Upload Unlimited Images To The Eyefi Cloud Service

YouTube Videos Tweets Comments These days it hardly seems possible to buy a camera that doesnt have GPS, Wi-Fi or even a Smile Detection mode built in but do you really need all those extras? And what if you have a camera that is perfectly serviceable but doesnt offer Wi-Fi or is too old to have it? Well, there is a viable option for retrofitting a Wi-Fi function to your camera; whats more, this capability has been around for a while but has just undergone a bit of a facelift.

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Transcending the typical sci-fi flick: The PHOENIX chats with Wally Pfister

I expected Transcendence to be action-packed, futuristic and scientifically fictitious. I anticipated big, nerdy words related to artificial intelligence that I couldnt comprehend, phenomenal acting by Johnny Depp and brilliant graphics on screen.

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Efforts for brain reverse engineering are growing fast. Reserchers all over the world are collecting data on structures and dynamics of brain areas. How those systems behave could be reconstructed and analyzed through detailed simulations that could be also used to perform experiments in computo, where the model is an accessible preparation.

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'Transcendence' Aims to Do More Than Thrill but Misses Both Targets

Pretend you haven't seen the trailer for Wally Pfister's cyber-thriller Transcendence. Let's simply pose the question: do you think it would be a good idea to upload a genius' brain to a computer and then network that artificial intelligence in to the world wide web? There's something inherently skin-crawling about zapping the brain of dying Will Caster (Johnny Depp) into AI form, which happens ..

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Depp Impact: The Science Behind 'Transcendence'

In the new science-fiction thriller Transcendence, Johnny Depp uploads his mind to a powerful computer, melding his consciousness with artificial intelligence in a scenario many refer to as the singularity.

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Hey, you, get on to my cloud: one man's solution to the data storage problem

Who needs access to an online service when you can buy a cloud drive and keep it on the shelf? When you try to visualise the cloud, what comes to mind

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Johnny Depp's New Movie 'Transcendence' Says Technology Will Turn Us Into X-Men

Peter Mountain / Warner Bros. After watching a screening of Johnny Depp’s new movie, “Transcendence” Wednesday evening, I was left with a ton of questions.

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Go Behind the Science of 'Transcendence'

But perhaps the most disturbing passages in “Transcendence,” from a strictly visceral point of view, are the images of Dr. Caster dying slowly and painfully after getting shot by the RIFT terrorists. In the film, the deadly bullet has been treated with radioactive polonium, as a kind of grisly insurance policy in case the initial shooting didn’t do the job.

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The Dull Dogma of Transcendence

Wally Pfister pits good against technology in a directorial debut full of meaningless symbolism. Warner Bros. The Singularity is a wonderful menace for science fiction.

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Depp cant transcend artificial stupidity in latest film

Johnny Depp, playing a dying scientist, has his brain uploaded to mind-numbing effect in Transcendence where nothing happens that you havent seen done much better in almost any computer-oriented sci-fi epic of the last six decades. Lethargic direction, bland visuals, credulity-straining plotting and tin-eared dialogue turn even pros like Rebecca Hall, Paul Bettany and Morgan Freeman into sleepwalking bores. Things start off on a promising note, with a shot of a computer keyboard being used as a doorstop

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Pfister, Depp reunite for sci-fi 'Transcendence'

LOS ANGELES (AP) For more than a decade, cinematographer Wally Pfister brought director Christopher Nolan's cinematic visions to life.

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Ask LH: What's The Best ISP Option For A Saucy Webcam Babe?

Hi Lifehacker, I work from home as a webcam model, so I need a very reliable internet connection. I cant have any delay of any sort or I lose customers. My laptop is a bit old is there anything I can do to ensure the best connection?

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Did a Couple of Tech Entrepreneurs Just Fix Society's Crime Problem?

Eddie Griffin went to state prison in the '90s, after his cocaine addiction led him to three possession convictionsqualifying him for a penalty of 25 years to life under a now-defunct section of California's three-strikes law. Such lengthy sentences areenough to stunt a convict's professional future and make for a difficult socialization into the world beyond the bars of San Quentin State …

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Announcing the Release of MindMapper 14 for Windows

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) April 11, 2014 SimTech Systems has just released its latest version of the popular MindMapper mind processor software, MindMapper 14 for Windows. It integrates thinking and task management together, for smarter results in the framework of mind mapping. This latest version makes it even easier for users to tap into their thoughts.

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Paul Bettany: 'Transcendence Technology Is Just Decades Away'

Paul Bettany is convinced the eerie technology featured in his new movie Transcendence will be commonplace within his lifetime. In the film, Johnny Depp plays a terminally ill scientist whose mind is uploaded to a computer, granting him power beyond his wildest dreams – and his 42-year-old co-star believes the story isn’t as far fetched as some people think it is.

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MediaFire Takes Its Desktop Apps Out Of Beta, Removes File Size Restrictions

MediaFire, the popular online file storage and image hosting site, today announced that its desktop apps for Windows and OS X are now out of beta. The integration looks similar to what Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive do in that they seamlessly integrate themselves into the operating systems file managers and save dialogs. Using the desktop apps, MediaFire allows desktop uses to quickly upload their images and instantly share them with others.

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