West Torrens Birkalla vs Adelaide Comets Predictions, Tips …

West Torrens Birkalla


Adelaide Comets


Goals scored per match


Goals conceded per match


Goals conceded – HOME

Goals conceded – AWAY



Chance to score goal next match

Chance to concede goal next match



Failure to score matches

Clean sheet matches



Matches over 2.5 goals

Matches over 3.5 goals


40 %

Both teams score – YES

63.64 %

60 %

Both teams score – NO

36.36 %

50 %

Matches with ODD score

72.73 %

50 %

Matches with EVEN score

27.27 %


Average win odd – 1X2



Average win odd – BTTS



Average win odd – O/U 2.5



Matches WON being favorite



Matches LOST being favorite



Matches WON being underdog



Matches LOST being underdog


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West Torrens Birkalla vs Adelaide Comets Predictions, Tips …

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Title Length Color Rating The Study of Comets and Asteroids – … Astronomers categorize comets into two groups. Short and long period comets due to the time they take to orbit the sun. Short period comets take less than two hundred years while long period comets take two hundred or more years. Astronomers doubt that short-period comets come from the Kuiper belt which is basically a band of objects close to Plutos orbit. They believe that the gravitational pull of the planets can cause an object to be dislodged into the Solar system and turn into comets…. [tags: gas, energy, sun, astronomers] 763 words (2.2 pages) Better Essays [preview] The Age Of Comets – The article summarized below is from THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC (issue Dec.97) by William R. Newcott. It tells about how comets are important and their effect on earth and its people.Comets are leftover scrubs of material that did not make it to planethood in the events creating our solar system. They orbit in a perpetual Deepfreeze until some subtle gravitational nudge upsets the delicate balance. The Great Falls begins. First a snowball drifts towards the sun and steadily accelerates. As solar radiation heats the comets the ice within sublimates, escaping as gas from vents from the surface…. [tags: essays research papers] 387 words (1.1 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Comets – Comets Have you ever looked up in the sky and seen a little ball creeping by. If so, did you wonder what it was. That little ball is called a comet. Comets are small, fragile, and irregularly shaped. Most are composed of frozen gas. However, some are composed of frozen gas and non-volatile grains. They usually follow very strict paths around the sun. Comets become most visible when they cross the sun. This also applies to people who view comets with telescopes. When a comet gets near the sun it becomes very visible because the sun’s radiation starts to sublime its volatile gases, which, in turn, blow away small bits of the little solid material the comet has…. [tags: Astronomy Essays Space Outer] 1881 words (5.4 pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Comets – COMETS Comets have been witnessed ever since man has been speculating about objects in the nighttime sky and appear in records from the beginning of recorded civilization (Schweighauser 20). Comets are made up of four distinct features. The first is the nucleus. The nucleus is made up of frozen gases, mostly water vapor with lesser amounts of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, and imbedded in the frozen gases are interplanetary dust and tiny fragments of stony and metallic meteoric material…. [tags: essays research papers] 452 words (1.3 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Comets – Comets What is Cometography. Cometography is a four-volume project I have been working on since the mid-1970s. Jump-started by comet Kohoutek of 1973-1974, I began researching comets and immediately found myself becoming more and more intrigued by them. It was fascinating to read about comets that unexpectedly split, brightened, or faded. There were also interesting stories concerning the discovery circumstances of some comets, as well as tales about how comets affected cultures. As I continued reading I found that, back in 1967, the International Astronomical Union suggested that an up-to-date descriptive catalog of comets or “cometography” was needed…. [tags: Essays Papers] 884 words (2.5 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Comets – Naked Eye Appearance: Seeing a comet with the naked eye is a somewhat rare occurrance. On the average we get a naked-eye comet once every five or six years and this includes comets that become barely visible to the naked eye. Classic comets with long tails only appear about once every 10-12 years. The motion is very difficult to detect and comparing its place with naked-eye stars over several days is the only way to see it move. In general, comets are best observed with telescopes or binoculars…. [tags: essays research papers] 1052 words (3 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Comets – The first written records of comets date back to nearly 3,000 years ago from China and Europe. The accounts of these comets were believed to be the causes of terrible events that occurred afterwards. In more recent times, however, astronomers have found out what they really are. A comet is basically a mixture of ices, from both water and frozen gases, and dust. They have also been given the names dirty snowballs or icy mud balls. The typical comet is less than 10 kilometers across. They spend most of their time frozen solid in the outer parts of our solar system…. [tags: essays research papers fc] :: 2 Works Cited 2350 words (6.7 pages) Powerful Essays [preview] The Iceman Cometh by Eugene O’Neill – Eugene ONeill was the leading playwright in America in the first half of the 20th century. In his entire artistic career, He completed nearly 50 plays, which deal with a wide variety of subjects, concerning issues in religion, society, family and humanity. As a pioneer of modern American theatre, he made a great contribution to American drama, American culture and American ideas. The critical studies of Eugene ONeill have long since focused in his expressionistic techniques, his tragic tensions, his tragic consciousness, and his philosophy…. [tags: playwriter, artistic career] :: 9 Works Cited 1355 words (3.9 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Denial in The Iceman Cometh – Denial in The Iceman Cometh Denial is the refusal to admit the truth. It is the refusal to accept or acknowledge the reality or validity of a thing or idea. Many characters in The Iceman Cometh suffer from denial and false hope. O’Neill places these characters in the appropriate setting in which they are able to fantasize about their dreams. Amidst the drunken and misguided characters, O’Neill presents a few that the reader builds hope and sympathy for. Each character uses a pipe dream in order to be able to become blind to their downfalls and to reality…. [tags: Papers] 1527 words (4.4 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Napoleon Bonaparte- Pride Cometh Before a Fall – 1769 was a distinct year in France. With the French Revolution just 20 years away, France was beginning to experience social and political unrest. This also marked the beginning of Europes industrial revolution and the Battle of Ponte Novu was fought on May 8th. This battle was important because it was the end of the Corsican War, which resulting in France occupying the island. The 1770s saw a period of greater social unrest and political turmoil. The American Revolution began in 1776 and thoughts of liberty and justice were also making their way across the Atlantic to France…. [tags: Biography ] :: 6 Works Cited 1706 words (4.9 pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Importance of the Cosmos – The Cosmos dictate the life and death of every organism within its grasps. The universe gave birth to us and will eventually lead to the end of all human existence. What lies in the vast emptiness of space carries a great amount of crucial knowledge that all humans should be aware of. The cosmos should be an important subject in the life of any human who cherishes their life. Our universe should be of great importance to all people. A single event created everything we see today; time, space, and all matter including humans…. [tags: Universe, space, time] :: 4 Works Cited 1402 words (4 pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Content Analysis: An Examination of Web-based Orientation Materials – … 47). That is, processing information is an extensive undertaking and is best practiced when both content and visual information are provided to the learner. There is not prior evidence that organizations are employing this type of training. The current research in information overload, cognitive theory of multimedia learning, and visual communication leads me to the following research questions: (RQ1) How are organizations using visuals to communicate messages, (RQ2) What type of information is included in orientation materials, and (RQ3) How do visuals enhance the content provide to the learn…. [tags: orientation process, new comers] :: 12 Works Cited 1409 words (4 pages) Term Papers [preview] the earths wind – Extras Meteors A brilliant meteor, called a fireball, may weigh many kilograms, but even a meteor weighing less than a gram can produce a beautiful trail. Some of these visitors from space are large enough to survive (at least partially) their trip through the atmosphere and impact the ground as meteorites. Fireballs are sometimes followed by trails of light that persist for up to 30 minutes; some, called bolides, explode with a loud thunderous sound. Meteoroids The term meteor comes from the Greek meteoron, meaning phenomenon in the sky…. [tags: essays research papers] 484 words (1.4 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Haley’s Comet is Only Comet Visible from Earth with Naked Eye – … The comets tail extended nearly 60 degrees across the sky. This sighting was written by astronomers in Japan, China, Germany, and the Middle East. Halley was seen in England in 1066, and it was thought to be a bad omen, for later that same year, Harold II of England died. William the Conquerer interpreted Halley as the cause for his success in battle, as the comet is depicted on the Bayeux Tapestry as a flaming star in Williams honor. Additionally, in 1301, the Italian painter Giotto di Bondone made a skillfully precise painting of Halleys Comet in a family chapel based on its passing that year…. [tags: orbit, astronomy, solar system] 899 words (2.6 pages) Better Essays [preview] Explaining Dinosaurs’ Extintion – … A new study implies that the crater was most likely struck out by a smaller object than previously thought. The evidence of the space rocks impact comes from a worldwide layer of sediments containing high levels of the element iridium, dubbed the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary, which could not have occurred on Earth naturally (Lewis, 2013). This theory suggests that the space rock created less debris than previously believed, suggesting the space rock was a smaller object. This means that in order for the smaller rock to have generated the giant crater, it had to have been going extremely fast…. [tags: asteroid, major climatic changes, volcano] 1391 words (4 pages) Research Papers [preview] And then God Created Jupiter – The sun is the center of the solar system, the great star in the sky, created by God to show His beauty and His power. Everything revolves around the sun, everything from the planets to peoples everyday lives. Some of the greatest planets God created are Earth and Jupiter; they are both key planets in the solar system but are both quite different. Jupiter is the planet of disproportions and storms that would rip Earth in pieces. On Jupiter there are hurricanes bigger than planet Earth itself, moons that could be called planets if they were not in Jupiters orbit, and a size so big it can swallow comets whole with only ripples in the planets clouds…. [tags: religious astronomy] :: 5 Works Cited 1247 words (3.6 pages) Strong Essays [preview] EPOXI to Comet Hartley 2 – EPOXI combines two-science investigation in a new mission that re-uses the Deep Impact spacecraft already in orbit around the Sun (National 1). EPOCH stands for extra solar planet observation and characterization and DIXI stands for the deep impact extended investigation of comets. Through combining EPOCH and DIXI that is how NASA got EPOXI. EPOXI embraces NASAs mission to explore the origin and history of our solar system by understanding the composition and diversity of cometary nuclei and the properties of other planetary systems (National 1)…. [tags: NASA Essays] :: 5 Works Cited 992 words (2.8 pages) Better Essays [preview] Poety Analysis: Adrienne Rich Poetry – Much of Adrienne Richs poetry is applauded for its rhythm and form, which helps emphasize the meaning of each poem. The freely placed lines and unique structure do not break up the poem, instead they bring power and significance to the unique features of her individual poems, stressing the meaning of the poem to the reader. Concretely, her poems have much imagery, and, also, most of the time, lack comment or conclusion to the emotions and purpose of her work. The structure, form, and rhythm of Richs poetry work together flawlessly to help portray the meaning of the poem, separate from just the images themselves…. [tags: rhytm, form, power] :: 6 Works Cited 2095 words (6 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Solar Nebula Cause Planet Formation – … In the solar nebula, tiny grains stuck together and created bigger grains that grew into clumps, possibly held together by electrical forces similar to those that make lint stick to your clothes. Subsequent collisions, if not too violent, allowed these smaller particles to grow into objects ranging in size from millimeters to kilometers. These larger objects are called planetesimals. As planetesimals moved within the disk and collide with one another, planets formed. Because astronomers have no direct way to observe how the Solar System formed, they rely heavily on computer simulations to study that remote time…. [tags: disk, condensation, rotate, planet] 532 words (1.5 pages) Strong Essays [preview] The Ulysses Mission – The Ulysses spacecraft was first and only spacecraft designed and lunched to study the Sun from outside the lower solar latitudes. All other space craft that studied the Sun stayed along the same elliptical plane that the Earth is on. The spacecraft was part of a joint venture between NASA and the ESA. Originally planed as a two spacecraft mission called the International Solar Polar Mission, it was scaled down to one probe due to NASA cutbacks in funding. This resulted in the ESA designing the spacecraft and NASA lunching it from Space Shuttle Discovery in 1990…. [tags: Space Exploration ] :: 5 Works Cited 527 words (1.5 pages) Good Essays [preview] essay – HalleysComet Comets have amazed, interested, and driven scientists to study them often. Comets like the Hale-Bopp have been seen by millions of people. Since the discovery of comets, scientists, astrologers, or and even your next door neighbor have been interested in discovering or studying comets. Like Halleys Comet which has had a real impact on the history of comets. Halleys comet put on bright shows for the planet Earth ever since 204 BC, maybe even 1059 BC. Its most famous appearance was in 1066 AD, right before the battle of Hastings…. [tags: essays research papers] 378 words (1.1 pages) Strong Essays [preview] You Can Escape a Black Hole: Surprising Informative Essay – You can escape a Black Hole: Surprising Informative Essay Have you ever taken the time to reflect and glaze upon the night sky, conjecturing and dreaming of what lies beyond our planet. Our universe also known as the Milky Way Galaxy is very miscellaneous and unique. With many marvelous wonders, the Milky Way Galaxy holds about mysterious belongings that are very challenging for human minds to understand due to the many complications that arise when we try to examine and explore the principles of space…. [tags: Astronomy ] :: 4 Works Cited 973 words (2.8 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Stand and Deliver in the Film Blackboard Jungle – … The movie represented an important change in films, by presenting relevant cultural issues occurring in society. The film similarly had a significant effect in music by using Rock n Roll music in the soundtrack, making Bill Haley and the Comets Rock Around the Clock an instant hit song. The movie received Academy Award nominations for Best Adapted Screenplay; Best Cinematography; Best Art Direction; and Film Editing. Turner Classic Movies (TCM) acknowledged the soundtrack among the most influential of all time explaining it by stating: MGM brought Hollywood into the Rock ‘n’ Roll era with Blackboard Jungle…. [tags: teacher, school, students, learn, violence] 616 words (1.8 pages) Research Papers [preview] It is Crucial to Keep Funding NASA – … This is not true, as NASA has multiple ways of stopping these collisions, including nuclear explosions, spacecraft impacts, and the use of a micro-thrusting spacecraft (Greicius). These impact prevention techniques and detection programs all come out of NASA, and it is crucial for NASA to stay funded to prevent disasters from striking and killing all life on Earth. Furthermore, NASA is discovering other planets that we could eventually inhabit once the population is too large for Earth or conditions are no longer suitable for life…. [tags: space exploration, future knowledge and technology] :: 10 Works Cited 1070 words (3.1 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Concept of Nebulae for Astronomy – … This helped in undermining Kants Island Theory as it led Herschel to believe these nebulas were not just filled with stars but true nebulosity as well. This led Herschel to observe another phenomena that each nebula had its own central star within it. This also helped in disregarding Kants theory that all nebulas were filled with starry material and helped in bringing about a new theory, which entailed that these clouds, were mostly filled with gases and dust particles with a star in the middle that Herschel related to the birth/death of a star…. [tags: theory, invention, modern, factors] 2135 words (6.1 pages) Research Papers [preview] Leonhard Euler’s Life and Accomplishments – Leonhard Euler was born in Basel, Switzerland as the first born child of Paul Euler and Marguerite Brucker on April 15, 1707. Eulers formal education started in Basel where he was sent to live with his maternal grandmother on his fathers orders. Euler’s father wanted his son to follow him in working for the church and sent him to the University of Basel to prepare him in becoming a pastor. He entered the University in 1720 to gain general knowledge before moving on to more advanced studies. Eulers pastime was used for studying theology, Greek, and Hebrew in order to become a pastor like his father…. [tags: bernoulli, mathematician, euler-bernoulli] 607 words (1.7 pages) Good Essays [preview] Interplanetary Dust and Orbital Debris – … Chrondrites contains Mg, Al, Si, S, Ca, Cr, Mn, Fe and Ni. IDP motion dynamics The dynamics of interplanetary dust particles are determined by a variety of forces that Can change the parameters of a dust grains orbital motion. Very small IDP has perturbation by other forces. The P-R effect (pointing-Robertson effect) causes a deceleration in particles. Radiation pressure (its radial component) works against gravity. Defining the forces acting on the particle is The force of gravity acting upon a grain with density at a heliocentric distance r is Force of gravity=GM/r^2 *(4*)/3 *s^3 1/r^2 The gravity dominates all forces in the orbit…. [tags: astronomy, celestial bodies] 1045 words (3 pages) Research Papers [preview] The Star of Bethlehem – … The wise men followed the star to Bethlehem from Jerusalem. This creates point eight: The star traveled ahead of them. The last point is one of intrigue. The wise men followed the star until it stopped over Bethlehem. Point nine: The star had to be able to stop. Can stars stop. When did the star occur. What was the star. Knowing these will help find the star. In the 1602 an astronomer named Kepler discovered the math to determine the exact positions of the stars in the sky on a specific date…. [tags: wise, men, questions, characteristics] 676 words (1.9 pages) Better Essays [preview] H.G. Wells Research Paper – … He believed time travel could be achievable. Why should man not hope that ultimately he may be able to stop or accelerate his drift along the time dimension (Wells, The Time Machine). H.G. Wells was very confident in the ability to time travel. It was one if his top desires to be able to time travel. Why would he discuss time travel so much in his novels, and interviews if he did not believe time travel could be achieved. There are really four dimensions, three of which we call planes at space, and the fourth, time(Wells, The Time Machine)…. [tags: science fiction, alien invasion, new diseases] 1220 words (3.5 pages) Strong Essays [preview] The Origin of Life – The origin of Life There are many theories where life came from, but none of them is proven to be the right one. The obvious theory that life originated on earth is not accepted by everyone. One reason of disbelief in this theory that life originated on earth is a lack of time. It was an early belief that life originated through a slow and long process (many scientists do not share this belief though), probably too short and too long for the time life had on our planet. Life must have been formed within a period of approximately 200 million years…. [tags: ] 1608 words (4.6 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Shoemaker – Levy 9 – Shoemaker – Levy 9 Over 200 million Megatons of dynamite collide with Jupiter. In July 1994 Shoemaker – Levy 9 collided with Jupiter. What is Shoemaker – Levy 9, and how was it discovered. What is Jupiter, and why did Shoemaker – Levy 9 collide with it. Can an event like this happen to Earth. I will answer these questions in this report. But let me start by telling you what Shoemaker – Levy 9 is. Shoemaker – Levy 9 is a comet, a small irregular mass made up of rocks and frozen gasses. Comets follow large orbits from around the Sun to the outer corners of our solar system…. [tags: essays research papers] 1236 words (3.5 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Gulliver’s Travels – Satire – Gulliver’s Travels – Satire Gulliver’s Travels was written during an era of change known as the Reformation Period. The way this book is written suggests some of the political themes from that time period, including the well-known satire. These themes are displayed throughout Gulliver’s Travels, and even sometimes reflect upon today’s society. Many things in the book Gulliver’s Travels prove that it was set in the Restoration Period. Some of the ways you can tell this are: the clothing, the speech, the governments, and of course, the lack of technology…. [tags: Gulliver’s Travels Essays] 703 words (2 pages) Strong Essays [preview] The Law of Universal Gravitation by Isaac Newton – Before the Early Modern Period, the system of the universe often eluded people of earth. Early scientists and philosophers like Aristarchus of Samos, and Ptolemy formed hypotheses that touched the surface the universes complex functions, but did not full reveal the mysteries the heavens hold. However, when mathematician and physicist, Sir Isaac Newton proposed his law of universal gravitation, numerous doors to the understanding of the world began to open. Newtons law is represented as F = (G m1m2) / r^2, where F is the attractive force, G is the gravitational constant, m1 is the first mass, m2 the second mass, and r is the distance between the center of the masses…. [tags: modern period, universe, eath] :: 4 Works Cited 553 words (1.6 pages) Good Essays [preview] Solar System – Solar System Humans live on a small planet in a tiny part of a vast universe. This part of the universe is called the solar system, and is dominated by a single brilliant star-the sun. The solar system is the earths neighbourhood and the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are the Earths neighbours. They all have the same stars in the sky and orbit the same sun. Scientists believe the solar system began about 5 billion years ago, perhaps when a nearby star exploded and caused a large cloud of dust and gas to collapse in on itself…. [tags: Science Astrology Planets Essays] 1581 words (4.5 pages) Strong Essays [preview] light pollution – Light pollution happened slowly at first which was several decades ago it was a process that was hardly noticeable. A light here, a light there, burning way into the dark nighttime realm, helping us see in the darkness when people all their our beds fast asleep. The process still continues today, with little thought ever given to what we are stealing away. Our intentions are good but our methods need adjustment, and they needs to be done immediately. In fact, our methods should have been changed years ago, but nearly everyone has resisted, perhaps due to a profound lack of awareness…. [tags: essays research papers] 3090 words (8.8 pages) Powerful Essays [preview] asteroid defense – The U.S. federal government is summoning the world’s top scientists to an urgent conference this summer to plan defenses against an attack that could wipe out an American city or disrupt the whole country’s infrastructure. No, it’s not global terrorism. The scientists will map ways to combat an asteroid attack, a cosmic sucker punch like the collision that killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago and flattened a Siberian forest in 1908. While the world’s attention is focused on the real threat of terrorism, the theoretical asteroid menace has been garnering a surprising amount of behind-the-scenes attention…. [tags: essays research papers] 403 words (1.2 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Dimensional Argument Against the Snowball Earth Hypothesis – A most recent inquiry into climatic change during the ice age and it’s possibility of reoccurring is the Snowball Earth Hypothesis advanced by Paul Hoffman of Harvard University. Snowball Earth Suggest that before the Ice age, continents ice free at the poles enhanced the reabsorption of carbon dioxide through erosion of silicate minerals, reducing the greenhouse effect making the earth colder until it reached a runaway point. This effect is Hoffman calls albedo, when the atmosphere becomes so cold it can never warm up again…. [tags: essays research papers] :: 4 Works Cited 1117 words (3.2 pages) Strong Essays [preview] The Origin and Structure of our Universe – I suppose that the Universe we can observe and cognize consists of self-developing hierarchically co-subordinate and genetically relative systems of cosmic bodies. Each of the systems is distinguished by the qualitative state of substance composing its bodies but main evolution mechanisms are common to all the systems. What is common to all the systems. The central most massive body of every system is a parental body for its younger members. The central massive body of every system at intervals conceives in its interiors new cosmic bodies to put them into initial (circum-parental) orbits…. [tags: Physics Universe Space Science Essays] 3944 words (11.3 pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Films About Baseball: A League of Their Own and The Jackie Robinson Story – … Dugan was brilliant slugger for the Cubs that lost his career by drinking too much and hurting his knee while drunk. Depressed and constantly drunk, he only goes through the bare minimum motions only so he can get paid and buy more alcohol. Without any management to the team Dottie steps up and becomes the teams de facto leader. At first the new AAGPBL attracts very little attention and the owners begin to have second thoughts and consider calling the whole thing off. The leagues general manager, Ira Lowenstein (David Strathaim) urges them to make a show of it and try to do something to impress a Life magazine photographer at one of the games…. [tags: women, league, players] 1284 words (3.7 pages) Better Essays [preview] Renaissance Artist Engineers: The Start of the Scientific Revolution – I do not doubt that in the course of time this new science will be improved by further observations, and still more by true and conclusive proofs. But this need not diminish the glory of the first observer. My regard for the inventor of the harp is not mad less by knowing that his instrument was very crudely constructed and still more crudely played. Rather, I admire him more than I do the hundreds of craftsmen who in ensuing centuries have brought this art to the highest perfection To apply oneself to great inventions, starting from the smallest beginnings is no task for ordinary minds; to divine that wonderful art lie hid behind trivial and childish things is a conception for superhuma… [tags: inventions, Galileo Galilei] :: 7 Works Cited 2039 words (5.8 pages) Term Papers [preview] Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence is an Ongoing Process – Search for extraterrestrial intelligence is an ongoing process. Understanding life is the first step. When looking for life in our solar system and universe, the first place to begin the search for life is to look at life on Earth. Earth has six properties found in all organisms and eight possible theories to how life begin. Over 3 billion years ago till the present; life has gone from a single organism to what it is now. Natural selection enabled life to adapt and enhance the odds of survival. The next step is to look for planets that are within the habitual zone that could possibly sustain extraterrestrial life…. [tags: extraterrestrial life, solar system, clay theory] :: 7 Works Cited 1126 words (3.2 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Science Revolution: Separating Modern Science With Theological Speculations – During the 17th century, European philosophy and religion was challenged with the introduction of the scientific revolution. Through the three factors that incorporate science: a body of knowledge, a system of inquiry, and thinkers to support their findings (494); old and new worldviews were being questioned. While some thinkers of the era were not intentionally trying to separate religion and science, their ideas created controversy, which in some areas slowed down the growth of scientific experimentation and knowledge…. [tags: scientific experimentation, planets, sun] :: 1 Works Cited 878 words (2.5 pages) Better Essays [preview] The Discovery of The X-Ray: Wilhelm Konrad Rontgen – … X-rays can be used to treat cancer patients by destroying the cancer cells. Airports use X-rays all the time to ensure that safety and security remain at a high level of emphasis, so they can easily find weapons, drugs and objects that are illegal and threaten to disturb the peace. X-rays are also used to search and determine problems in applications like materials, food, and electronics, medical or biological means. Tires, seeds, and many other items rely on the assistance of X-rays to find defects…. [tags: ultra violet light, cancer cells] 1221 words (3.5 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Space Exploration: A Waste of Tax Revenues – U.S. Federal government support of space exploration is NOT the most effective way to engage in scientific discovery Space exploration can be dated back to the age of European Renaissance, a historic age when arts and cultural transformation began. It was the same era when there gradual but widespread transition in educational reforms. Since then the flourishing art and science of stars and planets transformed in to the minute details of comets and meteors. The study, which started as the fundamental physical laws, governing the motions of planets around the sun, gave a great insight of not just our planet earth but also of millions of galaxies, which exist, in the world beyond us…. [tags: Space Exploration Essays] :: 16 Works Cited 2137 words (6.1 pages) Term Papers [preview] Why is Authenticity Important In Rock Music? – Throughout the decades the face of rock music has changed drastically because of a series of small events that have occurred for example, the song that saw the birth of early rock music The Comets hit Rocket 66 a 50’s classic that endeared audiences with its atypical crunchy guitar tone, this was brought about by Ike Turner who dropped his guitar amplifier outside of the recording studio causing the amplifier to break and distort the sound this small accident caused Rock and Rock if we fast forward around 20 years and you have a young man called Tony Iommi working in a steel factory in Birmingham when he loses concentration severing the tips of two fingers causing him to de-tune his guitar… [tags: Music Analysis ] :: 3 Works Cited 912 words (2.6 pages) Better Essays [preview] The Work and Contributions of Christoph Scheiner – Christoph Scheiner was born in, Wald, Swabia, on July 25, 1573. He grew into his youth around the same time as the religious Society of Jesus (Jesuits) became popularized. The Jesuits were an offshoot off traditional Catholicism, whereby the values enacted by Jesuits directly reflected the principals held by the Catholic Church. Some claim the formation of the Jesuits was a retaliatory Counter Reformation of its own, and was enacted in an effort to combat the Protestant Reformation, which had swept across Europe during the first half of the same century (OMalley, 43)…. [tags: Astronomers] :: 6 Works Cited 2249 words (6.4 pages) Term Papers [preview] The Habitability of Planets in the Universe – Are we alone in the universe. Is anything or anybody out there. These are age old questions, asked from people of all ages and races. But the first questions we need to ask are if it is even possible. Are there any other planets out there that are habitable. What does a planet need to be habitable. Without a habitable planet life cannot sustain in the universe, the search for life in the universe has been long and hard with no results proving life to exist outside of earth. The most predominant searchers of those at the SETI Institute or Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence Institute, a privately funded organization, that uses various methods to search for electromagnetic transmissions,… [tags: Astronomy ] :: 5 Works Cited 2190 words (6.3 pages) Term Papers [preview] America Should Spend More on Space Exploration – Space exploration should be funded at even greater levels than at present. It has provided scientific, technological, and economic benefits for all mankind. Furthermore it will continue to provide these benefits as long as we continue to explore. The American space program as well as the United States economy is facing many challenges at this time but we need to look at what the long term costs of not continuing a robust manned and unmanned space program will be. The solar system holds many mysteries and an untold amount of untapped resources that if not explored and utilized by the United States will be utilized by other Nations…. [tags: Argumentative Essays, Space Program] :: 8 Works Cited 2303 words (6.6 pages) Term Papers [preview] The Influence of Religion on Scientific Advancement – Religion is an intricate part of society. It has existed since the beginning of civilization and continues expanding today. This physical organization of personal beliefs has created wars and revolutions; nations and constitutions. In a subject as controversial as that of faith, it is often difficult to discern if it has benefitted humanity. One especially relevant issue today is religions influence on science. Throughout history, it is evident that religious movements have occasionally impeded scientific discovery; however, there is also evidence that scientific progression has been aided by religious ideology…. [tags: Religion] :: 11 Works Cited 1736 words (5 pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Near-Earth Objects and Their Impact on Society – Ever since the beginning of human history, people explored. Man, woman and child alike had opportunities to see the beauty and magnificence of Earth. They have seen the vast outstretches of Earths land, from the lush green plains of America, to the brilliant golden sands of Africa, and the roaring deep blue oceans. Over time, humans settled, leaving their nomadic past behind. Yet, their thirst for exploration continued. Magellan, Columbus, and Lewis and Clark, for example, quenched this thirst by going on expeditions to find new pathways for land, riches, or both…. [tags: Space Exploration ] :: 7 Works Cited 2243 words (6.4 pages) Term Papers [preview] This Generation is Smarter than Past Generations – I strongly believe that people of my generation are smarter and more intelligent than our ancestors, while my grandparents disagree with this idea. I see that the present-day discovery of scientific facts and modern technology help shaping our idea of the world and lead us to the better understanding of the world, by giving us skill of swiftness, convenient access to information and fact of nature, and correcting the false myths. Also, brand-new style of teaching allows kids these days to be more creative and confident than those in the old days, as students are allowed to use ask their teacher when in doubt, and join an open discussion in class…. [tags: My Generation] :: 2 Works Cited 1077 words (3.1 pages) Good Essays [preview] The Classification and Main Types of Meteorites – The Classification and Main Types of Meteorites Many meteorites have been discovered over the years which, in many cases, can give an insight into the creation of the universe. All these meteorites can be grouped together by looking at the various characteristics they have in common, such as the structures of the different meteorites and the isotopic properties of the meteorites. When trying to classify meteorites, they are generally identified as one of the three main groups of meteorites: Iron, Stony and Stony-iron…. [tags: stoney, chondrites and achondrites] :: 9 Works Cited 1425 words (4.1 pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Human Interest in Space and Its Secrets – … These supernovas distort their surrounding solar systems and the visible light of the gamma-ray bursts bypass us as an observer. As the gamma-ray burst slows down from its central engine of origin, the gamma rays beams widen and encompass more area of the jet. If these jets of gamma-ray bursts were not pointed towards the Earth, the super nova would only be visible. As the traveling jets lessened, the light beams from the explosion would widen. These directional gamma-ray jet bursts of visible light expanding bathed the Earth and would appear to brighten as the intensity of the jet widened until the energy subsided…. [tags: exploring the limits of our galaxy] 1081 words (3.1 pages) Better Essays [preview] The All American Girls Professional Baseball League – … No team would overpower another. Other teams were added in the following seasons. After the Racine Belles came the Kenosha Comets, South Bend Blue Sox, and Rockford Peaches. Next was the Minneapolis Millerettes, Milwaukee Chicks, and Fort Wayne Daisies. Soon after, the Grand Rapids Chicks, Muskegon Lassies, Kalamazoo Lassies, Peoria Redwings, and Chicago Colleens were started. In the late 1940s, the final teams were formed; the Springfield Sallies, Battle Creek Belles, and finally the Muskegon Belles(Galt, 12)…. [tags: athletes, society, workplace, female] 1290 words (3.7 pages) Strong Essays [preview] The Western World at War: The Crusades – … However, Muslim forces reoccupied the city within a matter of years and the Jews quickly followed and met the Muslims with the same resistance as before. Over the next 180 years, the Holy Catholic Church would repeat this process eight more times with only a little success. The ninth and final crusade ended in 1272 and, to this day, the Holy Land of Jerusalem is still a war zone between Christians, Muslims and Jews. For thousands of years, Jerusalem has been considered the holiest city in the world by Jews, Christians, And Muslims…. [tags: religion, expansion, holy] :: 3 Works Cited 682 words (1.9 pages) Better Essays [preview] How Did Life on Earth Begin – Life as defined by Knoll, a profesor of Biology at Harvard, is a system in which proteins and nucleic acid interact in ways that allow the structure to grow and reproduce (2004). Or in other words, one can describe life as having these six features; i) have carbon as a driving force, essential for it to grow and being able to make copies for itself and also must have the ability to convert the inorganic sources like carbon dioxide into organic molecules, in the case of hetrotrophics. ii) metabolism, a catalysis-based reactions that occur in a body or system…. [tags: Origin of life on Earth] :: 26 Works Cited 1905 words (5.4 pages) Term Papers [preview] A Talking Dog: A Short Story – This is a story of Max, who went to sleep an ordinary boy and woke up with an unordinary ability. The ability to with his dog Comet. He first realized this when his dog came in that morning and started barking. Instead of hearing barks, he heard “come on and wake up you lazy bum it’s time for school” At first he couldn’t believe what had just happened. After wiping his eyes and making sure he wasn’t dreaming, he said to his dog Comet “it’s Saturday, I’m sleeping in.” Comet responded with “In that case get up you lazy bum and play outside with me” Max thought this was the coolest thing ever…. [tags: Bark, Communication] 624 words (1.8 pages) Good Essays [preview] Planets From a Spaceship: A Story – … There was a green house effect occurring here as well as the clouds of dust surrounding it was burning In astronomy mythology, Venus was the Roman goddess of love and beauty. In Greek, her name was Aphrodite. In astronomy mythology, Mercury was the Roman version of the Greek god Hermes. He was the messenger for the other gods, and for this reason Mercury is often depicted in pictures with winged sandals. In addition to delivering messages, he was also the protector of travelers and Mercury. If you moved to Mercury you would not weigh as much as you do on Earth…. [tags: Earth, Atmosphere] 1096 words (3.1 pages) Better Essays [preview] Popular Music and Community Identity – Identity is defined by the cultural differences of individual people, groups or communities of people that express economic and political views that we identify with (Barker qtd. in Shuker 142). The construction of identity is not to look at it as a production, incomplete but always constituted within, not outside, representation (Hall qtd. in Weedon 5). Community identity, as one of the forms of identity with self-identity and national identity, is used in popular music to identify with a group of people that share invested interests to form a community (Shuker 142-143)…. [tags: Culture] :: 6 Works Cited 1041 words (3 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Off To See The Wizard – The air was frigid and I couldn’t move. Where am I. I couldn’t see anything and it felt like my body was going to explode, something was strangling me to death. I attempted to reach my wand, but my hands were frozen in fear. This has never happened before. This place feels as if it’s filled with the darkest magic. Is… this my final resting place. The unknown force continued to strangle me. My whole body was shaking. The strangling suddenly loosened, but my fear did not cease. A door opened and was slammed shut…. [tags: Creative Writing Essay] 1623 words (4.6 pages) Powerful Essays [preview] What Really Killed the Dinosaurs? – Dinosaur stress: Stress on the dinosaurs is a possible solution for their extinction. This theory was first thought up by Heinrch K. Erben when he found that the shell thickness of a certain type of dinosaur species decreased as time went on. It was thought that the warm climate and good habitats in the Cretaceous period could have caused over population of dinosaurs, thus an increase of stress on the dinosaurs would develop. Stress is known to cause hormonal imbalances in modern day birds and lizards, so this could have happened to female dinosaurs…. [tags: Animal Research ] :: 3 Works Cited 862 words (2.5 pages) Better Essays [preview] The Extinction of Pleistocene Mammals – During the late Pleistocene, a mystery occurred in which large mammals went extinct in North America while they survived in other parts of the world. Scientists studying the late Pleistocene extinction provided a plethora of explanations, including overkill by humans, extraterrestrial events, and climate changes (Faith and Surovell, 2009). However, there was no unified explanation that they all agreed upon. Taking note of this, J. Tyler Faith and Todd A. Surovell conducted tests to discover whether the extinction was a single event or a long-term process…. [tags: Paleontology] :: 9 Works Cited 1339 words (3.8 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Famous Pioneers of the Enlightenment – The breakthroughs that came out of the Scientific Revolution had a profound impact on the Enlightenment period. The Enlightenment movement would not have been possible if it werent for the brave men who dared to go against established ways of thinking. These men took risks and put themselves at the mercy of public scrutiny. They not only asked questions about the workings of our world but also devised new scientific methods that uncovered new truths about our very existence. Instead of relying on religious dogma and mystical practices, common during the 16th and 17th century to help answer questions, they developed their own hypothesis…. [tags: Scientific Revolution, Religion, Theorists] 1137 words (3.2 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Demotion of Pluto: Dwarf Planet – From the time Clyde W. Tombaugh first discovered Pluto in 1930, it was viewed as an oddball planet leading up to its reclassification in 2006. For decades, Pluto was once used as a benchmark for the outer reach and size of our solar system. In recent years, new discoveries of celestial bodies within the vicinity of Plutos orbit have challenged its planetary status. The debate over Plutos classification was discussed throughout several media and news articles, leading to serious controversy amongst astronomers and the decision as to whether or not Pluto should be categorized as one of the planets in our solar system…. [tags: celestial body, Eris and Sedna, dwarf planet ] :: 1 Works Cited 1120 words (3.2 pages) Strong Essays [preview] How Can We Avoid Asteroids? – … On the whole, this method is efficient because it produces immediate results, neutralizing the threat relatively quickly. Moreover, the chances of the launch going wrong is highly minimal. For example, an asteroid 1000 feet wide can be neutralized far outside Earth’s gravitational field with a warning time of just 30 days, according to Wie. Computer simulations suggest that the percentage of the destroyed asteroids mass that would actually hit Earth is less than 0.1%. Most likely the asteroid mitigation would cause a heavy meteor shower to transpire, or events of the like of the 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor- although, that would be a small price to pay compared to the original asteroid, whic… [tags: astronomy, gravity, physics] :: 14 Works Cited 1347 words (3.8 pages) Powerful Essays [preview] The Cloning of a Mammoth – The Pleistocene epoch spanned from 1.8 million years ago to 10,000 years ago [1]. Many genera and even species such as conifers, mosses, flowering plants, insects, mollusks, birds, and mammals from that era still survive today [1]. Others, such as the long-horned bison, saber-toothed cats, giant ground sloths, and the mammoth did not survive [1]. The woolly mammoth was commonly found during the last ice age [2]. These animals were similar in size to todays elephants but were adapted for living in the extremely cold conditions typical of an ice age [2]…. [tags: mammoths, ice age, extinct, climate] 2247 words (6.4 pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Creation: Biblical and Other Theories – Living Stardust To complete Gods masterpiece, the Biblical account states that God created vegetation and living creatures according to their kinds: birds, fish, livestock, creatures that move on the ground, wild animals, and man. Biblical authors were not seasoned biologists or geneticists and obviously did not possess an understanding of microbial organisms, amino acids, proteins, elements, atoms, molecules, cells, chromosomes, genes, DNA, and RNA. They explained the beginnings of life in terms that made sense to them at the time…. [tags: Physics, Evolution] 1899 words (5.4 pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Why Should Humans Explore Space? – … The idea of the project is that because the telescope is high in the sky, the infrared blocking water vapor on the ground will not affect the telescope and the telescope will have a much clearer view of the infrared universe (than if a telescope was on the ground). SOFIA objectives are to study the composition of planetary atmospheres, investigate structure and composition of comets, learn about the interstellar medium, and to learn about the formation of stars. The project began in 1996 with an estimated cost of 185 million dollars and was to be completed in 2001…. [tags: NASA, carl sagan] 1412 words (4 pages) Better Essays [preview] Biography of Johann Elert Bode – … He allowed Bode to use the schools library to better his scientific education. Bode was offered a job as a calculator and a professor at the Berlin Academy of Science. While he was here, he and Johann Heinrich Lambert created and published the Berliner Astronomisches Jahrbuch. Bode married Johanna Christiane Lange and had four children with her. The year after she died, he married her elder sister, Sophie Dorothea Lange and they had one son, then she died. A year later, he remarried to his third wife, Charlotte Wilhelmine Lehmann and they had three children…. [tags: astronomy, bodes law] 555 words (1.6 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Immanuel Velikovsky – Correspondence Before the Day Breaks, When I first ran across any of Velikovsky’s ideas it was in this online book Before the Day Breaks. In this book Velikovsky writes about his correspondence and conversations with Albert Einstein. I read some of this book before ever reading anything else of Velikovsky, or having any idea of what was proposed in his book Worlds in Collision. Before the Day Breaks is a very well written book, where Velikovsky’s main argument is that gravity and inertia are not the only forces acting on the solar system…. [tags: biographies bio] 1211 words (3.5 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Cover Bands – Is the cover a good thing or a bad thing. Are there any cover songs that you have heard and have grown to like more than the original. Perhaps there are songs that you have heard and have later come to the realization that it is indeed a cover song. This is the case for me. However, my feelings on cover songs vary depending on the particular instance. I think the cover is a good thing now days. There are many new songs that I have heard and have later realized that it is a cover song. I probably would have never heard the original song if it wasnt covered…. [tags: essays research papers] 631 words (1.8 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Jazz, Society, and Technology – Jazz, Society, and Technology History is often written as if there is a defining moment where everything changes. However, it is most often the case that a series of events and stressors are the culprits of such change, as is the case of the decline of jazzs popularity. Some point to The Beatles landing in JFK airport and others say Elviss television appearance. In reality, there were many evolvements both, technological and cultural, that lead to what some may call the great decline in music history…. [tags: Music History, American Culture] :: 10 Works Cited 1769 words (5.1 pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Creative Writing: Sky Blue – … (Just like he completely ruined her life, basically.) Massie falls upon the comforting cement, staring at the starless night sky, the meteors and the comets moving at astronomical speeds, magic that could only come from perfection; tonight, though, they have all been blown out. There is this empty ache, the silence, the never-ending silence, that threatens to destroy every thought, every hope left in this desolate city. She is lying still, extending her hand upwards as if she can still reach past the stars, pulling them all back down to her heavy heart; she believes that the normal nights have past long back on normal nights, he would have come…. [tags: oak trees, funeral, girl, boy] 1794 words (5.1 pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Contributions to Science of Sir Isaac Newton – Sir Isaac Newton was born on December 25, 1642 in Woolsthorpe, near Grantham in Lincolnshire, England. Newton is clearly the most influential scientist who ever lived. His accomplishments in mathematics, optics, and physics laid the foundations for modern science and revolutionized the world. Newton studied at Cambridge and was professor there from 1669 to 1701, succeeding his teacher Isaac Barrow as Lucasian professor of mathematics. His most important discoveries were made during the two-year period from 1664 to 1666, when the university was closed and he retired to his hometown of Woolsthorpe…. [tags: Contributions of Isaac Newton] 493 words (1.4 pages) Strong Essays [preview] The Gravitational Slingshot – The Gravitational Slingshot The gravitational slingshot is a way that scientists have truly harnessed the gravitational pull of a planet by using it to launch satellites and other useful projectiles towards their desired locations. This method was developed through the use of Newton’s Laws of Gravity and Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion. When these ideas of gravity and the shape of a planet’s orbit were brought together piece by piece, this new theory changed how a projectile traveling through space could simply cross an orbital pattern, which would in turn change the path of the moving object…. [tags: Scientific Research ] :: 4 Works Cited 1563 words (4.5 pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Solar System Formation – Our sun is the central pivot point to which or entire planet and solar system is built around. With out it all life on our planet would cease to exist. Within this paper we will explore how our Sun and solar system formed and came to resemble what we see today. The Big Bang, the alpha of existence for the building blocks of stars, happened approximately fourteen billion years ago. The elements produced by the big bang consisted of hydrogen and helium with trace amounts of lithium. Hydrogen and helium are the essential structure which build stars…. [tags: Astronomy ] :: 2 Works Cited 1864 words (5.3 pages) Term Papers [preview] The Solar System – Our solar system was born when, in a spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy, a giant rotating cloud of dust and gasses began to collapse. Gravity compressed the dust and gasses and the cloud got increasingly hotter and began to spin faster. During the following one hundred million years, the gasses compressed until the center was so hot that nuclear fusion occurred giving off tremendous energy, combining charged atoms of hydrogen to form helium. This process gave birth to a star, our Sun (Our Solar System, n.d.)…. [tags: Astronomy] :: 7 Works Cited 1866 words (5.3 pages) Term Papers [preview] A Mammoth Dilemma – The Pleistocene epoch spanned from 1.8 million years ago to 10,000 years ago [1]. Many genera and even species such as conifers, mosses, flowering plants, insects, mollusks, birds, and mammals from that era still survive today [1]. Others, such as the long-horned bison, saber-toothed cats, giant ground sloths, and the mammoth did not survive [1]. The woolly mammoth was a commonly found mammal during the last ice age [2]. These animals were similar in size to elephants but were adapted for living in the extremely cold conditions typical of an ice age [2]…. [tags: mammal, cloning, genome, technology, extinction] :: 13 Works Cited 2249 words (6.4 pages) Term Papers [preview] The Big Bang – The universe is a magnificent place. There are thought to be more than 100 billion galaxies, each, with 100 billion stars (Hawking 48). There are vast clouds of gas, light years across, each taking on its own dazzling shape and color. In our solar system alone, there are planets asteroids, comets and moons. For millennia, humans have attributed the workings and beauty of the cosmos to the divine. Slowly, we learned that laws governed the motion of these celestial bodies, laws which would come to be known as the laws of physics…. [tags: Universe, Galxies, Stars, Origins, Theory] :: 7 Works Cited 1449 words (4.1 pages) Powerful Essays [preview] Our Solar System – Within Our Solar System there is a Sun, and the eight planets that orbit the Sun. The eight planets are categorized into two groups known as Terrestrial planets, and Jovian planets. There are four terrestrial planets in our Solar System: Mercury, Venus Earth and Mars. These Terrestrial planets are located the closest to the Sun. The word terrestrial is derived from the Latin word terra, meaning ground or Earth like. All Terrestrial planets share a common rocky and solid surface. The other four planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are Jovian planets…. [tags: terrestrial & Jovian planets] :: 32 Works Cited 1381 words (3.9 pages) Strong Essays [preview]

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Prep softball: Comets stun top-ranked Benton, punch state ticket – Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

BENTON To win a state tournament, Charles City softball Coach Brian Bohlen assumed his team would, at some point, have to go through the top-ranked team in Class 4A.

Though they still have work to do, the Comets did just that in the Region 4 championship game Tuesday night.

Sami Heyer struck out nine and Charles City manufactured just enough offense to squeak out a 2-1 win over 4A No. 1 Benton Community on the Bobcats home field.

Its unbelievable, Heyer said afterward. It hasnt really sunk in yet, but its exciting.

Heyer got all her run support in the top of the third inning, thanks in part to some sluggish Bobcat fielding.

With Payton Reams on second, Tayler Schmidt hit a sharp grounder to third base. Wanting to keep Reams at second, Benton third baseman Angela Gorkow hesitated, allowing Schmidt to reach first safely, while also giving Reams a chance to reach third on the throw.

Reams then broke the scoreless tie, coming home to score

on a wild pitch. Having already taken second, Schmidt tried to take third on the play, then got to come all the way home as Bobcat catcher Jaicee Lyons threw the ball into left, giving the Comets a 2-0 lead.

The Bobcats cut into the lead in the fourth, when Gorkow scored on an errant throw home by Heyer. Lyons then attempted to score the tying run from second, but Comet catcher Kelby Katcher beat her home with the throw and Heyer tagged her out.

The error was one of the few mistakes Heyer made on the evening, and Bohlen praised her poise in the pitching circle.

She hit spots all night, he said. Even when she worked behind, she trusted herself and I trusted her to hit spots.

She was also able to work out of critical jams. Benton put the tying run on third in both the fourth and sixth innings, but Heyer never allowed it to come home.

This year (Ive) been real good at trying to forget (about the runner at third), Heyer said. I know theyre there but I try not to think about it. I just focus on the batter and whatever happens, happens.

What happens next for Charles City is a return trip to the state tournament, something Bohlen believed to be an obtainable goal throughout the year.

Going into the season, I said our goal is to win conference and win state, he said. I thought we honestly had the team to do it. I dont know if they believed it at the time.

But we werent intimidated (tonight). The girls went into this game very confident and it showed.

When talking to his players, its apparent the doubts Bohlen spoke of are clearly a thing of the past.

We just beat the No. 1 seed, said Ciana Sonberg, who had three of the Comets five hits. So I think were going to give every team a run for their money.

Charles City 002 000 0 2 5 1

Benton Comm. 000 100 0 1 4 2

Heyer and Katcher. Stenberg and Lyons. WPHeyer. LPStenberg. 2BJaicee Lyons (B). Martensen (B).

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Prep softball: Comets stun top-ranked Benton, punch state ticket – Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

Utica Comets’ schedule features long road stretch, North Division teams – Utica Observer Dispatch

Ben Birnell

The Utica Comets will have a good opportunity to find out how well they play on the road to begin their fifth season.

The AHL schedule which was released Tuesday afternoon has Utica opening a season with a pair of games on back-to-back days at rival Toronto. The teams meet Saturday, Oct. 7 and Sunday, Oct. 8 with both games set for 4 p.m., according to the AHL. It is the third time the Comets open the season against the Marlies.

The contests are part of a stretch in which the Comets play a franchise-most seven consecutive road games to begin the 2017-18 season, due to work being done at the Utica Memorial Auditorium. During the stretch, Utica will play at the Rochester Americans and new Eastern Conference opponent Charlotte twice and rival Syracuse once.

The Comets home opener, which was announced Monday, is set for Wednesday, Nov. 1 against Rochester. That contest starts a five-game homestand for the Comets and is part of a stretch when the the team plays nine out of 12 games at home. Charlotte makes its first and only visit to Utica during the homestand with games Wednesday, Nov. 8 and Friday, Nov. 10.

The Comets conclude the season at the Aud on Sunday, April 15 against division foe Binghamton, which is New Jerseys affiliate this season after a move from Albany.

There was no announcement on when the Comets promotional schedule will be released or when single-game tickets go on sale.

Here are five other things to know about the Comets schedule, which was part of an earlier release by the AHL this summer:

Heavy dose of North Division teams

For the second time in as many seasons, the Comets will meet North Division rival Syracuse a total of 12 times in the regular season. Syracuse, which new Comets coach Trent Cull helped make a run to the Calder Cup Finals last season, visits Utica for the first time Wednesday, Dec. 6.

Utica plays division foe Rochester 10 times (five home, five away) and eight each against Binghamton, Laval (Montreals affiliate in Quebec, which relocated from St. Johns) and Toronto (four home, four away). Utica plays Belleville (Ottawas new affiliate, which moved from Binghamton) six times (three home, three away).

Working for the weekend

A majority of the AHLs games are played on the weekend. This season, a total of 27 of the Comets 38 home games are part of that direction.

Of those games, 20 are on a Friday and six are on Saturday. All home games are set for 7 p.m. starts. The exception is the teams regular-season finale, which is set for 3 pm.

Utica plays 11 times on Wednesdays to round out its 38 home contests.

Quirks in the schedule

There are three times when the Comets are set to play road games early on a week day.

Two of the instances are on Mondays against North Division teams. The Comets play Rochester at 1:05 p.m. March 15 (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) and Belleville at 3 p.m. on March 19.

The Comets earliest game of the season is set for 11 a.m. Thursday, April 5 when they play Toronto.

Busy stretches

There are four times during the season when the Comets play three-games-in-three days. Three of these instances are in March, with another in April.

There are seven instances when the Comets play three games in four days. Familiar faces?

One Atlantic Division team Utica plays four times during the season is Springfield, which could feature Alex Grenier and Curtis Valk, who each had big seasons for the Comets in 2016-17. Springfield is set to visit Utica on Saturday, Feb. 24 and Friday, March 9.

Rome native Tom Sestito, who re-signed with the Pittsburgh organization this month, could return to Utica when the Penguins’ affiliate (Wilkes-Barre/Scranton) visits Friday, March 23.

Follow @OD_Birnell on Twitter or call at 315-792-5032.

Heres the Comets full schedule (all times Eastern; games subject to change):


Saturday, Oct. 7: at Toronto, 4

Saturday, Oct. 8: at Toronto, 4

Friday, Oct. 13: at Rochester, 7:05

Saturday, Oct. 14: at Syracuse, 7

Saturday, Oct. 21: at Rochester, 7 p.m.

Saturday, Oct. 28 at Charlotte, 6

Saturday, Oct. 29 at Charlotte, 1


Wednesday, Nov. 1: vs. Rochester, 7

Friday, Nov. 3: vs. Binghamton, 7

Saturday, Nov. 4: vs. Rochester, 7

Wednesday, Nov. 8: vs. Charlotte, 7

Friday, Nov. 10: vs. Charlotte, 7

Wednesday, Nov. 15: at Laval, 7:30

Friday, Nov. 17: vs. Belleville, 7

Saturday, Nov. 18: vs. Hartford, 7

Wednesday, Nov. 22: vs. Toronto, 7

Friday, Nov. 24: at Laval, 7:30

Saturday, Nov. 25: at Laval, 3

Wednesday, Nov. 29: vs. Rochester, 7


Friday, Dec. 1: vs. Bridgeport, 7

Saturday, Dec. 2: at Bridgeport, 7

Wednesday, Dec. 6: vs. Syracuse, 7

Saturday, Dec. 9: at Providence, 7:05

Sunday, Dec. 10: at Providence, 3:05

Wednesday, Dec. 13: at Rochester, 7:05

Friday, Dec. 15: vs. Binghamton, 7

Saturday, Dec. 16: vs. Rochester, 7

Wednesday, Dec. 20: vs. Toronto, 7

Friday, Dec. 22: vs. Toronto, 7

Saturday, Dec. 23: at Syracuse, 7

Wednesday, Dec. 27: vs. Providence, 7

Friday, Dec. 29: vs. Providence, 7

Saturday, Dec. 30: at Syracuse, 7


Friday, Jan. 5: vs. Laval, 7

Sunday, Jan. 7: vs. Hartford, 5

Wednesday, Jan. 10: at Laval, 7:30

Monday, Jan. 15: at Rochester, 1:05

Wednesday, Jan. 17: vs. Rochester, 7

Friday, Jan. 19: at Hartford, 7:15

Saturday, Jan. 20: vs. Syracuse, 7

Wednesday, Jan. 24: vs. Hartford, 7

Friday, Jan. 26: at Binghamton, 7:05

Saturday, Jan. 27: at Lehigh Valley, 7:05


Friday, Feb. 2: vs. Syracuse, 7

Saturday, Feb. 3: at Syracuse, 7

Friday, Feb. 9: vs. Laval, 7

Saturday, Feb. 10: vs. Belleville, 7

Wednesday, Feb. 14: vs. Syracuse, 7

Friday, Feb. 16: vs. Binghamton, 7

Saturday, Feb. 17: at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, 7:05

Monday, Feb. 19: at Belleville, 3

Wednesday, Feb. 21: vs. Lehigh Valley, 7

Friday, Feb. 23: vs. Laval, 7

Saturday, Feb. 24: vs. Springfield, 7


Friday, March 2: vs. Belleville, 7

Saturday, March 3: at Hershey, 7

Sunday, March 4: at Binghamton, 5:05

Friday, March 9: vs. Springfield, 7

Saturday, March 10 at Springfield, 7:05

Friday, March 16: vs. Laval, 7

Saturday, March 17: at Belleville, 7

Sunday, March 18: at Toronto, 4

Friday, March 23: vs. Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, 7

Saturday, March 24: at Syracuse, 7

Sunday, March 25: at Binghamton, 5:05

Wednesday, March 28: at Rochester, 7:05

Friday, March 30: vs. Hershey, 7

Saturday, March 31: at Springfield, 7:05

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Utica Comets’ schedule features long road stretch, North Division teams – Utica Observer Dispatch

Chester Martin Remembers Dr. Hujer, Eclipses And Comets – The Chattanoogan

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 – by Chester Martin

Dr. Karel Hujer was Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga for many years. He had been invited to come to Chattanooga from his position at Iowa State University by University of Chattanooga President Dr. David A. Lockmiller. Dr. Hujer had earlier been employed by the University of Chicago, and had worked at their famous Yerkes Observatory at Williams Bay, Wisconsin, which houses the largest refracting telescope ever built. Lockmiller offered Hujer the Directorship of our Clarence T. Jones Observatory, along with an Associate Professorship at the University – an offer Hujer accepted without hesitation.

Suddenly – and literally out of the blue – “flying saucers” burst onto the scene in 1947, about the time Hujer arrived in Chattanooga. These new phenomena became the “hot” topic du jour, causing quite an international stir, suddenly replacing Jules Verne’s – and a handful of other writers of 19th Century Science Fiction. As a walking encyclopedia of scientific information, Hujer shunned such spurious fiction. His enthusiasm was directed toward what was “pure science”, and he shared that enthusiasm with his students, including the public in general.

Eclipses of the sun and moon were his great delight, after the stars themselves. He would frequently open the observatory for such special celestial events, and this attracted a wide audience of spectators. Students got extra credit for attending. While “It Came From Outer Space” and other “Aliens” genre movies were starting up in full force (about 1950), Dr. Hujer stuck to the pure science involving eclipses, comets, and “transits”.

Dr. Hujer had made special studies of all these celestial phenomena – had gone to Egypt to study Ancient Egyptian astronomy, and the same for both Peru and Mexico. He loved to show slides and describe such favorite places as Stonehenge, where he could virtually transport you back to the time of the Druids. These Druids, although primitive people by modern standards, had learned over the centuries how to calculate both solar and lunar eclipses, and we know that Stonehenge was principally an astronomical observatory, predicting sunrise on the Summer Solstice.

Eclipses were very important to Dr. Hujer, as to every astronomer I have ever known. In his younger years he travelled around the world more than once, always in quest of some scientific interest. One year, back in either the 1920’s or 1930’s, he had ventured off to the island of Hokkaido – that northernmost of Japanese territories. In that day it was far more primitive than now, and very difficult to get to. No big jets back then – only small boats that rolled and pitched in the rough Pacific waters. And all that effort for only two minutes of near-total darkness at midday! Consider that if that long-planned-for special day happened to turn out to be cloudy, all would be lost! It was fortunately a clear day for our Karel Hujer, and he spoke of the occasion frequently.

Solar eclipses are much rarer than the lunar sort. And they are restricted to a narrow band where total darkness occurs. Lunar eclipses, on the other hand, are much more general, and the “blood red” appearance of the moon’s surface, which writers like to describe, is actually a dull, rusty brown color that your kids might best describe as “ikky”!

There are some good stories about lunar eclipses in the past – and one famous one tells how Christopher Columbus used his superior knowledge of one such eclipse to save his men from starvation. It happened in Jamaica in 1504 – and you can Google it for yourself.

A coincidence of the upcoming August 21st 2017 solar eclipse will be that I have a friend in Eugene, Oregon who will see it on the Pacific coast before it comes to our area, and then I have friends in Camden, South Carolina who will see it soon afterwards. Camden is not precisely a coastal city, but in this case let’s claim it as being on the Atlantic (and make this a more interesting story, where both coasts are included!) Actually, Chattanoogans will not see it in its totality as we are a just a few miles south of that zone. Spring City, Tennessee, some 50 miles north, DOES lie directly in the eclipse’s path, and every room that is rentable in that area has already been grabbed up for a year or more, by people from around the globe! And that is the power that eclipses continue to have over the human race in general – not just astronomers.

Let me mention this one small phenomenon connected with sun eclipses: Once when my daughter was in grade school, there was a partial eclipse of the sun visible here in Chattanooga. I was very anxious to see it and set up some recommended way to view it without using the naked eye. I was standing under one of my Japanese maple trees and aiming the device I was using toward the cloudless sky. As the surroundings got darker and darker I happened to look down and noticed that the sun was dappling down through the small leaves of the maple…and every tiny space between the leaves acted just like a camera obscura! For there on the brick of my front walk were thousands of perfect little images of the eclipse! I happened to have my (now long obsolete) film camera handy and got some shots of the eclipse by looking DOWN! DO try this at home!

Besides eclipses, Dr. Hujer would always tell us when there was a newly discovered comet in the sky. Amateur astronomers world-wide are constantly on the lookout for these, as they customarily get to name the new discovery for themselves! (Hale-Bopp was such a comet from about 20 years ago). Most famous comet of all, is HALLEY’S COMET, of course – and Dr. Hujer always liked to point out that the name was pronounced just like the “Cali” in California…or like in the “galley” of a ship – NEVER like “daily” or “Bailey”. Everyone has heard of Halley’s Comet, for sure, and it has quite a history, being first noted by Chinese scholars 200 years or more BCE! Halley’s Comet appears all through history, once showing up just in time for the medieval astrologers and soothsayers to read meaning into it. In 1066, for example, it appeared just before the Battle of Hastings in England as a bad omen to King Harold, the last Anglo Saxon ruler of Britain. It was a good omen, however, to the victor, “William the Conqueror”, from whose reign we date modern England. It appears regularly about every 76 years, doing so only a few years ago (1993). A recommended place to view it was from Chickamauga Battlefield. My family and I – plus a neighborhood kid or two – drove down to see it. We were underwhelmed, though, as it was just a fuzzy object, not terribly bright at all, and low on the southeastern horizon. No dramatically long tail, as we had read about in its past apparitions; but we saw it – as did a medium-sized crowd of other viewers.

So there you have a bit about both eclipses and comets. But back at the beginning I mentioned “transits”. What, you ask is a “transit? It is nothing more than a very minuscule eclipse created by either Mercury or Venus when it crosses the face of the sun. Dr. Hujer offered us extra credit to visit his observatory to view a transit of Mercury about 1954. I believe we projected the image from the telescope onto a piece of cardboard to watch the tiny black dot (Mercury) pass between earth and sun. Only Mercury and Venus can do this, as they are the only two planets INSIDE the earth’s orbit.

Before I go, I want to school you again in the correct pronunciation of that famous comet’s name: Dr. Hujer would think it remiss if I did not remind you: it rhymes with “Alley”, “Valley”, “Tally”, etc. Let’s all just try to please the old Professor and say, “HALLEY’S Comet”! (And he might give us ALL extra credit if we do it!)

Chester Martin is a native Chattanoogan who is a talented painter as well as local historian. He and his wife, Pat, live in Brainerd. Mr. Martin can be reached atcymppm@comcast.net.

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Chester Martin Remembers Dr. Hujer, Eclipses And Comets – The Chattanoogan

Comets suffer walk-off heartbreak at Columbus – Marshalltown Times Republican

Local Sports

Jul 11, 2017

T-R PHOTO BY THORN COMPTON BCLUW pitcher Samantha Ubben (16) fires the ball to first baseman Jordyn Beeghly (18) while Waterloo Columbus freshman Emily Mollenhoff legs it out during the Comets 1-0 loss in 11 innings to the Sailors on Monday night.

WATERLOO Both the humidity and the tension were thick enough to cut with a knife on Monday at Deviney Waterburg Field, as the No. 12 BCLUW softball team battled No. 5 Waterloo Columbus well into the night in an extremely tight contest with the winner moving onto the state softball tournament.

After 10 scoreless innings from both squads, Waterloo Columbus managed to finally capitalize off of some base runners as Emily Mollenhoff knocked in a walk-off single with two outs in the bottom of the 11th to secure a 1-0 victory in the Class 2A Region 3 championship game.

After talking with his clearly devastated Comets squad, who just missed out on a second-straight trip to State, head coach David Lee said the loss came down to his teams inability to knock in hits from Waterloo Columbus (34-5) starting pitcher Kayla Sproul.

We just couldnt get it figured out. I think we were trying too hard maybe, Lee said. I thought we laid off the bad pitches there after the first few innings pretty well but we just couldnt get the bat solid on anything she had. We tried taking some first pitches but then we would chase a bad second pitch and now we are in a hole and now we are getting the end of the bat on it. We just couldnt drive the ball.

Sproul pitched all 11 innings for the Sailors, only surrendering five hits and striking out four batters. Senior Jordan Beeghly was the only Comet with more than one hit in the game, as she knocked down a two-out single in the seventh and got into scoring position on a double in the 10th. Samantha Ubben and Kate Goecke each recorded the other two hits for BCLUW.

T-R PHOTO BY THORN COMPTON Comets senior Jordyn Beeghly slides into second after hitting a tenth-inning double in BCLUWs 1-0 loss on Monday to Waterloo Columbus. Beeghly led the team with two hits in the game.

Lee said Mollenhoffs style of pitching is different than other pitchers his team has faced recently, but he said that is still no excuse for his teams performance at the plate.

We just didnt do a good job offensively and I dont really know why. Its hard to prepare for someone like her, someone bringing it with such a change of speed from slow to slower, not hard to slow, he said. One or two people cant take the blame for that because I told them nine of you had a chance to hit the ball and you had a chance four or five times. It is just a thing where we couldnt get anything going offensively, and we have been playing so well against all kinds of pitching. I didnt think this could happen to us but it did.

While the bats struggled, that wasnt the case on the defensive end, as Ubben pitched a fantastic game backed up by some stellar plays from her supporting cast. Ubben went all 10 2/3 innings for the Comets, allowing only eight hits and one run while striking out five and walking one.

Even when the ball was put in play, defensive stalwarts like Leah Yantis, Sara Sharp and Easton Swanson were there to make the out and end any threat the Sailors posed.

We made some great plays, Easton made a couple of great plays over at short stop, Lee said. I was disappointed that we didnt handle the bunt a little better because we talked about that. We knew they were quick bunting and that they could do that, the ground was just so soft too and it didnt go anywhere after they bunted. But that didnt hurt us, they were finally able to put some hits together and at some point in the game that is bound to happen.


While the taste of this loss will take some time to wash out, Lee said the Comets should be proud of what they accomplished this season. They finish the year at 29-9 while repeating as NICL West Division champions for a second-straight season.

Lee, who returned to the squad at the beginning of last season after a three-year break, said he couldnt ask for a better group of girls to coach.

I feel blessed to have been able to coach these girls for the last couple years. It has been a great experience, weve had a great two years, he said. Weve won two conference titles and weve been in this game twice, with us going all the way to state last year. These kids have had a great last couple years and I am blessed to have been a part of that.

Marshalltown High School will host a Friday Night Lights youth football camp on July 28 at Leonard Cole …

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Comets suffer walk-off heartbreak at Columbus – Marshalltown Times Republican

Utica Comets will begin season on the road – Utica Observer Dispatch


The Utica Comets have began each of their four seasons in the American Hockey League on the road. The upcoming season will be no different.

The Comets will not play at home until Wednesday, Nov. 1, when they host the Rochester Americans at the Utica Memorial Auditorium.

The complete 2017-18 AHL schedule will be released at 3 p.m. Tuesday.

The Comets have posted winning records in each of their four seasons, combining for a record of 155-110-27-12, and the team has sold out 77 consecutive regular-season games. They were 35-32-7-2 this past season, narrowly missing out on the Calder Cup playoffs.

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Utica Comets will begin season on the road – Utica Observer Dispatch

Comets capture silver at Ambassador Cup – Belleville Intelligencer

The Trish Belford Realty Group U16 girls Belleville Comets rolled a seven but came up second in the gold medal final of the Ambassador Cup hosted recently by the Kingston Clippers in The Limestone City.

In a nail-biting championship game against Aurora, neither team could find the back of the opposition net in regulation time.

“The Comets played beautiful football, said team manager Lynn Barnabi. There were some great passes and ball control, but Comets just couldn’t score.

Barnabi also cited the strong defence of Annissa Bray, Andrea Sorokine, Lindsay Hannah and Molly McKinney for making potential Aurora snipers feel equally frustrated in the attacking zone.

The subsequent O.T. went to penalty shots seven of the them both ways before Aurora claimed the crown.

Here’s a tournament recap:

Game 1

Comets opened the festivities with a 2-0 win over Oshawa Turel Hurricanes on goals by Natasha Luffman and Heidi LaCosta. In net, Belleville keeper Victoria Lippitt posted the clean sheet.

Game 2

In a closer contest, Comets clipped the Darlington Blizzard 2-1. Sorokine notched the first Belleville goal which was later matched by the Blizzard. Late in the second half, Peyton Barnabi did the honours by scoring the game-winning goal for the Comets.

Game 3

Comets were unable to find the range in a 2-0 loss to Markham Lightning, but with a 2-1 slate claimed top spot in their pool and advanced to the semi-final round against the host Kingston Clippers.

Game 4

Morgan Hawley and Anna Noronha supplied the local markers as Comets blanked the Clippers 2-0. Lippitt posted her second shutout of the tournament and the U16’s were off to the final.

ON DECK: Comets return to SOSA league action Tuesday versus the host Wolverines at Quinte West.


The ACE F.C. boys Comets split a pair of recent ERSL matches, rebounding from a tough 2-1 loss to Kingston United to defeat the Nepean Hotspurs 2-1 on the road in Ottawa.

Karl Wachner scored in the loss to KU; Evan Zakos, Jackson Moore and Lucas Culhane deposited the Belleville goals in the victory over Nepean.

Zane Neill was in net for both games for the Comets.


In SOSA league competition, the U15 boys Comets tied the first-place Kingston United squad 1-1. Aidyn Goulah scored the Belleville goal his league-leading ninth of the season. Cayde Culhane, Blake Douglas, Brett Foley and keeper Aden Deryaw-Walsh were cited by the coaching staff for strong efforts.

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Comets capture silver at Ambassador Cup – Belleville Intelligencer

LIVE STREAM: GFL Stuttgart Scorpions v. Allgau Comets July 9 @ 3p EDT (9a EDT) – American Football International

The Allgau Comets (1-7) host the Stuttgart Scorpions (2-6) today in Kempten, Germany in a German Football League showdown.

The Comets aim for revenge after falling to the Scorpions in Stuttgart 33-30 just a few weeks ago.

Tune into watch this GFL South match-up

John McKeon is a former professional and collegiate American Football player and coach now living and working in New York. His goal is to spread news, information, and opinion on the global growth of the sport he loves.


LIVE STREAM: GFL Stuttgart Scorpions v. Allgau Comets July 9 @ 3p EDT (9a EDT) – American Football International

Workington Comets slip to first home defeat of the season – News & Star

With their inspirational skipper Craig Cook racing in Poland for Team GB in the World Cup final, and reserve James Sarjeant injured, the Comets resources were stretched, although augmented by guests Danny Ayres (for Sarjeant) and former captain and number one Ricky Wells, for Cook.

But Cook, the current British Champion and by far and away the best rider in the league, is irreplaceable and his absence proved too big a handicap to overcome as without him the Comets only took the chequered flag on five out of 15 occasions and it was that lack of race wins that ultimately proved costly.

Meanwhile, for the Tigers it was two former Comets, Josh Grajczonek and Kyle Howarth, who topped their score-chart with three race wins each in their double-figure returns on a night where on several occasions the visiting riders came from behind to take vital points from the home riders.

Heat 1 had to be re-run as Wells and Grajczonek became tangled on the first corner causing them both to fall. But the re-start saw Wells lead from tape to flag and with Mason Campton in third place the Comets took an early advantage.

The second heat saw guest Danny Ayres quickly endear himself to the home crowd by coming from behind to undertake Sheffields Rob Branford at the end of lap two while there was drama on the last bend as third-placed Nathan Stoneman fell heavily into the air fence to gift Rob Shuttleworth a point and double the Comets advantage.

Heat 3 took three attempts to get under way as, at the first attempt, Sheffields Josh Bates was adjudged to have touched the tapes and was excluded, to be replaced by reserve Rob Branford in the re-start.

However, his partner Lasse Bjerre then did the same thing, with him then re-starting from a 15-metre handicap. This played into the Comets hands with Proctor and Williamson racing to maximum points, although Bjerre, having passed Branford on lap three, hunted down second placed Williamson but simply ran out of laps to challenge for second place.

Comets asset Howarth raced to his first heat win of the night in the fourth and with Thomas Jorgensen and Shuttleworth packing the minor places the points were shared as the Comets maintained their eight-point advantage.

However, with Grajczonek getting the better of fellow Aussie Proctor in heat 5 while Todd Kurtz held off Williamson for third place, the Tigers were able to cut the Comets lead to six points but with heats 6 and 7 being shared, with Jorgensen and Howarth taking the chequered flag respectively, that remained the situation going into heat 8, which became the second race of the night to be re-run as a result of a first bend incident.

On this occasion it was Campton who was sent sprawling across the track after receiving a nudge from fellow-Aussie Todd Kurtz. Referee Phil Griffin again declared a re-start with all four riders and this saw Kurtz just get ahead of Campton who, despite pressing him throughout, could not find a way through. But, with Branford leading Shuttleworth home for the vital third place the Tigers further ate into the Comets advantage, which now stood at just four points.

Heat 9 saw Proctor and Williamson hit the front but, as they entered turn one for the second time, Howarth forced his way under Williamson for second place but was unable to catch Proctor as the heat advantage extended the Comets lead back up to six points at 30-24.

But that joy was short-lived for the Comets as Wells struggled away from the gate in the next, which saw Bjerre hit the front and although Campton valiantly resisted the pressure from Bates the former double British Under-21 Champion found a way round the Comet on the back straight of the third lap to seal the Tigers only maximum heat advantage of the night, which ultimately proved to be a turning point in the match.

Then, when the Tigers gained another heat advantage in heat 11 through Grajczonek and Kurtz the scores were tied at 33-33 and it was the visitors who now had the momentum.

For over three laps in heat 12 the Comets looked set to get their noses in front once more before Bjerre was able to force his way under Proctor on the back straight, while a vital third place from guest Danny Ayres at least kept the scores level.

Heat 13 always looked to be a crucial heat, and so it proved, as Wells led from the gate and held the lead for over two laps before Howarth forced his way under him as they entered turn one for the third time. As Howarth gradually pulled away Wells then had to defend second place from the hard-riding Grajczonek and only just held on as they crossed the finish line in a blanket finish. Meanwhile, a disconsolate Jorgensen was tailed off at the back on a very sick sounding machine as Sheffield took the lead for the first time in the match.

However, for three laps of the penultimate heat the Comets looked set to level the scores once more until Bates was able to drive under race-leader Danny Ayres to share the points and maintain the Tigers slender advantage going into the crucial final race.

This saw the Comets needing to take maximum points to win and gain a heat advantage to draw, but once again it was a case of the Tigers coming from behind to take the points as Wells led from the gate until Grajczonek powered under him as they entered turn one for the third time.

Then, no sooner had Grajczonek passed Wells than third-placed Howarth retired, but the resulting shared heat was not enough to save the Comets as the Tigers claimed their third away league success of the campaign by the narrowest of margins.

WORKINGTON COMETS 44: Ty Proctor 11+1, Ricky Wells 8+1, Thomas Jorgensen 7, Danny Ayres 6+1, Mason Campton 6, Matt Williamson 4+2, Rob Shuttleworth 2+1

SHEFFIELD 46: Josh Grajczonek 12, Kyle Howarth 11, Lasse Bjerre 8+1, Josh Bates 7+1, Todd Kurtz 5, Rob Branford 3, Nathan Stoneman 0

Championship points: Workington 0 Sheffield 3

More here:

Workington Comets slip to first home defeat of the season – News & Star

Dennis Mammana: Comets Aside, a Search of Charles Messier’s Gold Mine Is the Real Treasure – Noozhawk

Back in the late 18th and early 19th centuries long before anyone had any real idea of all that lay out there among the stars a French astronomer spent his nights scouring the sky for his prey.

Charles Messier scanned the heavens in search of new comets, hoping that these would lead him to fame and fortune.

To discover a comet, he knew he had to spot these long before they entered the inner solar system and sprouted an obvious tail, while they still appeared as faint smudges of light.

Then he had to watch diligently from night to night as they drifted slowly among the pinpoint stars. Only in this way could he be sure his discovery was a wandering comet and not some permanent feature of the cosmos.

During his nightly searches, however, Messier encountered dozens of false comets hazy patches of light that never moved, no matter how long he watched.

What were these mystery objects? Messier didnt know, and, whats more, he didnt care. They werent comets, and that was that.

So to avoid wasting more of his time on these stationary smudges, and to prevent himself and other comet hunters from being fooled, he carefully recorded their celestial positions and compiled a list of all that he found.

During his long career, Messier discovered 13 comets, though none of these led him to the fame and fortune he was seeking. Ironically, its his list of celestial nuisance objects for which he is remembered!

The list today known to every astronomer as the Messier Catalogue contains more than 100 of the most remarkable sights in the heavens: star clusters, nebulae, galaxies and more.

Stargazers can use binoculars to find many of these faint fuzzies (as astronomers often call them today) and can even spot some with the unaided eye, but only if you observe from a dark location without city lights. Scan a small telescope along the thickest part of the Milky Way low toward the south-southeastern sky on early evenings in July and, just like Messier youll easily discover even more.

Here, among the stars of the constellations Scorpius and Sagittarius, where the Milky Way appears its widest and most brilliant, Messier objects abound. Many of these in this region are star clusters immense families of dozens, hundreds or even thousands of stars bound together by gravitation.

Some of the finest are M11 (the 11th entry in Messiers Catalogue), M6, M7 and M22.

Others might be wispy clouds of gas and dust inside of which new stars and planetary systems are being born; M8, M16 and M20 are among the most spectacular of these.

Still, others appearing elsewhere around the sky might be distant galaxies island universes composed of hundreds of billions of stars each of which our Milky Way is just one.

Every summer when I gaze at these cosmic spectacles I cant help wondering whether Messier would have been so bothered by finding them had he known the marvels that he was inadvertently discovering.

This summer, be sure to get away from city lights and do your own search for Messiers amazing celestial gold mine!

Dennis Mammana is an astronomy writer, author, lecturer and photographer working from under the clear dark skies of the Anza-Borrego Desert in the San Diego County backcountry. Contact him at [emailprotected] and follow him on Twitter: @dennismammana. Click here to read previous columns. The opinions expressed are his own.

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Dennis Mammana: Comets Aside, a Search of Charles Messier’s Gold Mine Is the Real Treasure – Noozhawk

LIVE STREAM: GFL – Stuttgart Scorpions v. Allgau Comets – July 9 … – American Football International

The Allgau Comets (1-7) host the Stuttgart Scorpions (2-6) today in Kempten, Germany in a German Football League showdown.

The Comets aim for revenge after falling to the Scorpions in Stuttgart 33-30 just a few weeks ago.

Tune into watch this GFL South match-up

John McKeon is a former professional and collegiate American Football player and coach now living and working in New York. His goal is to spread news, information, and opinion on the global growth of the sport he loves.

Follow this link:

LIVE STREAM: GFL – Stuttgart Scorpions v. Allgau Comets – July 9 … – American Football International

Comets slip to first home defeat of the season – Times & Star

With their inspirational skipper Craig Cook racing in Poland for Team GB in the World Cup final, and reserve James Sarjeant injured the Comets resources were stretched, although augmented by guests Danny Ayres (for Sarjeant) and former captain and number one, Ricky Wells, for Cook.

But, Cook, the current British Champion and by far and away the best rider in the league, is irreplaceable and his absence proved too big a handicap to overcome as without him the Comets only took the chequered flag on five out of fifteen occasions and it was that lack of race wins that ultimately proved costly.

Meanwhile, for the Tigers it was two former Comets, Josh Grajczonek and Kyle Howarth, that topped their score-chart with three race wins each in their double-figure returns on a night where on several occasions the visiting riders came from behind to take vital points from the home riders.

See the article here:

Comets slip to first home defeat of the season – Times & Star

Comets clip Hawks in semifinals – Marshalltown Times Republican

Local Sports

Jul 8, 2017

T-R PHOTO BY THORN COMPTON BCLUW senior Samantha Ubben, left, celebrates with senior Macy Kock after the Comets won their Class 2A Region 3 semifinal game against South Hamilton on Friday 4-1. With the win, BCLUW moves on to face Waterloo Columbus on Monday with a trip to the state tournament on the line.

CONRAD Once again a standing room only crowd was on hand to watch the Class 2A No. 12 BCLUW softball team play their Class 2A Region 8 semifinal match against No. 13 South Hamilton on Friday night, and both the Comets and Hawks fans were treated to a great, tight game from both teams.

In the end, BCLUW came away victorious, defeating South Hamilton 4-1 and earning a second-straight trip to the Regional Finals match with a trip to the State Tournament on the line.

Comets head coach David Lee said his girls played an outstanding game against a team that beat them earlier this season.

I thought our game was complete tonight, Lee said after the win. Offensively I thought we were right on the edge, we took the extra base when we could just look at the number of close plays if you want to see about that and they have great arms. We beat some throws from people who have great arms. We know we have to challenge people but we have to push the envelope because thats how we get runs once in a while.

Both teams got off to a slow start at the plate on Friday, with BCLUW (29-8) starting pitcher Samantha Ubben fanning the first three batters for the Hawks and South Hamilton (20-9) pitcher Taylor Volkmann retiring her first three batters faced.

T-R PHOTO BY THORN COMPTON BCLUW sophomore Easton Swanson slides around the tag at third base as she knocked down the first Comets hit of the game in the second inning of their 4-1 win over South Hamilton to advance to the Class 2A Region 3 finals match on Monday.

It was a similar setup in the second inning, with Ubben pitching yet another 1-2-3 inning on two ground outs and a fly ball, but after a strikeout from Comets first baseman Jordyn Beeghly to start the bottom of the second, sophomore Easton Swanson stepped up to the plate and belted a triple to get the offense rolling.

Senior Sara Sharp brought Swanson home in the ensuing at bat with a single, her first of three hits on the night for BCLUW. After the game, Sharp said she was knew it was a big moment for her in this game and she was ready to step up for her team.

I just got up to bat and I knew I had to get the job done, she said. I knew we had to score some runs in order to do what we needed to do.

Runs were at a premium all night, but after yet another extra-base hit from senior Leah Yantis in the third and an RBI single from Ubben, the Comets found themselves in a slightly comfortable lead up 2-0 after three innings played.

That comfort soon dissipated, however, as BCLUW was trapped in a bases-loaded jam in the top of the fourth with no outs, but after a discussion at the plate between Lee and his infield the girls got back on track and minimized the damage, allowing South Hamilton their only run of the night in the inning.

T-R PHOTO BY THORN COMPTON Comets seniors Samantha Ubben and Sara Sharp attempt to tag out South Hamilton senior Alissa Moss during the fourth inning.

We really dug ourselves a hole there in the fourth, we had an error and they just had two bloop hits that we couldnt get to, Lee said. I thought Sam really bore down, we gave up one run there but boy we could have given up a bunch. Jenna (Willett) made a great play on that one ball in center field too.

Both teams went scoreless again for the next two innings, but the Comets were able to give themselves some insurance in the sixth, with Beeghley starting off the frame with a standing double, Swanson laying down a sacrifice bunt to score pinch runner Kiersten Kruse from second, and Sharp knocking in her second extra-base hit of the night, later being driven home by a single from catcher Kate Goecke.

Everybody stepped up a little bit, Lee said of his teams effort. Sara hit the ball, Swanson hit the ball. Sara made a great play here at third base at the end where she bobbled the ball but still was able to get the out, and that was one where we needed it.

The errors, whether at the plate or in the field, didnt seem to effect the team. The team just stepped up and made the next play, whatever it had to be. That is what I am so pleased with the kids about.

Ubben pitched a complete game for BCLUW, giving up only one run off four hits and striking out nine. Sharp went 3-for-3 offensively with an RBI and a run scored, while Ubben and Swanson each had a hit and an RBI.


The Comets get a bit longer of a rest than the last couple weeks now, as they have two days off before taking on Columbus Catholic for the 2A Region 3 crown Monday night.

Lee said, though they have an extra day to prepare, the teams approach to this finals match wont be any different than what theyve done all season.

We will do what we have been doing all year, he said. We will actually take Saturday off, we wont do anything then and we will practice on Sunday night when it is cooler. Then we will do what weve done on Monday morning and get ready to go play the game. We are kind of in a little pattern with what we do to get ready so we will stay with that.

That game against Columbus Catholic is set for a 7 p.m. start in Waterloo on Monday.

LA PORTE CITY The East Marshall softball team got yet another win in the Class 3A Region 5 tournament on Friday …

GILBERTVILLE Chandler Sponseller hit his first-career home run and the West Marshall baseball team ended the …

Originally posted here:

Comets clip Hawks in semifinals – Marshalltown Times Republican

Thurness’ heroics saves Comets’ season – Muscatine Journal

When Breana Thurness saw the throw from the West Burlington Notre Dame shortstop sail over the first basemans head, she couldnt help but smile as she dashed to home plate.

As the junior stomped on the plate, she capped off a three-run really in the bottom of the seventh that allowed West Liberty to top West Burlington, 5-4, in the Class 3A regional softball semifinal Friday.

“Im just glad that I got to have this because this is something Ill remember forever, Thurness said. I was so excited I just wanted to give the team a hug. It was a big moment.

It took some heroics from Thurness to even put the Comets in that position. They trailed 4-2 entering the seventh inning and with two runners on base and one out, she trailed 0-2 in the pitch count. She fought back, and eventually ripped a double down the third-base line to score two runs and tie the game.

Shes a good hitter, coach Dave Reynolds said. Shell drive the ball that way all the time. She probably deserves some all-league votes but didnt get them.

If things had gone just a little differently, that scenario never would have played out. Reynolds forgot to re-enter Thurness into the lineup, but West Burlington coach David Oleson didnt question it until Thurness was on second base after already tying the game with her two-RBI double. Had he noticed while she was in the batters box, she would have been out before having a chance to hit, which would have been West Libertys second out of the inning.

Thats a miscue I wont make again, Reynolds said.

Before all of that, the Comets appeared to be in complete control of the game entering the seventh inning after an RBI single by sophomore Skylar Wendt to break a 1-1 tie in the bottom of the sixth. With the way junior pitcher Emma Martin had been hitting her spots through six innings, Reynolds said he thought they had the Falcons.

But the Falcons finally got to Martin and scored three runs in the top of the seventh to take a 4-2 lead. Even so, there was no panic in the Comets.

I knew we would start hitting the ball, Reynolds said. I could see it in those captains’ eyes when we came up to bat. I never give up on these guys and they never cease to amaze me.

Reynolds said his entire team, even the young players, hasnt been fazed by pressure all season, and it was more of the same Friday night. At a time where it would have been easy to sulk, the Comets entered the seventh inning ready to make the Falcons work for the win.

Sophomore Macy Akers started the bottom of the seventh with a walk, and senior Haddie Anderson followed with a single on the next at-bat. Freshman Austyn Crees sacrifice bunt moved the runners into scoring position for Thurness, who was confident even though she was 0-for-1 at that point.

You just have to stay positive through everything, Thurness said. Even if youre nervous, you have to stay strong. The team always has your back, and thats kind of what calmed me down is I know I have them to fall back to.

But Thurness came through in the biggest moment of the night, and after narrowly avoiding a tag on a ground ball to the short stop, made it clear home to clinch the Comets biggest win of the season and a birth in the regional championship.

West Liberty will now face its biggest test of the season in Davenport Assumption in the regional championship Monday night in Davenport. Assumption is 39-1, and its only loss came in its first game, to Moline 4-3.

We have to come out and play the best we can, Reynolds said. Whatever happens, happens. Its a tall task, but theyre up for it. Well leave it all out on the field.

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Thurness’ heroics saves Comets’ season – Muscatine Journal

Summer Basketball: Comets rain down 3’s, advance to 2nd round – The Delaware County Daily Times

After going 2-1 in pool play, the Comets turned to the 3-pointer to get to the second round in the championship bracket at the AAU Division 1 seventh-grade tournament in Kingston, Tennessee.

The Comets hit eight triples to roll to a 56-10 victory over the Central Kentucky Storm Wednesday. The win sends the Comets into the round of 16 against the Potomac Valley Vogues Thursday.

Maggie Grant led the way with 12 points. Grace ONeil had eight points, while Jordyn Thomas and Maggie Doogan chipped in with seven points apiece.

In pool play, Thomas and Nikki Mostardi tallied eight points each in a 50-40 victory over the Titans. Julia Dever scored 14 points, but it wasnt enough as the Comets fell to North Tartan of Minnesota in overtime, 44-39. Maeve McErlane tossed in 14 points as the Comets bounced back with a 49-44 win over Georgia Hardball Elite to advance to the championship round.


Jack Lemon and Owen Dreger had it going on for Dairy Cottage.

Lemon scored 18 points and Dreger hit four 3-pointers and finished with 17 points to lead DC to a 40-28 Senior League win over Pat McKnight Construction.

Rohan Bhattacharya put up eight points for McKnight.

In other Senior League action:

Slacks 32, Thunderbird 19 >> Adam Henry tallied 10 points to lead Slacks. Kevin Waters netted six points for Thunderbird.

In the Junior League:

McKeon Allstate 31, Tavola 14 >> Tanner Coll paced the winners with 10 points.

PDS 15, A&A Custom Signs 12 >> Connor Meenans six points led the way for PDS. Logan McBride had five points for A&A.

Lydia Scotts basket in the final minute lifted the Cougars to an 18-17 victory over Glenolden in the junior division. Bridget Doerr led the winners with seven points.

Erin Boyer had six points for Glenolden.

In another junior game:

Springfield Gold 26, Springfield Blue 16 >> Skyler Poehner and Sophia Ward combined for 15 points for Gold.

Originally posted here:

Summer Basketball: Comets rain down 3’s, advance to 2nd round – The Delaware County Daily Times

Ex-Comets skipper Ricky returns in bid to tame the Tigers – Times & Star

Former Comets No1 Ricky Wells is set to lead Workington for tomorrow’s Championship clash against Sheffield.

Provided the USA do not pull off a huge shock by winning tonight’s Speedway World Cup race-off to reach the final, last season’s Comets skipper Ricky Wells will fly back to replace Craig Cook for Workington against the Tigers.

Great Britain’s Cook-inspired victory in the first World Cup event at the weekend means they progressed straight to tomorrow night’s final so Wells, who still lives in West Cumbria, agreed to return to his old stomping ground as a guest.

Redcar reserve Danny Ayres will also step in to guest for James Sarjeant, who faces up to four weeks out with a broken thumb.

Wells joined Edinburgh this season but still knows his way around Derwent Park and team manager Tony Jackson expects him to be an able deputy.

He said: “It’s going to be tough but Ricky was the best bet by far.

“They’ve got a full team with Josh Grajczonek and Kyle Howarth in there who know the track.

“They were obviously very disappointed because they were tipped to be top of the pile and one of their first away meetings was at Workington when we beat them 54-37.

“They’ll be fired up and they’re riding quite well, plus with Craig Cook missing they’ll sense an opportunity.

“It’s got all the makings of a good match and hopefully we can continue our unbeaten home record.”

Jackson will be absent for tomorrow night’s meeting, with Comets co-promoter Steve Whitehead taking on managerial duties.

Meanwhile, Thomas Jorgensen and Ty Proctor have been confirmed as Comets’ duo for the Championship Pairs at Somerset on July 21, with Cook missing due to his British Grand Prix commitments.

Excerpt from:

Ex-Comets skipper Ricky returns in bid to tame the Tigers – Times & Star

Comets take on the Tigers – Cumbria Crack

Saturdays guest Ricky Wells (red) seen here leading from the front at Derwent Park last season as the Comets number one! (picture: Dave Payne)

At 7:00pm this Saturday evening at Derwent Park the Workington Comets return to SGB Championship action when they entertain the Sheffield Tigers for the second time this season.

Back in early April the Comets ran out 54-37 victors when the two sides met at Workington but all the indications are that it will be a totally different situation this time around and one that could go right down to the wire.

On that occasion the Comets were at full-strength while the Tigers were without the injured Lasse Bjerre, however this time around it is the Tigers that are at full-strength!

The Comets are missing their inspirational skipper and number one Craig Cook, who will be captaining Team GB in the World Cup Final over in Poland that evening, while also missing is their injured reserve James Sarjeant, who is currently sidelined with a broken right thumb following his crash at Newcastle at the end of June.

Coming in as a guest to replace Cookie is last years number one and captain, Ricky Wells, who will be flying back to the UK from Poland where, barring what would be the biggest upset in Speedway World Cup history, his Team USA side will have been taking part in the previous evenings race-off where they are not expected to top the score-chart to claim the remaining place in the Final itself. Additionally, coming into the Comets side as a guest for the evening to replace James Sarjeant is Redcars Danny Ayres.

Meanwhile, the Sheffield Tigers are led by two former Comets that certainly know their way around Derwent Park number one Josh Grajczonek, who was the Comets number one back in 2014, and Kyle Howarth, a Comets asset, who rode for the club for four seasons from 2012 to 2015 inclusive; both of whom will be keen to score points against their former club.

Looking ahead to the fixture, club owner Laura Morgan said: Obviously it is not ideal to be going into the meeting without Cookie but unfortunately we have no choice as this is a fixture on the list and, having ridden less matches than any other side in the Championship right now, and missed a number of weekends due to the weather or other events taking place at the stadium, we really have to catch up on our league fixtures.

We urge everyone to get down to the stadium to watch live speedway, which promises to be a cracking fixture and, if need be, record the televised speedway and watch it when they get home!

We are delighted that Ricky has agreed to help us out, and by being prepared to jump straight back on a plane in order to do so shows his commitment to the cause of his former club and the friendships that we all built up during his time with us. Ricky is a very capable replacement, who knows the track as good as anyone. He still lives locally, shares a workshop with Mason Campton and is often seen down at Derwent Park on race-night when his own racing commitments allow.

We are also very grateful to Danny Ayres for agreeing to also help us out this Saturday while James recovers from his broken thumb. Hopefully another couple of weeks or so will see James back in the saddle in time for what promises to be a very busy spell for the club throughout July, August and early September as we look to catch up on our fixture backlog and make a push for the play-offs!


See original here:

Comets take on the Tigers – Cumbria Crack

Opinion: These visitors from space could kill us – MarketWatch

Around 65 million years ago, a huge asteroid hit Earth, wiping out the dinosaurs and up to 30% of all life on the planet. But this was not a one-time occurrence.

Celestial bodies have hit Earth before and are bound to do so again. The billion dollar question is: Could the impact trigger another mass extinction?

To answer this question properly, we need to understand the origin of objects set on a collision course with our planet. Three best sources of Earth-bound celestial material are the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, the Oort cloud and Kuiper belt. The Oort cloud is believed to be a thick bubble of icy debris that surrounds our solar system, and a probable origin of most of the long-period comets that have been observed. The Kuiper belt is a disc-shaped region populated with hundreds of thousands of icy bodies larger than 100 km (62 miles) in diameter, and an estimated one trillion or more comets beyond the orbit of Neptune.

These two regions, while both rich in gigantic space debris, contribute to the extinction scenarios in vastly different ways. While the Oort cloud is quite dense, consisting of billions of comets, its very unlikely that many of them jeopardized Earth in the past. In fact, simulations run by scientists confirm that in the past 500 million years, just two or three comets may have struck Earth, causing powerful meteor showers.

The Kuiper belt is next on our list of suspects. Its disc-like structure makes it easier for the comets to find their way to our solar system, but more often than not, they get pulled in by the Sun and evaporate.

Still, movements of both Oort cloud and Kuiper belt objects are complex, and their interactions with other celestial bodies are far from predictable and periodic. In fact, many of them can get pulled from their initial state into orbits of planets and various other celestial bodies, where they can be further slung toward our solar system. The majority of them leave the solar system, collide with other planets and moons, or simply evaporate, passing too close to our Sun. Those that do hit Earth either burn out in the atmosphere or lose a significant amount of their mass before actually hitting planets surface.

What about the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter?

Out of 50,000 meteorites found on Earth to date, 99.8% are believed to have come from this region including the dinosaur-killer. But because the asteroids that leave the belt dont get replenished, as time passes, so does the danger. The proof of this theory can be found on celestial bodies such as Earths Moon or the planet Mercury, where older craters (created 3 -3.5 billion years ago) are the most numerous, with considerable fallout in frequency as we move further up the timeline.

Our solar system is also constantly moving along with our Sun, which revolves around the center of the galaxy, passing through various regions of the Milky Way on its 225 million-years long journey. During that period, also known as a cosmic year, occurring every 31 million years or so, we pass through the denser areas of the galaxy. Some claim that these periods coincide with mass extinctions in Earth’s history, which means these extinctions are likely periodic. Yet this excellent article by astrophysicist Ethan Siegel shows that there is no scientific evidence to support that claim.

Still, dont rest just yet. Complex movements of our solar system, paired with those of the galaxy, could excite asteroids and comets lying in wait in the Oort cloud or the Kuiper belt, sending them on a collision course with Earth. With billions of them out there, theres a good chance a few could end up at our doorstep.

But, is there an increased risk of mass extinction such as the one Earth faced 65 million years ago? At this point, I dont think so. That is not to say that there is no risk. The universe is complex, and the interactions between planets, asteroids, stars and galaxies are intricate and multi-layered. Anything can happen. If you are interested in humans current capabilities to avert such a disaster, click here (Hint: its not pretty).

Read the original:

Opinion: These visitors from space could kill us – MarketWatch

Bizarro comet challenging researchers – Space Daily

Scientists pursue research through observation, experimentation and modeling. They strive for all of these pieces to fit together, but sometimes finding the unexpected is even more exciting. That’s what happened to University of Central Florida’s astrophysicist Gal Sarid, who studies comets, asteroids and planetary formation and earlier this year was part of a team that published a study focused on the comet 174P/Echeclus. It didn’t behave the way the team was expecting.

“This is another clue that Echeclus is a bizarre solar system object,” said University of South Florida physics research Professor Maria Womack, who leads the team.

Comets streak across the sky and as they get closer to the sun look like bright fuzz balls with extended luminous trails in their wake. However, comets are actually bulky spheres of mixed ice and rock, many of them also rich in other frozen volatile compounds, such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen cyanide and methanol.

Comets heat up as they get closer to the sun, losing their icy layers by sublimation and producing emission jets of water vapor, other gases and dust expelled from the comet nucleus, Sarid said. Once they move away from the sun, they cool off again. But some comets start showing emission activity while still very far from the sun, where heating is low.

That’s what Sarid and Womack research as they study these kinds of distantly active comets. Womack and graduate student Kacper Wierzchos used the Arizona Radio Observatory Submillimeter telescope to observe Echeclus last year as it approached the sun. This work will be part of Wierzchos’ doctoral dissertation in applied physics at USF. Sarid provided theoretical expertise for interpreting the observational results.

Echeclus is part of the population of objects called centaurs, which have orbits around the sun at distances between that of Jupiter and Neptune. It is also part of a special group within the centaurs, which sometimes exhibit comet-like activity. Previous research indicated that Echeclus might have been spewing carbon monoxide as its icy material changed phases.

The team found that the levels of carbon monoxide were nearly 40 times lower than typically expected from other comets at similar distances from the sun. This suggests that Echeclus and similar active Centaurs may be more fragile than other comets. Echeclus may have gone through a different physical process from most comets that caused it to lose a lot of its original carbon monoxide, or it may have had less of that substance to begin with.

Understanding the composition of comets and how they work will help researchers understand how our solar system was formed. It will also aid space explorers plan for their travels – things to avoid and perhaps hidden resources found within the nucleus of comets that may be useful on deep space missions.

“These are minor bodies that we are studying, but they can provide major insights,” Sarid said. “We believe they are rich in organics and could provide important hints of how life originated.”

Sarid is determined to solve the puzzle. This week he hosts a group of comet experts at UCF to discuss the mysterious activity of Echeclus and other similar bodies. The idea for the workshop is to capitalize on the local expertise in observation, laboratory and theoretical work that is required to fully understand the mysteries of active comets at great distances from the sun. The inaugural Florida Distant Comets workshop was held a year ago at USF.

“I guess I’ve always liked challenges,” Sarid said from his office at the Florida Space Institute at UCF, where he spends his days trying to decipher the models and mathematical equations related to his work.

Sarid has a Ph.D. in geophysics and planetary Sciences from Tel Aviv University in Israel and completed postdoctoral work at the Institute for Astronomy and the NASA Astrobiology Institute in Hawaii, followed by a second postdoctoral research appointment at Harvard University. He was a part of a team that used the telescopes in Hawaii for several years chasing comets and asteroids for NASA observing campaigns and space missions before joining UCF in 2014.

He teamed up with Womack in 2016 and on this most recent study provided theoretical expertise for interpreting the observational results. The National Science Foundation funds the project, under a grant awarded to USF, with Womack as the principal investigator and Sarid as a co-investigator.

They will continue to look at centaur-type comets and measure the level of their carbon monoxide emission and related activity.

Research Report

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Bizarro comet challenging researchers – Space Daily