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Amazon has a project they call Rekognition. Its an AI-based facial recognition software thats marketed to police agencies for use in investigations. Its essentially supposed to cross analyze images and direct law enforcement officers to possible suspects. The problem is that its not very accurate.

In a study by the Massachusetts chapter of the ACLU, dozens of Boston-area athletes pictures were run through the system. At least 27 of these athletes or roughly one-in-six were falsely matched with mugshots. This included three-time Super Bowl champion Duron Harmon of the New England Patriots.

Can you say, not a good look?

Users Find Flaws in Apples Face ID

Apple is always coming up with cutting edge technology. Theyve set the standards in the smartphone and mobile device industry for years. For the most part, they get things right. But sometimes they can be a bit too brash in their marketing. In other words, they like to flex their muscles. As you might expect, this invites haters, trolls, and skeptics to challenge their claims.

One recent example occurred with the release of the iPhone X. Leading up to the launch, Apple had invested a lot of time and marketing dollars into their front-facing facial recognition system that replaced the fingerprint reader as the primary method of accessing the phone. The claim was that the AI component was so smart readers could wear glasses, makeup, etc. without compromising functionality. And thats essentially true. The problem is that Apple also clearly stated the Face ID technology cant be spoofed by masks or other techniques.

One Vietnam-based security firm took this as a challenge. And with just $200, they made a mask out of stone powder, glued on some printed 2D eyes, and unlocked a phone. This is just a reminder that bold claims can sometimes come back to bite!

Robot Dog Meets Fatal Ending

Who doesnt love the idea of a robot puppy? You get a cute little machine without the barking, walking, pooping, eating, or expensive vet bills. But if youre looking for a life partner, you might not want this robodog.

In 2019, a Boston Robotics robodog named Spot met a dramatic and untimely onstage death while he was being demoed by the company CEO at a conference in Las Vegas. Tasked with walking, he slowly started to stumble and eventually collapsed to the floor as the audience uncomfortably gasped and chuckled.

Watson Is Not a Doctor


Examples of Failure in Artificial Intelligence - ReadWrite

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