Global Internet Banking Market 2020 Size Share Upcoming Trends Segmentation And Forecast To 2026 NeighborWebSJ – NeighborWebSJ

The globalInternet Banking research reportis the result of a detailed evaluation and a wide-ranging scrutiny of real-world data gathered from the global Internet Banking market. This latest report entails all the significant aspects and present market size of theglobal Internet Banking market. It puts forth point by point examination of the market anchored on the comprehensive study of the several factors such as development situation, market size, potential opportunities, trend analysis, and competitive landscape. The current COVID-19 pandemic impact on the global Internet Banking market is included in the report. The effect of the novel coronavirus outbreak on market development also analyzed and depicted in the report.

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The leading players [Rockall Technologies (Ireland), ACI Worldwide (US), Microsoft Corporation (US), Temenos Group AG (Switzerland), Oracle Corporation (US), Cor Financial Solutions Ltd. (UK), Fiserv Inc. (US), Capital Banking Solutions (US), EdgeVerve Systems Limited (India), Tata Consultancy Services (India)] competing in the global Internet Banking market are also included in the report sharing data about manufactures, suppliers, companies, and organizations. The report encompasses company synopsis, profile, product specifications, total revenue (financials), market potential, global status quo, sales &revenue generated, price, share, SWOT analysis, production sites & facilities, and product launch.

In addition, the research offers revenue, sales, and market share during the forecast period for everyplayer included in this Internet Banking report. Further, it entails information about diverse industries clients that are crucial for the manufacturers along with the key merger & acquisitions, collaborations, business policies, and trending innovation.

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The Internet Banking research report assesses the Internet Banking market with a comprehensive approach by jotting down the major factors drivers, restraints, challenges, risks, and opportunities that are foreseeable to have a noteworthy impact on the growth during the forecast period. The analysis also divides the global market based on various segments such as industry segment, type segment, service/product segment, channel segment, application segment, and so on. The sub-segments (if applicable) are also covered within the analysis.

By Type, the market can be split into

Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Console

By Application, the market can be split into

Payments, Processing Services, Customer and Channel Management, Risk Management, Others

The report sheds light on market size, in terms of value & volume, growth potential, current status, and other pertinent data about every segment and sub-segment included in the report. In addition, the report also entails the regional analysis of the global Internet Banking market comprising the leading region, growth factors & opportunities, and forecast for every region and country.

The regions covered in this report include;

Key Highlights of the Report:

The Internet Banking market research report presents an all-inclusive evaluation of numerous business aspects such as recent technological advancements, global market trends, size, market shares, and latest innovations. Apart from this, this systematic information has been collected through data exploratory methods like primary and secondary research. Furthermore, a skilled team of analysts highlights numerous dynamic and static aspects of the global Internet Banking market.

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The final report will also be including a dedicated section for the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the growth of the Internet Banking market along with future predictions. Also, our team will be available for any kind of assistance to our clients around the clock.

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Global Internet Banking Market 2020 Size Share Upcoming Trends Segmentation And Forecast To 2026 NeighborWebSJ - NeighborWebSJ

Lil Kim Teams Up With PrettyLittleThing for a Super-Hot Capsule Collection – Us Weekly

Hot, hot, hot! Lil Kims PrettyLittleThing collection launched and its filled with sexy must-haves. On Thursday, December 17, the brand dropped its collaboration with the 46-year-old rapper.

The thing I love is that its a little bit of me mixed with PrettyLittleThing. You guys can get beautiful looks that are so affordable, she said in a statement from the brand. I wanted to stay true to the PLT aesthetic and show everyone that Im a real stylist and visionary. This collection was designed by me and Im super proud of that.

The 74-piece collection is jam-packed with super-hot picks, from vinyl leggings to skintight catsuits to killer cool crop tops. Theres even a red snakeskin face mask to match the print on a variety of clothes.

And the best part is its totally affordable! Price points range from $10 for a protective face mask to $190 for a mesh black bodycon minidress.

To be working with one of the most iconic and legendary women in Hip Hop has been a dream come true for me, PrettyLittleThing CEO Umar Kamani said in a statement. Ive been a huge fan of Kim for years and after her performance at our New York Fashion Week show I knew she would be the perfect fit to launch our Partywear collection. She has worked so closely with our design team bringing her version to life, recreating some of her most iconic looks which I know her fans will recognize.

Keep scrolling to see the hip hop legend rock all kinds of sexy pieces from the line and shop the looks as you go! And you might want to act fast. Things are selling out quickly!

Listen on Spotify to Get Tressed With Us to get the details of every hair love affair in Hollywood, from the hits and misses on the red carpet to your favorite celebrities street style dos (and donts!)

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Lil Kim Teams Up With PrettyLittleThing for a Super-Hot Capsule Collection - Us Weekly

Competitive Landscape Internet Banking Market: Industry Outlook 2020-2026 by Key Companies, Trends, Market Segmentation & Growth Drivers – Factory…

Global Internet Banking Market report shows the Industry Chain Structure as well as Macroeconomic Environment Analysis and Development Trend. The Internet Banking Market report also provides the market impact and new opportunities created due to the COVID19/CORONA Virus catastrophe. The total market is further divided by company, by country, and by application/types for the competitive landscape analysis. The report then estimates 2020-2026 market development trends of Internet Banking Industry.

The Internet Banking market report gives CAGR value, Industry Chains, Upstream, Geography, End user, Application, Competitor analysis, SWOT Analysis, Sales, Revenue, Price, Gross Margin, Market Share, Import-Export, Trends and Forecast. The report also gives insight on entry and exit barriers of the industry.

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The Internet Banking Market Report Covers Major Players:

Internet Banking Market Breakdown Data by its type

Internet Banking Market Breakdown Data by its Application

Internet Banking Consumption Breakdown Data by Region: North America, United States, Canada, Mexico, Asia-Pacific, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Europe, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Russia, Rest of Europe, Central & South America, Brazil, Rest of South America, Middle East & Africa, GCC Countries, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa, Rest of Middle East & Africa.

The Study Objectives of Internet Banking Market Report are:

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Major Points from Table of Contents:

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Contact Name: Rohan

Email: [emailprotected]

Phone: +1 (407) 768-2028

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Competitive Landscape Internet Banking Market: Industry Outlook 2020-2026 by Key Companies, Trends, Market Segmentation & Growth Drivers - Factory...

‘Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’ Cavern of Trials Guide: How to Get the Treasures of Britain – Tech Times

A demonstration of the ocean-based 'Assassin's Creed 3' game is shown to the audience at the Sony press conference on the eve of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) on June 4, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. ( (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images) )

One of the tasks that players will need to face in "Assassin's Creed Valhalla" is going to The Cavern of Trials. It is where on of the Treasures of Britain can be found.

The journey to the cavern involves a series of keys that you will have to get in order to finish the task. There is no way out until you get the keys.

This can get frustrating, but good thing there are tricks that you can follow to help you complete the task and move forward in the game. Here's how:

According to IGN, before you go to The Cavern of Trials, you need to travel to the Coast of Cent. It can be found at the bottom right-hand corner of the map. As soon as you discover the region, head to the outcropping on the coast and there you will find yourself in the vicinity of where you need to be.

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The cavern is located inside an abandoned house. Once you find the abandoned house, you will need to climb down the ladder that is located in the floor. There will be some vases by the wall that you will need to break to slide beneath the wall.

After you slide down a ledge, you won't be able to escape anymore unless you solve the puzzle or if you use your Fast Travel option, according to GamersRadar.

There are several keys that you need to collect in order to complete the round. It is a good idea to talk to Valka after completing the Asgard storyline because there are plants that you need for Valka's next potion in the cavern, according to HalfGlassGaming.

There are four keys all in all that you will need to get to make it out of the cavern. Keep in mind that you will have to grab the keys while airborne, so the faster you are, the better. The four keys are the following: Key of Courage, Key of Balance, Key of Agility and Key of Dexterity.

Jump to the ground and go to your left after finding the Key of Dexterity. There will be two locked doors for you to open and you will find a chest in the middle of the room. Open the chest to get the Nickel Ingot that you can use to upgrade your weapons.

To get the Treasures of Britain, you will need to unlock the door on the far side of the room. It will then lead to a series of stairs that Eivor will climb.

You might think that you can collect your prize. but the trials will continue as you now must move some rocks. Climb the first moveable rock that you come across and hop over the stalagmites to the other side.

Next, push the rock all the way forward and then to the right. Climb on top of it and jump over the stalagmites onto the next rock. There is one last rock that needs to be pushed all the way to the end and then you can use this one to put yourself closer to getting the Treasures of Britain.

The Treasures of Britain can be found on top of the rock in the center of the room. A key is also hanging just above it and you can use it to unlock the door and Eivor can then leave the cavern.

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'Assassin's Creed Valhalla' Cavern of Trials Guide: How to Get the Treasures of Britain - Tech Times

article image Rock group Motrhead and their music is still as relevant as ever – Digital Journal

In 2020, they were nominated for the coveted Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They earned over 686 million streams on Spotify, over 50 million listeners, and the group has well over 2.5 million followers. This year, the accumulated 28 million views on YouTube alone.Frontman Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister may have passed away five years ago, but the influence that he had on countless other musicians and bands live ones. The band itself remains a popular and cultural institution for many.The band is credited for "mixing rock and roll, heavy metal and punk rock, all in a blistering cocktail that never let up and never gave in." They are recognized as vanguards of freedom, inclusion, and the loudest rock and roll known to mankind, especially since Lemmy was a true force of nature. The deluxe Ace of Spades 40th anniversary box-set topped the charts in America, and it achieved high-charting positions internationally; moreover, it was also named as one of Rolling Stone magazines top box-sets of 2020. Lemmy was recognized by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the top 50 bass players of all-time, and Rolling Stone recognized the album Ace of Spades in its "500 Best Albums Ever" list.There is a major biopic film on Lemmy in development, and the shooting is scheduled to begin in June of 2021 (COVID-permitting).Lemmy would have been celebrating his 75th birthday on December 24, however, he is the epitome of rock and roll, so as long as there is rock and roll, his legacy will live on forever. Fortunately, the music community all over the world continues to acknowledge, absorb, and consume Motrhead's music fervently.To learn more about Motrhead and their music, check out their official homepage and their Facebook page.

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article image Rock group Motrhead and their music is still as relevant as ever - Digital Journal

Which Scottish island would you put these asylum seekers on, Ms Patel? – The National

SOPriti Nasty Patel is thinking about using a Scottish island as a "holding pen"for asylum seekers coming to the UK?

The Jouker got to thinking what island she could have in mind, and since we have 900-plus islands off our shores and plenty more in our lochs, Priti Nasty has got a lot to choose from.

Purely as a service to the Queen of the Hostile Environment, heres a few islands we think she should visit before making her decision, if only to rule them out.

Lets start with the furthest out, namely Rockall. Wee problem here is the Republic of Ireland also claims this uninhabited and uninhabitable islet just 100ft (30m) wide and 70ft ( 21m) high. Probably not worth starting a fight with Dublin, so we can leave that off the list.

READ MORE: Alison Phipps:We must stand firm against cruelty of the Tory immigration system

St Kilda was inhabited for centuries until its few remaining residents famously left en masse in 1930. At least theres a military presence already there and we all know how much this Tory Government loves threatening to get the army involved in things.

Main trouble is that St Kilda is owned by the National Trust for Scotland and its former President Neil Oliver isnt around to fix it for his Unionist pals. Oh, and its a UNESCO World Heritage Site and we dont think the United Nations would be too happy to have the archipelago used to house asylum seekers.

If shes checking on the Outer Hebrides, Priti Nasty should be aware that certain localities are very hot on doing nothing but pray on a Sunday, so they couldnt provide the 24-7 service she is looking for.

Shetland has to be ruled out because if you believe the Unionist press, the islands want independence from Scotland never mind the UK, and at 6.5 miles across the Pentland Firth at its narrowest, Orkney is probably a bit too close to the mainland for the kind of people who have trekked thousands of miles and dinghied their way 20-odd miles across the English Channel.

READ MORE:Nicola Sturgeon slams Home Office plan to treat migrants like 'cattle'

Mull, Arran and Bute are full of the friendliest people imaginable and would be great hosts for asylum seekers, but those islanders are also just not prepared to be pushed around, so possibly best not to go there, Ms Patel.

The Bass Rock was often used as a prison over the centuries, and Hamish MacPherson will soon be telling its extraordinary story, and in any case, theres about 150,000 gannets on the island and they would love to dump a ton of guano on any Minister spoiling their peace.

So the message to Priti Nasty is this keep your holding pen well away from Scotland. In fact, theres a perfectly good isle not far from Westminster that would surely satisfy the Isle of Dogs. All those Tory bankers and meejah types on Canary Wharf will surely back the Home Secretary should she choose their backyard, wouldnt they?

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Which Scottish island would you put these asylum seekers on, Ms Patel? - The National

Get in the fall spirit when you stock up on $20 flannels from Uniqlo – Thehour.com

Men's and women's flannels, $19.90 at Uniqlo

Men's and women's flannels, $19.90 at Uniqlo

Photo: Uniqlo/Hearst Newspapers

Image 1 of / 14



Image 1 of 14

Men's and women's flannels, $19.90 at Uniqlo

Men's and women's flannels, $19.90 at Uniqlo

Get in the fall spirit when you stock up on $20 flannels from Uniqlo

1 / 14

Back to Gallery

As I said last week, fall means flannel. It's an unwritten rule of the season that we all need to wear flannel, especially when headed to pick pumpkins and apples. It's an essential fall uniform. If you love flannel, you can get it for just under $20 at Uniqlo.

Normally $29.90, men's and women's flannel are marked down to $19.90. You can get a flannel shirt for every day of the week if that's the style you're looking to rock all fall. Check out some of the best styles on sale below:



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Shirt in 01 in Off White


Don't expect to find these prices in storesthe prices are online and in the app, only.

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Get in the fall spirit when you stock up on $20 flannels from Uniqlo - Thehour.com

Here’s a video of all the times GOP Senate candidate John James was caught in public not wearing a mask – Detroit Metro Times

Sure, it doesn't help that even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Dr. Anthony Fauci initially advised against widespread mask use, fearing a shortage for frontline workers. But experts now agree that wearing a mask helps stop the spread of the virus. Many leaders, including Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, have called for them to be worn in public, while many businesses won't let people enter without wearing one.

The Republicans have had a really hard time with this one, though, probably because President Donald Trump has for the most part refused to be seen wearing a mask. On Tuesday's debate, he even made fun of his rival Joe Biden for wearing one. On Friday, it was revealed that Trump was in the hospital for COVID-19. (Also on Friday, Biden doubled down on his support for wearing masks at a Grand Rapids campaign stop. "Its not about being a tough guy. Its about doing your part," he said.)

With the eyes now on Republicans to see if they will change their tune regarding COVID-19, WXYZ-TV asked Republican Senate nominee John James on Sunday if he always wears a mask. In the clip, James says he has "always done everything he can to protect folks who are vulnerable."

But that's not true, according to leaked photos shared by John James Revealed, a website run by the Michigan Democratic Party. The group posted a photo slideshow of every time James has been caught in public this year not wearing a mask, including appearances with Vice President Mike Pence and Trump lapdog Kid Rock, all set to "In the Hall of the Mountain King" for dramatic effect.

You can watch the video below.

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Here's a video of all the times GOP Senate candidate John James was caught in public not wearing a mask - Detroit Metro Times

Ohio State has a BOOMING recruiting weekend – Land-Grant Holy Land

Unless you were hiding under a rock all weekend long, you probably know by now that Ryan Day and the Ohio State Buckeyes football program locked up another class of 2021 verbal commitment when three-star offensive tackle and one-time University of Louisville pledge Zenuae Zen Michalski publicly shut down his recruitment once again.

Deciding to call Columbus his soon-to-be college home over the Cardinals, Penn State, and Florida State, the 6-foot-6, 288-pound Indiana native gives Ohio State their 20th commitment of the 2021 cycle.

Committing to the Buckeyes via his Twitter page nearly a week after making a trip to Columbus to get more familiar with Ohio State University campus, Michalski didnt get to mingle with his now future coaches, but at the end of day saw enough to know it was the right spot for him on and off the gridiron.

I am going to be going to Ohio State, the future Buckeye told Rivals.com. I am a very young offensive lineman and I havent been playing the position that long. I want to go somewhere I can develop the best physically and technically. The coaches are amazing there, and I dont think Ive met a better group of people in this whole process. That was a big thing for me.

Currently looked at as the 48th offensive tackle, and 625th overall prospect in the entire senior class per the 247Sports Composite Rankings, Michalski might not be pegged as a five-star prospect, but has the potential to one day hear his name called in the NFL Draft. Just now growing into his frame and the position, hes put on over 60 pounds in the last year, turning him into one of the most sought after linemen in the Midwest this fall.

Using his new physic to help lead his Floyd Central High upfront, Zen is a key reason why the 5-2 Highlanders offense attack averages nearly 400 yards per contest this season.

Always looking for line depth on the recruiting trail, Michalski is the third offensive lineman to give Day and crew their word. He joins fellow big guys Donovan Jackson and Ben Christman in the Buckeyes class of 2021.

With all the excitement surrounding Michalski and what he brings to Ohio State, some of his future coaches and teammates took to their Twitter pages to personally welcome the offensive lineman to Buckeye Nation:

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Ohio State has a BOOMING recruiting weekend - Land-Grant Holy Land

AC/DC Announces New Album ‘Power Up’ & Shares ‘Shot In The Dark’ Single – JamBase

Its offical, AC/DC confirmed the upcoming release of Power Up, their 17th studio album. Power Up is set to drop on November 13 via Columbia Records with the band previewing the 12-track LP by unveiling its lead single, Shot In The Dark.

The follow-up to 2014s Rock Or Bust features the latest incarnation of AC/DC with vocalist Brian Johnson, lead guitarist Angus Young, rhythm guitarist Stevie Young, drummer Phil Rudd and bassist Cliff Williams. Brendan OBrien produced the album, which was recorded at Warehouse Studio in Vancouver.

While co-founding member and Angus brother, Malcolm Young, died in 2017, Power Up contains songs based on riffs he wrote before he passed. It was pretty much written a while back, Angus said of Shot In The Dark to Ultimate Classic Rock. All of the tracks that weve got on the album were written by me and Malcolm. A lot of them were ideas we had that we knew were good AC/DC ideas at the time. But we just never got around to getting them on record.

Johnson, Rudd and Williams each left the band under different circumstances in the mid-2010s but have returned to the fold for the new LP. Power Up is available for pre-order in a variety of formats including a deluxe edition.

Stream Shot In The Dark below:

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AC/DC Announces New Album 'Power Up' & Shares 'Shot In The Dark' Single - JamBase

ZWALD For Polly Anna – We All Want Someone To Shout For

ZWALD - "For Polly Anna" - We All Want Someone To Shout For at We All Want Someone To Shout For

By Will Oliver, October 5th 2020 Other

ZWALD is the indie side project of lead singer and guitarist Jason Wade and Steve Stout of the band Lifehouse.They have returned with their brand new single For Polly Anna the first single and title track from our bands fourth LP in two years.

The track has an easy-breezy summery feel with a mix of some retro pop elements and classic rock, all made with a youthful shine that feels like a nice farewell to summer.

The band adds this description to the track, which you can stream below:

For Polly Anna is the first single and title track from our bands fourth LP in 2 years. The song is semi biographical from Jays past and echos some scenes of some family drama from a long time ago new fictional characters are introduced into the album as well.. so the album is loosely based on a true story with a through-line narrative. This is our first experiment in making a record in this way and were excited to share it with you.

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ZWALD For Polly Anna - We All Want Someone To Shout For

Baldur’s Gate 3 Early Access preview: A perfect playground to push Larian’s RPG to its narrative limits – GamesRadar+

Steam Early Access wasnt built for RPGs. The games that have thrived on Valves platform are mostly roguelikes and survival sims - experiences designed to be started and restarted. When these games are updated, theres no downside: the loop begins again, punctuated with new surprises.

RPGs, by contrast, tend to be long and persistent. Players agonise over their choices, knowing their ramifications could last well beyond what's currently on their screen. They carefully kit out their characters with complementary skills, laying the foundations for 100 hour marathons. In that context, a reset button is a nuclear event; the save game wipes that tend to plague Early Access anathema to the genre.

Or so I had always felt. Then Larian changed the dominant paradigm in RPGs - replacing the chat-and-fight formula of Mass Effect with something more experimental. Drawing on Ultima and the immersive sims of the 90s, the Belgian studio built volatile simulations in which any given situation could go a number of ways - depending on whether you engaged a guard in conversation, slipped the key from his belt, or coated him in oil and set fire to the whole joint.

The potential for systemic play is what makes Baldurs Gate 3 a vital game, even now in Early Access.

This potential for systemic play is what makes Baldurs Gate 3 a vital game, even now in Early Access. Its new public build may not be the most polished way to experience the first chapter of its story - but repeated runs of a reduced game encourage a more playful, exploratory approach to a genre in which players tend to just pick a path and stick to it.

Think of Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes, or the episodic release of Hitmans levels. Though some players initially balked at their short length, many found that focusing on a single location made each game richer over time. The sensation of gradually mastering a space makes it one worth staying in - just as, if you stare at one patch of the night sky for long enough, it slowly reveals ever-more complex and marvellous networks of stars.

Baldurs Gate 3s Early Access build could hardly be called short - its 25 hours would be a respectable length for a finished RPG - but it settles on an unnamed stretch of the Sword Coast and leaves the Underdark-delving sprawl for Acts 2 and 3, which are at least a year away. As with Ground Zeroes and Hitmans Sapienza, the narrower space pushes you to go deep rather than broad. Larian rewards the attention with a knotted, layered environment.

My first bumpy landing on the beach - amid the wreckage of a Nautiloid, best imagined as a cross between a spaceship and a conch shell - fires me into the path of Shadowheart, a cleric who instantly challenges me to open a large wooden door set into the cliffside. Im a rogue, and so I do, making short work of the lock and leading our new party of two inside.

Im scarcely aware of having made a choice at all - until, hours of dungeon-crawling later, I happen back across the beach from a new vantage point, and realise Ive cut out first encounters with three other potential party members. In terms of navigation, Baldurs Gate 3 reminds me most of Dark Souls: a tangle of routes that curl back on themselves, like twisting vines (be wary of those - they do 1D6 piercing damage per turn).

An open world might not sound particularly groundbreaking, no matter how cleverly its threaded together. But your angle of approach can have a profound impact on combat and its outcome. When I emerged from the crypt Shadowheart had led me into, I looked up into the faces of four dug-in bandits. A dash across exposed ground ensued, followed by a desperate battle to even the odds.

If Id instead scaled the hill from the beach, I could have taken the crucial high ground, shoved the groups archer from his perch, and crushed two fighters beneath a falling rock - all practically simultaneously, thanks to the ability to trigger turn-based mode before a skirmish begins.

The fighting feels a tad more grounded than its Divinity: Original Sin equivalent. Though Dungeons & Dragons hasnt left Larian short on spells, and there are still many opportunities to combine the elements, the battlefield less regularly devolves into a boiling pool of electrified blood. Instead theres more focus on tactile pugilism - the hurled objects and desperate pushes with both hands that put distance between you and a marauding enemy.

Sneaking plays a surprisingly central role, too, since it unlocks more options for all-important positioning as hostilities open. With the addition of a mouse indicator that highlights whether youre about to move into light or shadow, plus illusions that pull the attention of enemies away from their usual patrol routes, Larian has the makings of a full-featured stealth engine on its hands. It seems feasible to avoid some encounters altogether, though I was loath to pass up the chance for elaborate backstabs, not to mention more XP. In D&D, for all its flexibility, personal development is still synonymous with killing.

Said killing often highlighted the bugs in the build I was playing, however. At the point of death, some enemies would warp horribly like John Carpenter monsters, their features unfolding across the terrain. One halflings hand merged with a nearby ladder, becoming a strange extra appendage for climbers to hold onto. Later, I saw a goblin thwack an archer so hard that he flattened into canvas, his body stretching like a tarpaulin that would have shielded the battlefield had it started raining.

These werent isolated cases: missing sound effects and jumpy animations abounded, and at one point a duplicate Shadowheart appeared just behind my companion; not unheard of in the Forgotten Realms, but in this case, not intentional.

Todays public build is already improved on the one I played yesterday, and Larian has been upfront about the number of bugs players can expect to face in Early Access. But its worth emphasising: though Baldurs Gate 3 might already have as much dialogue and as many distractions as a finished game, it certainly isnt one.

There will be some for whom the idea of an Early Access RPG feels intrinsically wrong - like racing the Nrburgring while its still being paved, or reading a series of epic fantasy novels before knowing whether the author will live to write the last one. Theres no arguing with the fact that, by playing Baldurs Gate 3 now, youre embarking on a journey you cant yet finish.

Yet theres something positive in that: the limited scope is an invitation to play - really play, to muck about and test the possibilities - rather than simply push to complete yet another RPG. This ones worth hanging around in.

Find some modern classics to keep you going while you wait for Baldur's Gate 3 in our list of thebest RPG games. And if you want to try the game that started it all, here's how to play D&D online.

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Baldur's Gate 3 Early Access preview: A perfect playground to push Larian's RPG to its narrative limits - GamesRadar+

High school golfers lose federal case over virus rules that kept them from D-10 tourney – GoErie.com

Ed Palattella|Erie Times-News

Four high school golfershave come up short of the legal pin in trying to sue their way into the boys District 10 championshiptournament in Meadville this week.

Their emergency motion, docketedin federal court in Erie on Thursday,claimed thatCOVID-19 restrictions that limitedthe number of the tournament's participants and kept each of the four boys from qualifying were unconstitutional.

In a ruling filed lateThursday night, U.S. District Judge Susan Paradise Baxter rejected the arguments of the golfers and their parents, who claimed thatthe Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Associationand the District 10 Committeeviolated their civil rights by imposing the virus-related restrictions.

She said the PIAA and the D-10 Committee, which followed the PIAA's guidance,based the rules on medical advice, and that the restrictions were not "arbitrary and capricious," as the golfers and their parents contended.

"The Court will and should always err on the side of safety, which was the basis for the ruling by the PIAA to lower the numbers of golfers in the tournament," Baxter wrote in a 10-page opinion filed at 11:17 p.m. on Thursday.

"It is not the Courts job to decide the better course, but to ensure the one taken was not arbitrary and capricious, or for a wrongful purpose," Baxter wrote. "Although the decision was a painful one for the Plaintiffs, it was done with a rational basis and passes muster under the law."

The four boys and their parents asked Baxter to issue a preliminary injunction that would have prohibited the PIAA and the D-10 Committee from enforcing the restrictions. Such a ruling would have forced the D-10 Committee to add the four to thefield for the tournament for the boys, which startedFriday with first-round and team play at The Country Club ofMeadville. The D-10 tournament for the girls started on Thursday with first-round and team play.

The D-10 tournaments will conclude with the second and final individual rounds for both boys and girls on Saturday.

District 10 covers Erie County and the rest of northwestern Pennsylvania, Two of the four golfers whose familiessued are seniors at Conneaut Area High School, in Linesville, Crawford County,according to Baxter's ruling. The other twoattend Slippery Rock Area High School, in Butler County, where one is a junior and the other a senior.

Baxter's ruling and the other court records in the case identify the students only by their initials: A.M. and J.V. from Conneaut and L.W. and J.H. from Slippery Rock. All of the court records identify the students' parents by name, and several of theparents testified at a virtual hearing before Baxter on Thursday, according to her ruling. Baxter in her ruling identifiedthe parents who testified asJamie McKalip, Barbra Vaughn, Diana Wolakand Kevin Hadley.

The parents sued on behalf of their sons in Crawford County Court on Wednesday. The other plaintiffs were the Conneaut School District and the Slippery Rock Area School District.

The PIAA and the D-10 Committeewerethe defendants, and they transferredthe case to federal court in Erie on Thursday. They said the move wasappropriate because theplaintiffs claimed, among other things, that the students wereentitled to protection under the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

Baxter held the virtual hearing at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, when she heard arguments from all sides for about 2 hours. She issued her ruling about five hours later, filing itbefore the boys D-10 tournament started on Friday.

The case is the latest example of litigation that has occurred across Pennsylvania to challenge restrictions that government authorities have issued to try to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

In another recent case, the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, based in Philadelphia, on Thursday stayed a federal district judge's decision that invalidated Gov. Tom Wolf's statewide limits on crowd size and other measures designed to combat COVID-19. The Circuit Court said the restrictions can remainin place as the court hears Wolf's appeal of the Sept. 14 ruling fromU.S. District Judge William Stickman IV in Pittsburgh.

Strickman and Baxter are colleagues on the federal bench for the Pittsburgh-based Western District of Pennsylvania, which includes U.S. District Court in Erie. Both Strickman and Baxter are appointees of President Donald Trump, though President Barack Obama first nominated Baxter and Trump renominated her.

In her ruling in the golfers' case, Baxter referred tothe hardships that the pandemic has created. But she said the PIAA and the D-10 committee acted properly under the law.

"The changes in the D-10 tournament rules that are at issue in this case have no doubt wrought genuine disappointment for the student athletes who were adversely affected by the change, as well as for their families," Baxter wrote."COVID-19 has affected all of our lives and normal dealings, and none more than students who have had their world turned upside down.

"Although the Court is grieved for the students and all they have lost this year, especially the four fine golfers who were dealt this blow just a week ago," Baxter wrote, "we all have to deal with the reality that nothing is the same as it was prior to this pandemic."

The PIAA on Sep. 23 approved reducing the number of golfers who could participate in the state championship tournament. The D-10 Committee the next day followed the PIAA's lead and reduced the number of golfers eligibleto participate in the D-10 championship tournament "and thereby compete for a berth in the state playoffs," Baxter wrote.

In previousD-10 boys championship golf tournaments, the D-10 Committee allowed eightplayers from Region 3, which includes Conneaut Area High School,and nineplayers from Region 2, which includes Slippery Rock AreaHigh School, Baxter wrote in her decision. The virus-related changes dropped the number of eligible Region 3 golfers in the boys D-10 tournament by four, to four golfers. The changes dropped the number of eligible Region 2 golfers by four, to five.

In their petition for a preliminary injunction, the plaintiffs argued that the reductions would"irreparablyharm" the golfers because their opportunity to play in the D-10 tournament"would be forever lost,"especially for the golfers who are seniors.

The plaintiffs' lawyers, Andrew Schmidt and George Joseph, of Erie, also questioned the efficacy of the COVID-19 rules that restrict the number of golfers. The "reduction in numbers has no quantifiable relationship on the spread of COVID-19 as it related to outdoor activities such as golf," they wrote in their petition.

In the PIAA's response, its lawyers Brian H. Simmons, of Pittsburgh, and Alan R. Boyton Jr., of Harrisburg wrote that the PIAA and D-10 Committee based their decisionson sound medical advice. Though the decisions are "certainly subject to review and second guessing," the lawyers wrote, the PIAA and D-10 Committee acted to achievea legitimate purpose.

"Here, the purpose was to reduce numbers of participants to make the spread of infection less likely," the lawyers wrote."The purpose and means of achieving it were both appropriate."

Contact Ed Palattella at epalattella@timesnews.com. Follow him on Twitter @ETNpalattella.

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High school golfers lose federal case over virus rules that kept them from D-10 tourney - GoErie.com

Black History Month: Are these the 10 most influential black musicians of all time? – Radio X

As Black History Month begins, Radio X takes a look at some of the most iconic black artists of all time and their influence on rock music. Does your favourite make the cut?

Today marks the beginning of Black History Month in the UK.

The annual event, which spans from 1-31 October each year, encourages us to recognise some of the outstanding contributions people of African and Caribbean descent have made to our lives.

Naturally, one of those contributions is music. Whether you look to the likes of Muddy Waters, Nina Simone or Jimi Hendrix, there are so many examples of trailblazers who continue to inspire and influence artists through the generations.

So who are some of the most influential and iconic black musicians of all time? Read our list and find out if your favourite artist makes the cut.

Remember: This list isn't exhaustive nor is it in order of preference, it's just an acknowledgement of some of the artists who changed the course of music history and who we have to thank for some of the biggest artists today.

McKinley Morganfield - known professionally as Muddy Waters - was a crucial figure in the post-war blues scene. The American blues singer-songwriter, who grew up on Stovall Plantation in Clarksdale Mississippi, began playing the guitar and Harmonica by the age of 17 and he was first recorded in the Library of Congress in 1941. After moving to Chicago to become a full-time musician, he recorded his first records for Columbia and Aristocrat Records in 1946.

Often cited as the godfather of modern Chicago blues, Muddy Waters and his band are known for their renditions of Hootchie Coochie Man, Baby Please Don't Go (which was covered by The Rolling Stones) I Just Want to Make Love to You and Got My Mojo Working.

Travelling to England in 1958, he laid the foundations for the resurgence of blues in the country and was a crucial influence on many of the legendary British bands we know and love today. The Rolling Stones named themselves after his 1950 song Rolling Stone, Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love is based on the Muddy Waters hit You Need Love, Hoochie Coochie Man has had too many covers to mention and everyone from Eric Clapton to Jimi Hendrix cite him as influences.

St Louis-born Berry took rhythm and blues and made it palatable for white teenagers. Starting with Maybellene in 1955, Berry unleashed a string of hits that defined rock 'n' roll. Elvis covered his hit Johnny B. Goode, The Beatles covered Rock And Roll Music, The Rolling Stones' debut single was a cover of Berry's Come On.

Without Chuck Berry's ground breaking work, rock 'n' roll would't have been so big. And, let's not forget, one of the big moments in Pulp Fiction is John Travolta and Uma Thurmann dancing to Berry's You Never Can Tell.

Robert Nesta Marley (Bob Marley to me and you) considered to be one of the pioneers of reggae music. The Jamaican star - who fused elements of the genre with ska and rocksteady - stood out because of his blend of the musical styles and distinctive vocals and lyrics, which brought Jamaican music and culture to the masses.

Starting his professional career in 1963 after forming Bob Marley and The Wailers, they went on to release their debut album The Wailing Wailers in 1965, which featured the single One Love/People Get Ready. Other than being responsible of the enduring hits No Woman No Cry, Is This Love, Buffalo Soldier, Get Up Stand Up and I Shot The Sheriff, Marley is also considered as a Rastafari icon and was known for his unapologetic support for the legalisation of marijuana.

In 1977, Marley was diagnosed with cancer and sadly died as a result of it in 1981, aged just 36. However, he left a huge legacy behind - influencing a host of artists from across the musical spectrum and becoming one of the most instantly recognisable faces of all time.

The Godfather Of Soul. The Hardest Working Man In Show Business. Mr Dynamite. Whatever you call James Brown, you cannot deny his influence on 20th Century music. He was a huge R&B star in the 60s with songs like Papa's Got A Brand New Bag and I Got You (I Feel Good), but could still belt out a soulful ballad like It's A Man's Man's Man's World.

When civil rights leader Dr Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated in 1968, riots erupted in many US cities - and it was James Brown who publicly appealed for calm. He produced one of the key civilc rights songs of the era: Say It Loud, Im Black and Im Proud.

JB's commitment to the groove intensified as the 1970s arrived - Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine forged a new music in funk, where the riffs were relentless. Brown was surprised when some of his grooves began to be sampled by hip hop stars and beyond in the 80s.

The break from 1970's Funky Drummer was one of the most sampled recordings of all time, with Brown associate Bobby Byrd's cover of Hot Pants forming the backbone of The Stone Roses' Fools Gold.

Marvin Gaye - born Marvin Pentz Gay Jr. - helped shape the Motown sound of the 1960s, earning him the monikers, the Prince of Motown and the Prince of Soul. Known most for the likes of Let's Get It On, Heard It Through The Grapevine, and Sexual Healing, Gaye's songs continually get the cover treatment and his iconic 1971 What's Going On single - which was originally inspired by police brutality - has long been considered one of the most important songs of all time.

Shot dead by his own father on April 1 1984, the day before his 45th birthday, Marvin Gaye's life was senselessly cut short, but his impact on music and culture still remain today. In fact, Marvin Gaye is more relevant than ever, recently topping of Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time with his What's Going On album, which knocked off The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band to boot.

Francis Nicholls Jr - or Frankie Knuckles to his fans - may not have been a household name like some of the other musicians on this list, but his importance in the history of house music can't be ignored. A New Yorker by birth, he spent much of the 70s in the city, DJing at clubs with his friend Larry Levan. Together, they moved the genre on from disco to something more adventurous. When Knuckles moved to Chicago in 1977, he launched a club called The Warehouse, that began to play electronica and synth-pop. Aiming to boost some of his own remixes, Knuckles bought his own drum machine and the sound of The Warehouse became known as "House music" for short.

By '86, Knuckles was one of the most influential musicians on the planet, releasing the classic Your Love with Jamie Principle, later sampled by The Source featuring Candi Staton for You've Got The Love. His pioneering of house music led British bands like New Order and Pet Shop Boys to adopt the style, leading US DJs to take inspiration from them in turn. Frankie Knuckles died in 2014 aged 59, but his legacy lives on.

Nina Simone - born Eunice Kathleen Waymon - might be one of the hardest artists to pin down with her musical styles ranging from classical to folk, jazz, pop, gospel, jazz and blues. Born to a poor family in North Carolina and trained for a summer at Julliard, she might not seem like a rock star to you now, but the she lived every inch of her life like one. After adopting the name Nina Simone to in 1954 to stop her family discovering she was playing the "devil's music" she never looked back. Her enduring tracks include the likes of Ain't Got No, I Got Life, I Put a Spell on You, Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood, I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel To Be Free) and Feeling Good, which gave Muse an unlikely hit in 2001.

However, to call Simone a singer-songwriter is only half her story. She was a hugely prominent figure during the civil rights era, where she spoke as well as performed. Simone's talent was as big as her troubled personal life, but her impact on music and culture has remained.

Artists to cite Nina Simone as an important musical influence include the likes of Aretha Franklin, David Bowie, Elton John, Bono, Lana Del Rey, Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner, Jeff Buckley, Lauryn Hill, Matt Bellamy, Peter Gabriel and Adele. The list goes on and on...

James Marshall Hendrix was playing guitar from the age of 15 and after a brief spell in the US Army, wound up playing in backing bands for Little Richard and The Isley Brothers.

Moving to the UK in the mid-60s, he launched his power trio The Jimi Hendrix Experience and his unique technique of blues guitar and wild soloing quickly made him a superstar. With tracks like Purple Haze, Foxy Lady and Voodoo Chile, Hendrix took the electric guitar to whole new, often psychedelic levels.

He died in 1970, aged just 27, but every rock guitarist who ever threw a shape - from Prince to Matt Bellamy - is trying to capture some of that Hendrix magic.

Aretha Franklin's impact on the musical cannon cannot be understated. The Tennesee-born and Detroit-raised star, who started off as a church singer, brought her unique brand of soul to the masses. By the late 60s, songs such as Respect, (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman, Chain of Fools, Think and I Say a Little Prayer secured her status as one of the most prominent singers in US history and earned her the title of the Queen of Soul. But she didn't stop there.

Aretha used her voice and status for activism and she continued to record and release critically acclaimed albums such as Young Gifted and Black (1972) and Amazing Grace (1972) - while being known globally for her breathtaking performances and collaborations. Her rendition of Nessun dorma at the 1998 GRAMMY Awards (where she stood in for Pavarotti) remains one of the most iconic moments music award ceremony history. Aretha's impact on soul and R&B singers cannot be understated and everyone from Amy Winehouse to Adele (whose Rolling In The Deep song she herself covered) was heavily influenced by the icon.

If it wasn't enough to have left such indelible mark on our culture, Aretha lived through some of the most memorable moments in US history and performed at both the inaugurations of President Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama. Her death on 16 August 2018 prompted a tidal wave of tributes from all over the world and culminated in one of the most elaborate, star-studded funerals in music history.

When Prince Rogers Nelson signed his first record contract aged just 19, it was clear from the outset that he was a genius: the Minneapolis musician played every instrument on his debut album For You. Prince's music mixed 70s funk and the post-punk sounds of the New Wave, but his love for music was too great to be constrained by genres. If his musical talent wasn't enough to stop you in your tracks, then his image would. Prince didn't just defy genre, he also defend genders. Picking up from where Little Richard left off, Prince wasn't afraid to sport anything from fishnet stockings to suspenders and heels.

1999 was his big cross-over hit album - mixing in rock, pop, R&B and blues. MTV, who claimed they were a "rock" station and therefore couldn't play black artists, had to concede when Prince made Purple Rain - the album, the movie and the song that was the perhaps the biggest power ballad of the decade. From that point on, Prince released music in a dazzling array of styles, the highpoint of which was the ambitious double album Sign 'O' The Times in 1987. He died in 2016 aged just 57, but has left a huge vault unreleased recordings that proved the man genuinely loved making music.

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Black History Month: Are these the 10 most influential black musicians of all time? - Radio X

Live Stream Review: Philly Music Fest Day One Featuring Japanese Breakfast, The Districts, and More – mxdwn.com

Paige Strickland October 1st, 2020 - 1:06 PM

Philadelphias hottest up and coming bands form the lineup of Philly Music Fest, taking place this weekend, and live streamed for all to view at no cost. Founded, produced and curated by Greg Seltzer, the non-profit events mission is to showcase the ever-expanding local music scene in Philadelphia while raising funds for local music education programs. Day one was a culmination of a diverse group of musicians that brought something distinctive to the experience.

Arnetta Johnson & SUNNY launched the night into full swing. Johnson picked up the trumpet at age 13 and has since played alongside Beyonc, Solange, Janelle Mone and more. Her relationship with the trumpet is a sweet one. Taking front stage, as she closed her eyes and pursed her lips, smooth notes poured out the end of her horn in an effortless fashion. Joined by an ensemble of equally talented supporting trumpets, saxophone, drums, bass and keyboards, the group generated a calamity of rich overlapping layers in sound.

Arnetta Johnson & SUNNY released the album If you Hear a Trumpet Its Me last year, and during their set listeners got a taste of several of its tracks such as Who Are You. A modern choice of production molded together seamlessly with their classic elements of jazz. The group was excited to be back in front of a live audience after a long lull during COVID-19 shutdowns, and the energy was both genuine and uplifting.

Formed in 2009 during their high school years, The Districts have grown to be a popular indie rock band known by NME Magazine as The Band Who Owned SXSW. Their sound, laced with hints of blues and rock themes, is one to be savored. The band was thrilled to be back for their first show subsequent to the release of their ironically titled album,You Know Im Not Going Anywhere, which was unveiled right as quarantine started in March. Opening up with the haunting song filled with distortions, electronic sounds and strings, My Only Ghost, Pat Cassidy harmonized wonderfully with lead vocalist Rob Grote.

Going full force for If Before I Wake, heavy bass and sliding guitar chords carried the track as Grote jumped up and down shouting the lyrics, full of energy. The way Grote thrashes his head and body, people have got to think hell be icing it later. For a slight cool down, And The Horses All Go Swimming and 4th of July showed the softer side to The Districts, although the first left room for a skillful breakdown.

The camera zoomed in on a small lamp with HUMAN written in red. A man of charisma who cant be categorized, Zeek Burse stepped on to the scene in glittery cardigan and pants, jewels dangling from his neck and ears. Eyes closed and arms wide open, it was as if he was gently inviting his voice to pour out. His jumping lyrics and range in vocals fluctuated with ease on Dry. Making use of the stage, he danced barefoot and scat sang, beautifully improvising melodies during Summer Vibes. Introducing Dirty Bath Water, Burse explained, while chuckling, Its about someone who left you with the leftovers, right? Weve all been there.

Burse possesses the incredible quality of being able to skip between jazz, blues, R&B and rock all in one set. He quoted Nina Simone: How can I be an artist and not reflect the times? while adding This is us reflecting the times as well as the future. In a 60s-esque Black Lives Matter song, the guitarist shredded scales as Burse chanted black lives matter into the microphone, headbanging, and playing air guitar alongside him, ending with a fist in the air.

If you know one thing about me its that I stand for equality and unity said Burse. This song One People is about balance. Usually during a show like today, I usually ask the audience to put up one finger when we get to the hook. Only put it up if you believe it right? Its like church, dont do it if you dont believe it. But its basically just saying we are one people. No matter where youre from, who you love, what you look like, we are one people and we can change the world. The track was a refreshing, inspiring ballad among his high energy set.

Japanese Breakfast is glad to be back as well. It feels so great to play together again, this is our first show that weve played together all year, and it feels really really special, said lead singer Michelle Zaunder. The indie rock artist kicked off her set with Diving Woman, from Soft Sounds From Another Planet, followed by In Heaven, from her first studio album Psychopomp.

Zauner set down her guitar for her beloved top track Road Head. Close ups revealed Zauners expressive singing as her face transformed from grins to a scrunched up nose, fighting to hit those falsettos, and leveling them gracefully. Dancing and grooving to her own tracks, it was lovely to see her genuine enjoyment, and viewers on screen jived along with her.

Molly Germer joined the band on violin for a new song that has never been played for a live audience. This song is called Kokomo Indiana, said Zauner. I wrote it from the perspective of a love-lorne, like, 17-year-old boy whose girlfriend moves to Australia in the summer exchange program, because that to me is like the apex of feeling. The lovesick, twangy song was reminiscent of nostalgic youthful moments and begged to have lighters waving in a crowd.

Following their original tracks, the band also performed a couple of heartwarming covers. A spot-on rendition of Tears for Fears Head Over Heels ended in the blissful na na nas and hands waving in the air. Before the set came to a close with a Japanese Breakfast version of The Useds The Taste of Ink, Zauner spoke out on the current state of social injustice.

It would feel remiss if I didnt take every opportunity in which we have a platform to essay that black lives matter, she said. That means not just saying it but fighting for injustice, it means marching in the streets if youre able to. Please vote, it is not by any means the end to all of this, but it is very important and I hope that you will triple-check your registration this week and please go out and vote. March for Breonna Taylor, It is absolutely disgusting what is happening. We must work together to defund the police and invest in our communities.

PhotoCredit: Kalyn Oyer

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Live Stream Review: Philly Music Fest Day One Featuring Japanese Breakfast, The Districts, and More - mxdwn.com

Arizona Zervas / The Success Of Roxanne & Staying In His Own Lane – Flaunt Magazine

I was listening to FML, do you have a bae?

Somethings been in the works for a while, but keep it on the DL for now.

Do you eventually want to settle down and have kids?

I guess. After a certain point in life, thats the new dream but I wouldnt know. Right now, Im trying to take it one at a time. Trying to create a happy environment for whoever Im around, whether its the girl or my friends. FML is about the same girl, so Im on the right track. Its funny because FML came out before Roxanne. Thats the fear of being around a girl who might be a Roxanne, but you still want to take your shot at it.

I made the song the day after I met her for the first time. She was a bit suspicious. It could be me overthinking it but even still, I wanted to date her off rip which is wild. The day I met her, she picked me up in this new Mercedes, thats how I made the whole song. I hadn't hung out with her for 7 months, I figured I got too drunk and ruined it. I didn't want to push into something, let it happen naturally. We ended up hanging out, this time she came and picked me up in a Nissan. The story is I was super drunk and thought she had a Mercedes, maybe expect a song about a Nissan next. [laughs]

How much of a role did TikTok play in the success of Roxanne?

It's going up. The coolest thing about TikTok is it can be a really positive outlet for kids, an outlet for people to be creative. People are funny, people make music showcasing their talent. Dancing, you can see genuine true fun. Its a lot different from Twitter and Instagram, it could be a facade or even more drama. When Roxanne was bubbling up on TikTok, it seemed fun. It was carefree. Roxanne fit so perfect because I was definitely carefree when I made that. All my best songs are my carefree moments. If Im in the studio not worried about shit, it comes out naturally.

What is your most meaningful tattoo?

Probably this one. [points to forearm] This is my dad, its my little tribute to him. He passed away 10 years ago. I also have this mother/father one, its my second tattoo. [points to other arm] It says mother on one side, father on the other side. Of course, anything family related. I got my mothers handwriting, it says enjoy it.

How proud is she?

Shes hyped. She still calls me every time she hears me on the radio. She has her moments. Shell call me or text me anytime she hears anything Ive done. Its awesome, one of the most important things in life is to keep your mom happy.

What do you want fans to get from your story?

Most important thing for me has always been the DIY of what it takes to make your dreams come to life. You can do anything you want. If you put the right amount of time and effort, stay on your own track and stay focused, anything can truly happen. Its been a really wild journey, always a happy journey too. Its definitely more stressful now but you have to learn and go through these growing pains throughout anything in life, whatever you want to get into. Especially creative because youre not going to always be inspired, its not always going to come so easy.

Any artists you want to work with that you havent yet?

I did one with Swae Lee, hes an awesome guy. I really want to do something with 24kgoldn. Hes up there, hes going crazy right now. I love so many different artists. I always want to meet them first because I know itll be more organic that way.

Goals for yourself at this point?

Always trying to be a better artist, the focal point of my entire life is being a better person. Its always been an obsession to get better at music and be the best me in and outside of the studio. My other goal is making more great songs and more experiences. Going on my first headline tour, thatd be big.

Have you toured?

I toured a bunch of really tiny venues. Coming up, you have to learn the ropes. Those are important times, you learn not everyones going to like your shit so you have to figure out a way to still be entertaining. Maybe they won't like all your shit, but one song.

Its hard to imagine someone would not like your music.

Its tough. Ive heard all types of artists even beyond their success, people with all their plaques are still insecure about their music. Its so weird, Im definitely going through it. Even when I make something great, its more of a moment that you think its so good. As you heard it more and more, you might not have the same feeling you had when you first heard it. The hardest thing about music is staying passionate. I always come back months or a year after its out and be proud of it. It might not hit the same but thats life, just be proud. Especially because I do everything with my friends.

What can we expect music-wise?

Im trying to switch it up. I dont want to do too much of the same thing, thats my biggest fear. Feed the fans fresh stuff. Even if I drop something different, it might not be their favorite but at least its something new. I know some people will love this one, some people wont love that one. Im always trying to sequence them in a different way.

What genre would you call your music?

I have no idea. The world would assume pop, thats what I always say but I started rapping. Not rap rap, more lifestyle rap. Never in your face. Its rap, pop, rock. Personally I like to assume its genreless because I like touching base with everything, but Im sure everyone says that. I don't even think about the genre anymore because you see pop, rap, rock, all being more instrumental now. A lot of guitar, pianos. Its music.

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Arizona Zervas / The Success Of Roxanne & Staying In His Own Lane - Flaunt Magazine

Roman Reigns Open To Facing CM Punk: Hed Probably Need To Be Slapped Around A Few Times – Fightful

Roman Reigns is willing to do big business and long-term business depending on what is asked.

Reigns returned to WWE after a five-month hiatus at SummerSlam and immediately reclaimed his spot atop the mountain. Reigns has no shortage of opponents in WWE who make sense and who he could tell stories with, and he's looking to business the right way for the future or the biggest way in the present.

"If I'm asked to build new stars, we need to build my character up a lot more, and that way we can really start diving in to building the future. I'm open to building up the mountain and letting the future climb it," Roman told Complex's Load Management podcast. "If we just want to create headlines and build really good TV, I'm into anybody who can garner that attention. Whether it's someone like Dwayne, if there's anyone to do it and anyone he would feel comfortable with in the ring and have the proper build-up who can rise to that occasion, there's no doubt in my mind that I'm the guy. We're definitely gonna have to crack a lot of eggs on the way to the omelet. That's just good TV. Going forward and building a really dominant bad guy like myself and here comes the astronomical superstar. You have to really build it."

He continued, adding CM Punk to his list of potential top opponents outside of The Rock, "All the way from someone as big as The Rock to someone like a CM Punk. Someone who really hits home with our home audience, our hardcore fans. If you've watched wrestling for the last 10-15 years and it's in your blood, you probably have some kind of feelings about that guy. I know I do. Just by doing one of these things, he made my job a lot harder 5-10 years ago. If it's something the fans can get behind and sink their teeth into the product and dive into the creative with us, I'm willing to do it. I don't like the guy, I don't know many people that do, but I'm willing to put business first and make good content. He'd probably need to be slapped around a few times in order to get his mind right. If the fans are going to like it, most likely I'm going to do it."

Punk left WWE in 2014 in a nasty split that ended up going to trial with WWE doctor Christopher Amann filing a defamation lawsuit against him. Punk began loosely working with WWE as part of WWE Backstage on FOX in November 2019, but has stated many times that he is not actively pursuing a return to wrestling.

However, The Rock seems more than willing to battle Reigns on the big stage at WrestleMania.

If you use any of the quotes above, please give a h/t and link back to Fightful for the transcription.

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Roman Reigns Open To Facing CM Punk: Hed Probably Need To Be Slapped Around A Few Times - Fightful

Statue of Liberty-sized space rock among FIVE headed towards Earth warns NASA – RT

In its latest bulletin, NASA has warned of five Near-Earth Objects headed towards our planet this week, one of which is larger than the Statue of Liberty. Meanwhile, the agency is gearing up for its asteroid-sampling mission.

Itll be a ferocious finale to September, as five space rocks measuring between 11 meters and 110 meters in diameter are due in just three days.

Kicking things off on Monday will be the 11-meter, telephone pole-sized 2020 SY4, which will come within 724,000km of Earth at a blistering pace of 16.12km/s (58,032kph, or 21 times as fast as a bullet (2,736kph).

On Tuesday, the behemoth 2020 PM7, which has a diameter of 110 meters, will shoot past at a safe distance of 2.8 million km. The giant rock is equivalent to 30 Volkswagen Beetles end-to-end, or about one-and-one-fifth times as tall as the Statue of Liberty.

To close the show, on September 30, three space rocks will fly by our planetary backyard:

2020 SV5, measuring 20m in diameter (a little over the size of a typical bowling alley), will shoot past at a distance of 1.2 million km; 2020 SQ, measuring 12m (thats eight Danny DeVitos) will swerve us at a distance of 2.1 million km; and, last but not least, 2020 SO2, measuring 37m (half the wingspan of a 747) will miss us by 6.9 million km.

Meanwhile, NASA boffins are busy preparing for the agencys first-ever asteroid-sampling mission, following in the footsteps of Japanese space agency JAXA's success on board the asteroid Ryugu.

On October 20, NASAs OSIRIS-REx probe will touch down on the 1,640ft-wide (500 meter) space rock Bennu, having hovered in orbit for the past two years.

The end zone is a small crater dubbed Nightingale, with the probe aiming to hit a 26ft-wide (8 meter) boulder-free target zone from which to take samples.

This spot is just the width of a few parking places and is surrounded by large, boulder-like structures the size of small buildings, said Mike Moreau, OSIRIS-REx deputy project manager at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

Itll be a tricky maneuver, as theres an 18-minute delay in signals reaching the rock from Earth. The OSIRIS-REx probe will touch down for just a few seconds with its 11ft-long (3.4 meter) robotic arm, blasting the asteroids surface with nitrogen gas and collecting the debris with a sampling device the team have likened to a car's air filter.

They are aiming to collect roughly 2oz (60g) of space dust from the rock. All going well, OSIRIS-REx will depart Bennu in March 2021 and is expected to land in the Utah desert some time on September 24, 2023.

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Statue of Liberty-sized space rock among FIVE headed towards Earth warns NASA - RT

Drive In Events Proving Popular in Newton Aycliffe – Durham Magazine

Aycliffe Radio and ROF59 Activity Centre in Newton Aycliffe have been organising and presenting sold out Drive-In events since 3rd July, bringing entertainment such as 90s Classic Dance Anthems, Ibiza House Party, Cheesy Pop Party, Punk Rock All Dayer, as well as a free event for our local key workers which took place on Saturday 29th August.

Before the weather changes for the winter and turns colder, our events for September 2020 are as follows:

Saturday 12th September is an 80s Rewind night with two fantastic live acts The Amazing 80s and Europes number one tribute to the Blues Brothers.

Tickets for this event are priced at 15.00 per car (not per person) and are available from skiddle.com the gates will open at 5.15pm with music from 6.00pm to 10.00pm.

On Saturday 19th September the Venga bus is coming to town with two live performances from northeast supergroup 3 Steps 2 Venga. This event is priced at 20 per car, which is also available from skiddle.com the event timings will run the same as 80s Rewind, gates open at 5.15pm, show starts from 6.00pm to 10.00pm.

We are also proud to present the annual ROF59 Music Festival. This year with a big difference, on Saturday 26th September the day will be split into two parts with a special Kids Fest on the afternoon from 12noon to 4.30pm with afternoon performances from local dance troupe Infinity Dance, Professor Nincompoop, stilt walker, juggler, fire breather, kiddies fairground rides, fire brigade and police, plus winner of Aycliffes Got Talent 2019, Aimee B.

The evening session will see the atmosphere build as we get serious with more local talent including The Thieves, The Happening, Hollywood Boredom, Harris Tweed and His Rocking Band plus Jay Murray, a resident singer at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool. Tickets for this event are available from the ROF59 reception.

All the events are held as Drive-Ins with a licensed bar, refreshments, sanitiser station and toilets.

Each car will be parked socially distanced with room to get off the car and set up your chairs to enjoy the on-stage performers.

For more information please visit http://www.ayclifferadio.co.uk/events

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Drive In Events Proving Popular in Newton Aycliffe - Durham Magazine

4 Viral Beauty Moments Of Erica Fernandes That Broke The Internet – IWMBuzz

Checkout Erica Fernandess beauty moments

Erica Fernandes, who is currently seen as Prerna in Star Plus show Kasautii Zindagii Kayis the most stylish actress we have in the television industry.

The actress makes style statements and emerges as a head turner at every occasion. From giving us style lessons on how to rock all one-piece outfits to nailing winter street fashion with elegance and charm, she has been on a roll.

Her beauty and personality have made her the most loved actress in the industry and among her fans. This multi-talented actress keeps on sharing videos related to makeup and hair on her YouTube channel and has garnered more than one million subscribers. She is followed most for the simple and elegant make-up tutorials she shares.

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As per reports, Erica drinks lots of water to keep her skin hydrated. She also believes that whatever you eat reflects on your face. So, she includes a lot of fruits, green veggies and foods rich in proteins in her diet.

Erica never fails to remove her makeup before she goes to sleep. In one of her videos, Erica revealed that she uses a home-made mask to keep her skin healthy and glowing.

We bring you her top beauty moments that broke the internet


4 Viral Beauty Moments Of Erica Fernandes That Broke The Internet - IWMBuzz