Thinnest membrane feasible has been produced

A new nano-membrane made out of the ‘super material’ graphene is extremely light and breathable. Not only can this open the door to a new generation of functional waterproof clothing, but also to ultra-rapid filtration. The new membrane just produced is as thin as is technologically possible.

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Science Week puts STEM in the spotlight

Science, technology, engineering and math took the spotlight last week at the first city-wide Science Week, a series of activities designed to highlight the importance of the STEM fields to Western New Yorks innovation economy, including the emerging life sciences and advanced manufacturing industries. Science Week was presented by UB, SUNY Buffalo State and Erie Community College, along with the city of Buffalo and the Buffalo Public Schools (BPS).

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[Portrait of an Innovator] Stanislaw Ostoja-Starzewski looks to nano-satellites to connect the world up at an …

Interview with Stanislaw Ostoja-Starzewski to mark his selection as a finalist for the MIT TR35 Young French Innovator of the Year contest, which LAtelier partners. The Engineering graduate of the Lyon Applied Science Institute INSA, who is fascinated by space, is creating with his company, NovaNano, disruptive solutions around nano-satellites to provide low-cost communications capability. Yes, and one who has been passionate about space since his earliest years.

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American Manganese Inc. Acquires Silica Deposit for Emerging Lithium Ion Battery Technology

Larry W.

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Nano shake-up

PUBLIC RELEASE DATE: 14-Apr-2014 Contact: Andrea Boyle Tippett aboyle@udel.edu 302-831-1421 University of Delaware Significant advances have been made in chemotherapy over the past decade, but targeting drugs to cancer cells while avoiding healthy tissues continues to be a major challenge. Nanotechnology has unlocked new pathways for targeted drug delivery, including the use of nanocarriers, or capsules, that can transport cargoes of small-molecule therapeutics to specific locations in the body

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Nano Shake-Up: Routine Handling Can Affect Nano Drug Carriers

Contact Information Available for logged-in reporters only Newswise Significant advances have been made in chemotherapy over the past decade, but targeting drugs to cancer cells while avoiding healthy tissues continues to be a major challenge.

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California Nanotechnologies reports increased revenues in the quarter to date

CERRITOS, CA, April 14, 2014 /CNW/ – California Nanotechnologies Corp. ("Cal Nano" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that revenues in the first quarter of the fiscal year to date (March 1st to April 15) have increased to over $67,000 US ($74,000 CDN) from approximately $17,900 US ($18,400 CDN) in the prior period

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Imagine Nation Museum to celebrate NanoDays Tuesday

Sunday, April 13, 2014 1:05 AM EDT SPECIAL TO THE PRESS BRISTOL Imagine Nation Museum is celebrating NanoDays April 15 as part of a nationwide festival of educational programs about nanoscale science and engineering. The festivities will take place from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Gutka ban cuts excise revenue of Ahmedabad zone

AHMEDABAD: Ban on Gutka in September 2012 and shifting of Tata Nano’s excise account being an LTU (Large Taxpayer Unit) to Mumbai has resulted in shortfall of approximately Rs 500 crore in excise duty for Excise II commissionerate of Ahmedabad zone in the last two years. After the Gutka ban in 2012-13, Excise II was forced to halve its targets of revenue in 2013-14

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After death of Tata Motors' MD Karl Slym, Cyrus Mistry looks to turn around Indian operations

The chairman’s address to Tata Motors employees on the first day of April is a 26-year-old tradition. Never before has the setting for it been so hopeful and yet so anxious.

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Scientists in Singapore Develop Novel Ultra-Fast Electrical Circuits Using Light-Generated Tunneling Currents

Contact Information Available for logged-in reporters only Newswise Assistant Professor Christian A. Nijhuis of the Department of Chemistry at the National University of Singapores (NUS) Faculty of Science, in collaboration with researchers from the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), namely Dr Bai Ping of the Institute of High Performance Computing and Dr Michel Bosman of the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, has successfully designed and fabricated electrical circuits that can operate at hundreds of terahertz frequencies, which is tens of thousands times faster than todays state-of-the-art microprocessors. This novel invention uses a new physical process called quantum plasmonic tunnelling

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Discovery Center celebrates "NanoDays"

Animal Control adds additional weekend hours Animal Control adds additional weekend hours The Amarillo Animal Control and the Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society are adding additional weekend hours. The Amarillo Animal Control and the Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society are adding additional weekend hours. Several groups of volunteers spent part of their day cleaning up trash along the sides of several highways in Amarillo

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Widen use of nano materials

The Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada (JNTUK) organised a two-day national workshop on Advanced Materials and Processes here on Friday. Vice-Chancellor G.

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Levitating teachers and robot comics: the national science photography competition

Winners in the 2014 national science photography competition, organised by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

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Nanotechnology and the Concrete World: Small Science for a Big Future – Video

Nanotechnology and the Concrete World: Small Science for a Big Future Dr. Florence Sanchez, Associate Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Vanderbilt University (www.cee.vanderbilt.edu) speciali… (1) Continue reading →
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Archipelago unveils Silver Nano Ink at Printed Electronics Europe

Innovative young Cambridge UK business Archipelago Technology Group has developed a new ink manufacturing process to help unlock the huge potential of printed electronics.

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Nano Days at Cape Fear Museum

Submitted by Sara Hopkins on Sat, 03/29/2014 – 6:55pm.READ MORE: WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A nation-wide education exhibit comes to the Port City.

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Nano scale, mega scope

12 hours ago Diagram of a tripod scanning stage based on three X7R MLCCs for an atomic force microscopy AFM imaging system Research in China has shown that a common hybrid circuit component has potential for use as a micro-actuator. The industrial grade MLCCs tested display surprisingly little hysteresis, suggesting they could be of interest in many microactuation applications including nanoposition for scanning probe microscopes. Limited options Micro-actuation used for nanopositioning is important for nanotechnology tools such as the scanning probe microscope (SPM), that make use of micro-actuator nanopositioning systems with resolutions of less than a nanometer and travel ranges of several micrometers to allow researchers to study objects at the molecular and atomic levels

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Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science Celebrates Whats NEXT From Nano to Macro, Innovation at Every Scale

By cnews Date posted: March 31, 2014 The Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science and the Ryder Charitable Foundation are excited and proud to host a new two-day festival, NEXT: From Nano to Macro, Innovation at Every Scale. At NEXT, science and techie fans of all ages can learn about how technology is rapidly adapting to accommodate societys growing demand for the NEXT big thing

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