NASATX – National Auto Sport Association – Texas Region

2015 Season Finale at:

October 16-18, 2015 (2.9 mile CCW)

HPDE, Time Trial, Racing, Comp School (Friday) as well as Test/Tune and HPDE on Friday!

Registration page: Click Here

Napa Valley, CA The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) and NASA Texas are pleased to announce that Will Faules, NASAs Assistant Divisional Director, will assume the responsibilities of Regional Director of the NASA Texas Region. Faules will be taking over the region from Dave and Revkah Balingit who have effectively managed the Texas Region for the last 4 years during a period of growth and prosperity. Dave will still have an active role in the region working side by side with Will to ensure a smooth transition and Faules gets up to speed. This new change will allow Dave and Revkah the opportunity to focus on their home region of Rocky Mountain as they continue growing the fantastic events NASA members have come to expect in the Rocky Mountain Region.

This move for Faules will all be in addition to his current duties as National Event Manager and Assistant Divisional Director for NASA. This is a dream come true for me said Faules. Dave and Revkah have done wonders for NASA and Im excited to step up into this additional role. NASA has some of the finest customers, staff, and tracks that I am fortunate to get to work with. The addition of Texas hospitality makes this experience even better. I look forward to working with all the great people of NASA Texas, continuing on the huge growth weve seen over the last year, and most of all putting on the best amateur events in Texas.

Faules has been involved with NASA since the mid-90s. He was the first ever licensed NASA teen driver at the age of 13 after several years racing go-karts. Hes raced in many NASA classes and highlights include the 2003 25 Hours of Thunderhill Class Winner, 2005 NorCal SM Season Championship Winner, 2005 Western Endurance Racing Championship E-2 Winner, and 2006 NASA Championships PT-E Winner.

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NASATX – National Auto Sport Association – Texas Region

Space Center Houston – Houston Vacations

Space Center Houston, the official visitors center for NASA’s Johnson Space Center, is the only place on earth where guests can embark on an out-of-this-world journey through human adventures in space.

Space Center Houston features a multitude of permanent exhibits, attractions and theaters. In addition, the venue presents an array of traveling exhibits and events created exclusively by Space Center Houston’s creative exhibit team.

NEW: The space shuttle replica Independence is now on display at Space Center Houston. The 122-foot, 130,000-pound wooden replica was restored so the public can go inside the capsule and it’s NASA 747 carrier aircraft as part of a behind-the-scenes look at life inside a space shuttle, an experience only available at Space Center Houston.

Both the shuttle and carrier feature interior exhibits featuring the flight deck and cockpit of the shuttle, astronaut living quarters mid-deck, history on the development of the shuttle program, and how the carrier aircraft docks with shuttles. Visitors walking through the payload bay even get to see a recently returned artifact from STS-49, a space satellite rescue mission.

Independence Plaza is the worlds first and only shuttle/carrier replica open to the public. The exhibit is the largest project Space Center Houston has taken on since it was founded in 1992. Along with original artifacts and history, the complex offers educational workshops and problem-solving activities for those interested in science, mathematics, and engineering careers. At the final leg, guests can watch a film covering the history of space shuttle program as well as a special tribute to the crew members of the Challenger and Columbia missions.

Visitors to Space Center Houston can experience the monumental exhibit at no extra charge as part of museum general admission. Timed ticketing will ensure that a manageable number of guests can access the shuttles smaller space at different intervals.

Permanent Exhibits Blast Off Blast-Off is an unparalleled multi-media sensory experience. Visitors encounter a dramatic high-definition audio/video extravaganza culminating in a dynamic space shuttle blast off.

Living in Space Living in Space is a hands-on exhibit where guests can test their skills at landing the shuttle or retrieving a satellite through interactive computer simulators. A Mission Briefing Officer receives help from an audience participant in a live presentation showing how astronauts handle daily activities like showering, sleeping and preparing meals in space.

The NASA Tram Tour With this behind-the-scenes journey through NASA’s Johnson Space Center, you may visit the Historic Mission Control Center, the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility or the current Mission Control Center. Before returning to Space Center Houston, you can visit the “all new” Saturn V Complex at Rocket Park. Occasionally, the tour may visit other facilities, such as the Sonny Carter Training Facility or Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory. You may even get to see astronauts training for upcoming missions.

The Astronaut Gallery This unparalleled exhibit features spacesuits dating back to the first American trip to space and a wall that contains portraits and crew photos of every U.S. astronaut who has flown in space.

Mission Status Mission briefing officers provide live updates on current space flights and astronaut training activities. Guests can listen to communications between Mission Control and astronaut crews aboard the space shuttle. A live video shows a behind-the-scenes view of activities in the Johnson Space Center and a satellite link of a shuttle launch via Kennedy Space Center of Florida.

The Martian Matrix Four stories of out-of-this-world fun for kids, Pepsi’s Martian Matrix is an action-packed play area with a space theme. Slides, swings and foam ball battles are just a few of the featured activities.

Kids Space Place Interactive stations and themed areas give children a chance to explore and investigate the different aspects of space exploration. Jumping on the Moon, manning the space shuttle, building a rocket and flying in space are all a part of the growing exhibit.

Starship Gallery On Human Destiny is shown in the Starship Gallery, which highlights great moments in space exploration. The gallery contains artifacts and hardware from the Mercury program through Apollo-Soyuz, including a special Lunar Vault. The New Explorers video wall shares the visions of today’s NASA engineers and scientists.

Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau – Member

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Space Center Houston – Houston Vacations

NASA Blogs

Check out the following NASA opportunities for the education community. Full descriptions are listed below. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ New This Week! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Free NASA Educator Professional Development Webinars Audience: In-service, Pre-service, Home School and Informal Educators Next Event Date: March 10, 2016, at 6:30 p.m. EST Live Video Chat With Researcher Studying Protein Crystals on Space Station Audience: All Educators Read full post

Rodent Research (RR) Microgravity Science Glovebox (MSG) Hardware Gather: Peake gathered hardware and consumables needed to set up MSG for RR operations which will begin following the arrival of SpX-8. Spaceflight causes a rapid loss of bone and muscle mass especially in the legs and spine with symptoms similar to Read full post

Last week the crew performed some setup and preliminary checkout activities of the Space Automated Bioproduct Laboratory (SABL) facility. SABL is a facility that can support a wide range of investigations across life sciences, physical sciences, and materials sciences, with a main focus on research that enables biological systems and Read full post

The first half of the F-level work platforms for NASAs Space Launch System (SLS)rocket arrived today at the Vehicle Assembly Building at the agencys Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The Ground Systems Development and Operations Program is overseeing upgrades and modifications to High Bay 3 to support processing of the Read full post

The first half of the F-level work platforms for NASAs Space Launch System (SLS) rocket arrived today at the Vehicle Assembly Building at the agencys Kennedy Space Center in Florida. A total of 10 levels of new platforms, 20 platform halves altogether, will surround the SLS rocket and Orion spacecraft Read full post

MAGVECTOR: Peake performed a data transfer from the jump drive to an SSC folder and reconfigured the switches on the portable power supply 1 (PPS1), completing the 7th run of European Space Agencys (ESA) MAGVECTOR experiment. Run #8 scheduled for next week will be the last experiment run for Increment Read full post

This morning the three Expedition 47 crew members practiced evacuating the International Space Station in the event of an emergency. Afterward, it was back to work on advanced space science and orbital lab maintenance. Several times a year the station residents get together to practice the communication and procedures necessary to Read full post

While NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and his Russian colleague, cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko, have returned to Earth after a year on the International Space Station, work goes on aboard the orbiting outpost. To keep supplies coming to the current ISS crew and those who soon will join them, an Orbital ATK Read full post

While NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and his Russian colleague, cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko, have returned to Earth after a year on the International Space Station, work goes on aboard the orbiting outpost. To keep supplies coming to the current ISS crew and those who soon will join them, an Orbital ATK Read full post

Editor’s note: You can watch both the solar eclipse program and the raw video feed on the Watch the March 8 Solar Eclipse Live page. NASA, in partnership with the Exploratorium Science Center in San Francisco, will host activities around the March 8 total solar eclipse, including opportunities to talk with Read full post

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NASA Blogs

Interactive Weather Satellite Imagery Viewers from NASA Earth …

For a historical subsection, choose a previous slot from the selection button below (the image above will not change) then click on the image above, or fill in the X, Y form below. Previous Image 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Alternatively: If you would like to consistently receive the same area, enter a center X, Y coordinate. The origin (0,0) is in the upper left hand corner of the image. Clear form if you wish to click on the current image.

Enter X location (0-674): Enter Y location (0-456):

Weather satellite images courtesy of the Earth Science Office in Huntsville, Alabama. More about these images Other sites with weather satellite images. Our FTP service is currently unavailable we apologize for any inconvenience. Obtain GOES data via anonymous ftp

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Interactive Weather Satellite Imagery Viewers from NASA Earth …

Mars Exploration Rover Mission: Home – NASA Mars rover

Mars Rover Opportunity Busy Through Depth of Winter NASA’s Opportunity rover, which landed on Mars 12 years ago this week, remained active through the shortest-sunshine days of the current Martian winter. Read News >> View Related Image >> Opportunity Mars Rover Preparing for Active Winter NASA’s Opportunity Mars rover will soon drive to the southern side of a valley where a sunward tilt will help the solar-powered rover keep active through the Martian winter. Read News >> View Related Image >> Opportunity Rover’s 7th Mars Winter to Include New Study Area NASA’s Opportunity rover has resumed driving after Mars emerged from behind the sun. Plans call for the rover to examine sites in Marathon Valley during the upcoming winter. Read News >> Watch Related Video >> Mars Missions to Pause Commanding in June, Due to Sun Next month, Mars will swing almost directly behind the sun from Earth’s perspective, and this celestial geometry will lead to diminished communications with spacecraft at Mars. >> Martian Reminder of a Pioneering Flight Names related to the first solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic have been informally assigned to a crater NASA’s Opportunity Mars rover is studying. This false-color view of the “Spirit of St. Louis Crater” and the “Lindbergh Mound” inside it comes from Opportunity’s panoramic camera. >> Rock Spire in ‘Spirit of St. Louis Crater’ on Mars An elongated crater called “Spirit of St. Louis,” with a rock spire in it, dominates a recent scene from the panoramic camera (Pancam) on NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity. >> Mars Test Rover Joins Runners at Finish Line Runners at JPL cheer as a test model of NASA’s Mars rover Opportunity does a ceremonial “crossing the finish line” after a relay marathon to celebrate the real rover surpassing the distance of a marathon race on Mars. >> Rover Amnesia Event Follows Latest Memory Reformatting The team operating NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity learned Thursday that the long-lived rover experienced a brief amnesia event related to its flash memory, the first since a reformatting of that nonvolatile type of memory a week earlier. >> NASA’s Opportunity Mars Rover Passes Marathon Distance NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity completed its first Mars marathon Tuesday — 26.219 miles (42.195 kilometers) with a finish time of roughly 11 years and two months. >> NASA Reformats Memory of Longest-Running Mars Rover After avoiding use of the rover’s flash memory for three months, the team operating NASA’s 11-year-old Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has reformatted the vehicle’s flash memory banks and resumed storing some data overnight for transmitting later. >> Rover Examining Odd Mars Rocks at Valley Overlook NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity is investigating unusual rocks before reformatting the rover’s memory and continued driving toward “Marathon Valley.” >> Opportunity Rover Nears Mars Marathon Feat In February 2015, NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity is approaching a cumulative driving distance on Mars equal to the length of a marathon race. This map shows the rover’s position relative to where it could surpass that distance. >> Hilltop Panorama Marks Mars Rover’s 11th Anniversary A panorama from one of the highest elevations that NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has reached in its 11 years on Mars includes the U.S. flag at the summit. >> NASA Mars Rover Opportunity Climbs to High Point on Rim NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity, continuing to drive while engineers tackle a flash-memory issue, has reached a crater-rim high point on “Cape Tribulation.” >> All Press Releases >> All Spotlights >>

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Mars Exploration Rover Mission: Home – NASA Mars rover


What is MU-SPIN?

NASA created the Minority University-SPace Interdisciplinary Network (MU-SPIN) program to train the next generation of NASA’s minority scientists and engineers. This program serves America’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) and Tribal Colleges.

Minority Outreach Coordinator James L. Harrington james.l.harrington@nasa.gov

MUSPIN Coordination Office NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Mail Code 606.3 Greenbelt, MD 20771 301.286.3409 301.286.1775 (fax)

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Space Center Houston – Clear Lake – Houston, TX – Yelp

I really really wanted to love this place.

It has been on my list of top places to visit for a while. I was expecting much more of a museum feel, but instead found it to be much more like an amusement park. Long lines, long wait times, loads of kids, very noisy, over priced bland food, uninspiring public speakers, and young inexperienced staff.

I did get the audio tour device which I would highly recommend.

Despite the fact that the center is laid out in a totally nonsensical design and that only one of the four main exhibit areas feels thorough and complete. Fortunately this section, the Starship Gallery felt like what I wanted the entire experience to be. Guided audio tour on a per display basis, with in-depth information from the people who used or created it. Amazing replicas and models, great lighting, and some truly amazing stories and inspiration. However, this section, which takes about an hour to get through was the only one I would really recommend to an adult.

With so many movie theaters, it feels like watching a lot of YouTube videos, for far more money.

The tram tour (I took the blue, to see Mission Control) was about 40 minutes longer than it needed to be, and after an hour wait-in line was a huge let down. To be fair, seeing the Mission Control room (or one of them) was really neat, and standing next to the Saturn V rocket was an amazing bit of perspective, but the amount of time spent herding people, the noise of the group, the PR friendly “talk” from the NASA guide all felt too generalized and simple. I can read about all of this online, if I come to the MUSEUM I want to see and hear things that are unique and more in-depth and practical than I can get elsewhere.

I was thinking how difficult it must be to try and populate this place with content, when so much of what makes it great was 40+ years ago.

I would have loved to see an entire section dedicated to the Space Shuttle and all the amazing things it and her crews accomplished, but instead it was relegated to a montage I saw in one of the videos.

There is a section about the ISS and is intended to be a “live look” at what is going on there, but the lady giving the lecture was so bland, and hard to listen to, not to mention that all her information was largely homogenized and generic, lacking any real “live” details, that I felt like I was wasting my time just listening to her.

I wish I could say this is an amazing, wonderful, fun, and unique, one-of-a-kind, must-see sort of places, but it’s not. It might be fun for kids, and that’s great, but I am the one who pays taxes and funds NASA, so I want to be blown away.

If you do go, hit the Starship Gallery, spend plenty of time there, listen to every audio recording, and enjoy it. It’s really really great.

Everything else? Time permitting…

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Space Center Houston – Clear Lake – Houston, TX – Yelp

NASA Visible Earth: Dallas, Texas

The Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area is the largest in Texas, with an approximate population of 6 million people in 2005. Founded by John Neely Bryan in 1841, the city became the center for the United States oil economy with the discovery of oilfields to the east of the city in 1930. The darkest day in the citys history occurred on November 22, 1963 when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated while traveling by motorcade through Dealey Plaza. The Dallas-Forth Worth region today is a major corporate, banking, and technological center.

This astronaut photograph captures the northwestern portion of the metropolitan area. Standing water bodies such as Lake Lewisville and Grapevine Lake are highlighted by sunglint, where the surface of the water acts as a mirror reflecting sunlight back towards the astronauts in the International Space Station (read Sunglint in Astronaut Photography of Earth for a more detailed explanation of sunglint). Using the sunglint to define edges of water helps when mapping water bodies and stream courses on a landscapenote the region of small ponds to the north of Grapevine Lake highlighted by sunglint. Images such as these help characterize surface hydrology and areas of potential flooding hazard.

Note: Often times, due to the size, browsers have a difficult time opening and displaying images. If you experiece an error when clicking on an image link, please try directly downloading the image (using a right click, save as method) to view it locally.

This image originally appeared on the Earth Observatory. Click here to view the full, original record.

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NASA Visible Earth: Dallas, Texas

NASA MRI – Neuroscience and Spine Associates

Established in 1996, a group of experienced neurologists and neurosurgeons joined together to establish Neuroscience and Spine Associates, P.L. As Floridas leading practitioners in neurology, neurosurgery, pain management, orthopedics, rehabilitation and diagnostics, their combined resources and expertise, provide patients with the highest quality, most technologically advanced medical care.


NASA MRI – Neuroscience and Spine Associates

Home Page – NASA Scientific and Technical Information (STI …

This page uses Javascript. Your browser either doesnt support Javascript or it is turned off. Certain functionality, such as some feeds and collapsing page sections, will not work. To see this page as it is meant to appear, please use a Javascript-enabled browser

What is the NASA STI Program?

The NASA Scientific and Technical Information (STI) Program was established to support the objectives of NASAs missions and research. It is dedicated to the advancement of aeronautics and space science. This program is essential to help NASA avoid duplication of research by sharing information and to ensure that the U.S. maintains its preeminence in aerospace-related industries and education. The NASA STI Program acquires, processes, archives, announces, and disseminates NASA STI and acquires worldwide STI of critical importance to NASA and the Nation.

The STI Program and its support contract services are critical components in the worldwide activity of scientific and technical aerospace research and development. Collected from U.S. and international sources, STI is organized according to content prior to being added to the NTRS Registered, which is a world-class collection of STI that includes over 4 million bibliographic records and a growing number of full-text documents. A public interface is available through the NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS).

Learn More or Contact the NASA STI Information Desk for more information or to register for enhanced NASA STI services and products.

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Home Page – NASA Scientific and Technical Information (STI …

NASA News — ScienceDaily

Jan. 28, 2016 Inside a massive clean room at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland the James Webb Space Telescope team is steadily installing the largest space telescope mirror ever. … read more Rotation Speed May Be Bad News for Red Planet Pioneers Jan. 25, 2016 New research has revealed the importance of a circadian body clock that matches the rotational speed of the … read more Jason-3 Delivers First Data, Products Four Days After Launch Jan. 21, 2016 Four days after its launch on 17 January, the Jason-3 high-precision ocean altimetry satellite is delivering its first sea surface height measurement data in near-real time, report … read more Jan. 12, 2016 Features on dwarf planet Ceres that piqued the interest of scientists throughout 2015 stand out in exquisite detail in the latest images from NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, which recently reached its … read more The ‘Eyes’ Have It: Astronaut Vision and Ophthalmologic Problems Explained Jan. 11, 2016 Just when you think you’ve seen it all, our eyes look to be victims of a low-gravity environments, too. According to new research two significant genetic differences in enzymes that direct the … read more Jan. 8, 2016 Major improvements to methods used to process observations from NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope have yielded an expanded, higher-quality set of data that allows astronomers to produce the … read more Jan. 7, 2016 Astronomers have made the most detailed study yet of an extremely massive young galaxy cluster using three of NASA’s Great Observatories. This multiwavelength image shows this galaxy cluster, … read more Jan. 7, 2016 One dozen flight mirrors are now installed on NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, out of the eighteen mirror segments that make up the primary mirror. The assembly of the primary mirror is an … read more Jan. 7, 2016 Astronomers have detected a massive, sprawling, churning galaxy cluster that formed only 3.8 billion years after the Big Bang. Located 10 billion light years from Earth and potentially comprising … read more Momentum Builds for Creation of ‘Moon Villages’ Jan. 6, 2016 Villages on the moon, constructed through cooperation between astronauts and robotic systems on the lunar surface, could become a reality as early as 2030. That’s the consensus of a recent … read more Jan. 6, 2016 Eta Carinae, the most luminous and massive stellar system located within 10,000 light-years of Earth, is best known for an enormous eruption seen in the mid-19th century that hurled an amount of … read more Jan. 5, 2016 Astronomers are finding dozens of the fastest stars in our galaxy. When some speedy, massive stars plow through space, they can cause material to stack up in front of them in the same way that water … read more Jan. 5, 2016 NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, or NuSTAR, has captured the best high-energy X-ray view yet of a portion of our nearest large, neighboring galaxy, Andromeda. The space mission has … read more Jan. 5, 2016 NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover, partway through the first up-close study ever conducted of extraterrestrial sand dunes, is providing dramatic views of a dune’s steep face, where cascading sand … read more Dec. 23, 2015 The first U.S. production in nearly 30 years of a specialized fuel to power future deep space missions has been completed by researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National … read more Dec. 23, 2015 After thorough examination, NASA managers have decided to suspend the planned March 2016 launch of the Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations Geodesy and Heat Transport (InSight) mission. … read more Dec. 22, 2015 NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has begun transmitting data and images from the mission’s final close flyby of Saturn’s active moon Enceladus. Cassini passed Enceladus at a distance of 3,106 … read more Dec. 22, 2015 NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, cruising in its lowest and final orbit at dwarf planet Ceres, has delivered the first images from its best-ever viewpoint. The new images showcase details of the cratered … read more Dec. 22, 2015 The Moon was never a fully homogenized body like Earth, analysis of Moon rocks made by the Chinese rover, Yutu, suggests. The basalts the rover examined are a new type, chemically different from … read more

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NASA News — ScienceDaily

Enos: Psychedelic Space Rock from Brighton UK

We are very happy to say that Enos will have a track appearing on H42 Records sampler CD Home Of The Deer: Vol 1. Released on CD these will be available with all orders from H42 Records and is limited to just 300 copies. Available on a first come first serve basis there has never been a better reason to pick up some of the fantastic releases (including our Son of A Gun/Grey Belly split with Mangoo) from H42. We have submitted a live version of Devil Makes Work taken from our DVD Live at The East Slope. Home of The Deer: Vol 1 includes a mixture of exclusive, unreleased, live and familiar tracks from other H42 bands

Mos Generator,Sons of Alpha Centauri,Lord Of Giant,Mangoo,Daily Thompson,The Loranes,Molior Superum,The Flying Eyes,Dean Allen Foyd,Black Salvation,Mother of God,Larman Clamor,Odd Couple,Coogans BluffAlpha Cat.

Keep an eye on H42 Records Facebook page for tracks and updates.

We have got some more copies of of Chapter One, and The East Slope EP on CD as well as the Live at The East Slope DVD currently available via our online shop. Unfortunately All Too Human is currently sold out on vinyl but we do have copies on CD available.

If you have yet to see Live at The East Slope here is Collisions featuring guest vocals from Sigrid Jakobson


Until next time..

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Enos: Psychedelic Space Rock from Brighton UK

NASA Mars rover – Mars planet facts news & images

What’s New?

A Planetary Quintet is Dancing Across the Skies

NASA Mars Rover Curiosity Tastes Scooped, Sieved Sand

Curiosity Continues to Study the Bagnold Sand Dunes

Opportunity Rover Nears 12 Years on Mars!

Rover Rounds Martian Dune to Get to the Other Side

NASA Suspends 2016 Launch of InSight Mission to Mars

Recent Videos

Curiosity Rover Report: First Visit to Martian Dunes

Crazy Engineering: CubeSats

50 Years of Mars Exploration


Be A Mars Maker

Send a Postcard to Curiosity

Mars in The Palm of Your Hands

Explore Curiosity’s Journey in 3D

Come explore Mars with us

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NASA Mars rover – Mars planet facts news & images

Goddard Visitor Center – Maryland – VisitNASA.com – NASA …

Goddards visitor center demonstrates our innovative and exciting work in Earth science, astrophysics, heliophysics, planetary science, engineering, communication and technology development. Browse the unique, informative exhibits and learn about climate change, climb inside a Gemini capsule model, encourage a child to dream as he or she pulls on our kid-sized spacesuit, or participate in one of the monthly model rocket launches.

Only 30 minutes from Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Annapolis, dont miss this opportunity to explore the universe in your own backyard. Admission is free to the public.

Passportholders receive a commemorative stamp in theirPassport.Passportscan be stamped and redeemed at the information desk.

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Goddard Visitor Center – Maryland – VisitNASA.com – NASA …

Nasa Federal Credit Union – Rockville, MD – Yelp

First to Review

It started out promising, and countless emails and phone calls later, I’ve given up trying to refinance with these people. It’s not that they’re not intelligent, but completely unprofessional. When you send and email, you’d think that you’d get a response, if only to let you know that they got the email and will be in touch soon. Instead, I had to call them, and when I did connect with the woman who was helping me, Mary Nezam, to be specific, I was politely told that I never sent her any emails, and that she was doing me a favor and that I could go work with someone else. The funny thing is that she clearly had no idea who I was as the favor she mentioned had nothing to do with my case. Stay clear of these people. They don’t even deserve the one star that I gave.

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Nasa Federal Credit Union – Rockville, MD – Yelp

Spot The Station | NASA

Watch the International Space Station pass overhead from several thousand worldwide locations. It is the third brightest object in the sky and easy to spot if you know when to look up. Read More

Visible to the naked eye, it looks like a fast-moving plane only much higher and traveling thousands of miles an hour faster!

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Episode Listing 01/06/16|NASA Edge:Game-Changing Robotics 12/31/15|NASA/JPL:Whats Up for January 2016 12/29/15|NASA:International Space Station: 2015 in Review 12/23/15|NASA:NASA Reaches New Heights in 2015 12/22/15|European Space Agency:2015 Highlights This Year at NASA:2015 in Review 12/18/15|NASA X:Environmentally Responsible Aviation End of an ERA (Pt.2) NASA X:Environmentally Responsible Aviation End of an ERA (Pt.1) 12/16/15|NASA/JPL:Curiosity Rover Makes First Visit to Martian Dunes 12/15/15|NASA:Examining Global Impacts of 2015 El Nio 12/14/15|This Week at NASA:Invention Challenge at JPL; more 12/04/15|This Week at NASA:Congressional Space Chat; Orion and SAGE-III Preparations; more 11/27/15|This Week at NASA:Mathematician Receives Presidential Medal of Freedom 11/20/15|This Week at NASA:Curiosity Rover Looks at Sand Dunes on Mars; more 11/13/15|This Week at NASA:JPLs Climate Observatory; Moons of Pluto; more NASA/JPL:A Breathing Planet, Off Balance 11/06/15|This Week at NASA:How Mars is Losing Its Atmosphere; more 11/01/15|NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory:JPL Director Charles Elachi Announces Retirement This Week at NASA:Advancing the Journey to Mars 10/23/15|This Week at NASA:Astronomy Night at White House; New Rocket System; more 10/16/15|This Week at NASA:JPL Open House; Intl Mars Effort; Scott Kelly Sets Record; more NASA:New Vehicles for New Ventures: The Winners 10/15/15|NASA X:SAGE III, Monitoring Earths Ozone Layer 10/09/15|This Week at NASA:Space Seeds; CubeSats Launch; Dining on Mars; more 10/07/15|JPL:Team Develops Buoyant Rover for Under-Ice Exploration 10/02/15|This Week at NASA:Liquid Water Detected on Mars; Super Lunar Eclipse; more 10/01/15|NASA/JPL:Whats Up for October 2015: Ten Amazing Sights 09/29/15|NASA:Press Conf.: Evidence Points to Water Flowing on Mars 09/25/15|This Week at NASA:Color Pix of Pluto; Surveying Both (Earth) Poles; more 09/18/15|This Week at NASA:Moon of Saturn Has Underground Ocean; more 09/12/15|This Week at NASA:Orion Crew Module, SLS Launch Vehicle, Ceres Imagery, more 09/04/15|This Week at NASA:ISS; New Spacecraft Coming; Climate Studies; more 09/01/15|NASA/JPL:Whats Up for Sept. 2015: Total Eclipse of the Harvest Moon 08/31/15|NASA/JPL:Watching Rising Sea Levels from Space 08/28/15|This Week at NASA:ISS, Katrina, Climate Studies, Webb, Crash Tests, 2 Black Holes 08/24/15|NASA Edge:BisonSat 08/21/15|NASA/JPL:50 Years of Mars Exploration (Lots of SCV Residents in This Video) This Week at NASA:JPL Collaborates on The Martian Starring Matt Damon 08/14/15|This Week at NASA:New Launch System, Veggies in Space, Black Holes, Perseids 08/07/15|This Week at NASA:Mars Trek, Dark Side of the Moon, more NASA/JPL:Curiosity: Three Years on Mars NASA/JPL:Whats Up for August 2015: Perseid Meteor Shower 08/03/15|NASA Edge:Additive Manufacturing In Space: 3D Printing 07/31/15|This Week at NASA:Closest Rocky Exoplanet Confirmed; Calif. is 1 Full Year Short on Rainfall Since 2012; more 07/24/15|This Week at NASA:Pluto Data; Earthlike Planet Found; more 07/17/15|This Week at NASA:Pluto Flyby on 50th Anniv. of First Mars Flyby; more 07/16/15|NASA:New Horizons Phones Home from Pluto; Intro by Dr. Stephen Hawking NASA:Mission Control Achieves Signal Lock with New Horizons Spacecraft at Pluto 07/10/15|This Week at NASA:New Astronauts, Pluto Flyby, more NASA:NASA Picks Crew for First U.S. Commercial Spaceflights 07/06/15|NASA Edge:New Horizons: Pluto Encounter 07/05/15|NASA New Horizons:Countdown to Pluto (Flyby July 14) 07/02/15|This Week at NASA:Investigation of SpaceX Mishap; more 07/01/15|NASA/JPL:Whats Up for July 2015: Milky Way Galaxy Tour 06/30/15|NASA Edge:Nanotechnology 06/26/15|This Week at NASA:Looking for Human Landing Sites on Mars 06/19/15|This Week at NASA:Mission to Europa Is a Go 06/12/15|This Week at NASA:Change Aboard ISS; NASA Saucer Completes Test Flight; more 06/05/15|NASA-JPL:Crazy Engineering: RoboSimian Robot This Week at NASA:50 Years of Spacewalks; more 06/02/15|NASA/JPL:Whats Up for June 2015: Pluto, Asteroids in View 05/30/15|This Week at NASA:Science Instruments Selected for Europa Mission 05/26/15|NASA Edge:Mars Ascent Vehicle Prize 05/16/15|This Week at NASA:ISS Update; Weird Spots on Ceres; Sea Salt on Europa? 05/14/15|NASA-JPL:Mars Curiosity Report: Rover Road Trip 05/08/15|This Week at NASA:Humans to Mars: Finding People Underground; Honoring Langley 05/04/15|NASA-JPL:Whats Up for May 2015 NASA:30 Minutes to Mars 05/01/15|This Week @ NASA:New Deputy Administrator Confirmed; more 04/29/15|NASA-Goddard:Measuring Our Underground Water Supplies from Space 04/28/15|NASA Edge:Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission Launch JPL Von Karman Lecture:Robots to the Rescue 04/25/15|JPL:Crazy Engineering: The Camera that Fixed Hubble This Week at NASA:25 Years of Hubble; more 04/17/15|This Week @ NASA:Dragons in Space; Planning for Pluto; Messenging Mercury; more 04/10/15|This Week @ NASA:Water in the Universe 04/07/15|JPL:Whats Up for April 2015 This Week @ NASA:This Week at NASA: Scott Kelly Starts Yearlong ISS Mission; more NASA JPL :Women in STEM 03/30/15|This Week @ NASA:Expedition 43 En Route to ISS; Curiosity Detects Nitrogen on Mars 03/23/15|NASA:Rover Searches California Desert for Water to Simulate Future Lunar Missions 03/21/15|This Week at NASA:Yearlong ISS Crew Lifts Off March 27; Historic Spaceflights; more 03/13/15|NASA Edge:ElaNa X Deployment This Week at NASA:Evidence of Ocean on Jovian Moon 03/06/15|This Week at NASA:Bolden on the Budget; Kelly Prepares for Year in Space; more 03/05/15|NASA/JPL:Whats Up for March 2015: Solar Eclipse 03/04/15|NASA/JPL Briefing:Dawn Spacecraft Arrives at Dwarf Planet Ceres on Friday 03/02/15|NASA Edge:SMAP Launches from Vandenberg 02/27/15|This Week at NASA:Spacewalks Continue; Preview of Magnetic Mission; more 02/20/15|This Week at NASA:Spacewalk Preview, Orion Chute Tests, Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission 02/17/15|NASA/JPL Von Karman Lecture:Charting Irreversible Climate Change with Jason-3 02/14/15|NASA/JPL:Mars Curiosity Rover Report: Rover Walkabout 02/13/15|This Week at NASA:Upcoming ISS Missions; Deep Space Climate Observatory; more 02/06/15|This Week at NASA:New Views of Pluto, Earth Science, More NASA:Administrator Charlie Bolden: The State of NASA 2015 02/05/15|NASA 360:Possibilities NASA/JPL:Whats Up for February 2015 01/30/15|This Week at NASA:The Plan to Launch America 01/23/15|This Week at NASA:This Week at NASA: The State of STEM; Images of Ceres; more 01/16/15|NASA/JPL:JPL-controlled Satellite Detects UKs Long Lost Beagle-2 Mars Lander This Week at NASA:SpaceX Dragon Arrives at ISS; 2014 Was Warmest Year Since 1880; more 01/09/15|NASA/JPL:NASA-JPL | Europa: Ocean World This Week at NASA:Hubble Sees Individual Stars in Andromeda Galaxy; Exoplanets Now Number 1,000; more NASA:New Mission to Measure Earths Water; JPL is Project Manager 01/06/15|NASA/JPL:Whats Up for January 2015 12/31/14|JPL:Crazy Engineering: Ion Propulsion and the Dawn Mission NASA:Happy New Year from the International Space Station 12/26/14|NASA:2014 Year-End Video File (Raw Video) 12/19/14|NASA:This Year at NASA 2014 12/17/14|NASA:STEM in 30: Kites to Flight: Inventing with the Wright Brothers 12/12/14|This Week at NASA:Orion Wows the Crowd; Evidence Suggests Ancient Lakes on Mars; more 12/09/14|JPL:Mars Curiosity Rover Report: Making Mount Sharp 12/05/14|NASA:Briefing: Review of Orions First Flight Test This Week at NASA:Maiden Test Flight of Next-Gen Orion Spacecraft a Success; more 12/02/14|NASA:Briefing: Next Gen Spacecraft Test Launch at T-minus 2 Days 12/01/14|NASA Edge:NASA Edge Visits JPL for the Latest in Supersonic Deceleration NASA/JPL:Whats Up for December 2014: Meteor Showers & Planets 11/28/14|This Week at NASA:New ISS Crew; Orion Test Flight Update; more 11/21/14|This Week at NASA:Asteroid Capture Test; 3D Printer Installed in Space; more 11/14/14|This Week a NASA:Orion Spacecraft Prepped for Dec. 4 Test; Europeans Land on Comet; more 11/13/14|NASA 360:The Future of Human Space Exploration 11/11/14|NASA/JPL:Redirecting a Near-Earth Asteroid (Von Karman Lecture Series) NASA/JPL:Whats Up for Nov. 2014: European Lander Soon to Reach Comet 11/07/14|This Week a NASA:Briefing on Orion Spacecraft; U.S. & European Leaders Reaffirm Commitment to ISS; more 10/22/14|NASA Edge:MMS (Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission) Part Deux 10/18/14|NASA X:NESC: NASA Engineering & Safety Center This Week at NASA:Restoring Power to ISS; Martian Atmosphere in View; Hubble Sees 13 Bil. Light Years Away 10/10/14|NASA Edge:Talking MMS (Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission) This Week a NASA:Spacewalk to Fix Space Station Parts; Mars Comet Flyby; more 10/06/14|NASA 360:Rise of the Rovers 10/03/14|twan100314:Orion Closer to Test Launch; Helicopter Crash Test Dummies; more 10/02/14|NASA/JPL:Whats Up for October 2014 09/26/14|This Week a NASA:New Crew Aboard Space Station; MAVEN, MSL, more 09/19/14|This Week a NASA:Returning Human Spaceflight; more 09/17/14|NASA:NASA Picks SpaceX, Boeing to Ferry Crew to Space Station 09/12/14|This Week a NASA:Space Launch System Update; Earth Science on ISS; more 09/09/14|NASA:A New Era in Observing Earth 09/05/14|NASA Edge:Mission X 2014 This Week a NASA:NASA Measures Rainfall; JPL Observes Napa Quake Area from Above; more 08/30/14|NASA/JPL:Whats Up for September 2014 This Week at NASA:Space Launch System Milestone; Continuing Voyagers Legacy; more 08/16/14|This Week at NASA:Data from Carbon Observatory; Seeing a Black Hole; more 08/08/14|NASA Edge:The Future Is Bright | Interview with NASA-Kennedy Director Bob Cabana nasa080814:Flying Laboratories Study Our World This Week a NASA:Orion Capsule Recovery Test; New JPL Test Vehicle; more 08/01/14|NASA/JPL:Whats Up for August 2014 NASA:Press Conf.: Mars 2020 Rover and Beyond This Week at NASA:Prepping for Orion Landing Tests; Next Mars Rover; more 07/25/14|This Week a NASA:Looking Back at Apollo 11, Ahead to Next Giant Leap NASA Edge:Launch of JPLs Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 07/20/14|NASA:Time of Apollo 07/18/14|This Week a NASA:Apollo 11 Remembered; Planning Manned Flight to Mars; more 07/15/14|NASA:Panel: Search for Life in the Universe 07/11/14|This Week a NASA:Earths Soil Moisture; Liquid CO2 is Whats Carving Gullies on Mars; more 07/01/14|NASA/JPL:Whats Up for July 2014 06/27/14|This Week a NASA:Civil Rights Act at 50; Orion Parachute Tests; more 06/24/14|JPL Von Karman Lecture Series:The Search for Life Beyond Earth JPL News:Curiosity Rover Completes First Martian Year 06/23/14|NASA Edge:SpaceX-3 06/20/14|This Week at NASA:Orion Spacecraft Taking Shape; Deflecting Asteroids; more 06/17/14|NASA-JPL:OCO-2: NASAs New Carbon Counter 06/13/14|This Week at NASA:Preview: Another Try at Studying Carbon Dioxide by Satellite 06/06/14|NASA-JPL:Hello World: Communicating From Space 06/02/14|NASA X:ERA (Environmentally Responsible Aviation) NASA/JPL:Whats Up for June 2014 This Week at NASA:2014 Mid-Year Report 04/19/14|This Week at NASA:SpaceXs Dragon Cargo Ship En Route to International Space Station 04/18/14|This Week at NASA:NASAs OSIRIS-REx to collect Asteroid Samples is 2016 04/04/14|This Week at NASA:This Week at NASA: Underground Water on Saturn Moon NASA-JPL:Whats Up for April 2014 | Lunar Eclipse April 14-15; Next Mars Mission; more 03/29/14|This Week at NASA:This Week at NASA: Plan to Capture an Asteroid; Deep Space Exploration; more 03/21/14|This Week at NASA:This Week at NASA: Small Satellites, Next-Gen Air Traffic Control, more 03/14/14|This Week at NASA:Space Launch System, Asteroid Data Hunter, more 03/10/14|NASA Edge:Launch of TDRS-L Satellite 03/07/14|This Week at NASA:Budget Proposal Would Keep NASA on Track; more 03/05/14|NASA/JPL:Whats Up for March 2014 03/03/14|Space to Ground:Space to Ground: This Week on the ISS (3-3-2014) 02/28/14|This Week at NASA:Agency Studies Climate, Helps Monitor Calif. Drought, Finds New Planets, more 02/25/14|NASA/JPL:New Theory on How Stars Explode 02/21/14|This Week at NASA:Obital Completes Cargo Mission; Understanding Supernovae; more 02/14/14|NASA/JPL:Mars Curiosity Rover Report This Week at NASA:France to Partner on Future Mars Mission 02/07/14|This Week at NASA:Future Webb Space Telescope, more 02/05/14|JPL:OSIRIS-REx: Playing Tag with an Asteroid NASA Edge:Technology Demonstration Missions Part 3 02/03/14|NASA/JPL:Whats Up for February 2014: Planets & More Planets 01/31/14|This Week at NASA:Astronaut Class, LADEE Extended, Climate Science, more 01/28/14|NASA:JPL Tests Experimental Landing Algorithm in Mojave Desert 01/27/14|NASA Edge:Technology Demonstration Missions II: Next Step Into Deep Space 01/24/14|JPL:Mars News Briefing: 10 Years of Spirit & Opportunity This Week at NASA:Dryden Center Renamed for Armstrong; more 01/17/14|This Week at NASA:Orbital Makes First Contracted Delivery to Space Station; more 01/10/14|This Week at NASA:ISS, Astronomy, Mars, more NASA:Press Conf.: White House Extends Intl Space Station to At Least 2014 12/30/13|NASA/JPL:Whats Up for January 2014: Jupiter & Venus 12/27/13|NASA:From Earth to Deep Space: NASA 2013 Highlights 12/20/13|NASA:This Year at NASA (2013) 12/13/13|This Week at NASA:Cassini Finds First Stable Extraterrestrial Lakes; more 12/10/13|NASA/JPL:Curiosity Rover Report: Dating Rocks on Mars 12/06/13|This Week at NASA:Comet ISON Probably Broke Up; more 11/29/13|This Week at NASA:Comet ISON Passes by the Sun; more 11/25/13|NASA/JPL:Whats Up for December 2013: Comet ISON 11/22/13|This Week at NASA:MAVEN En Route to Mars; Progress on Orion Spacecraft; more 11/15/13|This Week at NASA:MAVEN Update; New View of Saturn; more 11/14/13|PSA:NASA Is Returning to Mars with LeVar Burton 11/13/13|NASA X:Power & Propulsion GCDP (Game Changing Development Program) NASA Edge:LADEE Launch 11/09/13|NASA/JPL:NASA Social: 3 JPL Missions to Study Earth 11/08/13|This Week at NASA:Kepler Conference, ISS, MAVEN, more 11/01/13|NASA:This Week at NASA NASA/JPL:Whats Up for November 2013 10/18/13|NASA Edge:Mission X 2013 10/04/13|NASA Education:Launchpad | ICESat-2: Next Generation Technology 10/01/13|JPL:FINDER: Radar for Locating Disaster Victims 09/30/13|NASA/JPL:Whats Up for October 2013 09/27/13|This Week at NASA:ISS Has New Residents; Heartbeat Finder, Sandra Bullock in Space (sort of); more NASA/JPL:NASA Hispanic Heritage Month Profile: Fernando Abilleira 09/20/13|This Week at NASA:Orbitals Cygnus Rocket Launches; JPL Curiosity Rover Update; more 09/16/13|NASA Edge:Robotics: Regolith Mining Competition 09/13/13|This Week at NASA:Voyager Exits Solar System; Asteroids; Flight of Cygnus; more NASA:History for Mankind as NASA/JPLs Voyager 1 Spacecraft Reaches Interstellar Space 09/07/13|This Week at NASA:LADEE Launches to the Moon; Near-Earth Asteroids; more 09/06/13|NASA:LADEE Talk: Administrator Charles Bolden Discusses Tonights Planned Lunar Mission (9/6/2013) 09/04/13|NASA:Antares Update: Orbital to Fly Sept. 17 to Space Station 08/30/13|This Week at NASA:Drop-testing a Helicopter; LADEE to the Moon; Asteroid Search; more JPL:Whats Up for September 2013 08/26/13|JPL News:Spitzer Space Telescope: 10 Years of Innovation 08/23/13|JPL News:Mars Curiosity Rover Report This Week at NASA:New Astronaut Candidates, ISS Spacewalk, more 08/22/13|NASA:Lunar Mission Preview | LADEE Launches Sept. 6 08/16/13|NASA Edge:Orion Service Module This Week at NASA:Something New in the Air; JPL Visit; more 08/09/13|This Week at NASA:1 Year on Mars; Hubble Spots a New Kind of Fireball 08/06/13|NASA:Robots, Humans and Future Exploration 08/02/13|This Week at NASA:A Year of Curiosity; Asteroid Mission Formulation; more NASA Edge:CubeSat Workshop 08/01/13|NASA/JPL:Whats Up for August 2013 07/26/13|This Week at NASA:ISS Astronauts Control Ground Robots; JPL Waves at Saturn; more JPL:Wave at Saturn: Photographing Earth from Deep Space 07/19/13|This Week at NASA:ISS Spacewalk’s a Washout; 14th Neptune Moon Discovered; more 07/12/13|NASA/JPL:Mars Curiosity Rover Report | Trek to Mount Sharp Begins This Week at NASA:ISS Astronauts Take a Walk; Curiosity Rover Heads for the Hills; more 05/25/08|SCVTV News:Phoenix Lands 05/05/08|SCVTV News:2008 Open House at NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory at CalTech — SCV Newsmakers | SCVTV Specials — 09/03/2012 Jennifer Trosper: Mission Mgr., MSL (Curiosity Rover) 08/09/2012 Richard Cook: Deputy Project Mgr., MSL (Curiosity Rover) 11/26/2011 Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity Rover) Launch 09/16/2010 Richard Cook: Deputy Project Mgr., Mars Science Laboratory 09/14/2010 Scott Evans: Navigation Software, Mars Science Laboratory 08/28/2009 Robert Denise: Phoenix Mission: A Retrospective 06/05/2009 Tracy Drain: Kepler and Juno 05/25/2008 Phoenix Lands 05/25/2008 Phoenix: 3 Days to Touchdown 05/04/2008 JPL Open House 08/19/2007 Barry Goldstein: Phoenix Rises 02/18/2007 Barry Goldstein: Phoenix Mission to Mars 12/31/2006 Deborah Bass: Signs of Water on Mars 03/26/2006 Tracy Drain: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter 02/20/2005 Tom Gavin: Moon, Mars and Beyond 06/13/2004 Jennifer Trosper: Mars Rover Driver 01/25/2004 Wayne Lee: Mars Rover Touchdown 11/06/2003 Richard Cook: Mars Exploration Rovers 08/22/2003 Ray Bradbury On Mars — RELATED CONTENT — Protecting Earth from Asteroid Strikes | UCLA | April 15, 2013 Amazon’s Bezos Lifts Apollo Engines from Ocean Floor | Bezos Expeditions | March 20, 2013 Ray Bradbury Reads Poem at Caltech, 1971 | JPL | June 6, 2012 The Space Shuttle| Narrated by William Shatner | January 13, 2011 Mars Exploration: From “Follow the Water” to “Seeking Signs of Life” | January 13, 2011 A New Era of Innovation & Discovery | NASA Adminstrator Charles Bolden| February 2, 2010 Phoenix Mission: A Retrospective | Robert Denise at College of the Canyons| August 28, 2009 Explorer I: Beginnings of the Space Age | Jet Propulsion Laboratory Ray Bradbury on Mars | SCVTV | August 22, 2003 — JPL Von Karman Lectures — 02/17/2011 Lecture: GRAIL Reveals Lunar Interior 12/09/2010 Lecture: The Dry-Ice Polar Caps of Mars 11/11/2010 Lecture: Juno Mission to Jupiter 11/02/2010 Lecture: “NASA’s Going to My Comet” 10/14/2010 Lecture: Spitzer Space Telescope: Scientific Results 09/16/2010 Lecture: Mars Science Laboratory: The Search for Habitable Environments 08/19/2010 Lecture: Aquarius: Studying Sea Surface Salinity from Space 07/22/2010 Lecture: Moons: The Weirdest Planets In Our Solar System 06/10/2010 Lecture: Catastrophe and Earth’s Evolution 5/2010 No Lecture 04/15/2010 Lecture: WISE-ly Mapping the Infrared Sky 03/18/2010 Lecture: Using NASA Satellites to Study Earth’s Climate 02/18/2010 Lecture: Humanlike Robots 01/10/2010 Lecture: WFPC2, The Camera That Saved Hubble 12/03/2009 Lecture: Earth’s Changing Land Surface 11/12/2009 Lecture: Exoplanet Atmospheres 10/15/2009 Lecture: How to Drive a Robot 09/17/2009 Lecture: Measuring C02 in Earth’s Atmosphere 08/28/2009 SCVTV/JPL/COC: Phoenix Mission: A Retrospective 08/20/2009 Lecture: MSL’s Landing System 07/16/2009 Lecture: Exploring the Moon 06/11/2009 Lecture: Things We Know About the Universe 05/14/2009 Lecture: Kepler: Planet Hunter 04/16/2009 Lecture: Rainbows and Rocket Science 03/19/2009 Lecture: Advanced Propulsion 02/23/2009 Lecture: Year of Astronomy 2009 01/15/2009 Lecture: Discoveries on Mars 12/11/2008 Lecture: Mystery of Dark Energy 10/16/2008 Lecture: Mars Science Laboratory — NASA & JPL — 07/26/2013 This Week at NASA: ISS Astronauts Control Ground Robots; JPL Waves at Saturn; more 07/19/2013 JPL: Wave at Saturn: Photographing Earth from Deep Space 07/19/2013 This Week at NASA: ISS Spacewalk’s a Washout; 14th Neptune Moon Discovered; more 07/12/2013 JPL: MSL Rover Report: Trek to Mount Sharp Begins 07/12/2013 This Week at NASA: Rover ISS Astronauts Take a Walk; Curiosity Rover Heads for the Hills; more 07/05/2013 This Week at NASA: Rover Launch Anniversary; Pluto’s New Moons Named; more 07/01/2013 JPL: What’s Up for July 2013: Saturn 06/28/2013 This Week at NASA: Imaging Spectrograph Launched from Vandenberg; Another Near-Earth Asteroid; more 06/21/2013 This Week at NASA: Asteroid Grand Challenge; J-2X Engine Test; more 06/14/2013 This Week at NASA: Dry Ice Movement on Mars (JPL); more 06/07/2013 This Week at NASA: Upcoming Solar Mission; Opportunity Rover on the Move; more 06/01/2013 JPL: What’s Up for June 2013 05/31/2013 This Week at NASA: Near-Earth Asteroid Watch; Mars Rover Update; more 05/24/2013 This Week at NASA: Oklahoma Tornado from Space; Asteroid Watch at JPL; more 05/05/2013 This Week at NASA: New Space Launch System; Asteroid Recovery Project; more 05/01/2013 JPL: What’s Up for May 2013 04/26/2013 This Week at NASA: Earth Day; STEM; Asteroid Watch; more 04/19/2013 This Week at NASA: Antares Countdown Canceled; Orion Meets the Press; more 04/12/2013 This Week at NASA: Antares Rocket Test Flight; Curiosity Rover Report; more 04/05/2013 This Week at NASA: Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer; Farthest Supernova Yet; more 04/01/2013 JPL: What’s Up for April 2013 03/29/2013 This Week at NASA 03/22/2013 This Week at NASA: Next ISS; Meteors & Asteroids; Robotics; more 03/15/2013 This Week at NASA: Curiosity Finds the Right Stuff; Investing in the Future; more 03/15/2013 NASA Goddard: Jupiter’s Hot Spots 03/15/2013 JPL: MSL Update: Curiosity Rover Hits Paydirt 03/08/2013 This Week at NASA: SpaceX Dragon at ISS; Cassini Spies Venus; Sea Surface Salinity; more 03/07/2013 NASA Dryden: Writing Stories of the Future Today 03/01/2013 JPL: What’s Up for March 2013 03/01/2013 This Week at NASA: Orion; Space Launch System; JPL X-Ray Telescope; more 02/22/2013 This Week at NASA: SpaceX-2 to ISS; Curiosity Rover Report; STEM at Dryden; more 02/21/2013 JPL: MSL Update: Curiosity Collects First Rock Sample 02/15/2013 This Week at NASA: Asteroid Misses Earth; Curiosity & Orion Updates; more 02/08/2013 This Week at NASA: Countdown to Vandenberg Launch; Near-Earth Asteroid Flyby; more 02/01/2013 This Week at NASA: Day of Remembrance, Orion, Space Station, more 02/01/2013 JPL: What’s Up for February 2013 01/25/2013 This Week at NASA: New Comm Satellite, World’s Strongest Engine, Opportunity Turns 9, more 01/24/2013 JPL: Mars: Dry Ice and Dunes 01/18/2013 This Week at NASA: Inaugural Activities, Addition to ISS, Orion Update, More 01/18/2013 JPL: MSL Update: Curiosity Finds Calcium-Rich Deposits 01/11/2013 This Week at NASA: Commercial Crew Program, Future of Landsat, More 01/10/2013 JPL: MSL Update: Curiosity Rover Dusts Off First Martian Rock 01/04/2013 This Week at NASA: Space Launch System, JPL Invention Challenge, More 01/01/2013 JPL: What’s Up for January 2013 12/28/2012 Happy New Year from International Space Station 12/21/2012 JPL: MSL/Curiosity Rover Update: Curiosity’s Martian Holiday 12/21/2012: Just Another Day 12/20/2012: NASA Administrator Charles Bolden’s Year-End Message 12/14/2012 This Week at NASA: ISS, Orion, Hubble, More 09/28/2012 JPL: MSL/Curiosity Rover Update: Mars Streambed 09/28/2012 This Week at NASA: Next ISS Flight, Curiosity Update, More 09/27/2012 Comparison of Death Valley & Martian Alluvial Fans 09/14/2012 This Week at NASA: Neil Armstrong Memorial Service, More 09/07/2012 This Week at NASA: Neil Armstrong Tributes, More 09/06/2012 JPL: MSL/Curiosity Rover Update: Stopping & Stretching 09/05/2012 JPL: Dawn’s Greatest Hits at Vesta 09/01/2012 NASA/JPL: What’s Up for September 2012 08/31/2012 JPL: MSL/Curiosity Rover Update: Messages From Mars 08/30/2012 JPL: Dawn Spacecraft’s Farewell to Vesta 08/24/2012 This Week at NASA: Curiosity Update, Mars InSight Probe, More 08/03/2012 Next Steps in Effort to Launch Americans Into Space 06/22/2012 This Week at NASA: Open House at JPL, More 06/22/2012 MSL Update: Curiosity’s Seven Minutes of Terror 06/08/2012 WISE Finds Few Brown Dwarfs Close to Home 06/08/2012 This Week at NASA: Transit of Venus, Death of Ray Bradbury 06/01/2012 NASA/JPL: What’s Up for June 2012: Transit of Venus 02/10/2012 This Week at NASA: Orion on the Move, GRAIL Sees Moon’s Dark Side 01/27/2012 This Week at NASA 01/20/2012 This Week at NASA 01/17/2012 This Week at NASA 01/12/2012 JPL: MSL Update: Curiosity Tweaks Course to Mars 01/06/2012 This Week at NASA: Orion Drop Test, GRAIL at JPL, more 01/01/2012 NASA/JPL: What’s Up for January 2012 12/31/2011 NASA/JPL: GRAIL Spacecraft Arrives at Moon 12/23/2011 This Year at NASA: 2011 IN REVIEW 12/22/2011 Explore Space 2011: A Year In Review 12/16/2011 This Week at NASA: Expedition 30, Dawn’s New Orbit, more 12/09/2011 This Week at NASA: SpaceX Launch Date Set, more 12/02/2011 This Week at NASA 11/26/2011 Mars Science Laboratory: Launch Commentary 11/26/2011 Mars Science Laboratory: Spacecraft Separation 11/26/2011 Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity Rover) Launch Observed at JPL 11/26/2011 Mars Science Laboratory: Launch Video 11/25/2011 This Week at NASA 11/18/2011 This Week at NASA 11/16/2011 Glenn, Armstrong, Aldrin, Collins Receive Congressional Medal of Honor 11/16/2011 The Challenges of Getting to Mars: Transporting a Mars Rover 11/14/2011 This Week at NASA 11/04/2011 This Week at NASA 11/01/2011 NASA/JPL: What’s Up for November 2011 10/21/2011 This Week at NASA: Commercial Spaceflight, Peter Frampton 10/14/2011 This Week at NASA 10/07/2011 This Week at NASA 10/01/2011 NASA/JPL: What’s Up for October 2011 09/29/2011 WISE Finds Fewer Near-Earth Asteroids 08/05/2011 LAUNCH: Juno Blasts Off to Jupiter 08/04/2011 Briefing: MRO’s Look at Water Flows 08/04/2011 MRO Sees Possible Martian Water Flows 08/01/2011 NASA/JPL: What’s Up for August 2011 07/29/2011 This Week at NASA 07/27/2011 Briefing: Juno Mission to Jupiter 07/27/2011 Juno to Unlock Jupiter’s Mysteries 07/27/2011 WISE Detects Earth’s First Trojan Asteroid 07/26/2011 Curiosity Rover at Kennedy Space Center 07/22/2011 This Week at NASA 07/22/2011 NASA Partners with LEGO for Inspiration 07/22/2011 JPL: Gale Crater: MSL’s Landing Site 07/19/2011 JPL: Spirit’s Snapshots of Mars 07/15/2011 Pres. Obama Calls Crews of STS-135, Space Station 07/15/2011 This Week at NASA 07/08/2011 Orion: The Journey Begins 07/08/2011 This Week at NASA 07/07/2011 What’s Next for NASA Spaceflight? 07/01/2011 This Week at NASA 07/01/2011 NASA/JPL: What’s Up for July 2011 06/24/2011 This Week at NASA 06/24/2011 JPL: Mars Curiosity Rover in Action 06/23/2011 Dawn Provides New Asteroid Data 06/22/2011 Final Shuttle Crew Meets Media 06/22/2011 JPL: Curiosity Rover Packs for Florida 06/17/2011 This Week at NASA 06/13/2011 JPL: Aquarius Lifts Off to Study Climate 06/10/2011 This Week at NASA 06/10/2011 ULA Launch of JPL’s Aquarius 06/07/2011 JPL’s Aquarius Ready for Launch 06/06/2011 JPL: Imagine Mars Project Overview 06/06/2011 JPL: Imagine Mars Student Music Video 06/03/2011 This Week at NASA 06/01/2011 NASA/JPL: What’s Up for June 2011 05/27/2011 This Week at NASA 05/27/2011 JPL: Aquarius Update 3 05/25/2011 Spirit Rover’s Triumphs on Mars 05/20/2011 This Week at NASA 05/19/2011 Aquarius Update 2: Solar Panels Attached 05/18/2011 MSL: Selecting a Landing Site 05/13/2011 This Week at NASA 05/10/2011 JPL: Engineers Take MSL Rover for a Spin 05/05/2011 Aquarius to Illuminate Links Between Sea Salt, Climate 05/01/2011 NASA/JPL: What’s Up for May 2011 04/29/2011 This Week at NASA 04/22/2011 This Week at NASA 04/12/2011 Space Shuttle’s 30th Anniversary 04/15/2011 This Week at NASA 04/12/2011 Kremlin Celebrates Gagarin’s Golden Anniversary 04/11/2011 Manned Spaceflight at 50: Gagarin’s Golden Anniversary 04/08/2011 This Week at NASA 04/01/2011 NASA/JPL: What’s Up for April 2011 03/30/2011 JPL: MSL Rover Goes from Shake to Bake 03/25/2011 This Week at NASA 03/24/2011 STS-134 Pre-flight News Conference 03/23/2011 The Leading Edge: Improving Aircraft Safety 03/22/2011 JPL: Mixed Signals from Saturn 03/18/2011 JPL: Rover’s Stunt Double Takes a Spin 03/18/2011 This Week at NASA 03/17/2011 Shuttle Discovery’s Final Mission 03/11/2011 This Week at NASA 03/10/2011 Virtual Vesta: Mapping an Asteroid 03/04/2011 Media Briefing on Glory Mission Failure 03/04/2011 This Week at NASA 03/04/2011 Obama Calls Int’l Space Station 03/03/2011 GLORY Prepares for Liftoff 03/02/2011 NASA/JPL: Building Curiosity Upadte: Rover Shakedown 03/01/2011 NASA/JPL: What’s Up for March 2011 02/22/2011 KSC Adds Florida Touch to 9/11 Flag 02/18/2011 This Week at NASA 02/18/2011 Black History Month 02/16/2011 Stardust-NExT: Flyby of Comet Tempel 1 02/11/2011 This Week at NASA 02/04/2011 This Week at NASA 02/04/2011 STS-134 Briefing: Cmdr. Kelly to Fly 02/04/2011 Stardust-NExT: Date With a Comet 02/01/2011 Bowen to Pinch Hit on Discovery Mission 02/01/2011 NASA/JPL: What’s Up for February 2011 01/28/2011 This Week at NASA 01/28/2011 25th Anniversary of Challenger Loss 01/26/2011 Kennedy Space Center Goes Green 01/24/2011 Opportunity Rover: 7 Years and Counting 01/22/2011 Comet Hunter: Stardust-NExT 01/21/2011 This Week at NASA 01/20/2011 Glory Mission to Study Climate Change 01/19/2011 JPL Drop-Tests Curiosity’s Landing System 01/14/2011 This Week at NASA 01/10/2011 ISS: Moment of Silence for Tucson Victims 01/10/2011 Kepler Discovers Rocky Exoplanet 01/07/2011 This Week at NASA 01/04/2011 Opportunity Rover: 7 Years on Mars 01/01/2011 NASA/JPL: What’s Up for January 2011 12/28/2010 V-shaped Chevron Design Makes for Quieter Aircraft 12/23/2010 NASA/JPL: The Year in Pictures 12/23/2010 This Year at NASA | 2010 in Review, Part 2 12/22/2010 Profile: Astronaut Leland Melvin 12/17/2010 This Year at NASA | 2010 in Review, Part 1 12/16/2010 NASA Administrator Charles Bolden’s Year-End Message 12/15/2010 NASA/JPL: Odyssey Sets Martian Longevity Record 12/14/2010 NASA/JPL: Possible Ice Volcano on Titan 12/10/2010 This Week at NASA 12/10/2010 Profile: Astronaut Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger 12/3/2010 This Week at NASA 12/1/2010 NASA/JPL: What’s Up for December 2010 11/26/2010 This Week at NASA 11/23/2010 NASA/JPL: Building Curiosity Update 11/23/2010 Thanksgiving Greetings from Outer Space 11/23/2010 NASA/JPL: Building Curiosity Update 11/19/2010 This Week at NASA 11/19/2010 Teen Sailor Thanks NASA Team that Saved Her Life 11/18/2010 NASA/JPL: Cosmic Comet Snow Storm 11/16/2010 Chandra Detects “Baby” Black Hole Neighbor 11/15/2010 Space Shuttle Era: Landing Sites 11/12/2010 This Week at NASA 11/11/2010 Veterans Day Greetings from ISS 11/5/2010 This Week at NASA 11/4/2010 Epoxi Snaps Closeups of Comet Hartley 2 11/1/2010 Historic “Mars Antenna” Undergoes Surgery 11/1/2010 What’s Up for November 2010 10/29/2010 This Week at NASA 10/26/2010 Comets: Remnants of the Beginning 10/25/2010 This Week at NASA 10/22/2010 This Week at NASA 10/19/2010 Spitzer Finds Weird Hot Spot on Exoplanet 10/13/2010 NASA Assists in Rescue of Chilean Miners 10/8/2010 This Week at NASA 10/7/2010 Expedition 25 Lifts Off from Baikonur to ISS 10/4/2010 Asteroid & Comet Census from WISE 10/1/2010 Behind the Scenes: Astronauts’ Spacesuits 10/1/2010 This Week at NASA 9/29/2010 Astronauts Discover Habitable Exoplanet 9/28/2010 NASA Earth Science: Hunting Hurricanes 9/27/2010 Behind the Scenes: Glenn’s Shuttle Flight Prep 9/25/2010 Vandenberg AFB Launches Satellite to Track Space Trash 9/22/2010 ISS: Transfer of Command from Russia to USA 9/20/2010 AERONET: Robots on the Roof 9/20/2010 Dust Simulations Paint Aliens’ View of Solar System 9/20/2010 ULA Launch of Atlas V Rocket from Vandenberg 9/17/2010 This Week at NASA 9/16/2010 Astronaut Sally Ride on Math & Science Education 9/16/2010 Two JPL Interns Discover Comet 9/16/2010 Engineers Run Curiosity Rover Through Obstacle Course 9/15/2010 ISS Crew Gives Perspective on Current Hurricanes 9/10/2010 This Week at NASA 9/9/2010 Charles Bolden on America’s Future in Space 9/8/2010 Chandra X-ray Observatory Probes Rosette Nebula 9/7/2010 Earth Science: Wildfire and Pine Beetles 9/3/2010 Building Curiosity: Teaching Hand-Eye Coordination 9/3/2010 Solar Probe Plus to Make Closest Encounter with Sun 9/3/2010 This Week at NASA 9/3/2010 What’s Up for September 2010 9/2/2010 NASA Tests Next-Generation Rocket Motor 8/27/2010 This Week at NASA 8/20/2010 Building Curiosity: MSL Gets Its Robotic Arm 8/20/2010 This Week at NASA 8/17/2010 How to Make Your Own Crater 8/13/2010 This Week at NASA 8/13/2010 Who Makes the Stuff Astronauts Eat? 8/13/2010 Chunk of Greenland Glacier Breaks Off 8/6/2010 This Week at NASA 8/3/2010 What’s Up for August 2010 8/2/2010 JPL’s ATHLETE Rover Busts a Move 7/30/2010 This Week at NASA 7/23/2010 Building Curiosity: MSL Takes Test Drive, Grows a Head 7/23/2010 This Week at NASA 7/23/2010 Analyzing Molecules: Mass Spectrometry 101 7/22/2010 Spitzer Discovers Buckyballs in Space 7/16/2010 This Week at NASA 7/15/2010 Examining Death Valley to Understand Titan 7/13/2010 Building Curiosity: MSL Gets Its Wheels 7/9/2010 Up to the Minute at NASA/JPL 6/22/2010 Up to the Minute at NASA/JPL 6/10/2010 ISS Prepares for Last Shuttle Visit 5/3/2010 Up to the Minute at NASA/JPL 4/24/2010 Hubble: 20 Years of Discovery 4/19/2010 Up to the Minute | Earth Day Special 3/9/2010 Up to the Minute at NASA/JPL 2/5/2010 Up to the Minute at NASA/JPL 1/22/2010 Up to the Minute at NASA/JPL 12/5/2009 Up to the Minute at NASA/JPL 10/22/2009 Up to the Minute at NASA/JPL 10/8/2009 Up to the Minute at NASA/JPL 9/12/2009 Up to the Minute at NASA/JPL 8/8/2009 Up to the Minute at NASA/JPL 7/18/2009 Up to the Minute | Restored Apollo 11 Footage 7/11/2009 Up to the Minute at NASA/JPL 7/4/2009 Up to the Minute at NASA/JPL 6/27/2009 Up to the Minute at NASA/JPL 6/20/2009 Special Edition: Return to the Moon 6/13/2009 Up to the Minute at NASA/JPL 6/6/2009 Up to the Minute at NASA/JPL 5/30/2009 Up to the Minute at NASA/JPL 5/23/2009 Up to the Minute at NASA/JPL 5/16/2009 Up to the Minute at NASA/JPL 5/9/2009 Up to the Minute at NASA/JPL 5/2/2009 Up to the Minute at NASA/JPL 4/25/2009 Up to the Minute at NASA/JPL 4/18/2009 Up to the Minute at NASA/JPL 4/11/2009 Up to the Minute at NASA/JPL — NASA 360 — Episode 25: Robots, Rocks & Rovers Episode 24: Flywheel Energy Storage Episode 23: Hypersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerators (HIAD) Episode 22: Advanced Vehicle Concept Episode 21: Wallops Flight Facility Episode 20: Environmentally Responsible Aviation Episode 19: New Worlds, New Discoveries Episode 18: Return to Desert Rats Episode 17: Composite Materials Episode 16: Inspiration Episode 15: NASA and the Future of Aeronautics Episode 14: Desert Rats & Analog Testing Episode 13: Sensory Overload Episode 12: NASA In Your Home Episode 11: Pro Athletes Episode 10: Johnson Space Center Episode 09: Kennedy Space Center Episode 08: Volcanoes; Lunar Oxygen Episode 07: Mind-Body Connection Episode 06: 21st Century Lunar Exploration Episode 05: Full Circle Episode 04: NASA, Archaeology & Paleontology Episode 03: Exploration and Racing Episode 02: Green Technologies Episode 01: Welcome to NASA 360 — NASA Edge — 03/28/2013 Magnetic Reconnection 02/28/2013 NASA Lowers the Sonic Boom 01/23/2013 Astronomy Expo 12/14/2012 Orion Exploration Flight Test-1 06/20/2012 Venus Transit with Jim Green 05/19/2012 Mission X 2012 04/20/2012 Magnetospheric Multi-scale Mission 03/19/2012 Charlie Bolden, NASA Administrator 12/19/2011 2011 Recap 11/18/2011 Green Flight Challenge 10/20/2011 Orion Crew Module Drop Test 09/16/2011 DISCOVER-AQ: Earth Air Quality 08/14/2011 X-HAB Competition (Habitat Demonstration) 07/22/2011 Innovative Technologies 06/24/2011 2nd Lunabotics Mining Competition 06/10/2011 STS-134: Endeavour’s Final Mission 04/21/2011 Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut 04/08/2011 Sun Earth Day 2011 02/15/2011 Space Life Sciences Laboratory 01/18/2011 Radiation Belt Storm Probe 12/17/2010 2010 Review 11/19/2010 Climate Study: A-Train Symposium 10/19/2010 Hurricane GRIP 10/4/2010 Best of Desert Rats 2010 8/18/2010 A Perfect STORRM 7/30/2010 Extreme Analogs 2: NEEMO 11/23/2009 Extreme Analogs — NASA Education — 10/26/2012 NASA Launchpad | Inflatables: Pumping Up the Volume 10/22/2012 NASA Launchpad | The Heat Is On 08/14/2012 NASA Launchpad | History, Benefits, Safety of Radioisotope Power Systems 08/14/2012 NASA Launchpad | What Are Radioisotope Power Systems? 07/19/2012 NASA Launchpad | Mission Infusion: A Look at What’s Ahead 07/19/2012 NASA Launchpad | Descent and Landing: A Matter of Control 10/25/2011 NASA Our World: Mission Patches 08/05/2011 NASA Real World: Legacy of the Space Shuttle 08/05/2011 NASA Real World: Comets: It’s Done With Math 08/05/2011 NASA Our World: Moons In Our Solar System 08/04/2011 NASA Launchpad: Curiosity Goes to Mars 07/14/2011 Dark Fireworks: The Sun Explodes 04/19/2011 NASA Universe: Kennedy Space Center 04/15/2011 NASA Real World: Mercury’s MESSENGER Reveals Mysteries 02/02/2011 NASA Launchpad: Astrobiology 01/11/2011 Space Station Crew Discusses Mission with Students 12/16/2010 Science on the Road: Space Dogs, Electric Atmosphere 12/14/2010 Creeping Earthquake Faults in California 12/08/2010 Inside NASA Science: What’s Happening in the Arctic? 12/03/2010 Space Shuttle: Dress Rehearsal 12/02/2010 Blacker than Black: Optical Nanotechnology 11/24/2010 NASA Real World Math: Centripetal Force 11/17/2010 NASA Our World: What is the Solar System? 11/12/2010 NASA Universe: A How-to Guide to Satellites 11/08/2010 NASA Launchpad: Newton’s Laws 11/08/2010 NASA Real World Math: Heart Rate & Blood Pressure 11/02/2010 Education: How to Make a Comet 10/14/2010 NASA Launchpad: Wave Motion 10/01/2010 Behind the Scenes: Astronauts’ Spacesuits 09/28/2010 NASA Earth Science: Hunting Hurricanes 08/17/2010 How to Make Your Own Crater 08/13/2010 Who Makes the Stuff Astronauts Eat? 08/05/2010 NASA Real World Math: Longitude and Time Zones 08/05/2010 NASA Real World Math: What Time Is It in Space? 07/05/2010 NASA Launchpad: Discoveries on Mars 06/18/2010 Our World: Astronaut Gloves & Tools 04/19/2010 NASA Launchpad: Spectroscopy in Action — NASA History — 12/11/2012 50th Anniversary of Planetary Exploration 05/05/2011 50th Anniversary of First U.S. Manned Spaceflight 05/05/2011 Alan B. Shepard: Ambassador of Exploration 04/28/2011 JPL: Voyager: Humanity’s Farthest Journey 08/20/2010 Viking: Mars Trailblazer APOLLO AT 40 07/16/2009 History & Legacy Panel Discussion The Apollo 11 Story (Animated) Restored Moon Landing Footage Walter Cronkite Remembers Explorer 1: Beginnings of the Space Age

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