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Taking into account the fast-changing fashion trends, it goes without saying that anticipating fashion trends is not only tricky but also a time-consuming task. Manually researching the previously popular styles, social media fashion trends, and customer preferences, analysts were expected to spot the upcoming trends. The guesswork done by the professionals may or may not be ac

curate. Besides the hassles of manual work, spotting fashion trends can also pose cost issues before fashion brands if not forecasted rightly. Instead, if the brands invest in leveraging AI, they can cut down all the problems quickly.

The AI tool, trained with quality and quantity data, will analyze past fashion data, check out the customer demand and preferences, gauge competitors moves, and identify the market trends. After processing the data, the AI tool will give accurate details on trendy styles and designs within minutes. With AI, fashion brands can bolster their apparel business by tracking the latest fashion trends in just minutes, which would otherwise take days or even months.

Realizing the potential of AI in design, many tech giants are already making big moves by integrating the technology for their benefit. For instance, a group of professionals inAmazon developed an AI toolthat is capable of analyzing and learning the images that are entered, and then generating an altogether new fashion design by itself. Besides, the industry behemoth - Amazon - has developed another AI application that can analyze and process the fed pictures, thereby giving a conclusion on whether a particular style will look trendy or not. Not only Amazon, but there are dozens of other such tech giants who have already embarked on their AI journey, streaming their design creation process completely.IBM, in collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger and The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) is using AIto empower designers in boosting the pace of the product development lifecycle.

With customers becoming restless, irritated, and grumpy on not receiving quick assistance or service, fashion retailers are faced with constant pressure to offer what customers want almost instantaneously. Several industry giants have already come up with the newest technology-powered applications that promote enhanced customer experience, one that goes beyond personalized ads, notification alerts on price drops, or chatbot assistance. Using this sophisticated technology, fashion brands strive to put customization at the forefront for customers during their buying journey. There areAI-powered personal stylist appsin the market that allow users to browse clothes online or to click pictures of their clothes. Giving these images as inputs, the app will recommend the best style according to the user's body type, complexion, and preferences while keeping the fashion trends in mind. From providing customers with personalized advertisement notifications to alerting them on price drops to clearing their doubts or queries with chatbots to now being a personal stylist and providing instant outfit suggestions, fashion brands can meet their aim ofelevating customer experience with the help of AI. With AI being able to act as both, design assistants for designers and personal stylist for consumers, it is pretty much clear that the impact of the technology is more than what we ever imagined.

The emergence of trend-setting technology, AI, has changed the way businesses carry out their processes. And, the discussion weve had, is a proof of the fact that the apparel industry is no exception. With a majority of big fashion brands already tapping into the benefits and applications of AI, it is undeniable that soon the technology will become mainstream in medium-sized companies and startups also. So, for garment companies, who haven't planned to adopt AI yet, the right time to plan and kick-start their digital transformation journey is today. After all, no one would want to be left behind in the digital race, isnt it?

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How Artificial intelligence is Transforming the Apparel Industry - BBN Times

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