Transhuman Full Set Playthrough – GoPro Audio – Video

Transhuman Full Set Playthrough – GoPro Audio First time I've sat behind my drum kit in about 6-8 weeks. Not too bad considering, but many many mistakes and general fuck ups and just playing some parts completely wrong lelz. (1) Continue reading →
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Something Transhuman This Way Comes – Video

Something Transhuman This Way Comes Not to be on the side of any organised cult religion but the in your face satanic cults are even worse. (1) Continue reading →
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Morgellons, Hexagon, Crystal Cluster Mind Control, Transhuman, Chemtrails – Video

Morgellons, Hexagon, Crystal Cluster Mind Control, Transhuman, Chemtrails MUST READ!! COLIN POWELL LETTER http://www.unhealthyearth.com/2012/07/chemtrail-whistleblower-speaks.html?spr… LEAVE A COMMENT IF YOU THINK MY VIDEOS SHOW POLICE HARASSMENT, GANG STALKING.. (1) Continue reading →
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The Transhumans – The Art Of Deceive [Transhuman 007] – Video

The Transhumans – The Art Of Deceive [Transhuman 007] The Transhumans: Theory And Practice Of Domination Vol. 3 http://hardwax.com/70793/the-transhumans/theory-and-practice-of-domination-vol-3/ Video by the29nov… (1) Continue reading →
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Riot of Violence – Transhuman Dystopia (Guitar Playthrough) – Video

Riot of Violence – Transhuman Dystopia (Guitar Playthrough) Guitar Playthrough of the song “Transhuman Dystopia” performed by Riot of Violence's guitar players Charlie Perez and Oriol Conesa. The song “Transhuman Dystopia” is from Riot of Violence's… By: Riot of Violence TV (1) Continue reading →
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Transhuman by Ben Bova | 9780765332936 | Hardcover …

University Hospital, Boston IT OUGHT TO be raining, thought Luke Abramson. It ought to be gray and miserable, with a lousy cold rain pelting down. Instead, the hospital room was bright, with mid-December sunshine slanting through the windows.

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Marx Hubbard response to Cardinal Mller

Editor’s note: Following is the response of Barbara Marx Hubbard to the comments on conscious evolution made by Cardinal Gerhard Mller during a meeting of officials of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith with the presidency of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) on April 30. I am grateful to Cardinal Gerhard Mller for raising concerns about conscious evolution and its relationship to Catholic teaching.

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Transhuman – Snafu Comics Wiki

A Transhuman or trans-human is an intermediary form between the human and the hypothetical posthuman. The etymology of the term “transhuman” goes back to French philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin who wrote in his 1949 book The Future of Mankind: Liberty: that is to say, the chance offered to every man (by removing obstacles and placing the appropriate means at his disposal) of ‘trans-humanizing’ himself by developing his potentialities to the fullest extent. And in a 1951 unpublished revision of the same book: In consequence one is the less disposed to reject as unscientific the idea that the critical point of planetary Reflection, the fruit of socialization, far from being a mere spark in the darkness, represents our passage, by Translation or dematerialization, to another sphere of the Universe: not an ending of the ultra-human but its accession to some sort of trans-humanity at the ultimate heart of things.

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