Bitcoin Price Forecast – Bitcoin Back on Top

As predicted, Bitcoin (BTC) has only continued to climb since getting past that pesky $4,000 threshold. While the coin has been in this territory before, the major event that waylaid the cryptocurrency’s progress was that unexpected Chinese ICO block.

With no calamitous news hitting the coin in the past few weeks, investors are bullish again on BTC and the coin is surging once more, getting to $4,250 just a day after the digital currency crossed $4,000, before falling a little bit back to about $4,166 as of the writing of this article.

The BTC rise was slowed a bit by.

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Bitcoin Price Forecast – Bitcoin Back on Top

Bitcoin Price Forecast – Bitcoin Back on Top

As predicted, Bitcoin (BTC) has only continued to climb since getting past that pesky $4,000 threshold. While the coin has been in this territory before, the major event that waylaid the cryptocurrency’s progress was that unexpected Chinese ICO block.

With no calamitous news hitting the coin in the past few weeks, investors are bullish again on BTC and the coin is surging once more, getting to $4,250 just a day after the digital currency crossed $4,000, before falling a little bit back to about $4,166 as of the writing of this article.

The BTC rise was slowed a bit by.

The post Bitcoin Price Forecast – Bitcoin Back on Top appeared first on Profit Confidential.

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Bitcoin Price Forecast – Bitcoin Back on Top

Bitcoin Price Forecast – Bitcoin Back on Top

As predicted, Bitcoin (BTC) has only continued to climb since getting past that pesky $4,000 threshold. While the coin has been in this territory before, the major event that waylaid the cryptocurrency’s progress was that unexpected Chinese ICO block.

With no calamitous news hitting the coin in the past few weeks, investors are bullish again on BTC and the coin is surging once more, getting to $4,250 just a day after the digital currency crossed $4,000, before falling a little bit back to about $4,166 as of the writing of this article.

The BTC rise was slowed a bit by.

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Bitcoin Price Forecast – Bitcoin Back on Top

Daily Ripple Price Forecast: Low Volumes Haunt XRP

Low trading volumes continue to crimp Ripple’s progress, driving the Ripple to USD exchange rate up 1.81% to near $0.182620. At the same time, XRP fell 0.75% against Bitcoin.

Only $20.57-million worth of XRP coins changed hands on Sunday, down from Saturday’s almost-as-bad $32.48 million. These simply aren’t the kind of trading volumes that drove Ripple up 2,639% earlier this year.

Traditionally, investors swap anywhere between $150.0-million and $500.0-million worth of Ripple.

However, China’s ban on cryptocurrency exchanges was a real shock to the system..

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Daily Ripple Price Forecast: Low Volumes Haunt XRP

Daily Ripple Price Forecast: Low Volumes Haunt XRP

Low trading volumes continue to crimp Ripple’s progress, driving the Ripple to USD exchange rate up 1.81% to near $0.182620. At the same time, XRP fell 0.75% against Bitcoin.

Only $20.57-million worth of XRP coins changed hands on Sunday, down from Saturday’s almost-as-bad $32.48 million. These simply aren’t the kind of trading volumes that drove Ripple up 2,639% earlier this year.

Traditionally, investors swap anywhere between $150.0-million and $500.0-million worth of Ripple.

However, China’s ban on cryptocurrency exchanges was a real shock to the system..

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Daily Ripple Price Forecast: Low Volumes Haunt XRP

Progress – definition of progress by The Free Dictionary

progress (prgrs, -rs, prgrs) n.

1. Forward or onward movement, as toward a destination: We made little progress on our way home because of the traffic.

2. Development, advancement, or improvement, as toward a goal: The math students have shown great progress.

3. A ceremonial journey made by a sovereign through his or her realm.

1. To move forward or onward: The ship progressed toward the equator.

2. To develop, advance, or improve: Research progressed on the new vaccine.

3. To increase in scope or severity, as a disease taking an unfavorable course.

Going on; under way: a work in progress.

1. movement forwards, esp towards a place or objective

2. satisfactory development, growth, or advance: she is making progress in maths.

3. advance towards completion, maturity, or perfection: the steady onward march of progress.

4. (modifier) of or relating to progress: a progress report.

5. (Biology) biology increasing complexity, adaptation, etc, during the development of an individual or evolution of a group

6. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) Brit a stately royal journey

7. in progress taking place; under way

8. (intr) to move forwards or onwards, as towards a place or objective

9. to move towards or bring nearer to completion, maturity, or perfection

[C15: from Latin prgressus a going forwards, from prgred to advance, from pro-1 + grad to step]

n., v. n.

1. advancement toward a goal or to a further or higher stage.

2. the development of an individual or society in a direction considered superior to the previous level.

3. growth or development; continuous improvement: to show progress in muscular coordination.

4. forward or onward movement: the progress of the planets.

5. an official tour or procession, as by a sovereign or dignitary.

6. to go forward or onward in space or time.

7. to grow or develop; advance: a disease progressing slowly.

in progress, going on; under way.

You say that there is progress when something improves gradually, or when someone gets nearer to achieving or completing something.

Many things are now possible due to technological progress.

His doctors are very pleased with his progress.

Progress is an uncountable noun. Don’t talk about ‘progresses’ or ‘a progress’.

You can say that someone or something makes progress.

She is making good progress with her studies.

We haven’t solved the problem yet, but we are making progress.

Be Careful! Don’t use ‘do’. Don’t say, for example, ‘She is doing good progress.

Imperative Present Preterite Present Continuous Present Perfect Past Continuous Past Perfect Future Future Perfect Future Continuous Present Perfect Continuous Future Perfect Continuous Past Perfect Continuous Conditional Past Conditional

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Progress – definition of progress by The Free Dictionary

– Progress Bar Chicago

A concept like nothing Halsted has ever seen before. Engineered to be visually impactful and conceptually profound in almost every way. The wide open windows and expansive floor plan creates a space that flows and breathes. Variety

Proudly serving: Sam Adams New World, Boulevard Tank 7, Dogfish Head 60 Min, Magic Hat #9, Half Acre Daisy Cutter, Hopothesis, Revolution Bottom Up Witt, Blue Moon, Miller Lite, Peroni, Guinness, Leini Summer Shandy, Crispin, Firestone Walker Solace, Dieu di Ciel, Dragons Milk Stout


– Progress Bar Chicago

Progress Illinois

Schneider Defeats Dold In Illinois’ 10th Congressional District

Former one-term Democratic Congressman Brad Schneider has won Illinois’ 10th congressional district seat from Republican U.S. Rep. Bob Dold.

This year marked the third consecutive matchup between Dold and Schneider in the North Shore’s10th congressional district. The race, which political analystsexpected to be a toss-up,was tightthroughout the night. Schneider was trailing Dold for most of the evening, and pulled ahead at the very end after early voting results were included.

At about10:30 p.m., news of Schneider’s win broke at his election night party at the Northbrook Hilton.The crowderupted in chants of “Yes we did!”

By Ellyn Fortino

Wednesday, November 9th 12:15am

Illinois’ hotly contested and expensive race between incumbent stateRep. Michael McAuliffe (R-Chicago) and Democrat Merry Marwig is largely considered to be a proxy battle waged by GOP Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan.

That’s how several voters on Chicago’s far Northwest Side characterized the 20th House district race after casting ballots today.

“I think there’s a real clear divide in the state between folks that support Rauner and, sadly, folks that support Madigan. I’m not a Madigan supporter, but I abhor what Rauner is doing, holding the state hostage” over his “turnaround agenda,” saidFrank Schulz, 58.

By Ellyn Fortino

Tuesday, November 8th 4:28pm

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Tammy Duckworth made an Election Day push for votes Tuesday morning at theRosemontTransit Center.

Duckworth, who is vying to unseat U.S. Sen.Mark Kirk (R-IL), greeted transit riders and encouraged them to vote today.

The Kirk v. Duckworth race could prove crucial in determining which party controls the U.S. Senate.The Cook Political Report rates the Illinois U.S. Senate raceas leaning Democratic.

“We’re confident but we’re not taking anything for granted,” Duckworth told reporters at the transit station. “We’re still pushing hard, campaigning hard. We’ll do it all the way through until the polls close. A lot of people have still not yet voted, and we need to make sure that we get people to the polls.”

By Ellyn Fortino

Tuesday, November 8th 4:12pm

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Progress Illinois

Chicago, IL Progress Construction – Yellow Pages

Loading…YP.com Nav


By: beran111

I got about a dozen quotes. Roofers were knocking on my door when they saw my roof. Of the dozen or so estimates, 3 were the same price as Clearing. Checking BBB, etc, I found no concerns with Clearing. For 2800 sq. ft. the job was done in 1 day with 5 laborers. 2 roofs were torn off, bad wood replaced, used Timberline Architectural shingles (my choice). Painless, except for writing the check. I watched most of the job. Replaced my kitchen hood vent that did not have a flapper to keep cold air out. New lead stack. 1 trailer for scrap pulled by F150 truck, 2 vans. The crew did not even take a lunch break and had concrete for kidneys. I just wrote a check for about 1/2 when the crew and materials showed up and paid in full when they were done that day. I also did not sign a contract until they showed up to work so there would be no problem with a time line. Thus, I was in full control of the job. Nothing to complain about. Some of the material had to moved twice and the trailer would have to be dumped by hand. So I estimate they moved 13 tons of material. I figured I got my money’s worth. I also paid $1,200 less than the highest quote. No up charges. To get a rating on BBB, the contractor has to pay $500 a year, so many don’t join. Research Angie’s List online and find out about it. You may be surprised . If you call, please mention Jim B at 6613. That will be my way of saying thank you to Steve, the contractor. He could not get a permit immediately because my town runs a back ground check on contractors that are new to my town. He passed with flying colors. I researched roofing, and I know how the job should be done. This job was done right with no cheating.


By: Ed R.

I live in an upscale building in Downtown Evanston and Peter had re-done at least three unit’s in our building in the 8 years I’ve lived here (everyone was thrilled with their results, by the way!). I had never hired a contractor before and needed to update my master bathroom so needless to say it was an overwhelming experience having to shop around for a contractor, choose a design that would not only be something I like but that would add to my condo’s value, and be something that was affordable. Peter (the owner of PCH Construction) was terrific!!! First off, his pricing was the lowest of the three estimates but more importantly, Peter’s 20 years plus of contracting experience proved invaluable. Peter helped advise me every step of the way and even allows his clients to take advantage of the contractor discounts from suppliers. Peter always answers his calls promptly and worked with me to accomplish everything I was trying to do with this space. The job was scheduled to take 4-5 weeks and he finished in exactly 4 weeks as promised! His workmen are long-time employees and TOTAL PRO’s as their work and also work with only top vendors for things like the stone fabrication (cutting and installing the vanity top and shower stall threshold), Glass, and vanity cabinet)!!! Everything from the tile to the cabinetry, glass and stone vanity counter top was expertly done. Also, Peter and his staff keep things as clean and quiet as possible during the job, so no worries there either. You will be so glad you went with PCH!!! I could not be happier with the results!!!


By: simon.kolasa

This was my first remodeling project and to say I know absolutely, nothing about it is an understatement. I can confidently say that I know the very best contractor in Chicago: the owner of PCH Construction Company, Mr. Peter ! He deserve more than 5 stars! He was so patient and helpful to us, he spent an hour just going over all the things we want to do and answered all our questions. The whole time he’s so sweet and pleasant so you don’t feel bad asking at all. then he gave us a very detailed quote with very good price. Peter was always accessible by phone and would promptly accommodate our questions, concerns, and time frames for different phases of the project. He and his crew were very courteous and industrious; they arrived on time each morning and worked hard all day. They were excellent, trustworthy, very clean and respectful of the house. They set up the first day to keep things clean, like the floors and rugs, and then also cleaned at the end of every day and took the construction debris away. A pleasure and easy to work with, friendly to our dogs, professional from start to finish. We are very pleased with the end result of our kitchen and bathroom projects provided by PCH Construction Company.Highly recommended !!!


By: Holly W.

PCH Construction remodeled much of our home in 2008 with the exception of the kitchen. The 2008 remodel included completely renovating the master bath, guest bath, replacing all interior doors, replacing all light fixtures and painting the entire house. I am pleased to report that the improvements are holding up extremely well. Peter has been back to us several times over the years for other smaller projects. In October of 2013 Peter completed the renovation of our kitchen with a new granite counter top and stainless steel sink. As with the other projects, our kitchen remodeling project was extremely well planned and executed. Peter is aware of all the details of a project and can provide guidance to a homeowner if needed. He is excellent at keeping projects on track and his attention to detail is outstanding. His carpenters are always very courteous and neat too.


By: catk14

In early June of 2013, as result of flood damage, mold from our basement was discovered after my daughter experienced a severe asthma attack. TND transformed and delivered a newly constructed mold-free, impressively modern and sunny 4-room living space. More importantly they completed under schedule! In a considerate and accommodating manner, the contractor discussed and reviewed meticulously with me the process, suggested materials with in my budget and even relieved me of the daunting task of paint color selection; they chose colors I can happily live with for the next several years! What I deem particularly special about TND were the daily updates and progress reports on the work. We were unable to live at home during construction so it was reassuring to have virtual narratives of the progress. Honestly, Im saving for the next home improvement project with TND!


By: rewardexcellence

PCH Company is among the few stellar construction companies in the metropolitan Chicago area. I highly recommend Peter and his crew for any project big or small. I had a small nuisance job (installing new baseboard on my first floor) and I expected to be ignored or relegated to piecemeal visits. Within one week Peter gave me an estimate, his capable carpenter arrived on time, and in no time my small project was completed. At all times he was pleasant, professional, prompt, tidy, and a pleasure to do business with. I so appreciate that he helped me with a small project, on short notice. PCH is the Bentley of construction firms.


By: Natalia Z.

I have meet Peter when I had a kitchen faucet leak in my rental unit. They picked up the phone immediately and scheduled a crew. The crew arrived on time with parts and equipment. It took them 1.5 hour to unclog the toilet and exchange the kitchen faucet. The crew was professional and polite. Price included all parts and material. Top notch service – recommend without hesitation! Since2009 I continuously use PCH for my personal projects and my business. I can not imagine working with any other GC more than Peter. Tons of experience, knowledge and superior customer service skills. Highly recommended!!


By: jessica.buczek.9

We first met Peter 10 years ago when he remodeled our kitchen and turned our attached garage into an extension to our kitchen. So when we decided to finish our basement there was no question who we were going to call. Our basement had many air ducts located in an interesting arrangement but Peter created soffits that hide everything and still looks elegant. Peter worked with us to complete the basement we dreamed of within our budget. He is easy to work with, professional, and flexible that PCH is the only construction company we would ever call for work around our house.


By: Jack W.

I have a friend who just moved here to Trumbull Park Homes. Before the move in we noticed that there were no pictures of the inside of any units. Fast forward a few months and I see that the units are decent in size. The property itself is somewhat maintained but could use a bit more attention. The neighborhood is relatively quiet and free from riffraff. Its the winter months so I hope it continues throughout the summer. Overall it is an okay place to live.


By: dawndavidson2556

We wanted to be sure we were going to get great quality work so we looked at their previous projects, and it all checked out. They were very helpful, and they weren’t interested in our money and prices but they were concerned on getting the job done in a timely manner. Not many businesses are like that today. I recommend these guys and if I need to I won’t think twice about hiring them again.

How do I protect myself from payment disputes with general contractors?

What is a reasonable pay schedule with a contractor?

What should be in the contract with a contractor?

How do I protect myself from the cost of contractor injuries?

Can I ask the contractor to clean up the mess?

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Chicago, IL Progress Construction – Yellow Pages

White nationalist Cantwell appears in Albemarle court after turning himself in, Fields to await Dec. hearing – The Daily Progress

The same day that white nationalist Christopher Cantwell appeared in Albemarle County court on assault charges related to the Aug. 11 torch-lit march at the University of Virginia, a hearing for James Fields Jr. the man accused of plowing his car into a group of protesters on Aug. 12 was pushed to the end of this year.

Cantwell, from Keene, New Hampshire, faces two charges of illegal use of tear gas, phosgene or other gases and one charge of malicious bodily injury by means of a caustic substance or agent, according to UVa police.

Emily Gorcenski, who filed the complaint against Cantwell, said she was scared for her life on the night of Aug. 11 when she and a small group of UVa students were confronted by white nationalist marchers. The small group of students and locals showed up to protest the group of white supremacists who marched through Grounds carrying tiki torches.

Standing in front of the statue of Thomas Jefferson at UVas Rotunda that night, Gorcenski said she was doused in lighter fluid and maced.

It was terrifying, said Gorcenski. Before the attacks happened, it was people in my face shouting hate and bigotry.

I literally expected to die that night, she said.

Gorcenski also filed a protective order against Cantwell earlier this week, which she said is a fairly standard procedure with violent crimes. After watching Cantwells interview on VICE News, Gorcenski said Cantwell appeared to be well-armed and wanted to become a more violent person.

I think it was the right thing I needed to do to protect myself and my family, she said.

In Virginia, a protective order prohibits acts of violence or threats against the petitioner, and prohibits contact by the subject of the order with the person filing the order, according to state code.

In Albemarle County General District Court Thursday, Cantwell told a judge he plans to hire his own attorney. The judge did not set a bond, but told Cantwell his attorney could request a bond hearing at a future date.

Albemarle County Commonwealths Attorney Robert Tracci told the judge the commonwealth would oppose bond for Cantwell.

Cantwells next court appearance is scheduled for Oct. 12.

He is being held at the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail after turning himself in to the Lynchburg Police Department on Wednesday afternoon.

Also on Thursday, a preliminary court hearing for Fields that was scheduled for Friday was continued until Dec. 14. Both the commonwealth and Fields defense attorney asked a judge to push the hearing to the later date, according to court documents.

Fields is accused of ramming his Dodge Challenger into a large group of counter-protesters marching through the downtown area following the failed Unite the Right rally on Aug. 12. The attack killed 32-year-old Heather Heyer and injured 30 others.

Fields is charged with second-degree murder, five counts of malicious wounding, three counts of aggravated malicious wounding and one count of hit-and-run.

Fields is also being held at Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail.

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White nationalist Cantwell appears in Albemarle court after turning himself in, Fields to await Dec. hearing – The Daily Progress

US holds powerful but risky tool to halt North Korea’s nuclear progress – Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. government is turning the screws on companies that do business with North Korea in violation of U.N. sanctions but has stopped short of taking the more aggressive, and riskier, move of targeting Chinese banks that facilitate Pyongyang’s trade in arms and other banned goods.

On Tuesday, the Trump administration blacklisted 16 Chinese, Russian and Singaporean companies and individuals for trading with banned North Korean entities, including in coal, oil and metals.

The campaign to pressure North Korea’s trading partners is aimed at eventually forcing Pyongyang to give up its nuclear and missile programs.

The latest measures did not, however, sanction the Chinese banks that experts and former U.S. officials say enable North Korea’s international trade, often by laundering funds through the United States.

Targeting those banks with measures known as “secondary sanctions” could effectively bar them from making U.S. dollar transactions or moving money through U.S. banks, a death knell for most financial institutions, or subject them to huge fines like those levied on European banks accused of failing to follow sanctions on Iran’s nuclear and missile programs.

China hawks within the Trump administration who have been frustrated by Beijing’s perceived inaction on North Korea have been pressing for secondary sanctions.

But a more moderate, pro-business faction, including Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Trump’s chief economic adviser Gary Cohn, is concerned about the impact such sanctions would have on the economic relationship with Beijing.

“I am not surprised they held off on (sanctioning) Chinese financial institutions,” said Joseph DeThomas, a former State Department official who worked on Iran and North Korea sanctions, referring to Tuesday’s actions.

“Once we go down the road of hitting a Chinese bank that is deeply connected to the U.S. financial system, things will begin to move very fast and be quite unpredictable.”

China, the world’s second-largest economy, is the United States’ largest trading partner in terms of goods and an enormous market for American businesses, making the United States vulnerable to any retaliation by Beijing.

Earlier this month, China signed on to new U.N. sanctions on North Korea that banned the export of coal, iron, seafood, and lead.

Previous U.N. resolutions had restricted, rather than banned, some of those exports. Chinese and Russian support for the new sanctions was a major diplomatic win for the Trump administration.

Dan Fried, the State Department’s sanctions coordinator until February, said “as a general rule,” Washington should warn China before blacklisting Chinese banks, though that may not always be possible. Sanctioning Chinese companies violating U.N. sanctions by dealing with blacklisted North Korean firms would be a good step before going after banks broadly, he said.

“Coal and seafood exports from North Korea are now banned,” Fried said. “So we should go after any and all companies importing them.”

He said Washington should also consider “naming and shaming” companies, particularly in textiles, that use North Korean labor, adding that this could include both Chinese and Western firms.

Around 5,200 Chinese companies traded with North Korea from 2013 to 2016, according to an analysis by the non-profit research group C4ADS, a relatively small number that could be vulnerable to enforcement measures, experts said.

But David Cohen, a former deputy director of the CIA, said implementing U.N. resolutions likely would not entirely address financial relationships North Korean front companies in Hong Kong or China have with Chinese banks and which are “used to funnel funds back to the regime, particularly from illicit sales.”

“So that’s an area where secondary sanctions could be effective,” Cohen said.

A broad campaign to cut off North Korea’s financial links would have a successful recent precedent: the intensive U.S. effort to halt Iran’s nuclear program, which included levying $12 billion in fines against European banks that facilitated Iranian trade.

Both the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations limited Iran’s access to financial channels, and eventually went after Iran’s broader trade links. That effort was backed by strong Congressional sanctions.

The measures worked. Iran’s oil exports dropped by more than half, inflation spiked, the currency plummeted, and economic output shrank 5.6 percent in 2012 and 1.7 percent in 2013, according to the International Monetary Fund. Iran agreed to negotiate over its nuclear program, and eventually reached a deal with the United States and world powers.

In a warning shot against North Korea, the U.S. Treasury Department in June targeted a small Chinese bank, the Bank of Dandong, accusing it of laundering money for Pyongyang.

Also in June, the Department of Justice said a China-based company was laundering U.S. dollars through American banks for a sanctioned North Korean bank. And a handful of other recent U.S. measures have targeted North Korea’s international trade and finance networks.

But Washington has not targeted Chinese banks working with North Korea in a broad way, and Congress has not yet imposed the kinds of mandatory secondary sanctions that strengthened the hand of U.S. negotiators when dealing with Iran.

Anthony Ruggiero, a former U.S. Treasury official now with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies think tank, believes fears of Chinese retaliation for action against Chinese banks are overblown.

“There’s a way to do it,” he said. “You don’t have to freeze their assets; you don’t have to cut them off from the United States. You can basically declare that their compliance procedures are not appropriate and that they can get significant fines.

“(Then) they will start to ask the right questions.”

Congress is due to consider legislation requiring U.S. measures against any banks that deal with North Korea. The bill is based loosely on the same Congressional sanctions that were imposed on Iran.

“You’ve seen a series of administrations, Republicans and Democrats, who believed that China would cooperate when it came to applying economic pressure to North Korea,” Senator Chris Van Hollen, a Democrat and one of the bill’s lead sponsors, said in an interview last week.

“We have to move from quiet requests for cooperation to very clear demands that China enforce these sanctions that it signed up for.”

Editing by Kieran Murray and James Dalgleish

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US holds powerful but risky tool to halt North Korea’s nuclear progress – Reuters

More progress for Matthews – BuffaloBills.com

More progress for Matthews He took part in individual position drills Wednesday and that participation continued Thursday as Jordan Matthews inches closer to getting full clearance. That wont come in time for Saturdays preseason game at Baltimore, but the receiver will be making the trip with the team this weekend.

Jordan Matthews and Cordy Glenn both of whom are progressing well, will make the trip. Well continue to list them as day to day. We believe theyre headed in the right direction, said head coach Sean McDermott. I really dont think theyll play at this point. We do want to get them acclimated to traveling with us and going through that process. Staying in the hotel the night before and being involved in the meetings. We may even have them warm up with the team and be on the sideline too.

The urgency to get Matthews in a preseason game doesnt seem to be there for McDermott and his coaching staff. They have full confidence in Matthews capabilities as a receiver.

We know Jordan and what he can do, said McDermott. Hes made a tremendous amount of progress over the last week. He stays after and works with the quarterbacks.


Taylor puts in solid week After the preseason performance by the offense at Philadelphia, QB Tyrod Taylor said there are no excuses. Committed to making the offense function more consistently, Taylor redoubled his efforts in practice this week.

The first thing I noticed was his leadership. It hasnt changed. Hes the first one in the building and one of the last to leave, McDermott said. From a head coaching standpoint I appreciate that. I know his teammates appreciate that about him.

I feel like hes more decisive and playing more free within the offense. Hes developing some continuity and chemistry with his receivers. Even thought Jordan (Matthews) is probably not going to play Saturday night, youre seeing that develop through practice reps.

In his first two seasons as the Bills starting quarterback, Taylor at times was reluctant to take risks in the passing game. Even though hes in a new scheme, McDermott and offensive coordinator Rick Dennison have pushed the mantra of playing free and taking a few more calculated risks.

For our players I want them to know that playing free is powerful. Theres power in that, said McDermott. Were not going out there to think. Im the one who has to think. Theyve got to go out there and play and basically default into the habits that theyve built through the week or the preseason. When they do that theres power in that. You tend to put on display the best version of yourself when you play free and aggressive.

Taylor and the offense will get the opportunity to demonstrate that on Saturday night in Baltimore.

Ragland battling through each day He had a major uphill climb entering training camp. Returning from a major knee injury, in a new defensive scheme and with healthy competition at his position. From the start Reggie Ragland has battled and gone the extra mile, something that hasnt been lost of his head coach.

The thing I love about Reggie is hes doing a really good job off the field right now in terms of extra work before practice, extra work after practice in terms of his conditioning and getting himself where he needs to be, said McDermott. Coming off the injury that we know hes coming off of youre starting from a position of deficit. Hes really working hard. He continues to get himself comfortable with our system. His best football is in front of him.

Hes right, sometimes my knee feels good, sometimes its sore, Ragland said. I just know I have to keep getting better. I know Im young and I still have time, so Im not pressed about some of the things, but I know I still have to keep getting better. Coach McDermott, and all of the coaches tell me this all of the time, so Im just going to keep getting better.

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More progress for Matthews – BuffaloBills.com

UK Progress on Brexit Questioned as Bill Still Unresolved – Bloomberg – Bloomberg

Follow @Brexit for all the latest news, and sign up to our daily Brexit Bulletin newsletter.

Brexit watchers doubt whether the U.K. has done enough to convince the European Union to allow trade talks to start as soon as October.

Despite a swathe of policy documents, with a new one on data protection scheduled for release on Thursday, analysts say Prime Minister Theresa Mays government is still hazy on where it matters most to the bloc.

It remains unlikely that enough progress can be made to move on to the future EU-U.K. relationship anytime soon, said Carsten Nickel, deputy director of research at Teneo Intelligence. Despite the position papers, the U.K.s preferences for the future relationship remain vague, and progress on key divorce items has been limited.

Thats not to say the U.K. hasnt made some concessions. On Wednesday it accepted EU law will have sway in Britain even after Brexit, potentially smoothing the way for deals on citizens rights and commerce. By seeking a transition for after March 2019 it has also dropped threats that no deal is better than a bad deal.

The problem is that while May is fixated on future relations the EU is concentrating on settling the terms of separation such as the Irish border, giving protection the Europeans living in the U.K. and the divorce bill.

Only when sufficient progress is made on those topics will the EU acquiesce to moving on. The danger is that the U.K. is deemed not to have caved enough and time is not on its side.

With talks set to resume next week in Brussels, European Commission spokesman Alexander Winterstein on Wednesday reminded the British of the blocs priorities.

Our own position is very clear, is very transparent, and is unchanged, he told reporters in Brussels. We hope to make progress on the three main issues that we — not only we but also the EU27 — have set out and need to be clarified upfront.

The U.K. is playing a “risky game” by not offering anything new on two sticking points — the divorce bill or the rights of EU citizens, said Andrew Goodwin at Oxford Economics.

“This increases the likelihood that progress will be slow, which would put further pressure on what is already a very tight timetable,” he said.

Others are more optimistic. The position papers represent a sensible U.K. approach hiding in plain sight, Rupert Harrison, a former Treasury adviser now at BlackRock Inc., said in a tweet on Wednesday.

As well as giving ground on the EU Court of Justice, the U.K. has also said EU citizens will continue to enjoy visa-free travel on Brexit and in July conceded it would make a financial settlement though it remains extremely cagey on what its willing to pay.

In the talks next week British negotiators wont reveal the amount the U.K. is willing to pay, nor even hint at where they believe it has financial obligations, according to a person familiar with the talks.

U.K. officials believe they will have more leverage if they refrain from revealing their position on the bill until far later in the negotiation process. They will though warn the EU not to make greater financial demands over its contributions to the blocs investment bank, a person familiar with the Brexit negotiations said.

The final paper this week reveals the government plans to adhere to European data-sharing rules, to minimize disruption for U.K.-based companies conducting business with the bloc. To be sure, its relatively easy for the U.K. to seek alignment with the EU when its convenient.

Global tech companies including Facebook Inc., Alphabet Inc. and Snap Inc. have been expanding operations in the U.K. over the past few years. Any issues with the transfer of data between the U.K. and Europe will cause these companies unwanted headaches.

The real test is still to come. May has paved the way for a compromise over ECJ jurisdiction, but now EU negotiators will be looking for any other red lines she is willing to blur.

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UK Progress on Brexit Questioned as Bill Still Unresolved – Bloomberg – Bloomberg

The Kinja-ing: An update on a work in progress – A.V. Club

Hey A.V. Club readers. Hi. We know that the past 24 hours have been bumpysomething thats been true of every one of our site redesigns, but especially when it involves this significant of a transition.

We knew from the moment we were told wed be moving to Kinja that it would be a major overhaul. We knew wed be trying to take a decade-plus of contentfiled according to its own complex, not exactly modular organization systemand fit into someone elses platform, then asking the administrators of that platform to tailor it to suit our own, very complicated, idiosyncratic needs. Its a minor miracle we made it here at all.

That said, were well aware that the site isnt all the way there. Again, weve been on Kinja barely a day; were all still figuring out how to work it ourselves. And weve spent the hours since the switch compiling our own list of the things that dont work, then figuring out what other improvements need to be made to the navigation, to the comments, to the designto just about everything. Were going to get there eventually. It will just take a little time.

For now, though, here are some common concerns weve heard:

Im having problems commenting.If youve already followed the instructions in this Newswire from yesterday and youre still having trouble logging in, or youre still showing up in the grays despite using our claim form, contact the help desk. Someone will respond directly and assist you, we promise.

I thought all our old Disqus comments were supposed to migrate over, but I dont see them.They couldnt import everything at once, but weve been assured that those archived comments should start trickling in over the coming days.

I cant find TV Club reviews.Yep. The good news is that not long after yesterdays launch, we added TV Reviews to the navigation bar on the desktop site (its expected to be added to the mobile site nav bar soon). If you click on that, youll be taken to a landing page with every TV Club review. Use the drop-down menu at the top to find a specific show page. From there, you can use the second drop-down menu to narrow it down to reviews from a specific season.

I cant find film/music/book/game/comics reviews.All other, non-TV reviews are rolled up under the Reviews tab in the nav bar. On that landing page, use the drop-down menu at the top to narrow it to the specific kind of review youre looking for.

I miss the review box where you could easily see the letter grades before clicking on them.Yeah, that thing was nice. We (probably) wont have something like that again, but we are discussing the best way to get those letter grades back on the front and landing pages alongside their respective reviews, so you can see them before clicking.

You guys stopped covering comics, books, and podcasts?!We didnt! For now, at least, the Comics, Books, and Podmass categories are rolled up under AUX, and were still definitely covering all of them. You can also find book and comics reviews under Reviews using the drop-down menu at the top.

Your navigation, in general, is confusing and needs to be improved ASAP.We agree. Now that were here and things are no longer just hypothetical, were able to actually see how its all being sorted, then start figuring out what doesnt make sense, and discuss how to better organize things. Fixing navigation is absolutely our first priority.

Your search function doesnt work.We know. Its on the list.

Your RSS feed doesnt work anymore.We know. Its on the list. Hey, look at that: They fixed it.

Please just go back to the old site.We cant. What we can do is improve this site until its as good as it can possibly be. Again, this will take some time. But now that were here, its all that were focused on.

In the meantime, you can help us by adding to our already very long list of necessary improvements by filling out this feedback form, which will then be read by real people (real people who are also having to contend with major, occasionally frustrating changes on their endso, just something to keep in mind). They will then be taken into account during our ongoing reconstruction. We genuinely need your help with identifying everything that needs to be fixed or improved, so anything constructive you have to offer there is much appreciated.

For now, thanks for your patienceand, as always, just for being here.

Original post:

The Kinja-ing: An update on a work in progress – A.V. Club

Benjamin Watson Making Progress After Achilles, But Not All the … – BaltimoreRavens.com

Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson made an 11-yard catch in the second quarter of Thursdays preseason game in Miami seemingly just a blip in the game recap.

To Watson, however, the catch was a milestone.

It was the first reception Watson made in a game since Jan. 3, 2016, when he hauled in six catches for 59 yards and a touchdown as a member of the New Orleans Saints.

When he came into the locker room at halftime, Watson had a text message from his wife waiting.

She told me that the kids were going crazy, he said. It was a victory for all of us.

Watson missed all last season after he tore his Achilles in the Ravens 2016 third preseason game. Now the 36-year-old veteran enters Saturdays preseason game against the Buffalo Bills 364 days later making progress but still trying to get all the way back.

Coming up on about a year since surgery and theres still more to get, Watson said. But Im satisfied with my progress; I think Im coming along great and getting back to playing football.

Last year, former Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. was in a similar position trying to return from a ruptured Achilles. Smith didnt play in the preseason, but made his debut in Week 1 to the tune of five catches.

Watsons on track to be in the Ravens lineup when they kick off the regular season against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sept. 10. The question is: at what level?

The Ravens could certainly use him considering theyve had season-ending injuries to Dennis Pitta (hip) and Crockett Gillmore (knee), and Darren Waller is suspended for the year. That has left Watson, Nick Boyle, Maxx Williams and Larry Donnell as the teams top tight ends.

Of the four, Watson holds the most potential as a playmaking pass catcher. In 2015, Watson set or tied career highs in catches (74), receiving yards (825) and touchdowns (six) in his last full season with the Saints. The Ravens would be ecstatic with similar production.

Watson has been gradually re-building his game. He first returned to the practice field during minicamp on a limited basis. Hes increased his practice reps and is now full-go in training camp and the preseason, according to Head Coach John Harbaugh.

Hes done an excellent job of working hard to get himself to where he can perform, Harbaugh said. Im excited about Ben.

Despite being a month into training camp, Watson still stays after the veterans exit practice to catch extra throws from the teams quarterbacks. Hes trying to work through some muscle imbalances he still has in his legs.

Just like Smith, Watsons calf muscle shrunk after the injury. He similarly calls it baby calf.

Its trying to gain weight. I moved it up to solid food now; its off of the breast milk, growing up a little bit, Watson joked. Its still a process. Theres still a ways to go with the strength.

Watson has flashed at times during practices open to reporters, particularly in the red-zone, where the 6-foot-3, 251-pound target should be a major weapon.

Asked if he feels quicker now than he did at the start of training camp, Watson said, definitely. But he added that he does feel some deficiency when he does certain movements.

The great thing about the body is its able to compensate, and its able to maneuver, he said. When somethings not right, something else kicks in. Im still going through a maintenance program.

Mentally, Watson also said hes made great strides. Hes not thinking about the injury anymore, and his body is listening to his brain.

A lot of football is reactionary. Being able to read a coverage on the fly and have your body do what your mind wants it to do, it takes some time to get back to that, Watson said. But as I watch film, I still have a ways to go.

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Benjamin Watson Making Progress After Achilles, But Not All the … – BaltimoreRavens.com

Police: Progress, but no arrests in shooting of GW student – GoDanRiver.com

Despite having no suspects in custody, Danville police say progress is being made in the investigation into the shooting death of a 16-year-old high school student earlier this month.

I will tell you that the investigation has not stalled and is moving forward, Danville Police Department Lt. Mike Wallace said.

Wallace said police have filed no charges related to the killing of Nitaya Adams, 16, of Danville. A shooting early in the morning on Aug. 6 along Paxton Street left Adams dead and sent bullet hole through walls of neighboring houses and at least one vehicle.

I will continue to make the plea to call us if they have any information, Wallace said.

Adams father Malcolm Plummer said that police had not told him any more information on his daughters shooting. Plummer said he was confident the investigation would lead to arrests, however.

The Virginia medical examiners officer would not reveal the cause or manner of death in the shooting, Tracie Cooper, administrator for the Roanoke office, said.

Theres a note in here to refer all calls to law enforcement, Cooper said.

Cooper added that police departments can ask the medical examiners office to refer questions to them when information on victims is related to an ongoing investigation.

Adams, who was a rising senior at George Washington High School, was out spending the last weekend before school started with friends before she was shot, family members said earlier this month. Family described Adams as funny and compassionate and said she wanted to pursue a career in nursing.

Continue reading here:

Police: Progress, but no arrests in shooting of GW student – GoDanRiver.com

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen review-in-progress – Polygon – Polygon

It was around the 20-hour mark that I realized I had been playing XCOM 2: War of the Chosen completely wrong.

You see, when youre playing a game for review theres an urge to see everything. Not in a completionist sort of way, mind you. But you want to make sure that you follow the game around all its twists and turns, scooping all of those nutty experiences out of the bottom of the jar. So in reviewing XCOM 2 two years ago I resorted to save-scumming meticulously saving my game before every battle and painstakingly retracing my steps when something went wrong on a mission.

Not only is that the wrong way to play War of the Chosen, but it very nearly spoiled the game for me. Thats because this time around the team at Firaxis is leaning into the pain and the hardship inherent in their game.

Im not saying that waging a guerilla war against a superior foe from the bowels of a beat up old airship was easy the first time around. But War of the Chosen has transformed XCOM 2 into a taught, nearly roguelike experience. Its simply not the same game anymore.

In War of the Chosen, death is not the end. I know that now, and thats why Im starting over from beginning.

[EDITORS NOTE: This is a review-in-progress highlighting Charlies thoughts on his first 20 or so hours with XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. That opinion and this text are not final and do not represent our final review. Well update this page with further thoughts as Charlie plays more of War of the Chosen and will add a score at that time.]

War of the Chosen is effectively a total conversion for XCOM 2, but the core of the original game is still there. This is clear from the opening cinematic, which leads into the games original opening CGI sequence and tutorial battle. What Firaxis has done is grafted a number of key additions onto an already excellent experience. The DLC fully delivers on its promise with new mechanics to learn, new factions to befriend and deadly new enemies to fight against.

There are the Reapers, a friendly group of ranged fighters that are focused on stealth. The starting character, named Elena Dragunova, comes equipped with a scoped carbine. Shes just as deadly as any Sharpshooter and stealthier by half. Shes able to take one or more actions, including shooting at and killing aliens, before she leaves concealment. Out of the box she is instantly the best recon fighter that XCOM has ever had. And thats before you get to level her up and gain new powers over time.

War of the Chosen boasts performances from no fewer than five members of the original cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Another new face is Pratal Mox. Hes the first member of the friendly Skirmisher faction that youll meet. The Skirmishers are genetically engineered humans, members of the Advent military that have defected and thrown in their lot with XCOM. Mox has a grapple that he can use to reach high places, or to pull enemies toward him for a vicious melee strike. His bullpup rifle is also able to fire twice in one round, making him a nimble flanker.

Over and above these new factions, where War of the Chosen excels is in bringing characters to the fore. Dragunova is voiced by Marina Sirtis, who played Counsellor Troi on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Performing Mox is Michael Dorn, who played Lieutenant Commander Worf. In fact, War of the Chosen boasts performances from no fewer than five members of the original cast of TNG including Jonathan Frakes (Commander William T. Riker), John de Lancie (Q) and Denise Crosby (Security Chief Tasha Yar).

This isnt just a sentimental reunion for reunions sake. All of the actors do an excellent job of pushing the storyline forward.

Oh, by the way … theres a much meatier story now.

The original XCOM 2 was a sort of race against the clock to prevent the Advent project from getting off the ground. But, truth be told, it never felt like all that much of a threat. Sure, the Avatar projects progress meter would move along every once in awhile, but it didnt feel like anything was really happening when it did.

This time, sitting on your heels is simply not an option. Every mission is important, and every mission has the risk of being especially deadly thanks to The Chosen.

In the Alien Hunters DLC, Firaxis dreamed up a set of powerful boss aliens that would harass players across multiple missions. In War of the Chosen, theyve amped that idea up a notch by borrowing from Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordors Nemesis system.

As you do battle against The Chosen their skills improve, making them more and more dangerous over time. The result is that there are now four different timers ticking down, one for the Avatar project and one for each of the Chosen left alive. They are as aggressive as they are cunning, and I have absolutely grown to hate them, and thats something that I love.

War of the Chosen also introduces Bonds. When XCOM operatives go on missions together they grow closer, and formal Bonds allow them to grant each other perks during a mission. Of course, should a bondmate die or get captured (which is also a thing that can happen now, necessitating rescue missions) the survivor will receive an emotional scar that will decrease their combat effectiveness in the future.

As if that werent enough, theres also a new enemy type: The Lost, a zombie-like race of mutated humans that crop up in certain areas around the map. Some missions focus on The Lost, with Left 4 Dead-style last-ditch standoffs and running gun battles through the streets. At other times The Lost just get tossed into the mix randomly. Youll be trying to destroy an objective as quietly as possible to keep them from streaming onto the map, where they cause chaos by attacking Advent and XCOM forces alike.

All of these factors the new factions, the excellent voice acting, the soldier Bonds, The Lost and the new and dynamic mission types combine to create more drama than ever before.

But you wont see that drama if you coddle your soldiers with save-scumming, like I did. This time around, the games Iron Man mode which literally prevents you from saving the game on your own is absolutely necessary. Its the only way to be sure that theres the opportunity to lose the game.

I call it an opportunity because in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, fighting a losing battle might be just as much fun as fighting and winning. It will hurt and my favorite soldiers will die. But when Im done Ill have a much, much more interesting story to tell.

Follow this link:

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen review-in-progress – Polygon – Polygon

Three countries undermining Afghanistan progress that President Trump didn’t call out – Washington Post

President Trump unveiled a new strategy for the U.S. war in Afghanistan on Aug. 21. (Victoria Walker/The Washington Post)

President Trump delivered a sharpwarning to Pakistan on Monday,saying he intends to hold itsleaders to account for harboringmilitantgroups responsible for perpetuating instability across the border in Afghanistan.

During a prime-time address to the nation, Trumpsaid the United States would once more accelerate its longest military mission and bring renewed focus to achieving victory in Afghanistan.

It is time for Pakistan, the president declared, to demonstrate its commitment to civilization, order and to peace.

He declined, however, to similarly admonish three other regional powers which the United States views ascomplicit inundermining progress there: Russia, Iran and to a lesser extent China, which has a stake in Afghanistan’s stability but shows little motivation to take a more active role in providing for its security.

Here’s a look ateach country’s involvement in Afghanistan:


Since April,notlong after he declared America’s longest war a stalemate, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, Gen.John Nicholson, has voiced concern aboutMoscow’s apparent effort to arm the Taliban. Those weapons include medium and heavy machine guns, officials have said,used to cut down Afghan troops in multiple southern provinces, including areaswhereU.S. military advisers and Special Operations forces aredeployed.

U.S. officials have said that any country shipping weapons into Afghanistan would be in violation of international law. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis vowed toengage theRussians through diplomatic channels, hopeful that doing so would encourage them to halt their alleged meddling.

Russia has denied working with the Taliban, saying its interactions with the fundamentalist group thatonce ruled Afghanistan have been focused on encouraging it to make peace. Video published by CNN in July appears to contradict that.


Like Russia, Iranviews Afghanistan as within its sphere of influence, as The Washington Post’sErin Cunningham characterized it earlier this year.Iranian operatives have been active in the west, where the two countries share a 500-mile border, as well as in the south.

Afghan government officials have indicated Iran and Russia appear to be coordinating, supplying weapons and training to the Taliban in an effort to create loyalty and promote unrest.

In a piece published this month, the New York Times’ Carlotta Gallexplored this burgeoning dynamic in considerable detail. Here’s an excerpt:

Iran has conducted an intensifying covert intervention, much of which is only now coming to light. It is providing local Taliban insurgents with weapons, money and training. It has offered Taliban commanders sanctuary and fuel for their trucks. It has padded Taliban ranks by recruiting among Afghan Sunni refugees in Iran, according to Afghan and Western officials.

Iran has come to see the Taliban not only as the lesser of its enemies but also as a useful proxy force. The more recent introduction of the Islamic State, which carried out a terrorist attack on Irans parliament this year, into Afghanistan has only added to the Talibans appeal.


Trump has been candidin his criticism of China for not doing more to help counter the provocative actions being taken by North Korea, whose leaders have threatened a nuclear attack against the United States. But his administration has said little about Beijing’s comparatively minor contributionsin Afghanistan.

China, as one observer notes, has chosen to assume a minimalistic role in the security sector, refusing to get involved in direct military operations but benefiting nonetheless from the U.S. and NATO presence there.

And asMilitary Times’ Shawn Snow reported in March, Beijing is seen as something of a freeloader in Afghanistan, but there is growing evidence small numbers of Chinese security forces there’s disagreement as to whether they are military personnel or police units have been deployedacross the border to conduct counterterrorism patrols. China is concerned about Uighur militants who remain active in the region and have professed support for the Islamic State.

Since 2015 China hascontributed some funding and combat equipment for the Afghan security forces. Still, its interests are primarilyeconomic, focused on Afghanistan’s natural resources and its potential to help connect China with other trade partners.

China was one of four countries, including Russia, Iran and Pakistan, that sentenvoys to an Afghan summit in the spring talks the United States refused to attend. And China was quick to show solidarity with ally Pakistan after Trump’s remarks Monday.

A spokeswoman for China’s foreign minister, speaking with the Reuters news agency Tuesday, conveyed Beijing’s contentment with the U.S. continuing to do the heavy lifting.

We hope, the spokeswoman added, the relevant U.S. policies can help promote the security, stability and development of Afghanistan and the region.

Some in Afghanistan and India praised President Trump’s Aug. 21 speech, but his rhetoric set off alarm bells in Pakistan. (The Washington Post)

Here are six costly failures from Americas longest war. No. 1: cashmere goats.

Trumps muscular but vague Afghanistan speech, annotated

Trump faces the grim reality of Afghanistan: No quick path to victory and no clear way out

See original here:

Three countries undermining Afghanistan progress that President Trump didn’t call out – Washington Post

Rookie Progress Report: Engram makes presence felt – Giants.com (blog)

A look at how the Giants rookies performed in the team’s Preseason matchup vs. the Browns:

Preseason in the NFL means different things to different players.

For the young guys, its about getting an opportunity to prove the stage is not too big and that your teams assessment of you was justified. And the New York Giants got another good look at their youth on Monday night in Cleveland.


TE Evan Engram

Depth chart: TE2 Preseason Week 1: 2 TGTS, 1 REC, 11 YDS Preseason Week 2: 4 TGTS, 3 REC, 32 YDS

You never know where the first-round pick is going to line up on any given play, and thats just how the Giants like it. Engram tied for a team-high with three catches for 32 yards, including a 21-yard catch-and-run when he came out of the backfield. It was the longest offensive play of the game from either sideline, run or pass.

Depth chart: RDT2 Preseason Week 1: 4 TCKLS (2 SOLO) Preseason Week 2: 3 TCKLS (2 SOLO)

While Jay Bromley has been a steady Eddie on the top line next to All-Pro Damon Harrison, Steve Spagnuolo thought Tomlinson took a major step between the first and second weeks of the preseason. Hes playing more violent, the defensive coordinator said, as the second-round pick gets more comfortable with the players around him. Those three will make up the bulk of the interior rotation while veteran Corbin Bryant was placed on injured reserve last week with an elbow injury.


QB Davis Webb

Depth chart: QB4 Preseason Week 1: 8/16, 67 YDS, 61.2 RTG Preseason Week 2: DNP

Ideally, McAdoo would have liked to play all four quarterbacks in Cleveland, but with the way the game unfolded, that didnt turn out to be the case. Eli Manning, after sitting the opener, started the game before Geno Smith came in just before halftime. Josh Johnson, who started the first game vs. Pittsburgh, was third and played only the final two minutes of the game after Smith threw an interception deep in Browns territory. The assumption was Webb would take a developmental role this year behind Manning the backup, whoever that may be, but McAdoo opened the door for the rookie even if its just a crack.

I think we all have to be careful making assumptions, he said last week before the second preseason game. Josh and Geno are competing right now for the number two spot, and if that doesnt look the way we want it to look, Davis will get a crack.

RB Wayne Gallman

Depth chart: RB5 Preseason Week 1: 5 CAR, 11 YDS; 1 REC, 4 YDS Preseason Week 2: 5 CAR, 22 YDS, LOST FUM; 2 REC, 20 YDS

Gallman, who finished his college career third in Clemson history in rushing touchdowns and fifth in rushing yards, provided a spark when he came in at the beginning of the fourth quarter. His first run was an 11-yard gain, followed by a pair of 10-yard receptions. However, the bad came with the good for the rookie. Gallman dropped a pass and lost a fumble at the Browns 10-yard line. It was one of three turnovers for the Giants on the night.

DE Avery Moss

Depth chart: RDE4 Preseason Week 1: 2 TCKL (1 SOLO) Preseason Week 2: 1 SOLO TCKL

Ahead of him, Jason Pierre-Paul and Olivier Vernon played for the first time together since Dec. 4 of last season and absolutely dominated when they were in. Thats a lot to aspire to for the rest of the unit, including the rookie Moss. Hes trying to make the most of every rep as the Giants look to find a healthy rotation of defensive ends. Theres a crowd behind JPP and OV, though. Romeo Okwara and Kerry Wynn lead the next wave.

OT Adam Bisnowaty

Depth chart: RT2 Preseason Weeks 1 & 2: Relieved starter Bobby Hart

Like he has since he arrived at the facility, Bisnowaty has been on the second team at right tackle. Hes playing behind Bobby Hart, who is part of the five returning starters from a year ago on the offensive line. As a whole, the Giants managed 65 yards on 20 carries against the Browns in addition to 147 passing yards.

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Rookie Progress Report: Engram makes presence felt – Giants.com (blog)