‘Atheism’ a straw man idea of what theists think non-believers ‘believe in’! – Patheos

Ive just seen a straw man meme from a believer that said, Atheism: the religious belief in a spontaneous, causeless, sourceless, purposeless, meaningless existence.Honestly, nothing could be more wrong in so many ways! This meme-maker is behaving like Don Quixote tilting at windmills with his lance while riding his donkey, which he imagines is a majestic steed.

The straw man fallacy is where a person argues against what they imagine their opponent thinks. Its such a waste of time and could be avoided by simply asking the other person what they actually think. But that is not what this straw man meme-maker wants to do. He wants to maliciously label people who dont belong to his group and he is not too bothered about the truth. He is inciting hatred. We have laws against that in some countries.

For a start, a-theism is not a belief system, let alone a religious belief system! Its non-belief in the beliefs of theists, thats all. It doesnt come with any other baggage. I dealt with this in my earlier article, Atheism: what is it?, but the misinformation rumbles on. (Cause/source and purpose/meaning deserve their own articles so Ill deal with them in the future.)

See the article here:

'Atheism' a straw man idea of what theists think non-believers 'believe in'! - Patheos

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