Harting hosts industrial automation webinar series – Foodprocessing

Industrial connection tech company Harting Technology Group predicts automation will be a global megatrend in industrial and processing industries in the near future. The topic will feature in the company's upcoming web seminar series on Industrial Ethernet trends.

According to the company, Ethernet has become the most important communication standard in industrial automation. With faster transmission rates, space-saving infrastructure and new physical layers such as Single Pair Ethernet, IP-based networks are now also conquering the last remaining field-level areas.

Details on the latest developments in IIoT applications will be included at the web seminar series. For more information about the Industrial Ethernet trends webinar, visit https://www.harting.com/DE/en-gb/Industrial-Ethernet-Trends.

Oher topics in the webinar series from the company include: modular PCB connectivity solutions and improving energy efficiency for all industry sectors. Further details on these topics will be announced by the Harting Experts Camp.

Image supplied by Harting.

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Harting hosts industrial automation webinar series - Foodprocessing

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