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Someone argues gun rights are important. You know everybody gets one single bolt action rifle. Now you go hard to reload. Cant do a whole lot of damage with that, unless youre very well trained. Nobody gets handguns semiautomatic weapons, et cetera, et cetera. We make that deal down. People need to be able to deal with vermin I suppose in rural areas. But obviously, we have a problem too. The countries have with guns indeed feral hogs. They surround your kids. The only thing the Catholic church concerned with is the communist pope that it has. Other than that buddy I wish we had a communist pope shouldnt we disarm the police before we disarm ourselves or with those happen at the same time, you know I mean, the police should definitely need your help. So for instance, the Dallas cops who used a bomb removal robot to actually carry a bomb to a wounded criminal who was lying in a parking garage bleeding to death and then blew him up despite the fact that he was shortly going to be unconscious from blood loss. I mean, I dont think cops should have execution robots right. I think that there are some squads that obviously need to be armed. Thats how it is in the UK in the UK when you would see cops dealing with like you know bicycle altercations as I saw outside my house one time. They usually werent like pulling guns on people. They didnt have guns on them. Indeed They were dealing with bicycle altercations. So you know, I think that you can make those kinds of distinctions. Does the Roman Catholic church have any Im sorry. And is that thoughts on the accusations by moralist catholics that we shouldnt support Black Lives Matter because its marxist. I never know what people mean when they say marxist. I think probably a good 50% of people who have marxist in their Twitter bios dont know what they mean when they say theyre marxist. The term has become so vast its called calm says concept creep. Right critique drift. I have no idea what people mean when they say its Marx as they say its atheistic. I would say this at the March for Life there are atheists there are atheists who come for the March for Life and make a big deal of being atheists and catholics embrace them. There are Mormons at the March for Life. Right There are evangelicals at the March for Life. There are all kinds of people at the March for Life and the catholics. They have no problem with it because theyre like, look, this is a cause right. And the cause is this particular thing were focusing on here. So if you can link arms with people who are secular or people of different faiths for a cause which it seems we can because it happens every year in January at the March for Life then I dont understand why you cant at least identify that this organization, whatever else its intentions or its agenda is the agenda that you know, police should not be killing black people. You know in the street ally George Floyd Orlando Castile and I think you know you can agree on that. And that can be an issue of shared advocacy. Its not just me. This has this has come up again and again from officials in in the church right. This is actually the view of the hierarchy itself. So if you go and read the letter that we have posted on Catholic social action a letter to all of the United States bishops you can see all of the church figures who we have quoted in favor of this very idea. Right So you know go check it out. Go to Catholic social action see whats up. Im not asking you to affirm everything that every organization that is involved in this effort believes. Im just asking you to affirm this one thing. And I think we can reasonably do that. Yeah police are not allowed to execute criminals. Thats where I kind of disagree with rod Dreher a little bit is just because youre resisting arrest doesnt mean the police can execute. You on the spot. Normally we have a trial for that kind of thing. And we put people to death with you know Chinese horse tranquilizers instead of shooting them in the back of the head or whatever crushing their necks and says, how we do things around here arent trials overrated. I mean trials have problems you know. But I think that, you know in absence of a better solution youve got to render the punishment after the trial would be my perspective. And I dont think thats too crazy. I like Coke. I dont know why people in Texas. Usually like Dr. pepper. Its not bad. Ill drink it. But I also call every brown soda Coke. Do you think the left has a problem with tactical unity with other culture factions. Yes well Space Jam to be good while space down line was pretty good. I really, really like Space Jam. Ill still watch Space Jam. Have I ever tried meditation. Yes, I do every day. Yeah dude, what the hell is up with that Dreyer post. That guy was practically salivating for death. I would recommend reading Alan Jacobs response on his blog. Snakes and ladders a.j. he had a very good kind of you know temperate but I think reasonably alarmed response and you know since then rudd has done a few edits where he expands on you know feeling a little less comfortable with what he originally said than he did at the time. Any words of wisdom on this anniversary of the atomic bombing. Yeah, it was a sin and a crime. All right incinerating thousands and thousands of innocent civilians and also poisoning the ground and many, many people who survived including unborn children in such a way that they would be disabled and maimed for the rest of their lives in the very earth itself would be poisonous. Seems like something thats pretty diabolical in nature. I did see a guy on Twitter yesterday say that the atomic bombs arent real that it was just like a fake like we used conventional bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and somehow faked everyone out into believing we had nukes and then everyone else also started pretending to have nukes. Thats a conspiracy theory thats obviously wrong, but its one Im going to dig deeper into because its kind of amusing and considering the existence of actual nuclear weapons is extraordinarily disturbing. I am a nuclear weapon abolitionist very much in favor of disarmament. Check out the documentary countdown to zero. Very much very much in favor of that. I saw it twice in theaters. Do you believe that the Cardinals only elected Francis because they expected him to die soon. Possibly there is this great verse in Jeremiah the heart is deceitful above all things and wicked beyond compare who can understand it. This is like triply true for Catholic Cardinals. Lets see how can a formal religious organization. So closely tied to imperialism be liberator free. Well hope springs eternal right. There is such a thing as liberation theology where the colonized peoples of Latin America who had been evangelized and converted to Catholicism by those very Spanish missionaries who showed up centuries before use that same theology to argue for their own liberation. America, of course violently suppressed a lot of that revolutionary activity and the church itself came out against it at the time. Pope Francis has been warmer to liberation theology and liberation theologians than other popes. And I think with good reason for one he is from Latin America. And so hes seen it on the ground. But obviously, I strongly support that approach. And I do think that this is a fundamentally laboratory faith. Liz can you address the fact that Matt looks exactly like Martin Luther cant say that I have ever noticed that you have to think about that to get in one of those like strange kind of early modern hats and to take a look. Will my toddler be going to school this year. Its not up to me now Ill listen to the local authorities. Do you think that more black people than what is publicized or victimized by police on the daily. I mean, probably right. I gather thats something that lots of black people deal with. I mean, you know if theyre not reporting it, then we dont have statistics. So I wouldnt doubt it. What are you working on these days. Oh, you know this and that. And the other. Im going to have a couple pieces. God willing about the conventions as they happen later this month. Do I like writing books. No, there are too long. I am sure that one day I will do that. But yes you should keep reading Gustavo the person who is asking about liberation theology. Are you moving to Texas perhaps. How are you, Elizabeth. Have you had your coffee yet. Well, because I think I grew up in an extremely hot climate in Texas. I dont drink coffee. I dont drink any hot drinks actually when I get up in the morning for my shot of caffeine I have an icy cold Coca-Cola product. They should pay me at least $1,000 for saying that. All right, you guys can hear the orb. Does Jane support abolishing the snack please. Well Jane. Shes figured out how to drag chairs and into the kitchen get into the high cabin and she can also pick the cabinet locks. So were a little bit at a loss of what to do. Your article didnt say much about st John of apparel Sarah statues being destroyed right. I mean. And that was intentional right. So if you look at what Gloria Purves says she is a devout Catholic. She is a black woman. And she was at the canonization of Saint junipero Serra. She was at the canonization in Washington d.c. during pope Francis first visit to the United States. She was there right. She is not saying tear down statues and burn churches. Quite the opposite. What shes saying is every time we say police killings of black people extrajudicial executions of black people are not good or bad should stop. That there is systemic racism in the United States. We should not have to then before we deal with that issue deal with this question of statutes. She is saying, can we please prioritize such that we are dealing with the issue of human lives before were dealing with the issue of statute. Shes not saying its unimportant. Right just saying that these statues in many cases can be replaced can be rebuilt and she supports that right. Its just that its frustrating to her as a black woman. And I fully understand this. And I think its fairly reasonable that every time she brings up these killings of black people by police instead of having that discussion or feeling solidarity from her co religionists on that front, she has to get into a discussion about statues right. Exactly we can walk and chew gum at the same time. And you know, I think in some situations in order to establish trust and good faith you have to have the one conversation before the other. How do you square your radical democratic politics and economics with the Episcopal sea. Well, I have my techniques I would not describe them as maybe radically democratic. You know I believe in democracy. The church has democratic functions inside of it. So the church is not like wholesale opposed to democracy. In fact, I think there are quite a few encyclicals that encourage it. So is there one piece of writing that you think would be beneficial for all humans to read. I mean, you know, the Iliad is good tells you many things worth considering. I dont l everybody should read the hobbit. Its a lot of fun doing that to my kids. Whos my favorite mystic. I say dog cross really and Gregory Anissa are you in a new place. Yes, I am at my friends house because Im in the process of moving. And so everything is sort of in a big tizzy right now. How do you square Black Lives Matter anti church rhetoric again right. You dont have to pay it to eat. Youre not being asked to affirm everything said by every single person in a broad coalition or movement. Right look at this in 1963 archbishop Patrick Boyle of Washington gave the prayer invocation at the March on Washington. Standing next to Martin Luther King jr. Do you think that he believed and agreed with and affirmed every single thing every faction in that coalition believe. No, I mean, it was interfaith right. There were people of all faiths there were Jewish people there are Catholic people there were Protestant people there secular people no doubt. So obviously saying that the principles at hand here are worthwhile principles that our faith demands. We respect is not the same thing as affirming every single message that comes out of a coalition movement. Right this is very, very easy. What is more essential reading Greek mythology or the Bible. I know you know I mean, I like them both. OK Bible is hard to read. Very difficult to read. Yeah You know people need help. I needed help. I went to school for it. So you know important and good. And I think the parts that are necessary are quite obvious. But you can also kind of guilt turned around in there is it similar to how one can promote the ideas of socialism, communism while acknowledging yes. Elizabeth its a core principle of BLM. Oh my god. Guys stop paying attention to the organization. OK Just dont worry about the Black Lives Matter global network. No one is asking you to affirm everything thats in their agenda statement of principles or what theyre asking to affirm the principle that police should be killing black people right. Thats all you have to. Thats all you have to do here. Or I mean, you dont have to I cant make you Im trying to write a persuasive article. But if what youre saying is this organization thats involved in a vast coalition or movement, which includes people who are in the organization, and like a huge majority of people who are not in the organization. If youre saying that you cant affirm the principles there of this huge coalition movement that is not strictly or I would even say mainly the organization Black Lives Matter global network. Youre saying you cant affirm the principle that there shouldnt be extrajudicial killings of black people, mainly because theyre black because there is an organization involved in this movement that is atheistic or anti church. I dont know what to tell you dont go to the March for Life. For sure, because there are secular people there every year they make a huge deal of it. Right So I dont know what to tell you. St. Thomas Aquinas or st. Augustine st. Augustin. Answer the question. Banana pudding or peach cobbler peach cobbler within the ice cream opinion on baking with soda like baking soda is oftentimes very important. Favorite Ben and Jerrys flavor Cherry Garcia Liz whats the best southern food. Fried chicken. Any tips on homemade pecan pie. Dude I dont like to comply. I dont know. Its not great. Its not great. I dont know. Maybe its just that they comply Ive had. I like the cons a lot. I love the cons. But you know, I like chopped up in oatmeal or something. But to come by. Its not me. I its extra thing. And its sort of like really kind of gooey stuff going on under the Yeah. I dont know. Yes Patrick OBoyle did tell John Lewis to change the speech because he thought it was too militant. The fact that Patrick OBoyle still showed up is evidence that you do not have to agree with everything in a coalition or movement right to agree with the core principles. In fact, you can state. I disagree with this. I disagree with that. But I agree with this. Youre entitled to do that. Thats fine. For instance, I will state. Now I disagree with anti church rhetoric and anti theistic and anti religious rhetoric that comes out of this anti-racist movement. But I affirm that catholics Christians should absolutely be opposed to police killings of black people. Favourite bill Murray movie. Thats a good question. Bill Murray is such an interesting actor. I really, really like lost in translation. I mean caddyshack is very, very hard to beat as well. Have you ever been to Ireland thoughts or opinions. I have never been to beautiful Ireland. I would love to go one day someone says, why just black people again, because that is the issue at hand right. It doesnt mean that every other issue every other killing is extraneous. The question. I think that frustrates so many black catholics and I know Gloria Purvis is when you say, look should police stop killing black people. Should the extrajudicial killings of black people stop when some other conversation has to come before that like what about police killings of other people. What about nuclear disarmament. Isnt it more important that we pull out of Iraq. I mean, yes, these are all conversations that are worth having. But can you just say yes to that one question first, I dont understand why not. Can you explain the Texas expat mindset. I mean, you know, you always miss Texas. I love Texas right. MacIntyre good. Great MacIntyre its great. I love Alice. MacIntyre a key element to examine is is there injustice present. If so Christians must be on the side of justice. I agree. Thoughts on Corrie bush went congratulations been on board since the beginning whataburger order. Oh my god. I mean, I always get fries no matter what else Im getting I like I like a lot of burger junior with everything I like. They like a moderate chicken mouth is really good. I like their barbecue chicken sandwich. The honey butter chicken biscuits you can get at breakfast are so good. I mean, I used to in the summer when I was a short window after I was diagnosed with epilepsy. Before I lost my drivers license that I could drive and when my parents would leave for work in the morning. I around like 745 I would get in my car and put my cat in there with me. I had a siamese at the time. And we would drive to water burger. And I would get a honey butter chicken biscuit and share some of it with them. Because good times miss that someone also asked about I am from Texas. Im from Arlington Texas. And someone asked me, what is my jack in the box order. Much easier. I like the chicken strips. The tacos curly fries with ranch and almost all of their like money boxes are really good. Do I live in Texas. Not currently unfortunately favorite legit Chinese restaurant in d.c. There was a really good place out in Falls Church called peking and gourmet. Its like its quite fancy and the family that owns it is really fantastic. And its great. I love it. Why do Christians have a hard time separating church from state. Well, because you know, Christians feel its only one source of morality. And politics is just a branch of ethics right. Thats just Aristotle so youre from edinburg Texas. Welcome how can the church push priest to support the Black Lives Matter movement, not necessarily organization and church pro-life issues. I think its just a matter of talking the people around you. Only 3% of American catholics are black. There are not many. And oftentimes American catholics are still sort of siloed and mainly black parishes. So I think its a matter of you know bringing people like Gloria in and just having conversation, talk to them as human beings. Do I have a seminary degree. No, I didnt go to seminary because I cannot be clergy. I have a masters of philosophy from Cambridge university and Christian theology. Do people at the New York Times ever say failing New York Times for locals. I know that my parents often say that to me for locals. Also the lying New York Times. So it is what it is. Lets see Miss you on left, right, and center. Miss you too makes for a good breakfast burrito. Well, thats another thing about water bird or whatever your breakfast iquitos is freaking amazing. Theyre awesome. I love them. Like sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast ticky iquitos from whataburger. There is no limit to how many of those. I can eat. I could eat them until I physically injured myself is football or baseball more popular in Texas Well probably football in terms of watching it. But you know people like baseball and my husband played football and baseball bets on the next pope. I cannot I cannot begin to predict. Thoughts on the space trilogy by c.s. Lewis. Freaking awesome. Actually I was talking to someone else yesterday about the sparrow. All all of the catholics in space books are amazing. And there are many of them. Yeah, I love them all. What position did mat play in baseball Matt. What position did you play in baseball all except catcher. He says, do you think you can be Christian while thinking the Bible is not such an essential tax. Read evil Christians. Yeah Well, mean, you know, it. We are. We are not you know as people of the book right. I mean, we havent we have a living faith. Thats still in development right. There are still revelations happening. So the bibles obvious extremely important foundational pillar of the faith. But there are also other things. And so its a matter of discernment and being together in our faith. Its very hard to do Christianity alone. Mainly what you need are other Christians. I think you can probably the orb is the orb is in containment. Would you like to see the orb. Someone asked why have you prioritized Black Lives Matter over COVID. I have written several articles on cove. In fact, I have written at least two reported articles on catholics and copied. So I am paying attention to the plague. All right, I am going to try summoning the orb back. Do you want a green cleric here. Shes going to sleep. Im sorry. Thats why shes calling for me to rescue her because shes being put down for a nap. So shes you know my mother. Come get me out of my baby cage. Why is Christian dating so hard. I cannot even imagine. He is very angry. The orb is furious. Objects are about to start flying off the walls and the electricity is going to go out as she uses her giant mind to tell the kinetically manipulate our surroundings. Do I like Joni Mitchell. Yeah, I really do. I love folk music. I listen to it a. I love Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. I love Neil young on his own you know helplessly hoping as maybe one of my favorite songs of all time. I love a case of you love Stevie Nicks a big fleetwood Mac fan. Very, very often very often listen to Joni Mitchell Joan Baez whos just unrivaled in my opinion. Can we get Ross to march. We can try. You know Gordon Lightfoot love Gordon Lightfoot. Actually theres a great cover of Gordon Lightfoot. I think that Sarah McLachlan did of if you can read my mind, which is like this extremely heartbreaking song he wrote about his divorce. The beautiful, beautiful stuff. I love Gordon Lightfoot. In the early morning rain with a buckle in my hand. Also Steve Wynwood blind faith right. Cant find my way home. Awesome Good stuff too late to help out people. Course all right. So Texas is all about thoughts on southern Baptist dominance in Texas Well you know. I mean, Ive written on Texas in evangelicals several times. And you know I think theres nuance there. And so forth. Thoughts on cardinal Burke always well dressed thoughts on Morgellons. No we get to hear both sides know about that on live. Should I have a kid. Yeah, sure. You know, Im quite attached to mine. I think you know, you know maybe enjoy enjoy it. Ive enjoyed my right. Lets see. Alaska is more than twice the size of Texas. Take that. Thats true. Alaska is bigger in terms of landmass but not in terms of spirit. The Texan soul is enormous. Yeah And you know Texans like that. While the biggest in the continental unites a contiguous United States a kid scares the shit out of me. Oh, it scared the shit out of me. Certainly not wrong about that. My favorite Western. Thats a good question. I like a lot of them. Well, there was this late great period in the 70s where, you have a bunch of fantastic westerns that also have like just amazing soundtracks. Like knockin on heavens door Butch Cassidy and Sundance kid. I mean, all of that John rough sort of dark 1970s westerns with these amazing folk soundtracks. Just kill it. For me personally, we have a Canadian trying to own Texas, which I will I will allow because you know Texas is big enough to sustain some minor distance from our friendly neighbors up north. I dont mean Oklahoma. Oklahoma is absolutely never allowed to diss Texas who is my favorite rapper. Please dont say M&M. Yeah, I know that shes been canceled although Im not sure why, but Im a big Nicki Minhaj fan pills and potions. Great song. I mean, honestly, Ive not heard many songs of hers. And I dont really like John Lee is great. I mean, big Nicki Minhaj fan. This has been the hope this has been a useful chat sort of winding down a bit here. Headwinds book this life. Yeah Im partially through it. Have you seen the pic of big tax on for her. Yes, it was funny. They had him in like a party. It was a bit of a law. Thoughts on the discourse around cultural appropriation. Im not really the best person on it. I havent read deeply enough into it. Sorry I thought is a useful occasionally interesting is seen in 8 or is it something thats learned tendency to sin. Did I grow up in a Texas suburb. Yes, I did. I grew up in a suburb of Dallas and also kind of a suburb of Fort Worth in between the d and the fw Arlington. Who do I need to bribe to get you back. Im left, right, and center. I have no idea. I have no idea. No idea. Where did you cut your posting teeth before Twitter. Well, I dont really remember life before Twitter. I dont know. Thats a good question. Any pub dates puppy updates. Yeah, weve promised the children a puppy. So were trying to figure out how to do that. If CBS offered you Allens job would you take it, absolutely an instant. And I actually am nice right. Im way too passive, to be mean to staff right now. There was someone who tweeted one time that like when a waitress says, do mind if I reach over you. They think to themselves maam you can shoot me with a gun right now. Oh been kind of very similar in dealing with the waitstaff or anyone whos working with me. If you cant be nice to people who are helping you do your job, then you know you need to not have a job. But he got his name the New York Times many crossword. When will you get your name in there. I dont know. I guess when I earn it. Thoughts on corgis. I saw a corgi in a shopping cart yesterday at a Home Depot. Thought it was really cute. I have not read Kennedys head to be an anti-racist though Ive read like a million reviews of it at this point. There was a good one that ran in the Atlantic and there was a good one in The New Yorker. I sometimes end up reading more book reviews than books and unfortunately, some of time you know some navy seals. No, Im not sure that I do. But I would welcome getting to know a navy seal it sounds like an interesting job. Cormac McCarthy fan O my idol right. Enormous Cormac McCarthy fan. I would give anything to have 20% of the writing acumen of Cormac McCarthys. Every time I try to write something in in or manage to Cormac McCarthy I feel like you like ash and the Royal Tenenbaums, You know the frisky leading dusk just comes up really absurd. And he deeply reported pieces upcoming. Oh, Yeah, absolutely. What are you and Frank Czech going to do a podcast called living it up. Thats a good question. Favorite brunch drink. I dont drink alcohol. So at brunch. I usually just have the cold. Frankly not very interesting. Doesnt CarMax sort of lead you to the water and then turn around and walk you away. Yeah well hes a very hes a very interesting sort of poet of moral ambiguity. I think thats what makes him. So great. Right anybody can be didactic and I. I guess my great goal as a writer is to not necessarily be so obviously didactic but to point to moral ambiguity because I think exposure to moral ambiguity develops your moral capacities right. Ultimately you have to develop an internal moral sensibility yourself and only exposure to ambiguity where you have to sort out morality in difficult situations is going to build that capacity that skill set. Whats your disassociated style and poppet troll comes on just like pass out while Im still awake. I mean, I had dreams about puppetry like this. Its just when Paul patrol comes on. I mean, I lose like 10% of my will to live. But you know. You know its better than some alternatives. So have you been in the k hole. What is the k hole. Is that like the k hive. No lose you are one of my favorite whites. Thank you. My friend but the troll for the troll. Yes someone is now posting that. No, I have not been on ketamine. Why am I being asked that. Is this a meme or am I doing something that suggests that Im on ketamine. Is Texas barbecue supreme. Yeah, I mean, I think Texas barbecue is what I was raised with. So of course, Im going to be pretty pretty dedicated to it. How are things going with the peoples policy project. I think its good. Am I a junkie. Biden is curious. No, I dont think so. OK So youve got some kind of ketamine thing going here. No, Im off on the ketamine means cycle IV. Im too old. What do you imagine the heavenly kingdom is like. Yeah, thats a good question. I think Gregory Agnes says God is so infinite right. That your understanding of him and love for him is permanently evolving and always changing. So I imagine heaven as this circumstance of infinite discovery. So think of every time you ever learn something new and felt the pleasure of understanding and the curiosity of searching and the satisfaction of discovering. I think heaven is that over and over and over again about the nature of God. And then also, its a situation where youre permanently loving and growing and love all the time. And you know anyone whos ever been in love knows thats emotional and thrilling and also deeply peaceful. My favorite Japanese kit Kat. Yeah, so theyre like ones youre supposed to put in the oven that are like cheek ache. I think, or something or like a custom I mean, obviously, I cant read the KNG on there. My friend sent them to me when she was living in Japan for a while. But was really good. What is my favorite film that deals with faith. Silence Scorsese Daisy right now. Quite like that one. Its very explicit. Can you cancel my meeting. So I can keep hearing you talk. Yeah post your bosss number right now. This is the New York Times and I need you to release your employees from meetings. This is important. Were talking about my water burger order. Weve talked about liberation is charcuterie Bourgeois. Probably although Matt likes meats on a plate. Some meetings are canceled. What is your opinion on Florida. I think its fine. I mean, you know, it draws heat away from Texas in terms of the press. So you have to appreciate that. Lets see is it true. You can dunk a basketball. No no those reports vastly exaggerated. Did you have, especially memorable pregnancies. I had very easy pregnancies very, very blessed by that easy pregnancies easy deliveries. Would you accept a Joe Rogan invite. Yeah, absolutely. Talk to whoever wants to talk to me, honestly. All right. So my position has always been and always will be that anyone who honestly wants to have a conversation really interested in talking its not just like a bad faith dunk fast or something. I will talk to them. It doesnt matter who they are right or where theyre coming from always willing to talk. All right. How tall am I I am four foot 11. Someone says hello hello what did you think of the Bill Maher movie religious. I remember at one point religious bill Ma goes to like a Christian theme park. And he gets owned by a theme park Jesus because hes like the Trinity doesnt make any sense. And then this guy whose job is to dress up like Jesus and walk around a theme park is like, well, you know think of it like water you have water, but it can also be a gas. And then you have ice and its a solid sea of solid liquid gas. So the Trinity is similar to that though Mars has nothing to say to it. Hes like. And then the next day hes like in a car and hes like, you know it looked like I was owned but actually, I was not. Which I found really entertaining. You know eternity is hard to explain. But the guy did an OK job and the point is whether or not it was like a theologically astute description of the Trinity kid owned by a few for Jesus. Its really enjoyable. Favorite recently published novels. Yeah, Ive been trying to read my year of rest and relaxation. I just havent had a whole lot of time. But you know one of these days. I hope to get through it. I try to keep abreast of the new books the kids are all talking about, and so on. All right or winding down here. Did I ever get into Game of Thrones. I also, it should be said that I was like kind of like in a transitional phase in my life when Game of Thrones was happening, I was like in college and my family got really undo it. So I was home for I think Christmas. It could have been the summer. But I know we got Olive Garden to go for some reason. So like Im standing in the kitchen from which there is a view of my familys TV. My familys all the living room watching TV and Im like standing there eating my you know tour of Italy or whatever. And theres like a little girl being burned to death. And I was like, what the hell is this. And my parents are like, no trust. Trust me, you trust me. Its you know the plot. Its important to the plot. But since that was pretty much my first experience of the show. I tagged out. But I know I know the general plot because it was it was around in the other three minutes 3 minutes of questions and really important stuff for the last three minutes. I cant tell if Matts a baseball fan or cynic is he either. Yeah Matts a fan of all sport. But hes not a fan in the usual sense where he follows teams he just enjoys what he calls good game play. So he likes weird, interesting trick players who used to like Boise State a lot. You know he just likes bizarre things happening in sports, that kind of play with the limitations of the rules. Would you try ketamine with me. Is that not like a veterinary drug. No you guys need to stop stop taking ketamine and stop trying to imitate ketamine. Thoughts on Schwarber. Very good. Favorite sport. I dont know. You know. You know I find football is nice. It reminds me of fall. Raising hay while Boise State a favorite spiritual works on dark knight of soul confessions. Those are you know the showings. Julian Norwood to Norwich very, very important, if not the US. Where would you live and why Canada. Because its nice and everyone is nice there. Do you think Garfield is bad in silence. If so do you think thats the point. A county and Dracula. OK So Bram stokers Dracula is one of the greatest movies of all time. I freaking love that movie because its like just pure 100% kitsch like top to bottom. Total kitsch. It is self-aware. Its got always was its guy Anthony Hopkins doing it kind of a strange cookie monster that voice. Its got Keanu Reeves Winona Ryder I mean, it is bananas and I love that movie. I have it on all the time when company is over because no matter where theres a breaking conversation theres something insane happening in that film. And Garfield I mean, I thought the problem with him in silence was that he basically is just weeping from like frame one through the very end and may you know I suppose thats not too terribly difficult that it is you know or too terribly different than the character of Rodriguez in the novel although I think that Rodriguez in the novel takes a lot longer to kind of collapse and its really that sort of scene in the river where you start to see things go awry. But Yeah, I think its a good film for lunch. Im going to have I think breakfast for lunch. All right. I think Ive got to take off. Get back to work and follow up with you guys later. I hope you have a good day. Thank you for tuning in, and Yeah. OK So one more question would you recommend any other of work. Yes read the C and poison but shes lucky Linda. All right love you guys have a good day. Bye bye.

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