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Corruption is as invisible as it is pervasive. Public trust is easily professed on public forums, and just as easily betrayed in back rooms. Money and favours influence decisions without leaving a trace. Pecunia non olet.

Yet corruption is not a victimless crime. Cutting corners on good governance costs money, endangers lives and erodes the public trust that oils the machinery of state in modern democracies.

So how to fight it? Corruption feeds off apathy and thrives in the shadows. It abhors the full glare of public attention. It is not a coincidence that the global organisation dedicated to its demise is called Transparency International.

TI produces annual reports, scorecards and a heat map of corruption around the world. The least corrupt countries, in the organisation’s 2016 Corruption Perceptions Index, were New Zealand and Denmark, followed closely by the other Nordic countries. Most corrupt? Somalia, with South Sudan and North Korea not far behind.

The French subsidiary of TI went one step further, and visualised the corruption in France on a map. Linking corruption to specific locations suddenly gives the various crimes caught under that term a certain weight and heft and increases its visibility.

This Cartographie des affaires de corruption immediately points to a number of corruption hot spots: two concentrated zones in Paris and the North (near the Belgian border), and in and around Bordeaux in the southwest. There is a string of malfeasance stretching along the Mediterranean coast, and the heavily dotted island of Corsica seems particularly prone to corruption.

Conversely, the interior of France is largely corruption-free, some departments even entirely so. Of course, the incidence of corruption varies with the density of population, and perhaps declines disproportionately in the almost-empty interior because there are so few people to be corrupted by.

Each of the location markers is clickable, and provides a summary of the court case to which it refers. All parties mentioned are anonymised, but some are relatively easy to find out.

And so you can hop from one case of embezzlement to the next case one of abuse of power or trust, or you could use the search window to look for cases within specific frames of time or money.

Click on the logos in the top left corner to send a message to Transparency International France (Did we miss anything?), leaf through a lexicon of corruption, a FAQ file and a word on the maps methodology. There is also a This just in section, with the latest court rulings.

And finally, there is a full geographic overview of France, per region and per department. The most public-spirited departments of France are: Ardennes, Cantal, Cher, Creuse, Gers, Loir-et-Cher, Nivre, Sarthe not a single case of corruption in any of these. Paris, with 61 cases, is the most corrupt. Not surprising, considering the concentration of money and power in the capital.

There is another interesting measure of corruptness: the number of affaires (*10) divided by the Gross Domestic Product for each department. By that token, the French overseas territory of Saint-Martin (95.16) is light years ahead of even Paris (3.07).

Mapping corruption at country level brings home the pervasiveness of the problem. Does this map indicate that France is corrupt? The French could do better, but also a lot worse. According to TI’s aforementioned 2016 Corruption Perceptions Index, France ranks #23 on the global list, just ahead of the Bahamas but behind Estonia. The U.S. is at #18.

This corruption map of France seems to be a local initiative. Similar maps of other countries would make for equally compelling reading. Except of course the corruption maps of Somalia, South Sudan and North Korea they would be totally blank.

Map found at visualiserlacorruption.fr, produced byTransparency International France.

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A Map of Corruption in France – Big Think

The Golden Rule of Social Selling: Solve Your Customer’s Problem – Business 2 Community

The world of B2B selling is changing, fast. And if your team doesnt keep up, you wont just lose opportunities you stand to lose your entire business.

Outbound selling relies too heavily on outdated tactics, like telling customers what they need instead of listening to what they tell you. In fact, Forrester predicts that one million US B2B salespeople will lose their job to self-service eCommerce by 2020 if these tactics dont change.

A big part of the reason why outbound selling is losing its effectiveness is because B2B buyers are turning to websites, social media, their own networks and other research channels before reaching out to a salesperson. They come fully armed with knowledge especially the knowledge of what their problems are.

Webcast, February 28th: Sales Automation Made Easy

This means that your salespeople wont find any footing by telling prospects how great your product is. Instead, they need to focus their efforts on explaining how your product can solve a prospects problems.

Social selling makes this possible, as it enables salespeople to build relationships with buyers via the channels they prefer. It also acts as a fantastic research tool, as salespeople can explore public posts on networks like LinkedIn and Twitter to see what issues their prospect has recently been facing.

For example, lets say you are targeting CMOs at medium-sized businesses. Outbound tactics would have your sales team cold calling them from a list, and reading a sales-pitch script that praises the many amazing features your product has to offer. They might be able to generalize a problem that CMO might be facing like low conversion rates, for instance but they cant know for sure that thats even an issue for them. Within a few seconds, the prospect knows that the salesperson theyre talking to doesnt have a clue about their particular situation, and politely hangs up the phone.

Social selling changes all aspects of the above scenario, from the channel of outreach to the script used to sell. Rather than cold calling, your salesperson develops a relationship with the prospect using social media. She has shared their content on Twitter a few times, and connected via a mutual acquaintance on LinkedIn. When she gets the CMO on the phone, she brings up his social profiles and sees that he has recently been talking about struggling to build solid communication channels between sales and marketing internally. So rather than talk about the product, she talks about his problem: sales-marketing alignment. She asks pointed questions about the struggles he faces, and only when the time is right mentions that her product has helped past customers address this very problem. He is impressed, and asks to see a demo.

By following the golden rule of social selling, solving your customers problem, you and your sales team will not only make more sales, you will develop better relationships with customers who will be more loyal, and more likely to recommend you to others in their network.

Tapajyoti Das (Tukan) is the co-founder of LeadSift. LeadSift is a social intelligence platform to help brands identify, understand and reach in-market consumers with the right message at the right time.At LeadSift, he is the hacker, hustler and the dreamer where he is working with histeam to make social Viewfullprofile

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The Golden Rule of Social Selling: Solve Your Customer’s Problem – Business 2 Community

Pence to CPAC: Obamacare Will Fall Despite ‘Liberal Activists’ – NBCNews.com

Vice President Mike Pence speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Oxon Hill, Maryland, Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017. Susan Walsh / AP

The comments were red meat to conservatives but varied only slightly from Pence’s usual stump speech.

Pence echoed campaign trail promises from then-candidate Donald Trump that the replacement to Obamacare would allow Americans to buy healthcare over state lines. Congressional Republicans released a broad outline of a

The vice president also pushed for a states’ rights approach to health care that allows local governments “to take care of the least fortunate in the best way that will work in their state and their community.”


The vice president also spoke passionately about Israel, promising that “under President Trump, America will stand with Israel.” He did not elaborate on the Trump administration’s vision for an end to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

Pence mixed comedy with conservative bluster in his remarks and used part of the speech to whet the audience’s appetite for Trump’s speech at the conference Friday morning.

Contrasting himself with the president, Pence quipped that Trump was “known for his bigger than life personality, charm, and charisma. And I’m, like, not.”

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Pence to CPAC: Obamacare Will Fall Despite ‘Liberal Activists’ – NBCNews.com

Alan Colmes, Sean Hannity’s Liberal Foil on Fox News, Dies at 66 – NBCNews.com

Alan Colmes promoting his book ‘Thank The Liberals … For Saving America’ in New York in October 2012. Ilya S. Savenok / Getty Images, file

In his best-selling book “Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them,” Sen. Al Franken, D-Minnesota, imagined Colmes’ earning his salary by “adding toner to the copiers and printers, loofah-ing Roger Ailes in his personal steam room, and ordering Chinese food for editors working on misleading video packages.”

Colmes was aware of the criticism, but he said getting mean wasn’t his style.

“People say to me, ‘Why don’t you fight fire with fire?'” he said in 2003. “You fight fire with water, not fire.”

Pundits and colleagues on both sides of the aisle remembered Colmes on social media on Thursday, among them Republican political consultant Karl Rove, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and conservative author Ann Coulter.

“Sad. We had some great times on Hannity & Colmes. Alan Colmes was fair & funny while hewing to his core beliefs. Condolences to Jocelyn,” wrote Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Donald Trump.

NBC News’ Megyn Kelly, a Fox News host and contributor for 12 years, called Colmes a “positive force.”

“Heartbroken my friend Alan Colmes has died. He lit up the FNC halls w/his kindness & humor. Incredibly positive force. Prayers 4 his family,” she wrote.

Colmes continued to appear as a commentator on Fox after his show with Hannity ended. He also was an author of books like “Thank the Liberals” and “Red, White & Liberal.”


Alan Colmes, Sean Hannity’s Liberal Foil on Fox News, Dies at 66 – NBCNews.com

Alan Colmes, liberal voice at Fox News, dead at 66 – CBS News

Last Updated Feb 23, 2017 11:26 AM EST

NEW YORK — Alan Colmes, the radio and television host and commentator best known as the amiable liberal foil to the hard-right Sean Hannity on the Fox News Channel, has died. He was 66.

Fox spokeswoman Dana Klinghoffer confirmed his death Thursday. Fox also aired a tribute to Colmes, narrated by Hannity, and a statement from his family saying that he died Thursday morning after a brief illness.

Colmes is survived by his wife, Jocelyn Elise Crowley, the sister of longtime Fox contributor Monica Crowley.

He was a great guy, brilliant, hysterical, and moral, the family statement said. He was fiercely loyal, and the only thing he loved more than his work was his life with Jocelyn. He will be missed.

In a statement issued through Fox, Hannity called Colmes one of lifes most decent, kind and wonderful people.

View Gallery

Fox News Correspondents Alan Colmes and Sean Hannity attend the Fox News Channels 10th anniversary celebration on Oct. 4, 2006, in New York City.

Peter Kramer/Getty Images

Colmes was a New York City native and Hofstra University graduate who worked for years in radio, notably on WABC and WNBC, and standup comedy before joining Fox in 1996.

That same year he and the conservative Hannity began a 12-year run as co-hosts of the popular Hannity & Colmes program, which brought Colmes both fame and ridicule.

Admittedly a minority voice on the conservative channel, Colmes was often mocked as too nice and easily overshadowed by the ever-aggressive Hannity. The liberal media watchdog Fairness and Accuracy in Media likened him to the hapless Washington Generals, the dependable losers to basketballs Harlem Globetrotters.

Al Franken, in his best-selling Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them, imagined Colmes earning his salary by adding toner to the copiers and printers, loofah-ing Roger Ailes in his personal steam room, and ordering Chinese food for editors working on misleading video packages.

Colmes was aware of the criticism, but said that getting mean was not his style.

People say to me, Why dont you fight fire with fire? he told The Associated Press in 2003. You fight fire with water, not fire.

Colmes continued to appear as a commentator on Fox after his show with Hannity ended. He also was an author, his books including Thank the Liberals and Red, White & Liberal.

Former Fox anchor Megyn Kelly, conservative commentator Ann Coulter and Fox personalities were among those who took to social media following news of Colmes death.

2017 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Alan Colmes, liberal voice at Fox News, dead at 66 – CBS News

Liberal candidates revealed as pre-selection closes for South Australia election – ABC Online

Updated February 24, 2017 18:27:34

Liberal pre-selection nominations for 18 South Australian state seats have closed, and among the candidate is a former Liberal minister, who retired from politics more than 10 years ago.

Wayne Matthew was the member for Bright from 1989 to 2006, and held ministerial portfolios including police and emergency services in the Brown and Olsen governments.

He has nominated for the seat of Davenport and is one of many candidates who are taking a tilt at pre-selection, as boundary redistributions appear to have made a Liberal election win more likely.

Alex Brown, the son of former premier Dean Brown, has nominated for Colton, while six candidates are vying for retiring MP Isobel Redmond’s seat of Heysen.

There is also strong interest in two Labor held seats, with five nominees for both Transport Minister Stephen Mullighan’s seat of Lee, and Sports Minister Leon Bignell’s Mawson electorate.

Both electorates have become more marginal under boundary redistributions.

“It is fantastic to see such a high calibre of people nominating for preselection to represent the Liberal Party at the next state election,” Liberal state director Sascha Meldrum said.

“The party is calling for hard-working candidates committed to representing their local communities as part of a newly-elected Liberal State Government that will provide responsible leadership and deliver a clear pathway for the state’s recovery and success.”

Sitting MPs Rachel Sanderson, Corey Wingard, Vickie Chapman, David Spiers, Vince Tarzia and Dan van Holst Pellekaan have all been pre-selected unopposed.

The names of the other candidates remain confidential until they are endorsed by the party’s review committee next week.

Topics: government-and-politics, states-and-territories, liberals, sa

First posted February 24, 2017 18:22:49

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Liberal candidates revealed as pre-selection closes for South Australia election – ABC Online

Emmanuel Macron: a populist eruption from the liberal centre – New Statesman

The French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron came to town this week to meet Theresa May and address the London French community, whose votes he was chasing. In our age of extremes, Macron, who is 39, is that rare thing a populist eruption from the liberal centre. A former merchant banker and economy minister in the failing Hollande Socialiste administration, he represents En Marche! (Forward!), which is less a party than a movement. His sudden rise would not have been possible in Britain, which is part of the stability and attraction of the parliamentary system but also its frustration.

I met Macron on Tuesday afternoon when he took questions from a small group of journalists at Central Hall Westminster. He is small and dapper, with short hair and a strong, straight nose. Because of the collapse of the Socialistes and the struggles of the discredited conservative contender Franois Fillon, Macron has emerged as the great hope of liberals and perhaps as the candidate to stop Marine Le Pen seizing the presidency. Unlike the Front National leader, Macron is an unashamed liberal globaliser in the model of Nick Clegg or a younger, less tormented Tony Blair. He is a passionate advocate of the EU and of the eurozone and, as a result, is under attack from the Russian media. He has been accused of leading a double life his wife, whom he met when she was his schoolteacher, is 20 years older than Macron and of being unwilling to admit that he is gay, or at least bisexual. His response to the Russian attacks was, he said, to disclose the manipulation and kill the rumours.

The far right in France has caricatured Macron as being globalisation personified, about which he is relaxed. In conversation, he criticised David Camerons referendum campaign. His message was Yes but . . . That is not the answer to No. I defend Europe and the four freedoms of the EU. If you are shy, you are dead.

On Sunday, I received a text from one of my cousins. The Lincoln City manager and his brother, the assistant, are called Cowley, he wrote. His father looks a bit like your father. Any relation? They are from Essex. I am also from Essex, born and brought up in Harlow new town, which turned 70 this year. But I had to disappoint my cousin. My father was an only child, as was his father, so its highly unlikely that these Cowley brothers are even distant relations of mine.

I already knew about the brothers, having been alerted to them by my seven-year-old son, who is a sports data enthusiast. Last season, Danny Cowley and his younger brother, Nicky, were working as teachers in Essex while coaching Braintree Town at weekends. This season, they have led Lincoln to an FA Cup quarter-final against Arsenal, making them the first non-League team to reach the last eight in more than a century. Lincoln are also at the top of the National League (English footballs semi-professional fifth division) and in the quarter-final of the FA Trophy, the premier non-League cup competition. The Cowleys are reported to be subsisting on a diet of toast and Marmite as they rise early each morning obsessively to study videos and analytics and prepare for the next match. They have introduced a new spirit of openness at the previously moribund club: fans watch training sessions and attend press conferences.

Its nonsense to believe, as some do, that only those who have performed at the highest level have the authority to coach the best. Wenger, Mourinho, Sven-Gran Eriksson, Roy Hodgson, Andr Villas-Boas: none of them were even remotely successful players. Asked once to explain his accomplishments, Mourinho said: Ive had more time to study. More English coaches so few of whom are working in the Premier League would do well to follow his example.

It will be fascinating to see how far the Cowley brothers progress in the game. Whatever happens next, they have reanimated interest in the FA Cup and given the resilient yeomen of Essex a small boost.

Boris Johnson accused Tony Blair of bare-faced effrontery for having the temerity last week to deliver an anti-Brexit speech, which itself was an act of bare-faced effrontery. Johnson is a huckster and narcissist whose vanities have been grotesquely indulged for far too long by his cheerleaders and paymasters in the media. (A standard question to Johnson when he was mayor of London: You do want to be prime minister, dont you?) No one should take anything Johnson says remotely seriously. Should the same be said of Blair?

Yes, of course he is the author of his own misfortunes and many will never forgive the former Labour prime minister for the Iraq catastrophe. Yet of all the politicians I have spoken to in recent times, Blair was the most intellectually nimble and the most alert to the defining complexities of the present moment. As he demonstrated in his speech, he also understands better than most why, in an age of intensifying ethnic nationalism, the parties of the left are failing across Europe, none more so than the British Labour Party, which looks as far away from power as it did after the 1931 election.

As an energetic and charismatic liberal, Macron has been likened to the young Tony Blair. Can he seize the progressive centre, as Blair did, and destabilise the old binary divisions of left and right? The anti-European and anti-globalisation extremes are winning elections, he said, in a veiled reference to Donald Trump and the vote for Brexit. But we dont have the same political cycles as the others. Its time for France to do the opposite. With that said, he thanked his interlocutors and was hurried off for a meeting with another Essex man, Philip Hammond, pursued not by a bear but by the journalist Robert Peston.

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Emmanuel Macron: a populist eruption from the liberal centre – New Statesman

Read Scott Walker’s Advice on How Republicans Should Handle Protests – TIME

WALKER: Morning.


One Walker beats 14 runners.


That was one of my favorite bumper stickers years ago after we won our battle against the big government union bosses.


You might remember at the time there were 14 state senate Democrats in our state who fled the state and went to Illinois to help the special interest groups organize, and then eventually ship in thousands of protesters from across the country.

In fact, at one point, there were over 1,000 people occupying our state capitol. If you remember, the occupy moment didn’t start on Wall Street. It started on my street in Madison, Wisconsin.


At the time, they didn’t just limit themselves to our state capitol. They actually went to the executive residence, and eventually they found their way to our family home in Wauwatosa, which is more than an hour away from our state capital. I had death threats. My wife, Tonette, had threatening messages. My sons, Matt and Alex, who were in high school at the time, literally were targeted on Facebook.

They didn’t limit it just to us. They went around events around the state. In fact, they disrupted and interrupted, I should say, the dedication of a new welcome center on our state line. They interrupted a ceremony for the 100-year celebration of one of our great state parks. They even interrupted the anniversary of one of our historic technical colleges.

But the tipping point was probably — probably more than anything was the day when a bunch of protesters, ironically enough, dressed as zombies. Don’t ask me why, but that particular day they were the walking dead, I guess. They were — they were zombies. They were protesters who showed up and interrupted — no, wait, I should say it differently. They disrupted a law enforcement torch run for the Special Olympics.

At that time, it was a turning point indeed, because the people in our state, no matter where they stood on the issues, could see that the protesters were not like them. I mean, who would mess up an event for Special Olympic athletes? It was just remarkable.

But as I thought about that, thinking about speaking here, today I’m reminded of many of the stories I see these days around the country where protesters come en masse to try and disrupt public meetings; where angry mobs come to college campuses and try to stop people from speaking; where defenders of the status quo try to stop people who ran on an agenda from doing what they said they did — would do during the campaign.

WALKER: And as I hear these stories, I think to myself, been there, seen that.


You know, from our standpoint it’s exactly why we’ve been talking, not only here today, but to people over the last few months all across this great country, reminding our leaders about what happened in Wisconsin. About why we did what we did. And most importantly, about what’s happened since.

So let me share it with you a little bit here. In fact, I was reminded of late about that — just two weeks ago tomorrow — so less than two weeks ago, it was two weeks ago tomorrow that I saw the video of protesters trying to stop the new U.S. Secretary of Education from going into a public school, just up the way here in the District of Columbia.

And so I called Betsy DeVos, who’s a good friend of mine, and I said, you know what, been there, done that.


You don’t happen to remember in the midst of our protest the protesters as outrageous and radical as they were, they literally glued the door shut to an elementary school where I was going to come and read to the children.

Now the good news is that school was not to be deterred. They actually took the doors off the hinges and we were able to read to the kids.


But it was a vivid reminder about what we learned in Wisconsin. And that is, to do what you said you were going to do, to go big, to go bold, to actually follow through on the promises you made throughout a campaign.


You know, it’s not only conservatives and Republicans who like that. What we found in Wisconsin is that independent and, yes, even some discerning Democrats like it when you do the things you say you were going to do.


And so we — we’ve tried to apply that going forward. It’s kind of interesting; it works on both political and on policy fronts. Politically, even though, it’s not just a fact that I’ve won three elections for governor, although I did…


… in our state we not only won the three elections, but our Republicans in the legislature have actually gained seats in ’12, in ’14 and again in ’16.


Why? It’s because common sense conservative reforms work, they actually work and the people responded to them.

In our state we’ve seen over the last year — more people were employed in my state than ever before, ever. We have the lowest unemployment rate since January of 2001. We have one of the highest percentages of people overall in the workforce.

But beyond that, on economic and fiscal policy, we see that even though we inherited a $3.6 billion budget deficit, our state now has budget surpluses and we have one of the few state systems that has fully funded pension systems. And we have one of the lowest outstanding overall long term debt.

And so now, because of those economic and fiscal reforms actually working, the successes have lead to a positive budget and, in turn, we have what we call, a reform dividend. Remember the peace dividend under Reagan? We have a reform dividend.

So I want to spend just a couple minutes telling you about what we’re doing with that. First off, we’re reinvesting it — like a good company would, in the things that got us there in the first place. So, top of the list, taxpayers. We’re going to help lower the burden on the hardworking taxpayers.

In fact, so much so with this budget, the total amount — cumulative impact of our tax relief over eight years will be exceeded $8 billion. That’s cutting taxes by over $8 billion.


As we promise, property and income taxes will be lower in 2018 than they were in 2010 and — you’ll like this, we’re actually eliminating an entire tax for the first time since 1931 there will be no state tax on our property tax bills in Wisconsin.


WALKER: Beyond tax though, we’re investing in our workforce, probably like a lot of employers here. I hear from people all across my state that say, “We’ve got jobs; we just don’t have enough people to fill them.” So we’re investing in our workforce and we’re doing it in a way that demands better performance and more credibility and — and transparency from education and higher education.

In fact, how many college students do we have here today? Let’s see your hands and hear from you, all right.


How many — how many of those college students are from Wisconsin? Do I hear any of the…


OK, the Wisconsin students will appreciate this, because we’ve frozen tuition in our state four years in a row. And in this budget we’re actually going to lower tuition by 5 percent at all of our campuses.


Lower tuition, higher standards and actual free speech for everyone, including conservative students, faculty and speakers, at all of our University of Wisconsin campuses.


And the third big thing we’re doing is about helping people transition from government dependence to true independence through work.

You know, more than 20 years ago, my state, Wisconsin, led the way with welfare reform with a — a great leader by the name of Tommy Thompson. He was our governor back then.


Today we’re taking it another giant step forward, something we call Wisconsin Works for Everyone.

It’s a simple concept: Everyone who is able to work has to be enroll — employed at least 80 hours a month if they wanna get benefits like food stamps and housing vouchers. And for those that can’t find work, we require them to be employed in job training.

And now with a — a new president and a new Congress, we can actually go forward with a plan to ensure that anyone seeking welfare can actually pass a drug test.


You see, it’s simple: We want to help our fellow citizen, but we — we understand that — that public assistance should be a trampoline, not a hammock.

We ensure that everyone who is able to work is empowered to work and required to work, because true freedom and prosperity don’t come from the clumsy hand of the government. They come from empowering people to live their own lives and control their own destinies through the dignity that’s born of work.

And all those things show that conservative reforms work. But I just want to end with this.

I want to make a challenge to each of you here today to keep moving forward. Don’t stand still; keep moving forward.

Six years ago, I remember a reporter asked us — in the midst of all the protests in our capital, a reporter asked me, “Don’t the — don’t the protesters have a right to be heard?”

I said, “Absolutely. They absolutely have a right to be heard. This is America. Anybody can say or do what they want about the government. They can challenge the government no matter who’s in power.”

But I then said to that same reporter that I wasn’t going to let the noise of the protesters drown out the voices of the majority of people who had elected us to do the things that we were gonna do.


Sadly, in Washington it is common practice to ignore the will of the voters. For too long the — the media and the status quo defenders spend their time listening to the noise of the protests and the rhetoric of the pundits. That’s why I call Washington 68 square miles surrounded by reality.


My plea to you here today is to not get caught up in Washington, to not forget the voters, to not ignore the people who live in reality all across this country every single day. Don’t forget them. Don’t forget their families. Don’t forget their neighbors. Fight for them. Fight for liberty. Fight for freedom. Fight for America. Let’s keep it up.

(APPLAUSE) Thank you so much. God bless you. God bless this country. Have a great day.

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Read Scott Walker’s Advice on How Republicans Should Handle Protests – TIME

PH leaps 12 places in 2017 Economic Freedom Index – Filipino Reporter

Tuesday, 21 February 2017 14:10

WASHINGTON Despite the challenging global economic environment, the Philippines has achieved notable economic expansion, driven by the economys strong export performance and inflows of remittances that have bolstered private consumption, noted the Heritage Foundation in its 2017 Index of Economic Freedom released this week here.

The Philippines improved to 58th place in 2017 from 70th in 2016 in the annual survey of 180 countries published since 1995 by the Heritage Foundation, a Washington-based think-tank.

The 2017 Index graded economies based on 12 independent factors called Economic Freedoms, with the addition of Judicial Effectiveness and Fiscal Health this year.

The Philippines showed improvements in property rights (+19.2); monetary freedom (+2.9); and labor freedom (+.1).

While noting the problems posed by absent entrepreneurial dynamism, still needed institutional reforms, and a weak judicial system in the Philippines, the Heritage Foundation also highlighted positive developments.

It recognized that the Government is pursuing a series of legislative reforms to enhance the overall entrepreneurial environment and developa stronger private sector in order to generate broader-based job growth.

It also said that some fiscal reforms have been accomplished.

The Philippines achieved an Economic Freedom Score of 65.6 out of a possible 100, which is significantly better than the global and regional averages.

The Philippines ranked 14th among the countries in the Asia-Pacific that were surveyed.

This improvement in the ranking brings the Philippines into the first-third of the countries evaluated by the index.

Since 2010, the Philippine rank has increased fifty-one (51) spots from its rank at 109 and when the country was identified as Mostly Unfree in its economic competitiveness.

Today, the Philippines firmly registers as a Moderately Free country.

The Philippines welcomes the release of the 2017 Index of Economic Freedom. It clearly indicates the sustainability of the robust and excellent Philippine economic performance of the last few years. We hope that this underpins continued business and investor confidence in one of Asias most dynamic economies, said Minister Patrick A. Chuasoto, Charge dAffaires, a.i. of the Philippine Embassy in Washington, D.C.

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PH leaps 12 places in 2017 Economic Freedom Index – Filipino Reporter

Retiring in their 30s. Yep, they’re doing it. – Crain’s Chicago Business

Crain’s Chicago Business
Retiring in their 30s. Yep, they're doing it.
Crain’s Chicago Business
… company that produces automotive design software. "It's in line with what I was interested in, but working in a cubicle isn't very desirable," he says. "The best course of action is to reach financial independence so I can do whatever I choose in

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Retiring in their 30s. Yep, they’re doing it. – Crain’s Chicago Business

Reese Witherspoon on New Zealand: ‘You can’t capture it in pictures’ – Newshub

Reese Witherspoon says her Instagram feed, full of pictures taken on her trip to New Zealand, doesn’t do the country’s beauty justice.

“It’s the most beautiful country in the world – I’ve made a lot of movies all over the world, but this is my favourite place I’ve ever shot,” she told radio station The Edge on Friday.

“You can’t capture it in pictures. I would say to anybody who comes to New Zealand, don’t just bring your iPhone – you need a major, amazing camera.”

Witherspoon, who won an Oscar for her role in Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line, is in New Zealand shooting Disney film A Wrinkle in Time with co-stars Oprah Winfrey, Mindy Kaling (The Office), Chris Pine (Star Trek), Storm Reid (12 Years a Slave) and Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover).

“We are making a movie,” she told hosts Jay-Jay, Dom and Randell. “I know it looks like I’m just having fun with my girlfriends.”

In the film, New Zealand stands in for the planet Uriel, a mountainous utopia populated by centaurs.

“We needed sort of magical locations because it’s about going to other universes,” said Witherspoon.

She promised to come back for a proper holiday.

“The food is wonderful, the landscapes are gorgeous, but most importantly the people have been so kind and so friendly, and have opened up their homes. We have all been just so touched by what a beautiful experience it has been.”

Though she wouldn’t tell what it’s like flying across the seas on Oprah’s private jet, she did reveal just where she keeps her Oscar.

“I keep it in my living room, and anyone who picks it up has to do a speech.”


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Reese Witherspoon on New Zealand: ‘You can’t capture it in pictures’ – Newshub

Utopian sci-fi survival horror game, PAMELA, enters Steam Early Access on March 9th New Screenshots – DSOGaming (blog)

NVYVE Studios today announced that P.A.M.E.L.A., the first-person, open world, utopian, sci-fi, survival horror game, will launch on March 9th on Steam Early Access. In order to celebrate this announcement, NVYVE Studios released some new screenshots that can be viewed below.

In P.A.M.E.L.A. you must survive against all odds by wielding unconventional technology as you explore Eden, an unforgiving paradise that explores the unforeseen consequences of humanitys craving for technological and biological advancement.

Adam Simonar, Studio Director of NVYVE Studios, said:

Several years ago, we formed NVYVE Studios with the goal of creating a game that took the survival genre, and built upon it with a hand-crafted sci-fi setting to create a wholly unique experience. The Steam Early Access launch is a culmination of those years, and will form a base for P.A.M.E.L.A., challenging players to explore and survive within the fallen utopian city of Eden. We are looking forward to working with the community as we continue to evolve P.A.M.E.L.A., adding new features and content in the run-up to a full commercial launch.

Marvin Maalouf, President and CEO of NVYVE Studios, added:

P.A.M.E.L.A. represents a bold step for us. Having previously utilised Unity in our architectural practise, were excited to bring those skills into game design. I am very proud of our incredible team Its been a dream come true for everyone involved. A lot of sacrifices, sleepless nights, long days, sweat and tears went into making the game and we hope the gaming community enjoys it. We see P.A.M.E.L.A. as the first in what will hopefully be a long line of quality titles to come out of the studio and want to show the world that a small team with a huge amount of passion can create beautiful, immersive and fun worlds for players to explore.

P.A.M.E.L.A. begins as your character awakens from cryosleep in Eden, a fallen utopian city. Pamela, Edens lone AI overseer, provides information on how to survive within the city while bestowing amplified abilities upon the player.

As you explore Eden, uncovering insights into the lives of individual citizens of Eden through discoverable data logs, you discover the tragic story behind the fall of Eden and learn about the way society used to function in this former utopia.

The game will feature over 200 unique pieces of loot and resources, ranging from food to building materials and hi-tech weapons and upgrades. It will also offer players hacking skills to unlock salvage containers or doors to access secret areas of the city.


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Utopian sci-fi survival horror game, PAMELA, enters Steam Early Access on March 9th New Screenshots – DSOGaming (blog)

Carol tows Pacific Oceania to finals – Saipan Tribune

The CNMIs Carol Lee towed Pacific Oceania to the finals of the 2017 Junior Fed Cup Asia Oceania Pre-Qualifying Zone after another dominating performance in the Singles 1 event yesterday at the R.K Khanna Tennis Stadium in New Delhi, India

Lee clobbered Singapores Joelle Goh, 6-0, 6-0, dispatching her foe in just 45 minutes to seal the semis victory for Pacific Oceania. Earlier in the Singles 2 match, Tahitis Naia Guitton rallied past Tammy Tan, 4-6, 6-2, 6-2.

With Pacific Oceanias sweep of the two singles contests, the lone doubles match became no-bearing. Lee was scheduled to partner with Samoas Eleanor Schuster in the doubles, but results of their match against Tan and Tessa Wong have yet to be posted at the events website as of press time.

Today, Lee and company will play in the finals against the winner of the other semis game between Pool B top finisher Sri Lanka and Pool A runner-up Vietnam. Thuy Thanh Truc Tran gave Vietnam a 1-0 lead in the semis after working out a 4-6, 7-5, 6-3 triumph over Savini Jayasuriya in the Singles 2. In the other singles match, Ngoc Minh Phuong Nguyen was slated to duel Anila Seneviratne and the former and Tran were also assigned to compete in the doubles against Senevirante and Sathi Siyara Silva Mirisssage yesterday.

Regardless of the results of Lee and her teammates games in the championship play, Pacific Oceania is already assured of a slot to the 2017 Junior Fed Cup Asia Oceania Final Qualifying Zone, which will also be played in India in April. Pacific Oceania and the winner of the Vietnam-Sri Lanka tussle will join New Zealand, Australia, and 12 other countries from Asia in the final qualifier.

Going into the finals, Lee has yet to drop a single set with four of her five wins recorded in less than an hour. The singles triumph against Goh was her second shutout victory, as she earlier blanked the Philippines Gennifer Lysandra Pagente in pool play. Pacific Oceania swept the pool play, crushing the Philippines, Tajikistan, and Vietnam to move into the semifinals.

Meanwhile, the CNMIs Robbie Schorr earned his first victory in the Junior Davis Cup.

Schorr whipped Tajikistans Khushbakht Karimov, 6-0, 6-0. The Commonwealth junior player wrapped up the one-sided match after only 30 minutes to secure the victory for Pacific Oceania in the consolation round that would determine the No. 9 to 14 finishers in the pre-qualifier. In the earlier singles game, Vanuatus Clement Mainguy topped Issamjon Sharifov, 6-0, 6-4. The doubles game in the Pacific Oceania-Tajikistan match was not played.

With the victory, Schorr and company advanced against Sri Lanka.

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Carol tows Pacific Oceania to finals – Saipan Tribune

Live From Oceania Marina: Hits and Misses – Cruise Critic

Cruise Critic is currently onboard Oceania’s 1,258-passenger Marina, cruising to Central American destinations like Belize, Honduras and Mexico. The ship is one of only two custom-built ships for the upper-premium cruise line (the other four are refurbished vessels from defunct Renaissance Cruises), and we love how the ship feels like its smaller R-class sisters, just with plenty of enhancements. Here’s a closer look at what Marina’s got right — and what needs a bit of tweaking.

If Marina were a person, it would be an unabashed foodie. The ship’s four specialty restaurants — steakhouse Polo Grill, Italian Toscana, French Jacques and Asian-fusian Red Ginger — all feature an overabundance of menu options and no surcharge. The food has been pretty drool-worthy, too, from homemade pesto gnocchi at Toscana and pumpkin soup at Jacques to tender filet mignon at Polo Grill and miso-glazed sea bass at Red Ginger. Restaurant staff help you customize your dining experience to make it perfect, whether it’s offering an entire menu of olive oils to accompany your baked-that-day bread or letting you choose from a selection of chopsticks made from a range of materials. Only trouble is it’s tricky to get reservations if you didn’t prebook online ahead of the cruise.

Oceania’s Prestige Tranquility beds and 1,000-thread-count linens practically guarantee that you will never have a sleepless night on Marina. Snuggle into those havens of comfort, and you can’t possibly keep your eyes open. They’re wonderful after a full day of touring and eating, but can be absolutely dangerous if you lie down for “just a minute” midafternoon. We’re no expert on fancy sheets, but a 12-piece queen set with sheets, duvet and pillows will set you back $1,500, so they must be top of the line. We plan to enjoy them as much as possible while we’re still onboard.

Some lines pour you a cup of Lipton, hand you a sad petit four and call the event “afternoon tea,” but Marina knows how to do things right. Every afternoon at 4 p.m., white-gloved waiters wheel carts of finger sandwiches, cakes and pastries around the panoramic Horizon Lounge, while others proffer boxes of Twinings tea. A classical string quartet plays as you head to a central buffet for proper British scones, jam and clotted cream. It’s all very civilized — and highly delicious.

Calling all vegans, gluten-avoiders and health nuts! Oceania’s famed milkshake bar gets a healthy makeover every morning when it offers green juices and smoothies made with cashew milk, as well as “energy bowls” (such as an acai berry bowl or a chia cashew yogurt bowl). It’s a popular morning addition, especially for folks on their way to or from the fitness center or jogging track — and we can attest that the drinks taste quite good, too.

On Marina, the thermal suite is not limited to those who cough up more cash at the Canyon Ranch Spa Club. Men’s and women’s sauna and steam room areas, as well as two coed spaces with tiled heated loungers, are available to all comers. They’re a lovely spot to rest weary limbs after a busy day of touring. The thermal area is lacking a thalassotherapy pool (found on Oceania’s other ships), but we didn’t miss it.

Although neither free nor quite as fast as at home, Marina’s Internet has been quite satisfactory, and not as ridiculously slow as other ships we’ve sailed. We’ve checked email, had real-time text conversations and even watched videos on Facebook. We can’t decide if its upgraded technology or a lack of Millennials onboard that is leading to the efficient Wi-Fi service onboard.

On first glance, Marina’s bathrooms are a wow. They’re beautifully marbled, with both a standalone shower and tub with showerhead. Then you actually try to take a shower and discover the flaw. The standalone has a central rainshower head that makes the already low ceiling even lower and means anyone close to or over 6 feet tall has to duck to avoid konking their head in the shower. And the angled shape of the stall means anyone not rail thin is banging elbows or incapable of leaning down to wash their legs. The bathtub is a tad better, but you risk dousing the entire bathroom with water when you use the showerhead, and you have a large step over into the tub. We recommend the spa if you want to shower with a bit more space.

So far, we have not been impressed with the desserts on Marina. The cookies do not entice, dessert “burgers” and “lasagna” at specialty restaurants were more creative than mouth-watering, and main dining room options have been surprisingly easy to skip. The best sweets we’ve eaten have been at afternoon tea — and the ice cream. In a way, dessert misses are a good thing, though, because we’re eating so much at dinner, we really don’t need the extra calories.

We appreciate that no one is chasing you down to take your photo then sell it to you or begging you to sign up for extra-fee pub crawls or buy art at auction. But compared to other high-end lines, you can spend a lot extra on Oceania paying for drinks, gratuities, shore tours and more. The spa is pricier than many cruise ship spas (we’re paying $175 plus tip for a 50-minute facial), and the lame 45-minute yoga class we took was not worth $11. Excursions are pricey, as well. And do we really need shopping talks and pamphlets for Diamonds International and Del Sol color-changing T-shirts? Not really. (To avoid the nickel and diming, book your next cruise when Oceania is offering its O-Life Perks promotion and take your pick of perks like free Internet or a complimentary beverage package.)

–By Erica Silverstein, Senior Editor

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Live From Oceania Marina: Hits and Misses – Cruise Critic

Whirlpool promotes internal executive to managing director for Oceania – Appliance Retailer

After 15 years with the company.

Silvia Del Vitto (pictured below) is the new managing director for Whirlpool Corporation and its integrated Oceania business. Del Vitto, who replaces Sanjay Prasad, will relocate to Melbourne from Singapore, and oversee operations that will include a focus on continued growth for the Whirlpool and Ariston brands in the Australian and New Zealand markets, as well as across Oceania.

Del Vitto has been with Whirlpool for 15 years in a wide variety of management roles, most recently as market director of the Far East region for the Ariston and Indesit brands, which included Australia and New Zealand.

Prior to this, she spent many years working in Whirlpools EMEA region based in Europe, as product marketing director and senior brand manager bringing global insight, hands-on experience and management strategy to her new role.

Commenting on her appointment, Del Vitto said, I am very excited to be joining the Oceania team and bringing my global Whirlpool experience to the region at a time of such positive growth in the business.

While the local business has grown significantly, especially in the last 12 months, there is so much more to be done. Our multi-brand portfolio ensures we have many compelling options for our key channel partners, which is backed by our global commitment to drive innovation in the smart kitchen, smart laundry and beyond.

These are iconic, trustworthy brands already well-known to Australian and New Zealand consumers, and I am looking forward to being involved in the next chapter of their growth across this region, she added.

Whirlpool South Asia president Arvind Uppal said, Silvia brings a strong background in product and brand development from Europe. Combined with her recent stint in Asia Pacific in operations she is ideally suited to develop and build the Oceania business where our focus is to build a multi brand/channel strategy with largely European sourced products. I wish her all the very best for the future.

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Whirlpool promotes internal executive to managing director for Oceania – Appliance Retailer

Oceania Cruises’ OLife makes for an all-around delectable experience at sea – Travelweek

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

ONBOARD OCEANIA MARINA Reporting from the lovely environs of Oceania Marina is pure pleasure. Whether your clients are seasoned cruisers or first-timers to the cruising world, and whether they gravitate to super luxury or easy comfort, you can confidently assure them that Oceania presents a lifestyle at sea that is so inviting, so gracious at every level, that being a passenger aboard an Oceania vessel feels much like being a valued member of a private, upscale country club where one might say membership reaps rewards.

Oceania cruising is a lifestyle. The cruise line has cleverly branded the lifestyle OLife and, along with it, made the Oceania culinary experience an integral and signature hallmark of that brand.

Simply put, heres what this means for your clients: No matter their level of accommodation from oceanview to Owners Suite they can expect gourmet fare throughout all Oceania ships, plus the privilege of dining in any specialty restaurant without paying a premium dining fee, though reservations are required.

More news: Etihads Closer campaign includes TO-Mumbai flights from $1,098

Three days into my Tropical Tempos itinerary aboard the Marina, as an unabashed lover of fine food I am astonished by the superb quality and presentation of meals, and the fact that almost all dishes are prepared la minute, and occasionally, tableside. (More about the Italian, French and pan-Asian restaurants in an upcoming article in Travelweek.)

Having already honed a diverse roster of tours in international ports of call, and having already established the first hands-on cooking school at sea, Oceania has enhanced the touring possibilities by researching and creating culinary discovery experiences that allow passengers to have authentic, intimate experiences with locals of the destination.

Ill be joining a farm-to-table tour with a local farmer, Ill be joining a farm-to-table tour with a local farmer, learning how hydroponic technology has increased produce for the area, helping to gather lettuces and greens, and participating in a cooking program at a local restaurant.

So far this Marina cruise has been an all-around delectable experience. I look forward to sharing tasty Oceania details, as well as tidbits of the OLife experience, in my upcoming article for Travelweek.

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Oceania Cruises’ OLife makes for an all-around delectable experience at sea – Travelweek

Seychelles’ Dubai office welcomes visitors to Dubai travel and tourism event – eTurboNews

This is the second year that the Seychelles Tourism Boards (STBs) office in Dubai took part in the Jeddah International Travel & Tourism 2017 (JTTX7) consumer event. It was a very productive one, as a number of people visited the stand and showed interest in the destination, hence proving the destinations popularity in the market.

The consumer event, held at the Jeddah Hilton from February 15-17, was attended by more than 25,000 visitors from Jeddah and more than 150 exhibitors from 22 countries. Saudi Arabia being one of the main markets of the destination in the region is an apt venue to hold such consumer fairs.

Saudi Arabia is one of the main markets for Seychelles in the region having a 29.96% increase in visitor arrivals in January 2017 as compared to the same month last year. Though the business has been relatively quiet in 2016 until at the start of the year, the increase in the number of visitor arrivals indicates the valuable support Seychelles receives from Saudi Arabia.

We are jovial on the outcome of the JTTX7 event, as we were able to promote the destination further in the consumer sector in Jeddah and update them on the latest product offerings in Seychelles, said STBs regional manager for Middle East, Ahmed Fathallah.

This is our second year at this event and just like in 2016, it paved the way for us to better connect with the consumer sector from Jeddah. This trade and consumer activity opens doors for business opportunities and is also a fitting time for us to know more about the needs and wants of our target market, added Fathallah.

To further push and promote the destination, involvement in different trade and consumer fairs and carrying out of different consumer-focused activities have been planned out for this year.

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Seychelles’ Dubai office welcomes visitors to Dubai travel and tourism event – eTurboNews

Future is BRIGHT for Seychelles hospitality graduates – eTurboNews

The BRIGHT program is an initiative launched in 2010 by Constance Hotels and Resorts in Seychelles.

Twenty-two employees from the Constance Ephelia Seychelles graduated from the Bridging the Gap Through Holistic Training (BRIGHT) level one program on Monday in a special ceremony held at the resort.

Attending the ceremony were the Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine, Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, and Principal Secretary for Tourism, Anne Lafortune, among other guests.

All trainees passed with 12 of them getting awarded for 100% attendance. The Villas and Suites Supervisor and also Russian Specialist Antone Rytvin was the best overall performer.

Chef de rang Darrel Labourdallon was the second-best student, while Pool and Beach Supervisor Myra Solin settled in third place and also received the best project.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Loustau-Lalanne said it was important for him to attend the event so as to show his support towards the resorts efforts towards competency based in service training of its supervisors and middle managers.

Constance Hospitality Training Centre is a loyal and sincere partner of our own Seychelles Tourism Academy [STA]. It was among the first institutions that came forward to assist STA back in 2005, he said.

To those who were graduating, Minister Loustau-Lalanne saluted their commitment to improve on their professionalism and desire to excel in what they do.

Constance takes training seriously, because investing in training is investing in your future, he said.

Working for Constance hotels, if you deliver that little bit extra, they will invest in you in return. You start to gain in this partnership as the management of the resort will also discover your talent, he added.

We invest a lot at the national level to train some 500 students annually. With partners like Constance hotels, your continued professional development is assured, simply because they take over from STA and continue with your training, he said.

Constance Ephelia Seychelles General Manager, Kai Hoffmeister, said BRIGHT is Constance Hotels and Resorts own career development program, which identifies and develops internal talents, and aids in enhancing employees skills and getting them to take new responsibilities.

Congratulating the graduates, he said the process does not come to an end or stop; on the contrary it is merely the first step.

There will be additional responsibilities given to you; we will demand more and better from you. There will be more opportunities for you to practice what you have learned, and there will be rewards as well, he said.

Rewards which will not always be financial. They often are emotional or career-focused rewards. It is up to each one of you to drive your own goals and to have the desire to make it happen.

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Future is BRIGHT for Seychelles hospitality graduates – eTurboNews

Study targets warm water rings that fuel hurricane intensification in … – Science Daily

Last year’s devastating category-5 hurricane — Matthew — may be one of many past examples of a tropical storm fueled by massive rings of warm water that exist in the upper reaches of the Caribbean Sea.

In a study conducted in the region two years prior to when Matthew’s trekked across the Caribbean Sea, the research team in the Upper Ocean Dynamics Laboratory at the University of Miami (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science deployed 55 aircraft ocean instruments from the National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration’s WP-3D aircraft. The purpose of the scientific mission was to measure ocean temperature, salinity, and currents to understand the structure of these warm-water eddies.

The science team obtained vital information about the physical characteristics within one large warm-water eddy, which likely originated from the North Brazil Current, and analyzed its potential influence on sub-surface ocean conditions during the passage of tropical cyclones.

When analyzing the data, they found a barrier layer, an upper ocean feature created by the Amazon-Orinoco freshwater river outflow, that makes mixing in the upper ocean waters less efficient during wind events. This feature, and the fact that warm ocean eddies are known to assist in the intensification of hurricanes due to deep warm thermal layers, lead the researchers to theorize that the barrier layer within a warm ocean eddy may result in an even more favorable upper ocean environment for hurricane intensification.

“Our study is important because tropical cyclone intensity forecasts for several past hurricanes over the Caribbean Sea have under-predicted rapid intensification events over warm oceanic features,” said Johna Rudzin, a PhD student at the UM Rosenstiel School and lead author of the study.

Tropical storms receive energy from their surrounding ocean waters. As a storm moves across the water, it may interact with rings of warm water known as eddies. As the storm moves forward over these eddies, the warm ocean waters below help fuel the storm’s intensity through enhanced and sustained heat and moisture fluxes.

Similar warm ocean eddies exist in the Gulf of Mexico, a result of their separation from the warm-water Loop Current, are also of interest to the research team involved in this study.

Last year, Hurricane Matthew rapidly intensified from a tropical storm to hurricane status as it moved over the Caribbean Sea in the location where a warm ocean eddy exists, and in close proximity to where these measurements were taken for this study two years prior. Matthew continued to intensify to a category-5 storm and into one of the strongest in Atlantic basin history, which made landfall and devastated portions of Haiti, Cuba, and the eastern United States.

According to the researchers, to better understand if Matthew’s intensification was aided by the warm-water eddies and the residing barrier layer in the Caribbean Sea’s upper ocean, more ambient and in-storm upper ocean observations in this basin are needed to improve forecast models for the region.

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Study targets warm water rings that fuel hurricane intensification in … – Science Daily

Small Luxury Hotels adds five Caribbean properties – Travel Weekly

Five Caribbean hotels have become members of Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

They are the 25-room Manoah Boutique Hotel on Shoal Bay in Anguilla, the 80-suite Reef by Cuisinart on Merrywing Bay in Anguilla, the 46-room Le Barthelemy Hotel and Spa on St. Barts, the seven-villa Paradise Beach Nevis, and the 25-suite Point Grace Resort and Spa in Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos.

SLH has 20 Caribbean properties in its portfolio of 520 hotels.

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Small Luxury Hotels adds five Caribbean properties – Travel Weekly