Essential Life Education Brief.flv – Video

24-04-2012 02:29 Essential Life Education, by, is the study of the Knowledge of the Self and of Relationship leading to Spiritual Enlightenment and Total Life Mastery. With its study, we move the world to peace. From birth till death you are bound to live with yourself and to relate with others. The Knowledge of the Self and how it relates with others is the critical education needed for you to attain inner peace and any height of success in any area of your social, spiritual, psychological, physical and financial life; and the lack of it is the cause of all internal conflicts that lead to large scale external conflicts and wars. The ELED course is designed to enable you discover why you and others are the way you are, why you do the things you do, and how to celebrate your unique differences. You will identify your inner persona that is seeking to fulfill Spiritual, Sociological, Psychological, Physiological and Financial quests, and be empowered to interact harmoniously through social and economic environments. True Enlightenment comes with inner awareness and free expression: knowing who and what you are, knowing how you know it and having the ability to freely express it, and Essential Life Education is your authentic fastest route to Enlightenment and Life Mastery. You are invited to participate in your own Freedom Now and join the movement by inviting your world to study it too. You never know what inner peace and happiness is until you study Essential Life

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Essential Life Education Brief.flv – Video

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