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LONDON, Feb. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Opsmatix, an innovative provider of AI-powered omnichannel operations automationsolutions,today announcesthat Calastone, the world'slargest global funds network, has implemented the Opsmatix SaaS platformto process increasing business and email volumes into Calastone'sOperations Team.

Currently, Calastone supports some 2,500 clients in 44 countries and territories and processes over 200 billion of investment value every month. Opsmatix was selected following a rigorous proof of concept that demonstrated the system'sunrivalled automation capabilities in terms of categorising and understanding the intent of incoming client queries. The new system will enable the firm to scale itsclient handling capability as the firm growswhilst continuing to improve the clientexperience.This new approach reduces manual interaction on time-consuming tasks allowingthem to focus on more productive activities.

"We pride ourselves on providing aworld-class support serviceto our clients and look to how we can leverage the best technologies to drive continuous improvement,"says Mike Davies, Calastone'sGlobal Head of Operations.Opsmatix allows us to streamline the workflow management within the team enabling greater operational leverage and ultimately enhancing the overall client experience.Crucially we gain a much-improved system to manage workflow, together with an elegant case management user interface which enables us to categorise, escalate and manage any production issues in a more rigorous manner."

Justin Forrest, CEO at Opsmatix concluded. "We are delighted to be working and partnering with a customer of the calibre of Calastone. This relationship demonstrates Opsmatix'scapabilities and validates the many benefits the solution will deliver to the financial services sector and cross-industry. AI has come of age and is now a business imperative for all corporate operational functions using omnichannel communications involving unstructured data.Our goal is to be at the forefront of technology innovation and corporate advancement, and we are confident that Opsmatix has a pivotal partto play."

About Calastone

Calastone is the largest global funds network, connecting the world's leading financial organisations.

Our mission is to help the funds industry transform by creating innovative new ways to automate and digitalise the global investment funds marketplace, reducing frictional costs and lowering operational risk to the benefit of all. Through this, we generate the opportunity for the industry to deliver greater value back to the end investor.

Over 2,500 clients in 44 countries and territories benefit from Calastone's services, processing 200 billion of investment value each month.

Calastone is headquartered in London and has offices in Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, New York, Milan and Sydney.

About Opsmatix

Opsmatix applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate business communications and processes. It improves efficiency & quality, reduces repetitive tasks and accelerates operations based on multi-lingual long-chain omnichannel communications involving unstructured data and processes which require significant human intervention. Applications range from front-line customer service staff, contact centres and customer onboarding to manually intensive communications in the back office, including logistics and fulfilment. The OpsmatixSaaS platformsignificantly reduces the requirement for the wholesale offshoring of operational processing and call centres. The company was founded in 2018 and is basedin London.

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Calastone implements Opsmatix Artificial Intelligence solution Improving client handling and efficiency within client operations - PRNewswire

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