The Endless Winter; Episode 6 – A World Class Wave on Scotland’s North Shore – Video

10-04-2012 11:02 Mitch and Egor travel to the North Scottish Coast, the unlikely location of what is widely considered to be Britain’s best wave – Thurso East. While sampling a few perfect barrels, Mitch, Egor and a host of British pros from all eras pay homage to this world-class cold water surf spot. In the words of local surfer Andy Bain – ‘There’s no place like home!’ Interviewees; Malcolm Findlay, Chris ‘Guts’ Griffiths, Andy Bain, Nigel Semmens, Paul ‘The Gill’ Gill, Ben Skinner Surfers; Chris Noble, Ozzy Rick, Dane Reynolds, Jayce Robinson, Rich Sills, Mitch Corbett, Sam Lamiroy, Nathan Phillips, Jesse Davies, Alan Stokes, Johnny Fryer, Micah Lester, Gabe Davies, Russell Winter Archive courtesy of; Mr B Productions, Darren Manson, Andy Bennetts Music; ‘Wave Theme’ scored for The Endless Winter by Hotel Flamingo Ford S-MAX presents The Endless Winter – A Very British Surf Movie In just half a century the British surf scene has evolved from a cult to a thriving industry that boasts world- class waves, champion surfers and a 300000 strong surfing community. Mark ‘Egor’ Harris and Mitch Corbett will travel the length of the country discovering how this iconic surf scene was born, as well as stopping and surfing at significant breaks along the way. On their journey they’ll meet key characters from the history of British surfing as well as current crews that epitomise each region’s unique surfing culture.

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The Endless Winter; Episode 6 – A World Class Wave on Scotland’s North Shore – Video

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