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By Kathy Marks

Whether your subjects number in the millions or would struggle to fill a pub, the duties of a monarch can become insupportable in old age and poor health.

Battling emphysema at the age of 91, Prince Leonard I of Hutt River Principality a micronation in Western Australia has abdicated after 47 years, making way for his youngest son, 59-year-old Prince Graeme.

Once plain Leonard Casley, the former cereal farmer seceded from Australia in 1970, declaring his 30-square-mile property an independent state following a dispute with the government over wheat production quotas.

Hutt River which has its own flag, currency, stamps and passports, although they are not officially recognised is the oldest of about 30 micronations dotted around Australia, believed to be home to nearly half of the worlds such mini-states.

Others include the Empire of Atlantium, founded by three teenagers in 1981 and based in a suburban Sydney flat, and the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands, a cluster of tiny uninhabited atolls off the Queensland coast.

The latter, one of Australias newer micronations, was formed in 2004 in protest at the then conservative federal government rewriting the countrys Marriage Act to clarify that same-sex unions were illegal.

Of similar vintage is the Principality of Snake River, near the wine-growing town of Mudgee in New South Wales, which was established in 2003 by Paul and Helena Jensen following a legal dispute with their mortgage lender.

The Principality of Wy, meanwhile, was founded in the Sydney suburb of Mosman in 2004 after the local council refused a familys request to build a driveway.

Enthroned last weekend at a ceremony attended by 150 guests, Prince Graeme has stepped up at a tricky moment for Hutt River, situated 350 miles north of Perth. The Casleys have just been slapped with a A$2.6m (1.6m) demand for back tax.

Yesterday Graeme vowed to take on the Australian Tax Office in Western Australias Supreme Court. We havent got that sort of money, he said. Well just keep fighting until they understand that were an independent, sovereign country.

The case is the latest skirmish in a long-running battle with Australian authorities, who have at times taken a jaundiced view of Hutt River. Prince Leonard even briefly declared war on Australia in 1977, following repeated tax demands. (A truce was agreed without a shot being fired.)

Less bellicose these days, Leonard announced earlier this month that he had decided to hand over power, citing declining health and his lengthy reign he had been sovereign of our small nation for more than half my life, he noted.

The choice of Graeme, a primary school teacher, rather than one of his six elder siblings, was a surprise. However, as he explained, the others are all at retirement age, so they dont want to take on a demanding full-time job.

Hutt Rivers Minister of State and Education for the past three years, Prince Graeme said he was honoured and humbled to be named his fathers successor.

He hopes to establish friendlier relations with government, and to boost the principalitys population currently about 20, and consisting of the Casleys plus a few farm workers to closer to 2,000.

Depending on his health, Prince Leonard will continue to greet some of the 10,000 or so tourists who beat a path to Hutt River each year to meet the idiosyncratic royals, have their passports stamped and buy the local stamps and dollars.

At the enthronment ceremony, Leonard handed over the royal sceptre, seal and cloak. We dont actually have a crown, said Graeme. Although no dignitaries attended Australias Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, sent a cordial email explaining he was busy it was a wonderful day, according to Graeme.

Before abdicating, Leonard created two new Hutt River knights, one of the recipients being his long-time GP. Guests were offered cucumber, curried egg and salmon sandwiches.

The familys spirits were buoyed last year by a letter from Buckingham Palace conveying the Queens good wishes for Hutt Rivers 46th anniversary, which they interpreted as an official nod of approval. Might news of Leonards abdication in favour of his middle-aged son give the Queen pause for thought? Im sure it would have sprung a question into her mind, said Graeme.

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Life's tough for a monarch even if you only have 20 subjects - iNews

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From MicroWiki, the micronational encyclopdia

MicroWiki is the largest online encyclopdia about micronations, small and often rather eccentric nations that are unrecognised by the wider international community. The wiki is being continually improved and updated by hundreds of editors, with content being moderated by a small group of staff. Since its creation on 27 May 2005, the site has grown to become one of the largest micronational-related websites with a total of 46,731 pages and 10,049 articles, of which 42 have achieved good article status. However, before you start editing, it is recommended that you take a look at our content disclaimer, basic rules of editing, and the Nation page guide. If you need help, visit our meeting point, the MicroWiki forums.

HIM Emperor Jonathan I is the fourth Emperor of Austenasia and constitutionally-designated Founder of the country. Prime Minister from the Empire of Austenasia's independence in September 2008 to his ascension to the Throne on 20 January 2013, and son of the founding Emperor Terry I, Jonathan I was de jure Heir to the Throne to all three of his predecessors, with the second and third Monarchs becoming Emperors through Acts of Parliament instead of the rules of succession. The reign of Jonathan I has so far been notable for a huge expansion of the Empire, both in terms of size and population. Another notable aspect of his reign so far has been the promulgation of numerous comprehensive pieces of legislation in both criminal and civil law, including the monumental Codex Jonathanus. Jonathan I is also owner and head administrator of MicroWiki. (more...)

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Micronation Wikipdia

Une micronation[1], se dit d'une entit cre par un petit nombre de personnes, qui prtend au statut de nation indpendante ou qui en prsente des caractristiques, mais n'est en aucune faon reconnue comme telle par les nations officielles ou par les organismes transnationaux.

Certaines micronations ont de vritables prtentions l'indpendance (Hutt River enclave en Australie, Sealand au large du Royaume-Uni, par exemple)[2], alors que d'autres sont plus fantaisistes ou folkloriques (la Rpublique du Saugeais en France par exemple)[3].

Certains critres rcurrents caractrisent la micronation comme, par exemple:

Gnralement de petite taille (gographiquement et dmographiquement), les micronations se caractrisent le plus souvent par une volont de reconnaissance de leur souverainet, par l'intermdiaire d'mission de passeports, de timbres, de monnaie et de titres de noblesse. Pour la plupart, faute de reconnaissance extrieure, elles n'existent que sur papier ou sur internet. Elles sont la plupart du temps soit le fruit d'une rflexion sur la politique, l'conomie, la diplomatie (et sont dans ce cas-l des jeux ou des crations personnelles), soit des assises pour des activits illicites ou indpendantistes.

La plupart des royaumes africains traditionnels encore existants, aujourd'hui inclus dans les tats africains modernes issus de la colonisation, se retrouvent de facto dans la situation de micronations, alors que leur existence historique est atteste et ancienne. Le royaume Xhosa de Thembu, en Afrique du Sud, qui abrite prs de 2 millions d'habitants, est un exemple. Cette nation, qui n'a plus aucune existence lgale depuis 1885, a eu comme roi Rolihlahla Mand'ela, plus connu sous le nom de Nelson Mandela[5].

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Micronation Wikipdia

Liste de micronations Wikipdia

La liste de micronations ci-dessous indique des micronations notables, existantes ou ayant exist. Une micronation[1] est une entit cre par un petit nombre de personnes, qui prtend au statut de nation indpendante ou qui en prsente des caractristiques, mais n'est pas formellement reconnue comme telle par des nations officielles ou par des organismes transnationaux[2]. En 2014, on estime prs de 400 le nombre de celles-ci[3].

Aujourd'hui, certaines personnes[Qui?] tentent de faire revivre cette micronation en se proclamant exiles de l'tat libre de Counani et revendiquent encore ce territoire.

Le prsident, nomm vie, est Egrgore le Virtuel, tandis que Jean-Claude Mayo en devient le ministre convoyeur du verbe. La petite Rpublique dite sa propre monnaie, la polymonnaie qui n'a cours lgal que dans la Rpublique.

Lorsque la mine de la Vieille-Montagne y fut puise en 1885, lexistence mme de Moresnet neutre fut remise en question. Plusieurs propositions furent avances pour y amener de nouvelles activits conomiques, telle la cration dun casino ou dun service postal mettant ses propres timbres, bien que cette dernire ide fut repousse par le gouvernement local. Linitiative la plus remarquable fut avance par le docteur Wilhelm Molly, qui proposait de faire de Moresnet une micronation sous forme du premier tat utilisant officiellement lespranto, sous le nom dAmikejo (lieu damiti).

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