in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997 and 1998. Each time is catharsis. And it never seems staged, forced or fake.

That's why this documentary is reeling millions in. Jordan gave a damn more than anyone ever gave a damn and losing was death.The end of Episode 8 brings around that ever-familiar image of a stretched-out Jordan on his stomach, in Chicago, crying in solitude after winning Game 6 against Seattle. His father's been dead for almost three years. You've seen this video tens if not hundreds if not thousands of times. But did you ever actually hear it? On Sunday, yes. You can hear the heaves, hear the expulsion of misery and regret, the outpouring of joy and emission of probably three or four other types of emotions that Jordan himself would have trouble articulating to this day.

That coming at the end of Episode 8 wraps a ribbon around the even more powerful conclusion to Episode 7, where again we see Jordan as villain as much as we do as hero. But instead of being animated in a comical way, he's the most emotional we've seen him so far in this doc.

What a moment. And just before that clip, Jordan's most intense, clear-eyed quote of this entire thing: "You ask all my teammates? The one thing about Michael Jordan was: He never asked me to do something that he didn't f-----g do."

That's power, that's intimidation and that's 100 percent accurate. He was the hero and he was the villain and he was everything you wanted him to be while being nothing no one else could ever be.

See the original post here:

'The Last Dance' proves why Michael Jordan is the only athlete who could ever be loved as a hero and villain - CBS Sports

That .202 hitter Michael Jordan was a better MLB prospect than, say, Tim Tebow – Yahoo Sports

Charles Barkley held court in the middle of the Angels' clubhouse one day this spring. He talked about Mike Trout and Bryce Harper, about Shohei Ohtani and Bo Jackson, about Kobe Bryant and Stephen Curry.

And then the conversation turned to Michael Jordan, and to my contention that he had been pretty good at baseball, all things considered. Barkley swatted me away as if I were a lazy jump shot.

Stop bragging about a guy hitting .200, Barkley said.

The two most famous minor leaguers of the past quarter-century are Jordan and Tim Tebow. That is often framed as an example of baseballs marketing incompetence, but the pretense that a star turn in the College World Series can juice name recognition like three NBA most valuable player awards or a Heisman Trophy is ridiculous.

Credit Jordan and Tebow for the willingness to stray from their sporting comfort zones, to risk embarrassment, to dedicate themselves to a craft at which they would be unlikely to succeed.

But know this: One of those guys could have developed into a legitimate major league prospect. Tebow is not the one.

On Sunday, "The Last Dance turns its attention to Jordans 1994 baseball sabbatical. The mythology that it was a failure was fueled largely by the Sports Illustrated cover that read Bag It, Michael! The accompanying story appeared before he had played a single minor league game, and the premise that he somehow had disgraced a Chicago White Sox team that had last won the World Series in 1917 was absurd.

The Oakland Athletics, as it turns out, got wind of Jordans baseball dreams and offered him a major league roster spot. Jordan remained loyal to Jerry Reinsdorf, owner of the White Sox and the Chicago Bulls.

The White Sox dispatched Jordan to double-A Birmingham, where he batted .202 with three home runs in 436 at-bats. He stole 30 bases, but was caught 18 times. He led Southern League outfielders with 11 errors.

Michael Jordan warms up before his first spring workout with the Chicago White Sox in Sarasota, Fla., in this 1994 photo. (Robert Sullivan / AFP via Getty Images)

Other than not having the power, he was the greatest athlete weve ever seen, a White Sox official said.

Jordan was 31. He had not played baseball since high school. Most minor leaguers dont even make it to double A. So, yeah, Mr. Barkley, Ill say that was a pretty good season, all things considered.

I agree, Sal Butera said.

Butera is a former major league catcher, and the father of former Dodgers and Angels catcher Drew Butera. He currently scouts for the Toronto Blue Jays. We called him because we wanted to check with a baseball guy who had been around long enough to have evaluated both Jordan and Tebow.

Jordan first, and with it Barkleys contention that a .200 batting average represents failure, at any level.

Charles is looking strictly at the statistic, at the number, Butera said. But, when you view a player, you look at the process. For Michael not to play, and then all of a sudden perform?

Baseball is a very difficult game to play when you take off a month.

Jordan had given the previous dozen years of his life to basketball.

His body, being that long and that angular, was a hindrance, Butera said. Having long arms is good for some things, but bad for others.

He glided on the basketball court, but he didnt really run when he ran on the baseball field. He had speed, but it was choppy. He could still move, but not with that same ease you saw on the basketball court.

Story continues

That could have been repaired with repetition, for which there is no substitute in baseball. Along the way, he might have picked up some power, which is generally the last skill to develop. But success would remain elusive until and unless he had committed years to baseball.

Michael Jordan of the Birmingham Barons runs the bases against the Memphis Chicks in August 1994. ( Jim Gund / Getty Images)

Your muscle memory as a player is so key to your performance, Butera said. You have to fall back on something.

When Michael Jordan drove to the basket or pulled up for a jumper, he did those things in his sleep. In baseball, you cant do that. Great players who have played the game their whole life can do that, but not somebody whos been removed that long. It takes time. There is no substitution for the work.

Jordan, in his only year playing baseball, had a .289 on-base percentage and a .266 slugging percentage. He struck out in 26% of his at-bats.

Tebow, 32, has played three minor league seasons, for the New York Mets. He struggled at Class A in 2017 and had moderate success at double-A, batting .273 with a .734 on-base-plus-slugging-percentage. Promoted to triple A last year, he batted .163 with a .240 on-base percentage and a .255 slugging percentage. He struck out in 41% of his at-bats.

Tim really wants to play at the big league level, Butera said. Hes put the time in. Hes gone to spring training. Hes done the instructional league. He is a huge draw. He plays hard. People love him.

Hes made strides, but not enough strides to say he is a major league prospect.

Jordan could have been one, had he stuck with baseball. Scouts say most players cannot be properly evaluated until they collect 1,000 plate appearances in the minors. Tebow has 1,048. Jordan had 497.

Butera thought back to what one of his managers, Pete Rose, used to tell him. Rose always said basketball players were the best athletes.

Asked whether Jordan or Tebow would have been the better major league prospect, Butera did not hesitate to answer. The reference to Rose's baseball sin was the bonus in the answer.

I would have put my money on Michael, Butera said, if I had to bet.

See the article here:

That .202 hitter Michael Jordan was a better MLB prospect than, say, Tim Tebow - Yahoo Sports

Kerr bewildered by lore of infamous practice fight with MJ – NBCSports.com

Talk about breaking the internet.

Imagine if, like Michael Jordan did at the age of 30, Warriors star Steph Curry announced his retirement from the Warriors and chose to take a shot at a professional golf career perhaps, like MJs baseball pursuits.

Where would Currys legacy stand among the elites from the Bay Areas rich sports history?

Lets start with where Currys career would stand had he chosen to hang up his sneakers at the age of 30. Stephs twenties ended on March 14, 2018, a season in which Curry won his third championship alongside Finals MVP Kevin Durant.

[RUNNIN' PLAYS PODCAST:Listen to the latest episode]

Curry hypothetically would have ended his NBA career with three rings, two MVP trophies, five All-Star games and two appearances on the All-NBA First-Team. For comparison, Jordan also had three championships, three NBA Finals MVP trophies, three MVP awards and an NBA Defensive Player of the Year award when he first retired in 1993.

So where would Chef Curry stack up among the Bay Areas best?

Right off the bat, 49ers icon Joe Montana has one more ring sitting within his trophy case than the Splash Brother. And Curry might be great, but people arent referring to him as the proverbial GOAT like many do with San Francisco legend Jerry Rice.

Not to mention Giants legend Barry Bonds, whose four consecutive NL MVP awards from 2001-2004 likely wont ever be replicated in the Bay Area.

Montana isnt the only Niners quarterback with some hardware, as Steve Young himself has a pair of MVP awards and three championship rings just like Curry.

[RELATED:Steph leads list of Warriors' top five biggest draft steals]

Steph undoubtedly has changed the game of basketball with his three-point ability and flair for the dramatic. He somehow might be an even better humanitarian than an athlete as hes repeatedly shown during this coronavirus pandemic, stepping up to uplift both his local and global community.

Bringing the Warriors out of obscurity as he promised during his rookie season is something that never will be forgotten by Warriors fans of all ages. KD brought the organization to its peak, but none of the success that ledto that dynasty happenswithout No. 30.

But although many of Currys fans dont have many memories of the 49ers dominance during the 1990s, youd be hard-pressed to find anyone either in or out of the sports world that was as beloved in the Bay Area as Montana and Rice were during that time.

Curry's career up to that hypothetical retirement might still land him on the Bay Area's Mt. Rushmore of legends, but a few more years likely will cement his status.

Luckily for Warriors fans, Curry didnt make the same decision Jordan made, and hopefully hell be demonstrating his talents on the basketball court again soon. He also still has plenty of years left to continue filling up his trophy case, as Curry is just 32 years old.

See the article here:

Kerr bewildered by lore of infamous practice fight with MJ - NBCSports.com

Kevin McHale weighs in on the Celtic walk and the Jordan doc – Boston Herald

Its strange to think a Friday night stroll by the Celtics 32 years ago in Pontiac, Mich., could become evidence in a larger matter before the court of public opinion. One might suspect the statute of limitations had expired.

But the Michael Jordan documentary has spawned a full docket for Cold Case: NBA. The re-litigations continue apace.

The 1988 Celts got dragged into this when the Pistons Isiah Thomas in The Last Dance and others in ensuing media interviews sought to defend their own early walk-out against the Bulls in 91. The handiest weapon of defense was that, hey, the Celtics had done it to them.

But while Isiah is quite correct to point out that things were different in that era, Detroits silent stroll by the Chicago bench was for a far more pointed reason than the Celts slightly early departure.

Kevin McHale took the stand to offer his testimony, much of which Im able to corroborate directly.

First of all, you can see why the Pistons didnt like the Bulls, the Celtic legend told the Herald. The Bulls complained all the time. Thats one thing that came across (in the documentary). Like, This is not basketball. This is thuggery. All that stuff. I thought the Bulls really disrespected what the Pistons were able to do.

But, hey, when you kill the king, you can talk (expletive).

On the other hand, the Pistons didnt so much dance on the Celtics grave when they finally overcame the Shamrock Empire. Thomas has been quoted on these pages as having great respect for the Celts and learning from them. The Cs clearly had issues with certain Pistons the Robert Parish and Larry Bird retaliation assaults on Bill Laimbeer come to mind but they were in no position to complain about mixing a little hockey with their hoops. Remember, the Lakers had been unhappy with the Celtics borderline Slap Shot style a few years prior.

We actually liked playing like that, said McHale. We didnt have any problem with the Pistons, really, until we got all beat up (with injuries). But their physicality never bothered us. I thought their physicality made us play better.

The Celts were willing to deal with that, but there was a different kind of physicality they sought to avoid with a few seconds left on the clock on June 3, 1988. The Cs were being closed out of the Eastern Conference finals in Game 6, and the venue was the Silverdome, a football stadium where a number of fans, perhaps buoyed by beer muscles, had adopted the persona of their heroes.

Someone told us to get out of there before they stormed the court, said McHale.

Security people guided the Celts off, as fans began invading the floor with three seconds left and the Pistons going to the free throw line.

You had a really long walk to get out of there, he said. It wasnt like the Garden or other places. You had a hundred yards probably before you got to the entry way to the locker rooms.

By contrast, the Pistons were at home in the new Palace of Auburn Hills when they breezed by the Bulls. No danger zone there.

But McHale also wanted to put things in context. While the NBA has become a more fraternal order in latter years, it has never had the formality of the NHLs post-series handshake line.

Im going to tell you this: of all the series that I played in all through the 80s, after a close-out game, unless you were walking with somebody you knew, you almost never said anything. You might congratulate them if you saw them later, but there wasnt a lot of talk, I mean, congratulatory or (expletive)-talking or anything, McHale said. You just kind of went in the locker room. Ninety percent of the series we won, I didnt talk to anybody. They didnt come up to me, and I didnt think they should.

But there WAS a notable conversation on that night in 88. McHale and Thomas had a brief but meaningful chat.

I knew Isiah from the Pan-Am Games, and Zeke and I have always been friends, said McHale. He said something to me, and I said, Hey, man, look, it feels just as bad to lose in The Finals as it does to lose in the Eastern Conference finals. I said, This (expletive)s not over with. You guys got another series to play, so dont celebrate too much. I said that, then I walked off. That was just my advice to him as a friend.

McHale also became friendly with Jordan later on. Kevin retired from playing in 1993 and went to work in the Timberwolves front office two years later. Hes watching The Last Dance with a more educated outlook than most.

Its interesting to me, because part of the time I was playing, and then the latter part of it I was a GM, so I saw it from different sides, he said. They dominated the 90s; theres no doubt about it. They had the dominant player. And you kind of forget some of the stuff he did. You watch it and youre like, Oh, my god. His ability to individually take over games was just unreal. They had great shooters around him, and Phil (Jackson)s system, the triangle, ended up working perfectly for those guys even though it was a bumpy road getting it going.

But I enjoy it. Living through those days and seeing him from when I was a player and then in the front office, its fun to watch it.

It didnt take long for McHale to form a solid impression of Jordan.

I remember the first time I saw him just a phenomenal athlete and in constant attack mode, he said. He wasnt as refined as he was later on, but I remember that, no matter what the score was, he would just be pushing up. Danny (Ainge) and DJ (Dennis Johnson) and those guys, they didnt want to bring the ball up against him because he was like a one-man press. He had unbelievably quick hands, quick feet.

From the little bit I got to know him early in All-Star games and stuff, I liked him. I liked his competitiveness. I like that he never quit. I didnt think he had a very good team around him in the early part of his career, and that kind of came out with the guys who were partying and all that. But then in that (1986) playoffs series, I was startled. That first game, he had (49), but it felt like we were going to win the game the whole time. And then the next game, it went overtime, and I remember after the game talking to Case (KC Jones) and I was like, Man, weve got to double-team that guy and get the ball out of his hands. That guys like a one-man wrecking crew. In Game 3, we ran at him. We just got the ball out of his hands.

The Celts won by 18 to complete the sweep, and Jordan had just 19 points on 18 shots. He had taken 41 attempts while scoring 63 in Game 2s double overtime affair. McHale remembers not bringing a change of clothes to Chicago for the third game of the best-of-five first round series:

Everybody was giving me crap. Like, What are you going to do if we lose? And I said, Well, I guess Ill smell bad.'

McHale wasnt really going out on a limb. The 85-86 Celtics, renowned as maybe the best team ever, had won 67 games. The Bulls had won 30.

I honestly never thought they had any chance of beating us, he said.

He had a much different view of things more than a decade later as general manager in Minnesota. Jordan had become a multiple-time champion and even more.

I remember (Stephon) Marbury and (Kevin) Garnett and those guys, they were literally really excited just to see him and play against him, McHale said. Thats how big Michael was. I knew Michael from playing against him and golfing with him, and I liked the guy a lot. But youd see the way our players looked at him, and thats what made me realize how much Michael was just an icon to that whole generation of guys. Then thats the way it was later with younger players and Kobe (Bryant). I had that feeling against Dr. J (Julius Erving), a little bit against Elvin Hayes and a little bit against Kareem (Abdul-Jabbar) because I remember watching that Houston-UCLA game in the Astrodome.

Now McHale is home in Arizona helping to boost ESPNs ratings, though there is one part of the doc thats made him a bit uneasy.

You know, the guy that, to me, got beat up unduly and the poor guys dead; he cant defend himself is Jerry Krause, McHale said of the Bulls embattled GM. Jerry put a lot of good pieces together. Id say, Now Jerry would you stop with saying stuff like organizations win championships (not players). Hed argue back, but Id say, We won three, Red (Auerbach) won 16, and Red would be the first one to tell you that players win. So he would say some things that would just irritate people, but I felt bad for how he came across, you know what I mean? The guy just didnt catch a break, and hes not around to defend himself.

I mentioned to McHale that the demise of his Celtics had been the basis for Krause wanting to get ahead of that demon with the Bulls in the latter 90s. It caused him to break up that club while it still had championship life.

Theres always that fine line, and Red was old school, said McHale. He was going to stick with his guys. If you bled for him, he was going to hang in there with you. Now, hell, the players leave first before you can even get a chance to trade them.

Krause wasnt the only one who took heed of the way the Bird era fizzled with injuries and age.

It affected Danny a lot, McHale said of Ainge, who jumped to make the blockbuster Paul Pierce-Garnett trade with Brooklyn. Danny was not going to wait for that.

You realize that when you are in the middle of a run, you think its never going to end. And I remember distinctly with the Celtics thinking that. From 81 through 87 wed been in The Finals five times, and through our run we went to the conference finals seven out of eight times (and the year before he got to the Celtics, as well). But you know what? When that comes to an end, man, it comes to an end fast. You get a couple of injuries and, really, its over. We were still able to win 50-something games, and the 91 season before we all got hurt, I really thought we had a chance to make another run. But, man, it just ends. So you see just how resilient Michael and Scottie (Pippen) were, how many games they were able to play and how they were able to keep their edge.

It was clearly a different time to McHale a time he thinks has largely passed.

Back then there were the kind of fly-by-night teams that would have a little run for a year or two, but we had a long run, the Lakers had a long run, Detroit actually had a long run they got to the conference finals a bunch of times, he said. But I just think its harder now to have a really long run. Youre going to see more of those two- and three- and four-year runs. But youre not going to see a decade.

And after the abuse the Pistons took for walking past the Bulls 29 years ago, youre probably not going to see another exit, stage left again, either.

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Kevin McHale weighs in on the Celtic walk and the Jordan doc - Boston Herald

Michael Jordan was motivated to try baseball by Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders – Yahoo Sports

Two-sport pro athletes are a rarity.

So it only makes sense that when Michael Jordan walked away from his life as the world's greatest basketball player in pursuit of a career in pro baseball, he looked to two of the few who had done it for inspiration.

Both Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders managed to succeed at NFL football and Major League Baseball. Jackson's major league career lasted from 1986 to 1994, including time with the White Sox. Simultaneously, he played four seasons with the Los Angeles Raiders, from 1987 to 1990. Sanders played in the NFL from 1989 to 2005, concurrently logging parts of nine seasons in the big leagues.

When Jordan showed up to spring training with the White Sox in 1994, he gave those two guys a shoutout.

"Well, I got this whole idea from Bo, from Deion, the guys who made that transition to play two sports," he said. "I always wanted to play baseball, and I kicked myself for not playing in college when I had an opportunity to play in college. I was just hoping I'd get that opportunity again, and I have.

"They gave me the motivation to at least try it. I've seen the hard work that Bo's gone through with his hip (injury) and successful achievement that he's gotten overcoming that hip (injury). I worked with Herm (Schneider, White Sox trainer), who really worked with Bo, and he's really gotten me into tip-top shape to at least try it and learn. So I feel like I'm right on schedule with that, physically."

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Jordan never did accomplish what either of those guys did, playing just one season of minor league baseball. Jackson was a human highlight reel during his major league career, which lasted only eight seasons but featured an All-Star appearance and a top-10 finish in MVP voting in 1989. Sanders, though he was a much more accomplished football player and never played anywhere close to a full big league schedule, routinely posted solid numbers and led the majors in triples in 1992.

Jordan's detour to baseball didn't last long, and he returned to the Bulls to win three more championships in the NBA. Though he's considered by many the greatest athlete ever, he never did what Jackson and Sanders did: reach the highest level in two sports.

For more behind-the-scenes tales from Michael Jordan's baseball career, listen to this recent edition of the White Sox Talk Podcast.

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Michael Jordan was motivated to try baseball by Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

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Michael Jordan was motivated to try baseball by Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders - Yahoo Sports

What in the world happened to Michael Jordans fashion sense? – Yahoo Sports

Marilyn Spiegel, an early 90s marketing whiz, sat in a meeting full of men discussing Q Scores a measure of brand familiarity and wondered, with incredulity, who wants to smell like a basketball player?

It was 1990, and Michael Jordan, the shining light of the Chicago Bulls, had signed a deal with a cologne company.

They met a few months later at Bigsby & Kruthers, a high-profile Chicago menswear retailer that once dressed His Airness. After Six, the formal-wear company where Spiegel was the vice president of marketing, was shooting Jordan in a tuxedo in the lead-up to prom season.

For After Sixs promotional shots, stylist Jane Collins dressed Jordan from only the knee up, but a photographer from People magazine, accompanying them for the shoot, was snapping full-body pictures.

Michael Jordan, modeling a line of formal wear, is fitted for a tuxedo with the help of stylist Jane Collins. (Photo by Steve Kagan/The LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images)

When the story was published in December, Spiegel found herself fielding confused callers. Somebody asked me if it's OK to wear white socks with a tuxedo, that it must be a new fashion thing because Michael had white socks on, Spiegel told Yahoo Sports over the phone. And I'd try to explain to the person, No, we didn't expect to shoot him that way.

Two years before the first Be Like Mike ad debuted, Spiegel alongside the rest of corporate America was becoming wise to the full scope of Jordans burgeoning influence.

The Last Dance has, to the shock of everyone born after 1990, featured Jordan in form-fitting, fashionable clothes. It turns out young Jordan was a style icon. The late author David Halberstam considered him the best-dressed American man next to Cary Grant. Jim Riswold, the former Wieden+Kennedy creative director behind some of Jordans most famous Nike commercials, told Yahoo Sports via email that Jordan never wore the same dress shirt twice.

Michael Jordan wears clothes that fit at a golfing event in 1989. (Getty Images)

There had to be a reason why, in the span of two decades, Jordan went from someone who deeply cared about his image to the guy who inspired a Tumblr called What the F*** is Michael Jordan Wearing? To find out why, I asked the designers and marketers who helped Jordan construct his image throughout the 90s.

Before the oversized shirts and baggy, washed-out jeans, there was Barbara Bates, who has designed clothes for the likes of Oprah, Steve Harvey and Whitney Houston.

In 1987, Bates fitted then-NBA player Sam Perkins, Jordans former teammate at the University of North Carolina. Perkins visited Bates studio and invited her to a party that night, where she met Jordan and gave him her card, which he already recognized. Bates sister gave one to him at a Bulls game.

(Bates has repurposed her studio to design PPE masks for healthcare workers, first responders, essential workers and the vulnerable. To donate, click here.)

Barbara Bates hands masks to a police officer at her studio in Chicago. (Courtesy of Barbara Bates)

Story continues

A few days later, Jordan visited Bates apartment instead of her studio, where she worried a crowd might assemble and got fitted by her tailor. I was doing lots of exotic [things] like, you know, jackets with studs all over it and colorful blazers, Bates said. It was the era of Versace. Which didnt fit Jordan.

Bates custom-made Jordans clothes for the next five years, and he never said no to any idea. Even though he wanted to have a certain look, she said, he wasn't going to dictate to you what it is that he wanted.

As far as any image he was trying to project, he just wanted whatever was really cool at the time, Bates said.

Designer Yolanda Braddy, who worked with Jordan on Space Jam, put Jordans fashion motivations this way in an email to Yahoo Sports: With MJ being the best on the court, he had to look the best off the court also.

As the years passed, Jordans physique swelled, courtesy of his trainer, Tim Grover. He used to joke with Grover that he was costing him money in thrown out clothes. One day in the mid-90s, Grover took Jordan to Burdi Clothing, a boutique designer store in Chicago.

He was a super nice guy, super smart. Everyone was in awe of him, including us. He was the most famous person in the world at that time. We would shut the store down when he came in to shop, Rino Burdi told Yahoo Sports via email. Jordan started buying sweaters and polos from Burdis, including some customized looks for Space Jam, but they had designs on more.

Andre Agassi and Michael Jordan greet each other during the 2000 ESPY Awards at MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. (Photo by SGranitz/WireImage)

After he had been shopping with us for a while, wrote Burdi, I asked my dad, Alfonso, to take some measurements for a custom suit. Jordan kept insisting that we shouldn't do it, that all of the experiences he had in the past with custom tailoring left him disappointed.

Rino went ahead anyway, designing a suit based on the measurements of Jordans sportswear.

When he came out, he was absolutely in love, Rino said. At the time, baggy, double-breasted Italian suits were en vogue. Rino left extra room for tailoring, so the jacket was extra long and pants were even wider than the edicts of the era suggested. We tried tailoring a suit the way we thought was proper, but he wanted it back to the original try-on measurements, said Rino, and his look was created. So it was that Jordan serendipitously stumbled into the attire he has adhered to since.

From the moment he became a custom client, it was a complete collaboration, Rino said. Together, theyd pick out pieces top-to-bottom that Burdis would package into travel-ready garment bags. He was so much fun to work with because he really did care about how he looked. It wasn't just clothes, it was an identity.

He was quite specific about his wardrobe for our CEO Jordan spot, recalled Riswold. It debuted in 1997, featuring Jordan sneaking out at halftime against the New York Knicks, trading his Air Jordans for brown Oxfords and his jersey for a giant, olive suit.

Michael Jordan attends a Jordan Brand exhibit in Dallas in February 2010. (Getty Images)

Its tempting to theorize about Jordans ensuing fall from fashion grace. Maybe his style is a nod to the 90s that made him. Maybe, considering how reclusive Jordan has been since retirement, he reflexively rejects the self-image he forced himself to live up to as a player. He has become less buttoned up in more than one way. Maybe its a giant flex the endorsement king of the world testing the limits of what he could make cool. That would certainly explain the Hitler mustache.

Rino Burdis simpler explanation sounds closer to the truth. Some men find their look and that's what they love and feel comfortable in, Burdi said. At the end of the day, that's what personal style is all about.

He told me once that he had always felt self-conscious in his jackets because they felt too short. He was always trying to yank them down. He loved the wider leg pant because it camouflaged how big his shoes were to how skinny his legs were.

Its hard to imagine Jordan who was known for looking good in everything feeling self-conscious, but despite being one of the worlds most esteemed image-makers, the clothes he eventually settled into serve the same purpose they do for most people: They make him feel good.

More from Yahoo Sports:

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What in the world happened to Michael Jordans fashion sense? - Yahoo Sports

The Air Jordan 1 Low Nothing But Net Features Patterns From The Infamous Barcelona Sweater – Sneaker News

Fashion, much like sneakers, has always been a part of the NBA athletes checked for their style as often as fashion models or the many style influencers. And as Jordan Brand looks to bring the trends of the past back to the forefront, it seems some retro MJ style has more recently caught their attention. Applied to the Air Jordan 1 Low, the legendary Barcelona Sweater makes its return with this Nothing But Netcolorway. The signature pattern, with tones of purple, yellow, red, and orange, zig-zags its way across the toe cap to the eye stay and then around to the heel wrap while adjacent unders and swooshes prefer white and black, respectively. Grab a detailed look at these right here, and as there is no solid release info as of current, youll likely have to wait a bit before you see them on Nike.com.

In other news, another Air Jordan 3 Fire Red is coming up.

Air Jordan 1 Low Nothing But Net

Source: @Solebyjc

Go here to read the rest:

The Air Jordan 1 Low Nothing But Net Features Patterns From The Infamous Barcelona Sweater - Sneaker News

What really started Michael Jordan’s beef with Pistons legend Isiah Thomas? – Detroit Free Press

SportsPulse: Former Bulls guard B.J. Armstrong shares his thoughts on how reporter Sam Smith's book "The Jordan Rules" impacted the team. USA TODAY

It may not be his documentary, but "The Last Dance" has boosted Isiah Thomas profile all the same.

The ESPN biopic on the 1997-98 Bulls championship team has used its first six episodes to highlight Michael Jordans rise from a North Carolina phenom to an international icon. And Thomas has had a prominent voice in the documentary thanks to his heated rivalry with Jordan, which simmerstoday.

Episodes 5 and 6 aired Sunday and chronicled Thomas infamous exclusion from the 1992 Olympic Dream Team. It was a noted moment in the Jordan-Thomas rivalry, as many, including Thomas, believed he deserved a spot.

While Jordan denied responsibility, he ultimately endorsed the decision in the documentary.

You want to attribute it to me, go ahead and be my guest," hesaid. "But it wasnt me."

Pistons guard Isiah Thomas drives to the basket defended by Bulls guard Michael Jordan during the 1989 Eastern Conference finals at Chicago Stadium.(Photo: Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE, US PRESSWIRE)

But "The Last Dance" skipped the first key moment in the Jordan-Thomas rivalry the 1985 All-Star Game. Jordan, who was rapidly emerging as the most popular player in the NBA, was voted into the game as a rookie. Allegedly, Thomas helped lead a conspiracy to downplay Jordans role in the game. Jordan was held to seven points on 2-for-9 shooting, attempting fewer shots than any of the Eastern Conference starters. The game is now widely referred to as the Freezeout.

In the first post-All Star break game, Jordan scored a career-high 49 points, 15 rebounds, five assists and four steals to lead the Bulls to an overtime win over the Pistons. A rivalry was born.

It was widely reportedthat several All-Stars in the game were annoyed by some of Jordans actions leading up to the game. But the actual extent of Thomas role in the supposed freezeout is, to this day, more speculation than fact.

On Feb. 14, a day after Jordans performance, former Free Press sports writerCharlie Vincent wrote a slightly softer account of Thomas and Jordans relationship. Before the game, Vincent wrote that an hour prior totipoff, Jordan made a point of greeting Thomas on the court in an attempt to squash any developing negative feelings between them.

I wanted to make sure everything was all right," Jordan said. I was bothered by all that talk about getting the big head. I feel a lot better now ... I feel like there was nothing to all that talk. That's why Isiah and I made a point of going on (Chicago) television at the same time."


Show Thumbnails

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According to Vincent, many of the rumors about the rocky relationship came from Dr. Charles Tucker, an adviserto both Thomas and Magic Johnson at the time. Tucker told reporters that Thomas and former Spurs star and Detroit native George Gervin denied Jordan the ball to teach him a lesson.

SEVERAL HOURS after the All-Star Game, when Tucker, Thomas and San Antonio's George Gervin met as they were preparing to board a flight for Detroit, they spoke for a minute, then broke out into gales of laughter, Vincent wrote.

"We were talking about how good they got Jordan," Tucker said in the story. "I got together with a bunch of the guys Saturday and talked about it. ... But I think some of them thought we overdid it some."

Thomas denied any involvement in the freezeout, noting that Moses Malone took only10 shots, and Sidney Moncrief took just five.

On Feb. 16, Vincent wrote a follow-up. Thomas had learned that Tucker was the source of the rumor that he had a role in freezing Jordan out of the game. Tucker proceeded to walk back his comments.

"The guys weren't serious about doing anything to Jordan, Tucker said. ... They just meant they weren't going to go out of their way for him. ...They never did plan on getting him. It was just that they weren't going to let him do what he wanted to do. They played him hard and he didn't get off. ...They might have felt he was being a little cocky, (but) as far as arrogance, you know how arrogant Isiah can be, and Magic (Johnson), too."

Pistons guard Isiah Thomas dribbles during a game against the Bulls in 1990.(Photo: DFP file photo)

Other outlets also downplayed the incident. The Chicago Tribune wrote that a reported incident where Jordan ignored Thomas while standing in an elevator actually didnt happen.

I was very upset when I read that, Thomas said in the story. It could affect a potential friendship between me and Michael.

''He`s a nice guy, and my cousin Darren, the Bulls'ball boy, he hangs around him, he continued. My mom has invited Michael over for dinner a couple of times. It just isn`t true. Michael and I talked a couple of times down there.''

That friendship never came into fruition, of course. The heated battles between the Bulls and Pistons in 1989, 1990 and 1991, culminating with Thomas and many of his teammates walking off the floor before the conclusion of the 1991 Eastern Conference finals, destroyed any chance of it.

Jordan still has strong feelings toward Thomas. In Episode 5, of "The Last Dance," he acknowledged that he believes Thomas wouldve negatively affectedthe Dream Teams chemistry.

He did have one compliment for him, though.

"I respect Isiah Thomas talent, Jordan said. To me, the best point guard of all time is Magic Johnson and right behind him is Isiah Thomas. No matter how much I hate him, I respect his game."

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What really started Michael Jordan's beef with Pistons legend Isiah Thomas? - Detroit Free Press

Mark Cuban pitched Michael Jordan on joining the Mavericks in 2001 by promising he’d ‘do whatever it takes to win’ – CNBC

In 2001, Mark Cuban was in just his third season as the owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, when Michael Jordan arguably the greatest basketball player ever to play the game announced that he was coming out of retirement to return to the NBA.

So Cuban took his shot. And that meant promising the six-time NBA champion that Cuban would do "whatever it takes" to create a winning environment around Jordan, the billionaire entrepreneur tells CNBC Make It.

Cuban, who is now also a star of ABC's "Shark Tank," sat down with Jordan and the player's agent, David Falk, to make his pitch for "Air Jordan" to join the Mavericks for the 2001 NBA season, Cuban recently told Dallas' 105.3 The Fan in a radio interview.

The only problem was that Jordan had already announced his plans to play for the Washington Wizards, the team he had joined as a minority owner and president of basketball operations a year earlier.

But Cuban still felt like it was worth getting a meeting with Jordan and Falk to see if he could make a winning sales pitch. When Cuban went to Falk's office, he told The Fan, Jordan's contract with the Wizards was in the office, waiting to be signed.

"I went to David Falk's office and all the papers were right there," Cuban said. "And I was trying to convince MJ to not sign them and to do something with the Mavs."

So what exactly was Cuban's sales pitch? Essentially, Cuban told Jordan that he'd have a better shot at winning another title if he played for the Mavericks instead of the Wizards, Cuban tells CNBC Make It.

"'We are going to be better, and I'll be more creative and aggressive and will do whatever it takes to win,'" Cuban says he told Jordan in that meeting.

However, Cuban still couldn't talk Jordan out of honoring his agreement with the Wizards.

"He was a man of his word and said he wouldn't go back on his commitment," Cuban says of Jordan. "So that part of the meeting was very, very, very short."

To be fair, the odds were likely stacked against Cuban convincing Jordan to ditch his deal with the Wizards. After all, that team had essentially given Jordan full control to dictate the terms of his NBA return, with Jordan running the team's basketball operations and even hiring Doug Collins (his friend and former coach with the Chicago Bulls) as the Wizards' head coach.

Still, Cuban certainly had a point with regard to the Mavericks' chances of fielding a winning team. Even without Jordan in tow, Dallas averaged more than 58 wins (in an 82 game schedule) over the next two seasons, finishing in second place in their division twice and reaching the conference finals in the playoffs in 2003.

By contrast, Jordan and the Wizards won only 37 games in each of those two seasons and failed to make the playoffs at all before Jordan retired again in 2003.

Jordan wasn't the only former member of the Chicago Bulls' mid-1990s dynasty who Cuban had sought for the Mavericks. Cuban had briefly signed Jordan's former teammate, Dennis Rodman, shortly after Cuban bought the Mavericks in 2000. Rodman only played 12 games with the Mavericks that season before being released mid-season, but the NBA Hall-of-Famer still says he "learned a lot" from Cuban during his time in Dallas.

Neither Falk nor a spokesperson for Jordan immediately responded to CNBC Make It's request for comment.

Disclosure: CNBC owns the exclusive off-network cable rights to "Shark Tank."

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Mark Cuban pitched Michael Jordan on joining the Mavericks in 2001 by promising he'd 'do whatever it takes to win' - CNBC

Packers pass catchers weigh in on drafting of Jordan Love – WBAY

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - It seems like the whole world is ready to offer an opinion on the Packers drafting of quarterback Jordan Love.But outside opinions don't matter. However, insiders -- a receiver who played with Aaron Rodgers during his transition to starter in 2008, plus a current receiver -- shed some light on how they see things.

I don't think I was surprised, said Packers all-time leading receiver Donald Driver. But I think the world was. The world was like 'what is going on?' But we know Jordan Love is not coming in to take Aaron Rodgers' spot right now. But we all know Aaron Rodgers is not going to play forever. We want that and we would love that. It's the same thing we wanted with Brett, but that doesn't happen. We all have to sooner or later put our cleats on a shelf and walk away from the game. I did. It's not that anyone took my spot. I was that I was 38 years old and had to figure out what was the plan. And was I done playing the game? No. But I felt like I didn't want to play for another team and I hung it up. And I think one day Aaron is going to sit back someday and say, 'Hey Jordan, here you go.' And if it's not Jordan it will be another quarterback.

I mean our GM said it a while ago, that he'll never pass up on a good quarterback, said Packers 3rd-year receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling. Our quarterback that we have now is great, the best quarterback to ever throw a football. It's kind of the same thing as when he came in, learning under a great quarterback in Brett Favre. Aaron is going to plan on being our quarterback for years to come, until he is ready to stop playing. There's not a doubt. There is no competition battle or anything like that. 12 is the guy and he is going to be the guy until he is ready to stop playing football. So we can nip that in the bud now.

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Packers pass catchers weigh in on drafting of Jordan Love - WBAY

Michael Jordan – Wife, Stats & Age – Biography

Who Is Michael Jordan?

Michael Jeffrey Jordan is a former professional American basketball player, Olympic athlete, businessperson and actor. Considered one of the best basketball players ever, he dominated the sport from the mid-1980s to the late 1990s.

Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to six National Basketball Association championships and earned the NBA's Most Valuable Player Award five times. With five regular-season MVPs and three All-Star MVPs, Jordan became the most decorated player in the NBA.

Jordan was born on February 17, 1963, in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up in Wilmington, North Carolina, Jordan developed a competitive edge at an early age. He wanted to win every game he played.

Jordan grew up with a stable family life. His mother, Delores, was a bank teller who has since written several books. His father, James, was a maintenance worker turned manager at General Electric.Jordan had four siblings: Larry, Deloris, Roslyn and James Jr.

Jordan's father,James, introduced him to baseball and built a basketball court in their backyard. James was murdered in the summer of 1993 when two teenagers shot him in his car in an apparent robbery as he was driving from Charlotte to Wilmington,North Carolina. He went missing for 11 days until hisbody was found in a swamp in McColl, South Carolina. The teens were later tried and convicted of the crime and received life sentences for first-degree murder.

Jordan enrolled at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1981 and soon became an important member of the school's basketball team. UNC won the NCAA Division I championship in 1982, with Jordan scoring the final basket needed to defeat Georgetown University. He was also singled out as the NCAA College Player of the Year in 1983 and in 1984.

Jordan left college after his junior year to join the NBA in 1984. In 1985, Jordan finished his bachelor's degree in geography as he continued to play basketball professionally.

Jordan began his professional basketball career when he was drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 1984. He was the third overall pick, behind Hakeem Olajuwon, who was selected first by the Houston Rockets, and Sam Bowie, taken by thePortland Trail Blazers; the draft also featured legendary players John Stocktonand Charles Barkley.

Jordan soon proved himself on the court. He helped the team make the playoffs and scored an average of 28.2 points per game that season. For his efforts, Jordan received the NBA Rookie of the Year Award and was selected for the All-Star Game.

While his second season was marred by injury, he was breaking new ground on the court during the 1986-87 season. He became the first player since Wilt Chamberlain to score more than 3,000 points in a single season.

By the late 1980s, the Chicago Bulls were quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with, and Jordan was an instrumental part of the team's success.

The Bulls made it to the Eastern Conference Finals in 1990 and won their first NBA championship the following year by defeating the Los Angeles Lakers. Jordan was well known by then for his superior athleticism on the court and for his leadership abilities.

In 1992, the Chicago Bulls beat the Portland Trail Blazers to win their second NBA championship. The team took their third championship the following year, dominating in the basketball world.

Following a short stint in minor league baseball, in March 1995 Jordan returned to the basketball court for the Chicago Bulls. He came back even stronger the following year, averaging 30.4 points per game to lead the Bulls to a then-record 72 regular-season wins before they defeated the Seattle SuperSonics for the NBA championship.

Chicago nearly matched the previous year's record with 69 wins in 1996-97, a season that ended with a six-game win over the Utah Jazz in the NBA Finals. The two teams faced each other again for the championship in 1998, with Jordan sinking the winning shot in Game 6 to claim his sixth NBA title.

Michael Jordan takes a layup against the New York Knicks during the NBA game at Madison Square Garden on April 19, 1997, in New York City, New York.

Photo: Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE 1997 via Getty Images

After his second retirement from basketball in 1999, Jordan joined the Washington Wizards in 2000 as a part owner and as president of basketball operations.

In the fall of 2001, Jordan relinquished these roles to return to the court once more. He played for the Wizards for two seasons before retiring for good in 2003.

During the summer of 1984, Jordan made his first appearance at the Olympic Games as a member of the U.S. Olympic basketball team. The team won the gold at the games that year, which were held in Los Angeles.

Jordan later helped the American team bring home the gold medal at the 1992 Olympic Games, held in Barcelona, Spain.

Over the 19 years since beginning his professional basketball career, Jordan retired from the sport three times. He first retired in 1993 and again in 1998, then finally hung up his jersey for good in 2003.


In a move that shocked many, after the end of the 1992-93 basketball season, Jordan announced his retirement from basketball to pursue baseball. For one year, in 1994, Jordan played for a minor league team, the Birmingham Barons, as an outfielder.

This decision came shortly following the murder of Jordan's father, who always wanted him to play baseball. He had last played baseball as a high school senior, in 1981.

"You tell me I can't do something, and I'm going to do it," Jordan said.

During his short career in baseball, which many fans considered a whim, Jordan had a rather dismal .202 batting average. However many of the people who worked with him at the time said he was an extremely dedicated player with potential.

"He had it all. Ability, aptitude, work ethic. He was always so respectful of what we were doing and considerate of his teammates. Granted, he had a lot to learn,"said former Barons manager Terry Francona. "I do think with another 1,000 at-bats, he would've made it. But there's something else that people miss about that season. Baseball wasn't the only thing he picked up. I truly believe that he rediscovered himself, his joy for competition. We made him want to play basketball again."

After his season with the Barons, Jordan wentto the Arizona Fall League to play for the Scottsdale Scorpions. After hitting .252 and naming himself the team's "worst player," he returned to the NBA in March 1995 with a two-word press release: "I'm back."

Outside of his career in basketball, Jordan has been involved in a number of profitable business and commercial ventures.Between his profitable Nike partnership and his ownership of the Charlotte Hornets, Forbes estimated Jordan's net worth to be over $1 billion in2018.

Jordan signed his first deal with Nike in 1984, and hecurrently serves on the Nike Inc. board of directors.

Nike launched the signature Air Jordan basketball sneakers in 1985.In its initial contract, Nike gave Jordan a generous 25 percent in royalties.

The Air Jordan quickly proved very popular, and it continues to be a best-seller for the apparel maker more than 30 years later. The collaboration mints money for Nike and Jordan, with Nike reporting nearly $2.9 billionin revenue for the Air Jordan line in 2018.

Over the years, Jordan has signed a number of other endorsement deals with brands including Hanes, Upper Deck, Gatorade, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Chevrolet and Wheaties.

Jordan made a big splash in film as the star of the 1996 movie Space Jam. The film mixed live action and animation and paired Jordan with cartoon legends Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck on screen.

Michael Jordan in 'Space Jam'

Photo: Warner Bros/Everett

In 2006, Jordan bought a share of the Charlotte Hornets (formerly known as the Bobcats) and joined the team's executive ranks as its managing member of basketball operations. In 2010, he became the majority owner of the Charlotte Hornets and serves as the team's chairman.

Improving the team's less-than-stellar record seemed to be Jordan's priority. He told ESPN in November 2012 that "I don't anticipate getting out of this business. My competitive nature is I want to succeed. It's always been said that when I can't find a way to do anything, I will find a way to do it." While the Hornets' on-court record isn't hugely successful, the organization has grown from a $175 million valuation in 2006 to$1.05 billion in 2018.

In 1998, Jordan launched into the restaurant business as the owner of Michael Jordans The Steak House N.Y.C. Designed to reflect Jordans tastes and style, this typical steakhouse seated 150 and 60 at the bar, occupying 7,000 square feet in Grand Central Terminal, before closing in late 2018. Jordan also opened restaurants in Chicago, at the Mohegan Sun casino in Uncasville, Connecticut, and at the Ilani Casino Resort in Ridgefield, Washington.

From 2001 through 2014, Jordan hosted an annual charity golf event known as the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational, with proceeds benefiting foundations including Make-A-Wish, Cats Care, the James R. Jordan Foundation, Keep Memory Alive and Opportunity Village.

The four-day tournament and celebration attracted celebrity participants including Wayne Gretzky, Michael Phelps, Chevy Chase, Samuel L. Jackson and Mark Wahlberg.

Jordan received his first Most Valuable Player Award from the NBA in 1988an honor he would earn four more times, in 1991, 1992, 1996 and 1998.

In April 2009, Jordan received one of basketball's greatest honors: He was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Attending the induction ceremony was a bittersweet affair for Jordan because being at the event meant "your basketball career is completely over," he explained.

In 2016, Jordan was presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by PresidentBarack Obama.

48 inches

In 1989, Jordan married Juanita Vanoy. The couple had three children together: Jeffrey, Marcus and Jasmine. After 17 years of marriage, they divorced in December 2006.

On April 27, 2013, Jordan married 35-year-old Cuban American model Yvette Prieto in Palm Beach, Florida. Tiger Woods, Spike Lee and Patrick Ewing, among other celebrities, reportedly attended the wedding ceremony. The couple welcomed twin daughters, Victoria and Ysabel, in February 2014.

Jordan and Juanita's two sons, Jeffrey and Marcus, both played basketball in college and had dreams of making it to the NBA.

Jeffrey joined the basketball team at the University of Illinois in 2007. Both Jordan and his ex-wife Juanita supported their son and tried to help him deal with playing in the shadow of an NBA legend.

"The thing that we have tried to tell Jeff is that you set your own expectations. By no means in this world can you ever live up to someone else's expectations of who you are," Jordan said during an appearance on the Today show.

Jeffrey played for the University of Illinois for three seasons, from 2007 to 2010. He then played for the University of Southern Florida for one season, from 2011 to 2012, before retiring from basketball. He later entered a management training program at Nike.

Jordan's younger son Marcus also played basketball for the UCF Knights, for three seasons from 2009 to 2012. He went on to open a basketball shoe and apparel store in Florida.

"They wanted to be like their dad. What boy doesn't? But they both got to a point where they said, 'We're not going to the NBA'," said Juanita in 2013.

After the 2019-20 NBA season was halted by the coronavirus pandemic, ESPN's spring 2020 airing of The Last Dance, a 10-part documentary about the Jordan-led 1997-98 Bulls, became must-watch viewing for basketball fans. Along with featuring archival footage of Jordan and interviews with teammates and opponents, The Last Danceexplored the tension between the Bulls' front office and its peerless superstar over his final triumphant year with the team.

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Michael Jordan - Wife, Stats & Age - Biography

Air Jordans | Stadium Goods

Thirteen years. It's been that long since Michael Jeffrey Jordan last graced a NBA floor, and yet his name will be forever mentioned with reverence thanks to Air Jordan and Jordan shoes. The Wilmington, North Carolina, natives legacy in professional basketball is cemented; the same can be said about his Air Jordan line singlehandedly the most influential signature sneaker line ever. The story begins in 1985, when Nike released the Air Jordan 1. Designed by Peter Moore, inspired by the Dunk silhouette, Jordans inaugural shoes reign on top was shorter than Leprechauns. Banned. That was the NBAs mandate, citing the black and red colorway as reprehensible by the leagues standard of players outfitted in simple black or white shoes. Its Italian-made successor, the Air Jordan 2, saw better results. But it wasnt until 1988, when Nike designer Tinker Hatfield jumped on board to create the elephant-print clad Air Jordan 3, that the Air Jordan story really came together. Director Spike Lee was commissioned to make the kicks larger than life in an iconic run of television spots. During this time, MJs star was rising, as the Chicago Bulls proved to be viable NBA championship contenders. Things changed with the arrival of the 90s. Michael and the Bulls won three straight NBA titles; he retired in 1993 after the tragic death of his father to chase a career playing baseball; he returned to the game mid-season in 1995, winning another three consecutive championships between the 95-96 and 97-98 seasons. And while this was happening, Hatfield was there, creating the footwear Jordan wore each night pushing the needle one innovative silhouette at a time. A cannon of sneakers that pushed the boundaries of design and branding, one that continues to embrace this generation's athletes under the Jordan Brand umbrella. Air Jordan is synonymous with innovation. From 1985 'til infinity.

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Air Jordans | Stadium Goods

Urban Dictionary: Jordan

A boy unlike any other. One you can truly see yourself being with for the rest of your life. He is the boy you'd die for. You look at him, and your heart will just.. melt. Everything you thought you knew about 'love' changes into something you never could have imagined because of this boy. Once you were broken, and now you are fixed. You can almost feel the emotion in his texts, you can HEAR the truth in his words, you can listen to the rhythmic sounds of love in every single one of his heart beats. You'll want to marry this boy. I promise you. His smile could make the strongest of hearts melt. His laugh could give you so many butterflies that they'll fill your entire stomach and send them flying out of your toes. You'll instantly fall in love with him. Nothing else matters but him. Your head is filled with thoughts of him. Everything reminds you of him. A minute feels like a lifetime with him not around. The memories with a Jordan could pierce the soul. You could never bring yourself to leave him. Never. No matter what he did, when you know that you're all his.. it doesn't ever matter. You spend days with him, and when he leaves, it feels as though it's been 5 minutes. You feel like, in order to feel whole, you need to be around him. To see those amazing eyes and have him hold you in his arms. You love him. You love him always.. Having a Jordan in your life is not always a privilege, but the one i have is surely #1, and i never want to lose my Jordan.


Urban Dictionary: Jordan

Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance: Air Jordan 1 ‘Chicago’ prices double – Insider – INSIDER

Sunday's most recent episodes of ESPN's 10-part Michael Jordan documentary "The Last Dance" focused heavily on Jordan's relationship with Nike.

Since, resale prices for the Air Jordan 1 "Chicago" have doubled, according to Highsnobiety.

Released in September 1985, the red, white, and black sneakers are one of Air Jordan's most iconic and recognizable products. Originally sold at a price of just $65, the most recent release of the sneakers, which came in 2015, sell for an average of $836, according to StockX.

As of Sunday, pairs have started to sell foras much as $1,700.

CNN reports that since the first episode of The Last Dance aired on April 19, the average resale price for a pair of Chicagos has been $1,241.

"That sneaker started a revolution, it sparked a fire that even 35 years later still burns bright," Paul Barber, a sneaker artist and collector from the UK told CNN. "The Jordan 1 is symbolic."

"People see you in that sneaker and they know instantly that you're into your kicks. You'll see people check out your sneakers and they'll give you a little nod of the head of appreciation."

In Russ Bengtson's 2018Slam Online article titled "Change the Game: How The Air Jordan 1 Transformed Sneaker Culture," he wrote: "If it's hard to separate the Air Jordan 1 from sneaker culture, it's because most of what we know as 'sneaker culture' sprung up around the Air Jordan 1 itself."

Jordans in general are proving popular right now, with the shoes making up four of the top five "most popular" shoes listed on StockX as of Wednesday morning.

StockX's most popular sneakers as of Wednesday morning. StockX

Sunday's new episodes shed light on Jordan's initial reticence to partner with Nike in his early career, with the future GOAT favoring Adidas. Jordan said he was forced by his parents to listen to Nike's offer, and the rest is history.

"My mother said, 'You're going to go listen. You may not like it, but you're going to go listen,'" Jordan said. "She made me get on that plane and go listen."

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Where Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman's interviews were filmed in 'The Last Dance'

Michael Jordan has made $1.3 billion from his 36-year partnership with Nike. He originally wanted to sign with Adidas before his parents made him listen to Nike's offer.

Director of 'The Last Dance' says he had to 'work hard' to get insight from Kobe Bryant about Michael Jordan

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Michael Jordan's The Last Dance: Air Jordan 1 'Chicago' prices double - Insider - INSIDER

McCarthy embraces ex-rival Jordan as the top partisan fighter – POLITICO

"Donald Trump had a no more ferocious partisan defender than Jim Jordan throughout the impeachment proceedings in the House," said Raskin, who also tangled publicly with Jordan recently over the issue of whether members should wear face masks during the coronavirus pandemic. "He's a man of real talent but where does the Constitution fit in, where does the public interest fit in? It's not clear to me."

"You shouldn't make a career out of defending people who abuse their power," Raskin added.

But for many Republicans, Jordan is a battle-tested warrior who knows how to push an aggressive message. He played a starring role in the Houses impeachment battle last year as a temporary member of the Intelligence Committee a move that was encouraged by Trump, but enabled by McCarthy.

Earlier this year, GOP lawmakers with McCarthys blessing elected Jordan to serve as ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee, hoping to put Trumps fiercest defender on the front lines of combating Democratic oversight efforts.

Former Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), meanwhile, was tapped to be the ranking member on Oversight. When Meadows resigned from Congress to become Trumps chief of staff in March, Jordan took back the reins on Oversight. And with the coronavirus pandemic keeping lawmakers away from the Capitol, there are no immediate plans to replace Jordan, leaving him as the top Republican on two key panels.

Jordan has earned leaderships trust and is seen as a team player, a dramatic reversal from how he was seen just a short time ago. The Ohio Republican first elected to Congress in 2006 was a thorn in the side of GOP leadership when they were in the majority.

Jordan and Meadows used the hard-line conservative House Freedom Caucus to go after McCarthy and other party leaders, often wrecking top Republicans plans on spending bills or other measures. After Trump was elected, the pair would go over leaderships head to pitch their plans directly to the president, playing to his most antagonistic instincts on high-profile issues. Jordan and Meadows helped push Trump to engage in the disastrous 2018 government shutdown, for instance, despite heavy opposition from McCarthy and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).

McCarthys newfound alliance with Jordan is sure to earn him plaudits with conservatives down the road, support the California Republican may need if the GOP doesnt win back the House in November.

This is all about internal Republican politics, griped one GOP lawmaker. Appease the hard right at all costs.

Yet Republicans repeatedly described Jordan's ability to help boost the profile of younger members as one reason he's fostered fierce loyalty among his colleagues. Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida said Jordan has made a concerted effort to mentor junior lawmakers including himself, as well as Reps. Elise Stefanik of New York and Kelly Armstrong of New Dakota to become more effective in high profile hearings. Rep. Jamie Comer (R-Ky.) said Jordan allows less senior members to take starring roles in committee hearings that feature issues they care about and know well.

Another huge plus for Jordan is that his growing national profile as a Trump ally has turned him into a fundraising power house. Jordan has $2.6 million cash on hand and has fundraised for dozens of his GOP colleagues.

Multiple lawmakers also credited McCarthy with being willing to set aside his adversarial relationship with Jordan for the good of the Republican Conference.

"It says a lot about McCarthy too that he's secure enough to use the guy who ran against him for speaker. They both get along great now," Comer said. "They're stronger working together than fighting each other.

Comer recalled Jordan allying with McCarthy a few weeks ago to pass a bipartisan bill updating federal surveillance laws that had been panned by the Freedom Caucus. Comer said Jordan stood up against his longtime allies to help make the case for the bill.

Jim is an excellent investigator and has an excellent team, said Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.), a conservative hard-liner who serves on the Judiciary panel and is the new chief of the Freedom Caucus. He is dogged in his pursuit for truth, and so I think hes a perfect choice.

Jim is our most talented member, and Jim is our hardest working member. Kevin is our most likable member. Together, they've made a great team, added Gaetz.

Both [McCarthy and Jordan] recognize their own strengths and weaknesses and both have realized that they work together as a team, he said. I don't think that realization would have occurred in the norms of Washington absent the crucible of impeachment.

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McCarthy embraces ex-rival Jordan as the top partisan fighter - POLITICO