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Now That We Have Your Attention Did you know Orlando Spine and Joint offers regenerative therapy? When you hear of regenerative medicine, you may be thinking things such as anti-aging, hair restoration, and wrinkle reduction. While these things are technically classified as regenerative medicine, they are not at all that we do. In an effort to help your body heal itself, and regenerate lost or broken tissues, we employ 2 major techniques. One is PRP, which stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. By drawing some blood from your arm, then spinning it in a special centrifuge, we are able to gather just the platelets and some of the plasma. This is then used as an injection into the injured area of your body, acting like a boost or jump start to your natural healing ability. We also use stem cell type therapy. By partnering with the University of Miamis tissue bank, along with New Life Regenerative Medicine, we can offer the latest, most technically sound, and purest form of stem cell type therapy available to you today, called AlloGen. 100% natural, AlloGen contains components that enhance your bodys ability to heal and regenerate itself. Instead of simply managing pain, AlloGen may contribute to minimizing or eliminating pain all together. Both PRP and AlloGen are ideal choices for patients considering regenerative medicine therapy for conditions such as: sports injury, joint pain, arthritis, soft tissue tears, plantars faciitis, carpal tunnel, neck and back pain and many more. Call today for a free consultation with the doctor. 407-614-5900. Orlando Spine & Joint, 821 Oakley Seaver Drive, Clermont, FL 34711.

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Surgery Is No Longer Your Only Option! - The Clermont News Leader

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