Youth Spotlight Column: Black lives matter in the hearts of Ipswich Students – The Local

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When George Floyd and Breonna Taylor died this spring, the town of Ipswich and the surrounding towns protested. Many of my classmates stood at the center of town and held signs. Several of the churches held prayer vigils. We began to study and do trainings. I also attended a large gathering in Amesbury.

I arrived in Amesbury curious and impassioned. As my eyes scanned the roaring crowd, I realized that the Black Lives Matter protests were not just led by people fighting for what they thought was right. It was a powerful movement led by bruised families working for what they knew needed to be changed.

This specific protest touched me in a way that I could not have anticipated. The sight of all of those hurt people chanting I cant breathe! I cant breathe! showed me what humans are really capable of: a unified call for justice. Citizens standing up and making history is a powerful thing, especially being a part of it first-hand. I am appreciative to live in an area where pressing issues are finally moving to the forefront.

As the summer unfolded, Black Lives Matter motorcades wove their way through Ipswich, hooting their horns, waving signs, exchanging greetings with people, and honoring the social distance challenges. Barbara Carson, age 94, was there in the middle of it. She says I had to do something. I couldnt just sit around. So I took to the streets.

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These issues have been put off for too long. Now they are peeking through the clouds. Light is shining on an important movement that needs to grow and be seen.

Beylen Curtis is an Ipswich High School sophomore

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Youth Spotlight Column: Black lives matter in the hearts of Ipswich Students - The Local

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