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Most gamblers and casino players spend their entire life looking for a way to win when the answer is right in front of them. Blackjack is one of the best choices for gamblers who are willing to do what it takes to win.

Learning how to be a winning blackjack player is 100% possible. This makes it special in comparison to other casino games because most of them cant be beaten.

In this article, youre going to learn step by step how you can be a winning blackjack player. Be prepared for hard work, but you can do it.

Playing winning blackjack requires doing many things correct, but one thing is more important than anything else. To be a winning blackjack player, you have to play every hand the right way.

The number of possible hands you can have and the card the dealer shows is limited. It might seem like there are 1,000s of combinations, but in truth, there are only a few dozen. This is because theres no difference between having a ten, jack, queen, or king in your hand.

Also, theres no difference between a 5 and 7, a 4 and 8, a 3 and 9, or a 2 and 10 through king. All of these hands form a hard 12, so they all need to be played the same way.

The correct way to play is a mathematical equation. Each total you have with the card that the dealer is showing has one way to play that has the highest rate of return. If you dont play each hand this way, youre not winning as much as you can.

You dont have to worry about running the math on each hand, but you do have to make sure you know what the math says. You can learn what the best play is for each blackjack hand when you use a strategy card.

Now you know the importance of playing every blackjack hand the right way and how to do it, the next step is learning how to use the rules at the table to your advantage. Every blackjack rule does one of two things. The rules either help you win more or make you lose more.

One blackjack rule stands above the rest. If you make a mistake with this rule youre never going to be a winning blackjack player. You cant ever play blackjack at a table that pays 6 to 5 for a blackjack. This rule kills your profits.

Other rules that you should look for include tables that offer surrender, being able to double down after splitting a pair and the dealer stands on a soft 17.

The final thing you can do when you play blackjack in a land based casino is to use a trick to offset your losses. This is a simple trick that anyone can use.

Get a membership in the rewards club that is offered by the casino, so you get casino comps when you play blackjack.

Whether you play blackjack in land based casinos or online at one of the best mobile casino apps, the rules are important. The blackjack table with the best set of rules is always going to give you the best chance to win.

Its easier to find blackjack tables with good sets of rules when you play in mobile and online casinos. This doesnt mean that you cant find good rule sets in land based casinos, but each individual casino has a limited number of tables. You can access 100s of casinos online and on your mobile device quickly.

Online blackjack play offers some advantages and some disadvantages when compared to land based blackjack.

The main advantage beyond finding good games easier is that you can get a bonus at some casinos. You also have control over how fast or slow you play. Most online and mobile blackjack tables have lower table minimums than land based tables, so you can risk less and play longer.

On the other hand, online and mobile blackjack eliminates the ability to use advantage play like card counting. How fast you play can also be a disadvantage. When you play too fast, you risk more money, and without an edge, this means that youre going to lose more money.

When you play every blackjack hand the best way and only play at tables that have good rules you get the highest return that you can. But even when you do everything right, the casino still has a small house edge. And with a small edge, youre still losing money.

But there are a few special strategies that you can use to turn the small edge around and play with an advantage over the casino. Card counting is the best advantage play method you can use when you play blackjack.

Most blackjack players dont even try to count cards because they think that its going to be too hard. But you dont have to be a genius to use card counting. You can start with a simple system that you can learn to use quickly.

I recommend learning about the ace five count. This system only uses the aces and fives, and is easy to track. More importantly, this system gives you the confidence you need to start using a more advanced card counting system.

A beginning counting system can give you a small edge, but if you want to win as much as you possibly can, you eventually need to move up to an advanced system. The good news is that if you can win using a simple system, its easy to advance to a more profitable system.

The only differences between a simple blackjack counting system and an advanced system is that you track more cards, and in some systems, you have to make a simple conversion from the running count to the true count.

Nothing about blackjack counting is too hard to learn. You simply learn how the system youre using works and then practice until you can do it perfectly.

The most commonly used counting system is called hi lo or high low. Its easy to keep track of the count and is a powerful system. The only downside is that this system requires a conversion. This isnt the end of the world, but it is an extra step.

If you want to use a system that doesnt require a conversion and is almost as powerful as the hi lo, you can use either the knock out system, called KO, or the red seven system.

Before getting into the meat of this section, you should know that the things in this section arent something to focus on until you become a winning card counter. Card counting is the best blackjack advantage play, and thats where you need to focus until youre winning.

Just like counting, these techniques only work when you play blackjack in land based casinos. They dont work when you play online or mobile blackjack.

The first advanced technique is called hole carding. This is a technique that you can use with some dealers. Some blackjack dealers are lazy when they deal the cards and let you see a flash of the value of cards. This can be particularly profitable when you see the value of the dealers face down card.

Another advanced technique is called shuffle tracking. When the blackjack game is hand shuffled, you might be able to track where sections of good cards are located. This lets you bet more when the best cards are likely to be dealt.

The final advanced blackjack technique is ace sequencing. By keeping track of where aces are placed in the discard pile and the order theyre in, you might be able to predict when aces are going to be dealt.

Its going to be hard, but if you do things the right way, you can be a winning blackjack player. You have to do several things the right way 100% of the time. This is challenging, but with enough knowledge and practice, you can do everything you need to do to win.

You cant afford to play blackjack at a table with poor rules, whether you play land based blackjack or real money online blackjack. And you need to learn exactly how to play every hand you play a certain way. You cant afford to guess or make a mistake.

When you do these things, it puts you in a position to start using advantage blackjack techniques that deliver long range profits.

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