Artificial intelligence expert moves to Montreal because it’s an AI hub – Montreal Gazette

Irina Rish, now a renowned expert in the field of artificial intelligence, first became drawn to the topic as a teenager in the former Soviet republic of Uzbekistan. At 14, she was fascinated by the notion that machines might have their own thought processes.

I was interested in math in school and I was looking at how you improve problem solving and how you come up with algorithms, Rish said in a phone interview Friday afternoon. I didnt know the word yet (algorithm) but thats essentially what it was. How do you solve tough problems?

She read a book introducing her to the world of artificial intelligence and that kick-started a lifelong passion.

First of all, they sounded like just mind-boggling ideas, that you could recreate in computers something as complex as intelligence, said Rish. Its really exciting to think about creating artificial intelligence in machines. It kind of sounds like sci-fi. But the other interesting part of that is that you hope that by doing so, you can also better understand the human mind and hopefully achieve better human intelligence. So you can say AI is not just about computer intelligence but also about our intelligence. Both goals are equally exciting.

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Artificial intelligence expert moves to Montreal because it's an AI hub - Montreal Gazette

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