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People from across the countryand even further are visiting our region this weekend. Sometimes they call themselves eclipse watchers; sometimes they just want a good excuse to travel.

I met a woman earlier this week who flew across an ocean to come see the eclipse, which also falls on a very special day.

Tyra Fox obviously isn’t from around here. She says:The people have been just lovely. ‘Oh what are you here for? Eclipse. Really? What do you live here?’ No, I came from southwest England, came here. Oh my goodness, they can’t believe it.

An adventurous woman, she came here for the eclipse. But, it also happened to fall on a special day. She says, I knew it fell on my birthday here in AmericaKentucky, Illinois et cetera so, I thought lets do it.

The first time she saw aneclipse in 1999, her travel experience was a little different.

She says:I literally hopped across the hedge into the school field. It was amazing. So, I didn’t have to travel as far. I dont know how many thousands of miles it is to get here.

And with a perfect spot picked out to watch the eclipse on the river, Fox says its a rare event she didnt want to miss. She says:Its like an eerie feeling.That’s how I can explain it eerie, but beautiful. Absolutely fantastic.

Fox said when the next solar eclipse happens, if it’s a country she can travel to and schedules work out she believes she’ll chase it.

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People travel from around the world to watch eclipse – WPSD Local 6

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