Do you have a great seasteading concept? Win €7500 in the Prix Ars Electronica 2010 / [the next idea] Art and Technology Grant

A representative from Prix Ars Electronica contacted The Seasteading Institute and requested a submission for their “Next Big Idea” grant. Well our staff is too busy to enter the contest for the €7500 prize and three month artist in residency, so we’re turning this one over to our community. If you do win, don’t forget to make a donation to us for our important work 🙂

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Here’s Prix Ars description of the contest:

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Aruba’s Top 5 Best Beaches

The hubby and I have planned a week long escape to Aruba in July, and I’m getting very psyched looking at all the photos of the beautiful beaches. There are so many of them, and they all look so pristine and gorgeous. Here’s a list of some of five of this beautiful island’s best beaches, all of which on on the island’s western side (very few are on the eastern side). This list is by no means exhaustive (I could list about 5-6 more!), but it’s a good start if you want to get a feel for what Aruba has to offer.

Malmok Beach in Aruba

1. Malmok Beach

This beach on the northwestern tip of the island is wonderful for snorkeling because the water is shallow with lots of rocks for the fishies to swim around. There aren’t any bathroom facilities, so plan ahead.

Aruba's Eagle Beach

2. Eagle Beach

This is the beach the timeshare we’re staying at is directly across from, and some say it’s the most beautiful on the island. It’s definitely not the most deserted (which is good for activities) or the most crowded (like Palm Beach, but again that’s fine for relaxation).

A Divi Tree on Aruba's Baby Beach

3. Baby Beach

Love the name of this one! You’ll see a bunch of the island’s famous Divi trees, which grow at a 45 degree angle due to the winds on the island. Apparently, if you’re lost, you can follow the direction the Divi trees point because they always point towards the hotels.

Palm Beach in Aruba

4. Palm Beach

This beach is lined with hotels and restaurants, and it’s probably the most busy beach on the island. But, this also means there are plenty of opportunities for water sports and rentals. Palm Beach has lots of white, soft sand and tons of chairs, but get there early to grab them!

5. Arashi Beach

Arashi means “storm” in Japanese, but don’t let that fool you – the water is crystal clear here! It’s the northernmost beach on the island, near the California Lighthouse, and it has beautiful white sand and a few beach huts.

Photos: Joskrum , jen’schapter3, sergi melki, madmack66

Top 10 Secret Beaches (Courtesy of Sunset Magazine)

Shhhh…have you heard about these beaches? I suppose that, since they’re published online, they’re no longer “secrets,” but they’re at the least beaches that not as many people know about. Which have you heard of or visited? Here’s a list of all of them, courtesy of, and a bit of commentary about each (I’ve only been to two of them myself, and I’m a beach person!)

Hamoa Beach

1. Hamoa Beach (Hana, Maui)

Ah, the Road to Hana. It’s long, it’s windy and did I say it’s windy already? Luckily, there’s a very pretty beach at the end of it called Hamoa Beach. It’ll take you a good 3-4 hours to reach from the start of the Road to Hana depending on how many stops you make.

2. Indian Beach (Oregon – Ecola State Park)

This beach is a perfect little horseshoe of relaxation. Surfers abound during the summer months.

3. Salt Creek Recreation Area (Washington State)

The tide pools here are wonderful, and you can camp, too! Fantastic place to bring the family.

4. Robert E. Badham Marine Conservation Area (Orange County, CA)

I’ve been here, and although it’s a bit tough to get to, it’s worth it. Get there early or you’ll be driving around for over an hour looking for street parking (seriously).

Beautiful Point Buchon

5. Point Buchon (San Luis Obispo County, CA)

Finally, beach goers can access Coon Creek Beach. Keep an eye out for the boobies, and I don’t mean the birds.

Grand Tetons from Leigh Lake

6. Leigh Lake (Teyon County, Wyoming)

Wish I had known about this tiny beach when I visited Grand Teton National Park! It sounds absolutely gorgeous.

7. Mahai’ula Beach (Kona Coast, The Big Island)

It’s amazing that there are still beaches in any part of the Hawaiian islands that few people visit, especially on The Big Island. Then again, some of the beaches are very difficult to get to and can only be accessed by kayak in good weather. This one is no exception — you can reach it by car, actually, but it’s 1.5 miles off the main highway.

8. Bean Hollow State Beach (San Mateo County, CA)

I visited this beach after I heard that, if you’re lucky, you can find glass floats that arrive all the way from Japan after a big storm – it happens more often than people realize. Gorgeous sea life in the tide pools.

Bean Hollow State Beach

9. Sandcut Beach (Sooke, B.C.)

After reading the description of this beach, I nearly packed up my bags. Waterfalls, tide pools and pebbles as smooth as eggs? Yes, please! The beach’s name just does not do it justice.

Bowling Ball Beach – Now You Can Understand the Name!

10. Bowling Ball Beach (Mendocino, CA)

Sandstone boulders are the main attraction here, and luckily, not many people make the trek down — be one of them!

Photos: Nordique, docentjoyce, Alaskan Dude, grant_joy, Peter Alfred Hess

Companion To Easter Island

James Grant-Peterkin shares his local knowledge in A Companion To Easter Island, a 168-page guidebook which tries to bridge the gap between dry academic literature and often superficial tourist publications.

Lunch with Yulia

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Country home by UStravel23

Lunch with our landlady was a nice experience. She lives outside the city of Moscow. Its about a 30 minute drive. You have to drive to a place called “Luxury Village”. This was not my first time visiting “luxury village”. I had the unusual experience before Christmas of teaching an Oligarch’s son near where our landlady lives in Luxury Village.

Yulia (Julia) lives in one of the many gated private villages that seem to be common here in and around Moscow. We have gated communities in Britain, but they are few and far between. I would not mind living in one, if I could afford it, they are safer and cleaner than regular housing estates.

red caviar1
Red Caviar courtesy of Author

Yulia, made an excellent lunch of crab salad, red caviar eggs, salmon, meat burgers and mashed potato. This was all washed down with large amounts of red and white wine. I noticed that Yulia liked to make many toasts, maybe that a Russian thing to toast to everything? I like the idea a lot. A toast to welcome us to her home, a toast for the New Year, a toast for good health, a toast to us, a toast to this and a toast to that. I did not take part, as I was the unlucky driver. Her house is big and wooden. She told us that it has been in her late husbands family for years and that the land was spilt up, half was given to one son and the other half was given to another son (her late husband), the brothers did not speak to each other. The house is surrounded by birch forest and very peaceful, and the air is clean and fresh. Fresh, clean air is a luxury when you live in Moscow.

The house she lives in, is her former holiday house or “Dacha”, the flat we live in, is her former city residence.

Or rent supports Yulia and her old sick mother, of course Yulia has no mortgage, (as far as I can assume), so our money must give her a good life style. She is a widow, her husband died a few years ago, he was a famous Russian actor, who’s name I don’t know and could not pronounce anyway. The house she lives in, is her former holiday house or “Dacha”, the flat we live in, is her former city residence. She told me they used to spend the summer at the Dacha and the winter at their city flat, where we now live. Its a modest flat, small and not at all luxurious (despite the rent price) , but its only a 15 minute walk to the Kremlin, so we are paying for the location. It is a hard and large pill to swallow, since I know everyone else that lives in our block of flats, certainly does not pay the rent we pay, (or any rent) so its does make me a bit angry. But rent is rent. We can’t live for free.

I told my wife not to become too friendly with her, as after one year she may decide to increase the rent. We did agree to fix it for two years, but its common in Russia for flat owners to just increase the rent as and when they feel like it. If she does increase it, we will move and she will have to search all over again for a tenant willing to pay her the rent that she demands. However, she is a kind person and we are lucky to have chosen a nice landlady. This is very important when renting in Moscow, choose your landlord/Landlady carefully, you will save problems later.

Editor’s Note: Yulia is a real person. The author has chosen to use a fictitious name for the purposes of privacy.

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Go, See, Write: Tales of Overland Adventure

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Try covering 44 countries on 6 continents without ever having an airline boarding pass in hand at some point. This is exactly what Michael Hodson accomplished over a 16 month period. He may be a lawyer by trade but he’s a traveler at heart. After a stint back home, he’s “On the Road Again” and no doubt has Willy Nelson playing on his (mental) jukebox.

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Day 23 Escape from California

I knew when I was planning this trip that how much I would be able to see would depend a lot on the weather. Well today we got weathered in a big way. Snow fell last night and today in places that havent seen a snowfall in many years.In California when it snows in the high passes they require all cars and trucks to have chains at least for their driving wheels. I did buy rear cabl


A WALK ON THE WALL We caught the train on Friday morning to Lucca one of our favourite places. We stayed in a boarding house for 55euros for all of us a night.bargain can recommend it if you are ever in Lucca on a budget trip.We had a great time we walked the wall hired bikes and rode the wall the gods were shinning on us because the weather was glorious and rained the morning we went to ca

Poda Island

Ganze 20 LongtailbootMinuten ist die Insel Poda Island von Ao Nang entfernt. Mit aufgekrempelter Hose heisst es durch schenkeltiefes Wasser einsteigen. Die berfahrt ist ein wenig wackelig mit einigen guten Portionen Gischt fr die Fahrgste links. Poda Island ist bei weitem nicht so berlaufen wie z.B. Railey Beach mit lang gestrecktem Sandstrand um zwei Drittel der Insel. Je weiter man ge

On to Bocas Del Toro

Saturday February 26Skip Well this day started off very exciting Upon leaving our bedroom I ran into a couple who were supposed to take a early bus from David to Panama City and guess what no buses running because of large protests along the PanAmerican highway and into Panama City. These protests are being run by indigenous people of Panama who reside in areas that Canadian mining interests

Last Day at the Purple House

Friday Feb. 25 2011Barb Today we headed toward Volcan about 45 min from David. The drive there was good and the flowers bushes and trees were just amazing in their color and beauty. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such deep and rich colors anywhere. There was one spot where there was this one particular tree lining both sides of the road for about a quarter of a mile. The tree had a trumpet lo

Gotcha Day is Tomorrow

Got a question and answer sheet today. Lots of really good information. I am including the text from it below. Be advised that translating Mandrin to English is sometimes awkward.It is an emotional day as I prepare to meet Kaixin for the first time. One of our tour guides Rita looks like I picture Kaixin will look when she is older. I could not look at her without tearing up. It was really tough

Patagonia Part IV Monte Fitz Roy El Chalten

It was good to be alive We had survived the inclement weather conditions of Torres del Paine and I had personally survived a postcampingdisasterwifes wrath. But we were in all seriousness looking forward to trying it again and going to Mount Fitz Roy.Mount Fitz Roy is an Argentinean mountain located near El Chaltn village in the Southern Patagonian Ice Field on the border with Chile.

Cliff Jumping

Hey everyoneA few cool things to fill you in on. This week was a blast. The weather was amazing and I got a couple great runs along the beach in. Nothing wrong with that.Tuesday and Wednesday night my friends and I did La Ruta which is a group of 25 small bars around Palma that have a drink and a tapa for 2 euro We didn’t hit all 25 haha but the ones we went to were so cute and fun. While at o

Patagonia Part III Perito Moreno Parque Nacional Los Glacieres ARG

It was quite incredible to see a glacier for the first time. To add to the allure Perito Moreno is one of the only glaciers in the world that is actually increasing in size it grows approximately 1.5 meters per day This growth is neutralized however as the glacier calves and breaks off into the lagoon to which it expands. Sarah and I were lucky to see this process in action as huge chunks brok

training log week 4

Well although this is listed as week 4 it is week 4 of the blog but more like week 10 of the training..thats cleared that up .So this week has been productive with two 25 mile hill rides a 2 hour session at the Ladies Coll gym doing circuits very tough and today sunday 27th .I left home at 06.50 and cycled out to Malvern via Tewkesbury and Hanley Swan returning via Eastnor Castle and bac