I’ve got your missing links right here (30 April 2011) | Not Exactly Rocket Science

Top thirteen picks – how to design an actual killer coaster, by Jennifer Ouellette. Note, this post features Fabio vs a goose rip Saturn’s rings off destroy universes yeeaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhA neurologist , on the disease that’s killing him.Beautiful stuff about , …

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North Dakota Initiative to Abolish Property Taxes Qualifies for the Ballot

Why Should Your Home Be Governments’ Private ATM?by Eric DonderoIt made it! Over 30,000 signatures were handed in. Late yesterday, North Dakota Secretary of State Al Jaeger announced that the necessary number of valid signatures were certified. Originally, 26,500 were …

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Prince William’s salute to the Irish Guards

From Cliff Thies:Prince William, an officer and helicopter pilot in the Royal Air Force, donned the uniform of the Irish Guards, whose First Regiment is currently deployed to Afghanistan, for his wedding,. It was a fitting reminder that even as …

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Emergency Seed Bank 5-day Promotion

FROM ONE OF OUR ADVERTISERS:We are pleased to announce a special 5 day event to celebrate our new herb seed bank. Between Monday May 2nd and Friday May 6th we will be offering a free Emergency Seed Bank with purchase …

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Anonymous Aims At Iran This Weekend [Video]

Anonymous, the group behind the Denial-of-Service attacks that hit Visa, HBGary Federal, and the Egyptian government, has once again set its sights on Iran, according to a recent statement. (1) More » URL: http://gizmodo.com/5797315/anonymous-aims-at-iran-this-weekend

Cost Of Water Wheel Construction

I’m wondering how much would be the cost of constructing water wheel whose diameter = 3m and width= 2m. I need to know the cost of both wooden made wheel and steel made wheel. Any information on this will be …

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NewsBusters on Biased Reasoning and Conspiracies | The Intersection

NewsBusters, the conservative media watchdog website (“Exposing & Combating Liberal Media Bias”), has the about birthers, conspiracy theories, and biases. Or as they put it:MSNBC Panel Equates ‘Pathological’ Global Warming Skeptics to BirthersGood grief. The other guest on the show, …

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Anti-Terry Jones Protest – Leftist shouts "Kill that Mother F—-r now!"

JUST BREAKING…From Eric Dondero:Muslim and Leftist protesters broke through barricades in Dearborn to protest Rev. Terry Jones’s Anti-IslamoFascist rally yesterday. From the AP via Lansing:The pastor known for stirring up controversy made good on his promise to return to Michigan …

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Bill Maher suggests hair of Obama, African-Americans "kinky"

Echoes of “Nappy-headed Ho”?From , recent episode, HBO Real Time with Bill Maher:When you saw that picture he had a little bit of a fro. What do you think the right-wing would do if he grew that fro again? I’m …

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Libertarian Party of Canada candidate for BC Parliament: Taxation is Theft

Excerpt from British Columbia Paper , Delta-Richmond East, “Libertarian looks to reduce taxes, gov’t” April 30:The Libertarian Party proposes to reduce both taxes and the size of government. It says it would also remove restrictions on personal and economic freedoms …

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Bacteria Evade Antibiotics by Going Incognito | 80beats

What’s the News: Going undercover can require some sacrifices–burning off your fingerprints, for instance, a la Gattaca. It’s the same story with bacteria: they can slip below antibiotics’ radar without any mutations, but only using an elaborate system of self-sabotage. …

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Birther issue started by Republican and Libertarian parties

A rightwing “fringe element”Excerpt from , “Birthers’ Conspiracy Theories Reach New Accusatory Lows” by Frank Hardy, April 29:When President Obama issued his long form birth certificate, after years of speculation about its existence by fringe elements of the Republican and …

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It begins… Democrats accuse Romney of being in the hip pocket of the libertarian Koch brothers

David Koch and wife Julia donated max to RomneyExcerpt from , “Romney and the Koch brothers” April 29:It’s sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, the conservative group that billionaire David Koch started. And Democrats are trying to make hay of the …

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PC817 Switching Frequency

Hi ….I want to use PC817 optocoupler IC in one of my application.But How to know the maximum switching frequency PC817 support?I have read its datasheet but I can not figure out what i want.So pls be helpful to above …

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Severe storms over U.S. seen from space | Bad Astronomy

On April 27, 2011, huge storms spawned enormous tornadoes which swept across the southeastern U.S., doing severe damage and killing over 200 people. It was the worst natural disaster in the U.S. since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The NASA/NOAA Geostationary …

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