If You’re Worried About Getting Your Bike Stolen, Park It Inside This Bank Vault [Bikes]

The Spalding Building in Portland, Oregon is a historic office building that has one of the coolest parking spots for bicycles: an old school bank vault complete with a 16,000 pound door. I’d feel pretty good about putting my bike …

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A Grandma Is Selling Suicide Kits Online [Wtf]

A 91-year old Grandma is selling $60 suicide kits over the Internet. The kit is rather basic actually, it’s a large plastic bag with an elastic band opening and a slot for a plastic tube to be inserted. The tube …

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URL: http://gizmodo.com/5797379/a-grandma-is-selling-suicide-kits-online

The “law school scam” media bubble | Gene Expression

If you’re like me you have friends and acquaintances who want to go to law school. I often respond sarcastically that “a mind is a terrible thing to waste.” There have long been “law school scam” blogs, but it seems …

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NASA sets Shuttle launch for May 2 | Bad Astronomy

Due to a problem with an Auxiliary Power Unit, NASA scrubbed Friday’s launch of Endeavour. The next scheduled window is May 2 at 2:33 p.m. EDT (18:33 GMT). You can keep up with the latest news at , and watch …

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The Windows Phone 7 Apps Everyone Should Have April 2011 [Apps]

Windows Phone 7 is home to many beautiful apps but which ones are the best? We got ‘em all for you right here. (1) More » URL: http://gizmodo.com/5797368/the-windows-phone-7-apps-everyone-should-have-april-2011

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URL: http://gizmodo.com/5797368/the-windows-phone-7-apps-everyone-should-have-april-2011

The iPad Apps Everyone Should Have April 2011 [Apps]

Is the shine of your new iPad 2 gone yet? Hope not! An app from should make it brand new all over again. Which apps were the best in April? Here they are. (1) our list of best iPad apps …

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The Android Apps Everyone Should Have April 2011 [Apps]

It’s that time of the month again, which is to say it’s time to clean up our list of . What new apps will show up? Which apps get cut? (1) the absolute best Android apps URL: http://gizmodo.com/#!5739420/the-best-android-apps (2) More » …

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The iPhone Apps Everyone Should Have April 2011 [Apps]

The end of the month is here, and that means it’s time to do a little housekeeping on our list of . Who will be inducted? Who will unceremoniously get the boot? (1) the absolute best iPhone apps URL: http://gizmodo.com/5676549/the-best-iphone-apps …

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The New Essential Apps April 2011: iPhone, Android, iPad and Windows Phone [Apps]

iPhones. iPads. Android. And Windows Phone 7! We’ve updated all of our essential apps lists to include a few forgotten favorites, some long awaited arrivals and, as always, even more amazing apps. Be sure to check out all the lists! …

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“Out of Africa” vs. “Multi-regionalism” revisited | Gene Expression

A few months ago I exchanged some emails with and . These are the two figures who have loomed large in paleoanthropology and the origins of modernity human for a generation, and they were keen in making sure that their …

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Too Many RPM Not Enough Torque…

Hello all you, me again.It will probably look like a stupid question for some of you, but for me it will be one less thing to wounder about. Can a 3 phases ind. motor be rewind with a different amount …

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"Rippled" Puts Your Music Video To Shame [Video]

All India Radio’s “Rippled” video is a wonderful example of using long exposure techniques and light painting to make a quirky-cool work of art. Taken over a 6-month period, the process creates a rather otherworldly look and feel. [] (1) …

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URL: http://gizmodo.com/5797363/all-india-radio-puts-your-music-video-to-shame

The loss of sacred belief? | Gene Expression

Over at the Less Wrong blog there is a post, . This portion caught my attention:So you’ve changed your mind. Given up your sacred belief, the one that defined so much of who you are for so long.You are probably feeling …

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How do i create a natural siphon in my water lines to keep county water supply from going back down hill??

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Ridiculous Finger-Nose Smartphone Stylus Is a Must-Have [Wtf]

Finally! For those of us who happen to take our smartphones into the bath with us—admit it— has the answer. It’s a stylus wrapped in plaster that you wear on your nose to peck at your phone. (1) Dominic Wilcox …

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Retired – No Title

Need information about how practical it is to have a plastic rod which has threads that can be screwed into a plastic block that also has threads; all part of the sand castle project – molds that have sand inside …

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AT&T Thought Future Cooking Would Look Like This Circa 1993 [Video]

More dispatches from , all the way from the 90s. Here, the simple problem of needing an ingredient for a meal is solved with some cool retrofuturistic tech, replete with cheesy bleeps and boops. (1) At&T’s eerily prescient vision of …

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Sony’s Bloggie 3D Arrives, Ready For 3D Home Movies [Video]

The Bloggie 3D that Sony unveiled is finally here, and it still looks great. The camcorder shoots video at 1080p and takes stills at 5 megapixels, all in glasses-less 3D and for about $250. [] (1) way back in CES …

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