#58 2012 Psychic Spiritual Enlightenment – kirk’s channel "Safe" to be "Present" 5/15 – Video

15-05-2012 11:51 2012 Psychic Spiritual awakening – internal mental shift in power energy light and Intelligence for a greater awakening – Enlight-en-ment – getting Light lighter and lighter every day in every way for healers shamen Indigos starseed Reiki masters students masters gurus teachers and more kirk’s daily channel and channeling #58 for May 15/2012 topics: Restoring the flow internal flow healing within Emotional IQ Spiritual IQ releasing the original child hood type traumas and dramas and sub-conscious realities for greater joy and Love and energy flow Visualization – The River backed up or dammed up as an internal energy release being willing to release having permission to release having permission to be present safe to be present letting go of old masks of care taker hero scapegoat perfect child lost child mascot and more aligning with the greater reality of Divine Love – perfect and un-conditional and also seeing our fellow humans as giving “conditional” love and having human defects this way we are not living in a constant dis-appointment but can rely upon the constant Love – unconditional Love of our Higher Power and also live in a clear reality that people may fail us at times to be everything we want them to be turning a human into and expecting a human to have Divine qualities when they dont deifying our lovers – partners – friends etc and more kirk works in person with clients who would like assistance with a Divine Higher connection to their soul’s purpose original

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#58 2012 Psychic Spiritual Enlightenment – kirk’s channel "Safe" to be "Present" 5/15 – Video

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