Gone To Pot – Several States Voting To Legalize Marijuana – Attack On Second Amendment? – F&F – Video

Gone To Pot – Several States Voting To Legalize Marijuana – Attack On Second Amendment? – F F
Gone To Pot – Several States Voting To Legalize Marijuana – Attack On Second Amendment? – Fox Friends =========================================== **Plea…

By: NSTP – Wake The Hell Up America!

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Gone To Pot – Several States Voting To Legalize Marijuana – Attack On Second Amendment? – F&F – Video

Protect Second Amendment

I, like the vast majority of Chambers County residents, believe that our Second Amendment right to bear arms is unalienable and given to us by God, not the government. It is sacred to many of us, and we will fight to protect it.

Today is the day when we need to stand up for this right. Democrat House District 23 candidate Susan Criss wants to restrict these rights and make it harder for law-abiding citizens to own firearms in Chambers County.

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Protect Second Amendment

Second amendment shouldn't infringe on our other freedoms

This week a prominent feminist was forced to cancel lectures at USU because of a threat made on her life.

Well, that’s oversimplifying it, you see, Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist noteworthy for her comments on the portrayal of women in video games, had every intention of going through with the speech except for one minor hiccup, the state of Utah’s gun laws.

According to Utah law, the government can’t stop anyone from bringing a gun to a concealed event. So. although our second amendment rights are protected, there’s no guarantee of any security at pretty much any event.

Although the university promised to provide security, how can anyone feel safe if you can’t legally take a gun from someone.

Does the right to carry a concealed weapon outweigh the safety of someone who simply wants to speak their mind on an issue.

The threat on Sarkeesian was one of gun violence, so why couldn’t we put away our guns for one day to hear an individual express their opinions, as protected by the first amendment.

Yes, many gun owners are responsible, and that guns in hands of honest citizens can in some cases make us safer.

I’m also not saying protecting the second amendment is bad, but can we at least find a compromise somewhere.

Are there lives worth protecting that we are willing to occasionally give up our weapons for?

Even gun owners understand the sacrifices we must make for safety of others.

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Second amendment shouldn't infringe on our other freedoms

Canada's Difficult Relationship With Long Guns

Though the country has no Second Amendment, the struggle to control firearms has been a fraught one.

Chris Wattie/Reuters

As more details emerge from Wednesday’s shooting attack in Ottawa’s Parliament Hill, one immediate and inevitable consequence will be a sharp renewal of discourse about gun control laws in Canada.

Despite being hailed for its incredibly low gun-casualty statistics, Canada also has a relatively high rate of gun ownership with nearly 31 firearms per 100 people. According to The Washington Post, that ranks Canada 13th globally. (The United States has 89 firearms per 100 people, which leads the world.)

Wednesday’s shooting is reported to have involved a long gun, the kind of weapon Adam Lanza used in the 2013 Newtown shooting. It was also the kind of weapon used in the 1989 Montreal Massacre, a shooting in which 14 women were killed at Ecole Polytechnique. The shooting was the catalyst for stricter gun-control policies in Canada, which were enacted in 1995, however “long guns” still remain legal.

The legislation required licenses for gun ownership along with the establishment of a universal gun registry (including long guns). However, as Forbes pointed out last winter, the process turned out to be both expensive and inefficient, and the long-gun registry was scrapped in 2012.

Pistols were used in 66% of gun homicides in 2011, yet they represent about 6% of the guns in Canada. Legal long guns were used in 11% of killings that year, according to Statistics Canada, while illegal weapons like sawed-off shotguns and machine guns, which by definition cannot be registered, were used in another 12%.

Just earlier this month, Canadian legislators introduced bills that would ostensibly ease the burden for gun owners by simplifying the licensing system. As the CBC points out, the new legislation would also offer a grace period for the renewal of gun licenses and include the right to transport restricted firearms as a “condition of a restricted firearms licence.” The legislation would also extend amnesty for owners of Swiss Arms rifles, which include semi-automatic weapons.

Last week, in the Simcoe Reformer, Heidi Rathjen, who survived the Montreal Massacre, criticized the new legislation as a “major, major weakening of what’s left of gun control.” She added:

It weakens the minimal screening we have in place now. It also sends a message that the government is not serious about why it is important to have all gun owners licensed at all times.

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Canada's Difficult Relationship With Long Guns

Brad Pitt Is Packing – Brad Says He Doesn’t Feel Safe Without A Gun – Second Amendment – F&F – Video

Brad Pitt Is Packing – Brad Says He Doesn't Feel Safe Without A Gun – Second Amendment – F F
Brad Pitt Is Packing – Brad Says He Doesn't Feel Safe Without A Gun – Second Amendment – Fox Friends =========================================== **Pleas…

By: NSTP – Wake The Hell Up America!

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Brad Pitt Is Packing – Brad Says He Doesn’t Feel Safe Without A Gun – Second Amendment – F&F – Video

Federal court dismisses SPD cops' lawsuit decrying use-of-force reforms

A federal judge filed a ruling Monday that eviscerated the lawsuit filed by 126 Seattle cops decrying their employer’s new use-of-force policies.

The cops filed a suit in May claiming that federally mandated use-of-force policies intended to correct a 2011 Department of Justice finding of “pattern of excessive force” in the department violated officers’ constitutional rights to self-defense and legal searches and seizures.

The suit was filed against U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, the City of Seattle, Mayor Ed Murray, former Mayor Mike McGinn, the Seattle police chief, City Attorney Pete Holmes and Merrick Bobb, the Department of Justice’s monitor of the Seattle Police Department, among several others.

The lawsuit argued that the new force guidelines, which took effect Jan. 1, violated officers’ Second Amendment right to bear arms for the purpose of self-defense, as well as a Fourth Amendment right to be protected from illegal seizures. The complaint also alleged a violation of the Equal Protection Clause, saying the new force policies burdened their fundamental rights.

Read more background on the lawsuit here.

At the time, the Seattle Police Department distanced itself from the claims of its officers and U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan derided the lawsuit as “without merit.”

Judge Marsha Pechman seemed to agree in her Monday dismissal of the lawsuit.

First, she granted Bobb’s motion to dismiss the suit against him because he is legally immune from lawsuits as an actor of the federal court at the behest of a judge.

As for the Second Amendment complaint, Pechman wrote, “(W)hile the Second Amendment protects and individual’s right to bear arms, the Second Amendment does not provide that individuals have a right to use a firearm in any particular way.”

She goes on:

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Federal court dismisses SPD cops' lawsuit decrying use-of-force reforms

A campaign to carry

The owner of the Boscawen pizza parlor looked uncomfortably at the 45 mm handgun strapped to Robert Forsythes hip.

The gun was legal, Forsythe told him reassuringly. A Republican candidate for a House seat in Merrimack County District 8, Forsythe who pleaded guilty to carrying a concealed weapon without a permit earlier this year has campaigned almost entirely on Second Amendment issues.

Sometimes, he said, when asked whether people get nervous around the gun or question him about it. They never say anything, really. If they do, its usually a chance for him to educate them about existing gun laws.

The gun is legal because New Hampshire has long been an open carry state, where residents can carry a handgun without a permit as long as its visible. After his arrest, Forsythe got his concealed weapon permit, which allows him to carry the gun hidden from view or with him in a car something that isnt legal under the open carry law.

The focus of Forsythes campaign is something candidates expect will create controversy during the next legislative session: the prospect of constitutional carry. Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona and Vermont are among the states that have constitutional carry, in which a government-issued license to carry isnt mandated.

I would co-sponsor constitutional carry, and if I cant push that through, Ill at least try to sponsor legislation to allow loaded rifles in cars. Nobody ever uses a rifle in road rage, said Forsythe, a 32-year-old former U.S. Army medic.

Issues such as the economy, Medicaid expansion and Northern Pass are secondary to Second Amendment issues for Forsythe, and he isnt shy about it.

Its been proven many times . . . the more armed citizens you have, the safer you are, Forsythe said.

The gun-regulation divide surfaced again recently after the state Department of Safetys changes to the concealed carry license application prompted pushback from gun-rights activists. Constitutional carry discussions will be taken up this next session, said Pat Sullivan, executive director of the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police.

This keeps rearing its head in many different forms, Sullivan said. What we have currently works, and if its not broken, dont try to fix it.

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A campaign to carry