Silicon Biosystems to Present Single-Circulating Tumor Cell Molecular Characterization at the Fourth World CTC Summit


Silicon Biosystems, S.p.A., a provider of specialized molecular and cellular biology technologies, will present at the Fourth World Circulating Tumour Cells Summit, April 25, 2012 at 3:30 p.m. at the Maritim Hotel in Berlin. Dr. Nicol Manaresi, founder and chief technology officer of Silicon Biosystems, will provide an overview of the DEPArray system, which uses image-based single-cell sorting to deliver pure populations of rare tumor cells.

As part of the presentation, Dr. Manaresi will also offer recent data demonstrating single-CTC molecular characterization based on Whole Genome Amplification using the companys proprietary Ampli1 WGA kit followed by sequencing with Ion Torrent.

Silicon Biosystems is a device manufacturer leading the field in the detection and isolation of single cells for cancer research and prenatal genetic testing. The companys DEPArray technology exploits microelectronics and the principles of dielectrophoresis to find, sort, isolate, and collect 100 percent pure populations of rare cells, such as CTCs, for single-cell based genomic and transcriptional profiling.

The collection of pure individual CTCs from biological samples is a game changer in the quest to obtain clinical utility of these cells as it enables individual cell-based molecular profiling for personalized therapy, going beyond existing cell counting approaches for prognostic purposes, said Manaresi. We show that 100 percent pure single-CTC sorting by DEPArray and DNA amplification with our Ampli1 WGA seamlessly integrates with Ion Torrent AmpliSeq Cancer Panel sequencing to deliver a comprehensive overview of the mutational status, cell-by-cell, in a streamlined and automated manner. To the best of our knowledge, it is the first time this has been achieved.

There are multiple large and expanding market opportunities for technology that find and isolate rare cells for molecular analysis. Silicon Biosystems DEPArray is used for translational medicine applications in metastatic cancer, cardiovascular disease, prenatal genetics, and stem cells research.

The World CTC Summit attracts important members across the CTC study community including diagnosticians, drug developers, technology providers and clinicians, said Manaresi. Silicon Biosystems is eager to join our peers and share the excitement of this achievement, and the impact of our unique method for CTC collection and analysis for the advancement of patient diagnosis and decision making.

About Silicon Biosystems

Silicon Biosystems, Inc. was formed in October 2010 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Silicon Biosystems, S.p.A. based in Bologna, Italy. The company manufactures and sells the DEPArray platform which is based on the principle of dielectrophoresis to isolate and manipulate cells in suspension with a microelectronic array. The approach, patented by Silicon Biosystems, offers the unique ability to control individual cells and micro-particles inside a disposable cartridge. The DEPArray platform makes it possible to find, sort, select and separate individual cells for further analysis or culturing. For more information on Silicon Biosystems visit

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Silicon Biosystems to Present Single-Circulating Tumor Cell Molecular Characterization at the Fourth World CTC Summit

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