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Allure Magazine announces it's intention to ban the term "anti-aging," and wipe it from the internet. Another veiled political attack against the successes of anti-aging sciences, but longevity medicine cannot be stopped.

First of all let us applaud the 29 celebrities in the Allure Magazine online article on August 15, 2017 ( for what appears to be living and eating healthy, adhering to Anti-aging Medical Principles (preventative medicine), getting the proper amount of exercise, possibly buying all natural, non-gmo foods, and being blessed with great genetics.

Unfortunately, being blessed with great genetics alone does not always help someone stay beautiful as they circle the sun more than 40 times. You have to believe that, all though age is inevitable, it is not the only factor that causes your body to deteriorate and grow older. thinks its horrible that some people misuse terms, or that in many cases the wrong message gets attached to good philosophies. WHN doesnt believe in unnecessary plastic surgery, hormonal therapies that are not physician supervised and medically legal, stem cell therapies at the beauty shop, overzealous and sometimes completely fake claims by advertisers such as anti-aging miracle skin creams, nor does WHN or any of its affiliates believe a buzz word or coined term should be used to influence potential consumers. WHN believes that credible noncommercial information should be used as a tool to combat ignorance and protect consumers.

If you are truly interested in the mission of Anti-aging medicine, subscribe to the Longevity Now newsletter here at and go to and read about this 25 year old revolution. Anti-aging medicine, said Dr. Ronald Klatz, President of the A4M, who is accredited with Coining the Term Anti-aging more than 25 years ago, for the most part is all about inner beauty, it isnt about cosmetic surgery, solely enhancing your appearance, or even living forever. Its about living healthy, growing older with a better quality of life, and slowing down or defeating disease such as Macular Degeneration, Alzheimers, Diabetes, disease associated with Hormone Inadaquacies, and a host of other aliments that affect our bodies from gravity to normal wear and tear. No matter how new or old your car is you have to change the oil at regular intervals or your car simply wont last. I know this is a simply analogy, but our bodies are basically the same. Anti-aging is basically Preventative Medicine that looks stand takes advantage of natural remedies mixed with Scientific Gains to help the 100,000 plus doctors the A4M has trained, help their patients live happier and healthier lives.

Dr. Ronald Klatz went on further to point out, magazines such as Allure hardly focus on or promote inner beauty. They focus on outward appearance, pushing cosmetic goods, promote unbelievably attractive celebrities and models, and then they have the Gaul to take shots at Botox for helping many millions of people try to look and feel a little better. Unfortunately, Allure type magazines give young women unrealistic expectations on a daily basis that you need to look like Hale Berry, or Jennifer Anniston to be beautiful. Thats simply not true, but you do need to live the Anti-aging lifestyle so as you advance in years your dont suffer, and decay in old folks, but rather enjoy life to your last breath. Thats the true Anit-aging message.

WHN would like recognize bias, and WHN is a proponent of Anti-Aging Medicine so therefore WHN is slightly biased. WHN is an opponent of the abuse of the term Anti-aging by advertisers, product peddlers, and financially motivated journalists. For example, WHN can only make guesses as to the intentions of Allure Magazines position on the term Anti Aging. Allure could be talking about skin cream. However, WHN can use the quotes actually published by Allure titled 29 Celebrities That Are Against The Term Anti-Aging to let WHNs readers draw their own conclusions as to the intentions of Allure. If you read the quotes exactly as the appear at, you will notice that only 3 of 29 beautiful celebrities even mentioned Ant-Aging.

WHN prefers to be honest and avoid Fake News. WHN would like you to know that Jamie Lee-Curtis almost mentioned the term Anti-aging. Instead Jamie refers to Anti-aging as Anti referencing aging in the same sentence before the term Anti which is the word that ends the sentence. Jamie starts the next sentence with Aging with the sentence before ending in Anti. This is simply journalistic dishonesty by a publications editor. This example of lack of journalistic integrity can be seen underlined below in Jamies quote:

I am appalled that the term we use to talk about aging is 'anti (end of sentence). Aging( Start of new sentence to create Anti. Aging) is as natural as a baby's softness and scent. Aging is human evolution in its pure form. Death, taxes, and aging." fromThe Huffington Post

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Media's Anti-Aging Agenda without the Benefit of Scientific Evidence, Fact or Common Sense - Anti Aging News

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