LiveMD Global Telehealth Platform launches artificial intelligence tracking and triaging tools to help combat COVID-19 (CoronaVirus) Pandemic -…

ATLANTA, March 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As many government and private institutions scramble to react to the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic, one telehealth company has been prepared for years to respond to this kind of crisis. LiveMD, a leading provider of global telehealth services, has a reliable, established, full-featured telehealth platform that allows anyone to use their phone to check their symptoms, track and self-report viruses such as COVID-19, and talk to a doctor. Plus it offers a verifiable track record of successful service delivery to patients in more than 42 countries worldwide. The company leverages the expertise of doctors in 53 distinct specialties, who are based in 30 different countries.

LiveMD offers an innovative app that can be downloaded directly from the Google Play store at With the LiveMD app, anyone can track the COVID-19 corona virus in their local area, regardless of where they live. They can self-report their corona virus status for tracking and covid-19 testing triaging, and connect with local government and medical agencies (such as test labs) for help and guidance. Their personal health information is kept private and secured.

As explained by LiveMD Founder and CEO Emeka Okwara, LiveMD is a global telehealth platform intended to serve anyone on this planet who has a phone. You can think of LiveMD as a global digital hospital on your phone. Anytime and anywhere, virtually anyone can be quickly and safely connected to a certified physician for a live consultation. Anyone can schedule an appointment to talk to a doctor by phone, video, text, or in person. This is our core mission and what we do best.

LiveMD also offers an innovative app that can be securely downloaded directly from the Google Play store. Use the app to talk to a certified doctor in the LiveMD global health network by phone, video, or text from anywhere. With the app, the patient literally has a self-diagnosis tool powered by advanced artificial intelligence capability, in the palm of their hand. After they use the LiveMD app to perform a self-diagnosis, the app then identifies doctors who are available for a consultation and who specialize in that patients specific medical ailment. In the near future, LiveMD will also identify which pharmaceuticals are designed and routinely prescribed to treat that condition.

LiveMD has always advocated for the idea that health care is global and not just local, and must be treated as such. We have led the industry, says Okwara, using our technology with that mindset. This allows us to provide a platform that addresses some of the global health challenges we are experiencing today, and prevent future pandemics.

Organizations such as health insurance companies, business owners and employers, and NGOs can use LiveMD to serve employees and customers. That ensures that those who get the app will receive vital access to the help they need, supported by a global network of doctors.

Okwara adds that, "LiveMD plans to work with governments and provide them with the tools to get real-time COVID-19 updates from their citizens, help triage individuals for covid-19 testing, and help provide citizens the help they desperately need. Our objective is to help governments quickly and efficiently reduce the spread of the virus and save lives. Government institutions can reach LiveMD at to quickly get onboard the LiveMD Global Health Platform. It takes less than an hour to get onboarded. Because of LiveMDs depth of experience and technological sophistication, the platform can swiftly and strategically respond to individual, local, regional, and global health concerns.

About LiveMD

LiveMD is a Telehealth platform used to increase access to quality healthcare services around the world using its artificial intelligence, big data and telecommunication technologies. Patients across 43 countries use LiveMD to talk to certified doctors by phone, video, and text. They also use LiveMDs artificial intelligence tools for self-diagnosis, virus tracking andmedical testing triaging.You can find more information about LiveMD at and you can download the app at

LiveMD Media Contact:Emeka

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LiveMD Global Telehealth Platform launches artificial intelligence tracking and triaging tools to help combat COVID-19 (CoronaVirus) Pandemic -...

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