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MELBOURNE, Australia, Feb.2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Aptitude Research has published a new paper that when you shift the focus in automated Talent Acquisition from an employer-driven view to a candidate-first then it is possible to reduce bias in hiring, and improve the overall human element of recruitment.

The research, sponsored by PredictiveHire, an Australian technology company that has pioneered transparent Ai-assisted hiring solutions, shows that humanistic automation creates personal connection at scale, and works to reduce bias, something no other technology or even human-centred solution can deliver.Madeline Laurano, CEO of Aptitude comments "The misperception that candidates do not want automation and prefer to keep the current talent acquisition is one of the most significant misperceptions in talent acquisition. Candidates want a fair recruitment process, and consistency in communication. Automation can support all of these initiatives and enhance the humanity of the experience.There are four main ways that talent acquisition is made more human with automation when the candidate is the focus, rather than simply moving candidates through the process:

The research can be downloaded here

About Aptitude Research

Aptitude Research Partners is a research-based analyst and advisory firm focused on HCM technology. We conduct quantitative and qualitative research on all aspects of Human Capital Management to better understand the skills, capabilities, technology, and underlying strategies required to deliver business results in today's complex work environment.

About Predictive Hire

Predictive Hire has become one of the most trusted mobile-first Ai recruitment platforms, used by companies across Australia, India, South Africa, UK and the US, with a candidate every two minutes engaging with their unique Ai chat bot Phai.

What makes their approach unique it it's disruption of three paradigms in recruitment -candidates being ghosted, biased hiring and the false notion that automation diminishes the human experience.

The end result for companies bias is interrupted at the top of the funnel, your hiring managers make more objective decisions empowered by Phai their co-pilot, inclusivity is enhanced, and your hired profile starts to look more like your applicant profile.

SOURCE PredictiveHire

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Research shows that automation can make recruitment more human - PRNewswire

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